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Promoting entrepreneurship, effective partnering, and global growth


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Promoting entrepreneurship, effective partnering, and global growth




Commercial Leasing Tips with David Liebman

David Liebman has been in and around commercial real estate for nearly 30 years. He's the Managing Broker of Merit Partners LLP, and a licensed commercial broker who carries the prestigious SIOR designation. He specializes in buyer and tenant representation, site acquisition, leasing, purchases and build-to-suits of industrial and office buildings and land. Listen in as he joins The Savvy Entrepreneur Radio Show to share his top commercial leasing tips. He also shares insights about how the...


Entrepreneur Stories: WDMA Financial Group

Bill Miksch founded WDMA Insurance Group. He says fear was the basis of his decision to become an entrepreneur, but if you listen to his story, his path actually sounds more typical -- he tried lots of other paths, but found he just didn't fit in anywhere else. WDMA Insurance Group focuses on employee benefit issues, and health and benefits insurance. Bill talks about building a book of business, balancing larger clients with smaller ones. He also talks about cold calling, and how he pushed...


Entrepreneur Stories: “Food for Thought” Book

Ron Wajer and Mark Akerly are co-authors of a small but mighty business book entitled "Food for Thought." Both are long-time successful small business consultants. Mark is President of The Sigma Resource Group, and Ron the President of Business Engineering. They joined The Savvy Entrepreneur Radio Show to talk about how they turned lessons learned from building their own businesses into a book. "Food for Thought" is a compilation of their combined 60+ years of business experience to help...


Entrepreneur Stories: BPE Global

BPE Global is a group of women who are some of the best global trade experts around. Beth Pride talks with The Savvy Entrepreneur how she started and grew BPE Global. She also shares tips on how to successfully start a services business. Click on the arrow to take a listen!


Entrepreneur Stories: Surely Signs

Randy Rice founded Surely Signs after working for a number of years in corporate America. Surely Signs is a Chicago-area business that makes signs of all kinds for all types of customers. Randy recently appeared on The Savvy Entrepreneur Radio Show to share his story. He says he loves making unique signs for his customers, and his passion shows in the interview. He also shares some great advice for other entrepreneurs and small businesses, including advice about franchises. Click on the...


Entrepreneur Stories: Suite Spotte Co-Working

Sue Reardon has a unique vision for co-working. She's successfully created a successful business around it, called Suite Spotte LLC. She shares her story with The Savvy Entrepreneur Radio Show. In addition to being an entrepreneur herself, she's also seen and worked with lots of entrepreneurs in her co-working spaces. She shares some lessons learned, and what she's seen make businesses successful. She also shares her thoughts about when co-working makes sense for a business, and how to best...


Entrepreneur Stories: Chris Brown & Slades Corners Computer Repair

Chris Brown has built his company, Slades Corner Computer Repair, step-by-step. He literally started his business in one room of his house, expanded to his built-our garage, and then eventually moved to a stand-alone storefront office. Listen in as he candidly shares his story on The Savvy Entrepreneur Radio Show. His growth has hit some bumps, and he's had to be nimble and pivot a few times. He is very open about some of the many challenges he's faced along the way and also about his...


Pros & Cons of Electronic Payment Options with Sean Hauser

Sean Hauser has been in and around commercial payments for nearly 20 years. He joins The Savvy Entrepreneur Radio Show to explain some of the many electronic payment options -- ways for small businesses to pay vendors and receive payments from clients & customers. Sean takes us behind the scenes to explain the mechanics of how each works, and some of the pros and cons of each. Each of the electronic payment options has unique costs and benefits, whether the costs are transparent (fees) or...


Wisconsin Technology Council with Tom Still

Tom Still, President of the Wisconsin Technology Council, has been an integral part of the Council since it was formed in 2001. A bipartisan organization, it advises the Wisconsin Governor and Legislature on policy issues. It also serves as a connector and community builder for all thing entrepreneurial in the state. Tom joins The Savvy Entrepreneur weekly radio show to share some of the many successes of the Wisconsin Technology Council. Those include a number of very successful companies...


Entrepreneur Stories: Data Products LLC

It's common knowledge that women in STEM fields are a minority, and women of color are especially rare birds. Mechie Nkengla joins The Savvy Entrepreneur Radio Show to tell the story behind her data analytics consulting company, Data Products LLC. She has a refreshing candor and no-nonsense approach to life and business. And she shares very openly some of the challenges she's faced in building her company and raising money, including the unique challenges of being a woman of color in data...


