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GMBA045 Chris Ducker | Rise Of The Youpreneur

Key Lessons: Common mistakes prevent new entrepreneurs to build a profitable personal brand based businessThe right and wrong ways to use affiliate marketing for your businessThe different consumer characteristics in US and UK marketsThe keys to building a future-proof businessThe best ways to get noticed and be trusted by your audienceWhy you must be seen to sell to be a leader in your industry That is Chris Ducker, my personal business mentor, a serial entrepreneur, the bestselling...


GMBA044 Kelly Baader | See Beyond Your Now

Key Lessons From This Episode: [Mindset of The Day]: A successful business is built from the BENEATH, where people don't see the hours you put in, the heartache you experienced, the failure you endured, the misunderstanding you have borne! The moment you succeeded, way too often people think you are an "overnight" success. But remember: God has seen it all! Your reward is not just the revenue and other numbers, but your stewardship of ALL what God has placed in your hand! ...


GMBA042 Arise Series With Kelly Baader

Key Lessons From This Episode: What the “Arise With Kelly” series is.Why I decided to create this new series.What you can benefit from it. Important Links & Mentions in this episode: Leadpages 14-Day https://kellybaader.com/leadpages Subscribe + Review on iTunes: https://kellybaader.com/review Subscribe + Listen on Spotify https://kellybaader.com/Spotify *************************************************************************** Now a word from our sponsor: Leadpages generates...


GMB041 Amy Woods | How to Repurpose Your Content for Social Media

Key Lessons From This Episode: Amy’s definition of Content repurposingWhy we need to consider repurposing?What is the best practice for Content repurposing?What are the common mistakes we need to watch out? That is Amy Woods, a digital entrepreneur, expert in content repurposing and podcaster. She helps online content creators grow their audience by maximizing their return on every piece of content that they create. She is the founder of Content 10x, who provides content repurposing...


GMB040 Kevin Anderson | Storytelling For Business

Key Lessons From This Episode: Why Storytelling for business is the best way to stand out in the marketplace.2 Common Mistakes for Entrepreneurs in general Comparing yourself to other people. Do it your own way. Find your own path.Forgetting that you NEED TO SELL. 2 Common Mistakes in Writing stories Writing in a totally different way to how you talk. Write like you talk!Business stories need to have a clear business intent. Most don’t. That is the founder of “Story Edge, Kevin Anderson,...


GMB039 Joanna Penn | How to Write, Publish, and Market Your Book

That is Joanna Penn, an award-nominated New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thrillers under J.F.Penn and also writes non-fiction for authors. She’s a professional speaker and award-winning entrepreneur. Her website, TheCreativePenn.com is regularly voted one of the Top 10 sites for writers. I met Joanna at Youpreneur Summit in London, she was one of the fantastic speakers, her presentation successfully persuaded all 300 plus attendants to write our next books. This is one...


GMBA038 Erik Fisher | Productivity Habits + Mindset for Social Media Management

URL: https://kellybaader.com/038 or https://kellybaader.com/erik-fisher-productivity-habits-mindset-for-social-media-management/ Key Lessons From This Episode: Erik’s journey so far, and it might totally surprise you as it did to me.How you can protect and execute the most important asset of your productivity - your FOCUS.How you can avoid the distraction, and yet you can indulge your ongoing information acquiring desire. How can we stay productive yet remain the engagement with our...


GMBA037 Sarah Santacroce | How to use Linkedin to generate business

URL: https://kellybaader.com/037 or https://kellybaader.com/how-to-use-linkedin-to-generate-business/ Key Lessons From This Episode: 3 main reasons why you should consider Linkedin for your businessWhat you should know about the sales cycle of Linkedin platformWhy you should take the conversation OFF the Linkedin platformThe biggest common mistakes of your Linkedin ProfileWhat you can do to enhance your Linkedin Profile to your prospectsWhat you can do with your blog posts in Linkedin...


GMBA036 Jen Bengel | From School Teacher to Successful Christian Woman Entrepreneur

URL: https://kellybaader.com/036 or https://kellybaader.com/036-jenny-bengel-school-teacher-successful-christian-woman-entrepreneur/ Key Lessons From This Episode: How Jenny quitted her job as a school teacher.What specific wise actions Jenny and Andy (her husband) took before she retired her husband’s fulltime job as an engineer.5 main things Jenny and her husband did to achieve their successHow we dealt with the haters for real!How she uses webinars to connect with her tribe...


GMBA035 Jeff Sieh | Pinterest for Business Tips

URL: https://kellybaader.com/jeff-sieh-pinterest-business-tips/ or https://kellybaader.com/035 Key Lessons From This Episode: Pinterest for business tipsWhy you should consider Pinterest as part of your traffic source3 common Pinterest mistakes for business ownersIs your target audience male? If yes, why for the more you need to use Pinterest for your business3 Pro Pinterest business tips to be most effective. AndTo light up your day – what happened to Jeff’s beard at a major...


