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#062 How To Increase Facebook Post Reach

When it comes to Facebook reach, we often heard the questions like: How to increase Facebook post reach without paying Facebook ads, or how to increase Facebook post likes, shares, and comments- again without paying Facebook a lot of money. Today, we got the answer for you! Rachel Miller is a Lifetime Learner. Giver of hugs and kisses. Mom and Online Entrepreneur. She has built several businesses, authored multiple books, one of which sold more than 100,000 copies. She now helps other...


#061 [Christian Business Principles Series] Presentation skills for professionals: 5 Tips to dominate stages and win over audience’ hearts

5 Ways to overcome fear of rejection in sales for Christian Entrepreneurs. [Christian Business Principles Series] - Presentation skills for professionals: 5 Tips to dominate stages and win over audience’ hearts Today’s episode is about Presentation skills for professionals. Recently I was invited on one of the most influential entrepreneurial events - Chris Ducker's Youpreneur Summit to speak. It was well-received and I felt so honored to receive the standing ovation on the 1st day of...


#060 Christian Entrepreneur Podcast Series How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking For Christian Entrepreneurs

I share from my recent speaking experience at Chris Ducker's Youpreneur Summit. How I prepared the behind- the- scene process to receive the standing ovation. The #1 mistake of many speakers.How to practice and rehearse properly to maximum result.How to prevent losing your voice before your presentation.How to get your physical body ready for the stage.The #1 Secret weapon for Christian Entrepreneurs’ speaking engagement. As you follow through the steps I shared the above, I believe you...


#059 How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection In Sales

5 Ways to overcome fear of rejection in sales for Christian Entrepreneurs. We all know that sales, it's a must for businesses to survive, but somehow in the process and we feel uneasy about it. I heard so many times among my clients, that they are a little bit afraid of presenting that offer and to close sales. This episode I will share with you 5 ways or 5 perspectives to help you overcome the fear of rejection in sales once for all. Sales Transaction is 2 dreamers’ dream...


#058 Coaching Business Tips for Christian Coaches Series

5 Pro Tips about how to prepare and conduct your free coaching sessions, so you can close more sales and get more coaching clients. Are you a Christian coach, consultant, or leaders using free discovery session to increase your sales revenue? Then today's video is for you. I will show you five simple yet powerful tips to increase your sales conversion, by properly prepare and conduct your free discovery sessions. 1. BE CLEAR About WHAT + Value You have to be clear about WHAT kind of...


#057 Hope Marketing vs Faith Marketing

As Christians, we are familiar with the scriptures in Hebrew 11- the Hall of the fame for our Faith heroes. "Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for." From verse 3 to 31, we could see there’s a pattern: all started from “By Faith”, then the Actions they take. The keyword is Action. More precisely we are talking about bold and probably, the scared actions. From Moses’ Red Sea departing, to Joshua’s...


#056 Christianity and Business with Lee Jackson

THAT is Lee Jackson, a super star of all things Wordpress. Lee leads two digital businesses providing powerful WordPress solutions for personal brands, design agencies and event companies. He runs the WP Innovator Facebook Group with over 1400 members who support one another, network and have fun. There is a focus on productivity, WordPress tools and tips, business and strategy. He is the host of The Agency Trailblazer Podcast (Formerly WP Innovator Podcast), which focuses on agency...


#055 Teach Children About Money | Debbie Todd

THAT is Debbie Todd, a multi-certified in accounting and finance, a nationally published writer and has been a passionate financial literacy instructor for over 15 years. God led her on this very interesting and divine journey to partner up with Phyllis Matson to educate young children and parents about money by using puppet theater. In her own words: “The most common financial regret I have heard in my 20 years as a CPA and financial educator is that parents wished they were more...


#054 How to be More Confident for Live Stream Videos with Ian Anderson Gray

THAT is Ian Anderson Gray, he helps business owners and entrepreneurs level up their impact and authority confidently by using live video. He has been featured in Social Media Marketing World, BBC World Service, and he has been speaking in Social Media Marketing World 3 years on the roll! Hello, Kelly here :) Thank you so much for choosing to be here, I know your time is precious, I don’t take it lightly, I’d do my best to worthy of your investment. This podcast is sponsored by...


#053 Time Blocking vs Time Crafting with Mike Vardy Pro tips to be productive for Entrepreneurs

THAT is Mike Vardy. A productivity strategist, the founder of Productivityist, and the creator of the productivity methodology known as TimeCrafting. He has been featured in many publications including The Globe and Mail, Forbes, Inc., Fast Company and more. Mike has also developed successful classes on productivity and time management for Skillshare and CreativeLIVE. He lives in Victoria, BC, Canada with his wonderful wife, delightful daughter, and super son. Pay attention to the...