The Savvy Entrepreneur: Business Strategy with Steve Garchow

Strategy can make or break most businesses. And Steve Garchow is convinced (and has statistics to back it up) that most companies do a poor job setting their business strategy. And a big part of that they have no real business strategy process. He shares a simple business strategy process. He calls it Lean Strategic Decision Making, and he even wrote a book sharing in detail how to apply it. Take a listen -- my interview with Steve is chock-full of eye-opening examples and statistics, as...


Entrepreneur Stories: Fontenelle Art

Christina Fontenelle says she became an entrepreneur because she just didn't fit in and couldn't do what she wanted to do anywhere else. She shares the story of how she founded Fontenelle Art to help people with trauma and other mental health issues through art and dance. Click on the arrow to listen as she shares her story.


The Savvy Entrepreneur: Guest Michael Rosen & Helix 51 Incubator

Many people, even in Chicago, don't know about Rosalind Franklin University. It's probably the least well-known of Chicagoland's 6 medical schools. But nestled in the northern suburbs of Chicago, it sits close to Illinois huge cluster of biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Abbott, Baxter, Astellas, and Abbvie are the largest. But there are many smaller companies, as well as divisions of several other large healthcare companies. Hoping to spur university-industry collaboration on new...


The Savvy Entrepreneur: NovoMoto

Dr. Aaron Olson Dr. Mehrdad Arjmand NovoMoto co-founders Aaron & Mehrdad Arjmand join The Savvy Entrepreneur Radio Show to talk about how they are growing their company. Starting from a student entrepreneur project at The Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin Madison, NovoMoto has already improved the lives of tens of thousands in The People's Republic of the Congo. NovoMoto provides economical solar-powered generators and appliances there, where many users are...


Running a Non-Profit with Ty Rohrer

Ty Rohrer knows a thing or two about nonprofits. He's currently Director of Cultural Arts for the Waukegan Park District (which includes managing the Waukegan Symphony Orchestra), Director of the Waukegan Arts Council, and a Board Member for the Illinois State Historical Society. You may wonder what running or being a board member on a nonprofit has to do with entrepreneurship. Ty articulates the many entrepreneurial skills needed to effectively steer a nonprofit -- maybe it's a way for you...


Crowdfunding with Steve Dinehart & MoolaPitch

Steve Dinehart says that creating & operating MoolaPitch has almost caused him to lose faith in humanity. He recently joined The Savvy Entrepreneur Radio Show to explain what he means. He talks about the common mistakes businesses make when they put their offering out on a crowdfunding site. He also shares his recommendations for how to raise money successfully. He also talks about when crowdfunding is a good tool, and when it might not be. It's a very interesting listen from someone who...


Entrepreneur Stories: ATSPIN consulting

Listen in as Angela Spinazze joins The Savvy Entrepreneur Radio Show. She shares how she built ATSPIN consulting, and how she has successfully pivoted with her offerings multiple times as the needs of her clients changed. Angela founded ATSPIN consulting in 1997. She helps museums, art galleries, and other cultural organizations facilitate conversations about key initiatives. Angela's candor about the challenges she's faced makes for a great listen. And she generously shares many wise pieces...


Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship UW-Madison with Dan Olszewski

Dan Olszewski, Director of the Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, joins The Savvy Entrepreneur Radio Show. He talks about the many programs and other support at the UWM for student entrepreneurs. The center welcomes any student with an entrepreneurial mindset, and he talks about what that means at the UW. He talks about some of the program's successful company launches. He also shares how entrepreneurial skills today are really life skills that...


Entrepreneur Stories: Brindis Training & Consulting

Fred Copestake, Founder and CEO of Brindis, a small training, coaching & consulting company based in the U.K. recently joined The Savvy Entrepreneur Radio Show by phone to share the story of how he transitioned from a full-time employee to a gig contractor to his own independent company. Brindis provides sales training, coaching and mentoring, focusing on larger, global companies with large sales forces that are seeking measurable improvement in their sales goals. Fred candidly shares some...


Contractors vs Employees with John Sartoris

Whether you've retained a contractor vs an employee is an important question, and one that lots of businesses get wrong. John Sartoris, principal of The Sartoris CPA Group, recently joined The Savvy Entrepreneur Radio Show live in the studio to discuss some of the issues. It turns out that a lot of companies think they've hired a contractor, but what they really have is an employee, which can lead to lots of issues and significant costs. John talks about the IRS and Department of Labor...