GMBA034 Tim Paige | How to Improve Sales Conversion Rate

Hello, Kelly Baader here, welcome to Godly MBA Podcast. I am honoured you are here with us today. Make sure you hit that subscribe button, so you don’t miss any power packed episode, and your reviews on iTunes serves as fresh does of blessings to me and my team, we will really appreciate it! When it comes to business, we all know that no sales, no business, period.But how to sell well and without being feeling sleazy and yucky. Our guest today – the sales conversion expert Tim Paige...


GMBA033 Emeric Ernoult | AgoraPulse Founder’s Journey from Washington DC Attorney To Social Media Management Business

Today is the last episode before our break, if you wonder what I am talking about, please go back to episode 032 for the details. In short, we are taking a break in March, and really think through what and how we can serve you even better. Today you are in for a treat. Our guest is Emeric Ernoult, He is the co-founder of AgoraPulse, a Social Media Marketing Software company launched in 2011 and based in Paris and San Francisco. AgoraPulse is currently being used by more than 5,000...


GMBA032 Heather Heuman | Social Media Marketing for Church Growth

If you are listening to this episode as it’s released, it’s Feb 20, 2017. Before we get into today’s main content, I’d like to take a moment and share something with you. We started this Podcast in last August, and I have worked with a fantastic team - my dear editor Emma Victoria, and Assistant, Andrea. We are like female version of 3 Musketeers, week in and week out, we operate through 20 plus steps of process and get the episode up for you, our beloved listeners. And I have felt so...


GMBA031 Donna Moritz | How to Use Visual Content for Social Media

We all know that as business owners / entrepreneurs, what we are truly competing for is people’s ATTENTION! Visual content creating is very crucial if we’d like to catch the extreme short span of focus of our audience’s. Today I invited a friend and expert in the visual content field. She is a social media strategist and visual marketing specialist based in Queensland, Australia. She loves helping people like us learn how to use visual social media and content strategy to get results in...


GMBA030 Phil Mershon | Christian Entrepreneurship

Today's guest is one of those Behind-the-scene heroes. Many of us are familiar with the well-known event in the social media field - the largest annual event called: Social Media Marketing World. However, you probably don't know the Event Director, the righthand man of Michael Stelzner is a God-loving influencer - Phil Mershon. Phil is the Director of Events for Social Media Examiner. He brings over 25 years experience in leading customized events, mission-driven campaigns and creative...


GMBA029 Amy Schmittauer | Vlogger Like a Boss

Amy Schmittauer is producer of Savvy Sexy Social, a YouTube series dedicated to helping you lift your day so you can love your life. This proactive lifestyle channel has amassed a community from over 179 countries whose viewers have contributed more than 3 million views. A co-founder and video marketing consultant at Aftermarq, Amy has helped clients discover brand awareness through video blog content and is writing her first book on the topic. An internationally-acclaimed public speaker...


GMBA028 John Lee Dumas | The Mastery of Your Success

If you are listening to this episode on or close to our release date, then it’s January 2017! How’s your new year so far? For me, it’s been quite productive, as my mantra this year is FOCUS and Keep It Simple. Through the years, I have learned from mentors and observed the high achievers’ success formula for lack of the words. It’s not about how big of a thing they did once a while, but the small incremental actions they did it over and over again till they get where they wanted to be. It...


GMBA027 | Chris Marr from The Content Marketing Academy

Content Marketing is a hot topic, but it’s also a confusing one. As if you ask different people, you probably will get different answer. So I thought why not let me invite my good friend and the leading voice of the growing Content Marketing movement in the UK-Chris Marr come to the show to share his perspectives with us. After all, he has built his entire business based on Content Marketing, well, he even hosts annual conference in Scotland called The Content Marketing Academy, which is...


GMBA026 Mark Asquith | 7 Lessons from his Entrepreneurial Journey

Entrepreneurial journey is not easy, most of the resources out there are talking about from where they were and now where they are all great and successful. How about the in-between ups and downs, the grinds and grits? And that’s part of my mission to bring the realness side of business to you, so hopefully when you hit a wall, which you will if you are on this journey, you’ll be reminded what you are listening now that you are not alone, and you can overcome it. Our guest today is Mark...


GMBA025 Peter Billingham | Public Speaking Coach for Entrepreneurs

Do you have desire to become a speaker, or even just to communicate more effectively as business owner / entrepreneur? IF yes, you are in for a treat. :) Today’s guest is Peter Billingham, the Public Speaking Coach for Entrepreneurs. He helps entrepreneurs become better speakers by writing speeches for them and coaching them how to deliver the material. (online/face to face) Many business leaders/entrepreneurs are very passionate and knowledgeable about their subject matter but do not...