#052 Four Biblical Entrepreneurship Principles to Grow Your Business

THAT is me stepping up to share something very vulnerable and crazy with you. The intention is to hopefully inspire you to grow and make a necessary mindset shift to get ready for your next level. Key Lessons From This Episode: Why rock-bottom is the best place to be for your growth.Four Biblical Entrepreneurship Principles to Grow Your Business Hello, Kelly here :) Thank you so much for choosing to be here, I know your time is precious, I don’t take it lightly, I’d do my best to...


#051 How to create meaningful connection and thriving community for your business

THAT is Jo Milmine, a good friend of mine and a multi-award-winning podcaster, especially in the world of knitting. She is also a consultant and small business strategist in North West England. Jo’s “corporate” background was serving as high-level project management in the air force of UK. Yes, you heard me right! She specializes in helping overwhelmed business owners get their enterprises back under control by implementing smart systems and strategy. Her podcasting super power is...


#050 Why Christian Entrepreneurs are not making money Christian CEO University Member Highlights

THAT is me, spoke out from the heart as I am sick tired of seeing many fantastic coaches, speakers, subject-matter experts are struggling to make the income they desire due to some misunderstanding about MONEY, or the right way to create wealth. Ready to make more money, let’s go! Key Lessons From This Episode: 5 reasons why we should make money as Christian Entrepreneurs.5 reasons why Christian Coaches are not making enough money for their business. Important Links & Mentions in this...


#049 Homeschool Coaching with Mich Nicolas Christian CEO University Member Highlights

THAT is Mich Nicolas, one of the shining stars inside our CCU (Christian CEO University) Campus. Mich is one of those members makes you feel that all the hard work, blood, and sweat you’ve invested into building the community is so worthy! There are a couple of reasons I invited her to come on the show: She is an action-taker. You will hear how she has struggled for years before she came to CCU, and how she broke through by participating inside the community, asking for advice, and...


#048 Pat Flynn | 5 Steps to Create Passive Income

That is Pat Flynn, the king of podcast and perfect example of transparency in the online marketing world. He started his journey from being laid off from his corporate job to now generating over 6 figure monthly revenue, especially in passive income. Since he’s been interviewed by hundreds of podcasts, I tried to ask questions which are solution based for your business, yet managed to get Pat to dig deeper in his answers. You let me know how I am doing, all right? Please do Subscribe +...


#047 From Stuck to Flourishing Online Coaching Business with Rhonda Peterson

THAT is Rhonda Peterson, one of my favorite persons in the world! Not because she is one of my ideal clients, but she is an awesome leader of humility and substance. Rhonda Peterson, ACC, Executive Coach and Masterpiece Catalyst, guides clients on a journey from stuck to bigger impact and deeper life satisfaction through her signature Masterpiece Work process. Her career journey wound through consumer products marketing and promotion, into personal branding, and the ministry of equipping...


#046 Kelly Baader | Christian CEO Podcast

This episode is you and me sit down for a cup of tea or coffee, and we’d like to get to know each other a bit better. One of my goals in 2018 is to create more meaningful connections, so I can be in a better position to help. Also, one of the main reasons I re-branded this podcast to Christian CEO Podcast is because I’ve found this is the WHOM I’m called to serve. Who are the Christian CEO I am called to serve? Not ALL the Christian Entrepreneurs, but only those who are willing to take...


GMBA045 Chris Ducker | Rise Of The Youpreneur

Key Lessons: Common mistakes prevent new entrepreneurs to build a profitable personal brand based businessThe right and wrong ways to use affiliate marketing for your businessThe different consumer characteristics in US and UK marketsThe keys to building a future-proof businessThe best ways to get noticed and be trusted by your audienceWhy you must be seen to sell to be a leader in your industry That is Chris Ducker, my personal business mentor, a serial entrepreneur, the bestselling author...


GMBA044 Kelly Baader | See Beyond Your Now

Key Lessons: [Mindset of The Day]: A successful business is built from the BENEATH, where people don't see the hours you put in, the heartache you experienced, the failure you endured, the misunderstanding you have borne! The moment you succeeded, way too often people think you are an "overnight" success. But remember: God has seen it all! Your reward is not just the revenue and other numbers, but your stewardship of ALL what God has placed in your hand! Therefore===> Let me encourage...


GMBA043 Vicky Gunn | Milles Beach Huts | Be different to Make a Difference

Key Lessons: How to be different to make a difference3 common mistakes to avoid as a new business ownerWhat is Happy Folder and why you need one That is Vicky Gunn, an entrepreneur whose passion for people and pets led to quitting life as a board level accountant in 2016. With 16 years of experience of supporting sales and operations in leading brands such as BT, Britvic, IBM and the NHS, she has recently relocated back to her home town in Scotland with her crazy spaniel Millie. I met...