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313 Mission-Driven Mobility Revolution w/ Serial Entrepreneur Lynsie Campbell

Lynsie Campbell is the founder of LaneSpotter, a navigation tool that helps cyclists find safe routes. It’s the result of her avid cycling habit and DNA as a “serial entrepreneur.” She started LaneSpotter after a ride with her then one-year-old son, who was strapped into a seat on her bike. Campbell previously co-founded of the online ticketing platform ShowClix. She also started a dog walking business while living in San Francisco for a few years. Never miss one of our best...


312 Regional Reinvention in Pittsburgh w/ Bill Flanagan

In this episode, we discuss where Pittsburgh has been and where it’s going. Bill Flanagan is the Chief Corporate Relations Officer for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. Bill guides the development of regional and organizational messaging strategy and supervises Investor Relations activities, including membership development and fundraising. An experienced broadcast journalist, Bill has told the story of the transformation of the economy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for...


311 Deploying $80M to Accelerate the U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance (People & Robots) w/ Jay Douglass

Jay is COO of The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute (ARM). ARM is an independent non-profit that won an $80 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense to become the leading catalyst of robotics innovation and expertise to accelerate growth in US-based manufacturing and the high value careers. It is also supported by an additional $173 million in commitments from more than 100 members and partners in industry, academia, technology, government and economic development...


310 Reimagining the Future of Work w/ Stephen Warley

Stephen Warley teaches people the life skills that matter for business. My mission is to relieve people of their work anxieties by empowering them to design their own work. The evolutionary fear of losing the acceptance of others is often more powerful than the desire to strike out on our own. He sees his job as empowering his readers to stop living up to the ideals of others and to start living up to their own ideals. Never miss one of our best episodes by subscribing to the...


309 Real Estate Real Talk w/ Joe Calloway

Instead, he’d prefer to offer his perspective. He’s built a $40,000,000 real estate portfolio through hard work, persistence, and patience. Being raised by a single parent in a two bedroom, low income apartment in Mt. Oliver doesn’t usually breed success, but Joe Calloway’s story is anything but usual. Joe went from those unfortunate circumstances to being the largest single family home buyer in Pittsburgh. With little direction in life and few marketable skills, Joe enlisted in the US...


308 Driving Nine Figure Acquisitions through Sales w/ Dinesh Kandanchatha

Dinesh is a self-professed technophile, in addition to a speaker, mentor, and entrepreneur. He has taken part in three separate companies getting acquired, the third for over $200 million dollars. These days he stays busy investing, mentoring, and sharing wisdom. He initially went to university for sciences, which lead him to a career in software. It wasn’t long before he realized that his pay would hit a ceiling. He saw the sales guys driving Porsches and Jaguars—and wanted in. Little...


307 A Grand Tour of Cryptocurrencies w/ Bill Laboon

Bill Laboon is currently teaching Software Quality Assurance, Software Engineering, and the Computer Science Capstone course at the University of Pittsburgh. In addition, he advises numerous students for projects, independent research, and their academic and professional careers. He prepares students to develop high-quality software in a "real-world" environment. That real world is fast including more and more cryptocurrencies. In this discussion, we cover the basics of Bitcoin,...


306 Building a Self-Driving Car Company w/ Argo AI CEO Brian Salesky

Self-driving cars are coming. Ford is betting $1 billion dollars over five years that Argo Ai can make it happen. CEO Bryan Salesky calls upon his experience leading the software engineering for Tartan Racing, Carnegie Mellon’s winning entry in the DARPA Urban Challenge as he tries to build the future. He also was on the Google self-driving car team. While at Google, Bryan was director of hardware development, and was responsible for development and manufacture of Google’s portfolio of...


305 Masterfully Made Handbags in the US with Wendy Downs

Wendy Downs is an artist who learned to be an entrepreneur. Her company, Moop, was founded in 2007 in western Massachusetts. She has since moved to Pittsburgh, where her small team design and manufactures every waxed canvas bag. In a 35-minute conversation, we cover her expertise in e-commerce, design, small batch manufacturing, and textile manufacturing. Never miss one of our best episodes by subscribing to the newsletter. Wendy’s Challenge; Find the thing you love and exercise...


304 Getting People without College Degrees $42,000/year Job in Manufacturing w/ Neil Ashbaugh

Pittsburgh has been in the news recently for robots and restaurants. But it’s still a blue collar town. In a sweeping discussion, Aaron & Neil Ashbaugh discuss the opportunities for good pay and consistent work offered by roles in manufacturing. The industry is facing a cliff over the next ten years as Baby Boomers continue to retire, leaving companies hungry for talent. New Century Careers is training the next generation and excited about the opportunity. Never miss one of our best...


303 Generating 50,000,000 Unique Visitors & Raising a $6.6 Million Series B w/ Luke Skurman

Niche.com generated 50,000,000 unique visitors last year. They announced a $6.6M Series B round of fundraising in February 2018. They've come a long way from their humble beginnings in 2002. In my interview with Luke Skurman, the Founder & CEO of Niche.com, we discuss the challenges of raising venture capital as an established company, the marketing & business development talent in Pittsburgh, and importance of aiming at a big target. Luke is also a Co-Founder of Ascender, a...


302 Marine turned State Representative Jake Wheatley

Jake Wheatley joined the United States Marine Corps in 1989. He needed more discipline and that’s exactly what her got. He has since translated the skills and lessons he learned serving in the Gulf War into a career in public service. Jake Wheatley is a Democratic politician from the state of Pennsylvania. He represents the 19th district in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives which includes a number of areas in the city of Pittsburgh including: the Hill District, North Side,...


301 Evaluating Record-Breaking Investment in Southwest Pennsylvania w/ Rich Lunak

Rich, President & CEO of Innovation Works, leads one of the nation’s most active early-stage investors. In this conversation, we discuss a recent report IW authored with Ernst & Young that detailed the last decade of venture investing in the region. Some highlights of recent activity include the $225 million acquisition of security awareness trainer Wombat Security by California-based Proofpoint and the $1 billion round of funding recently raised by self-driving car intelligence provider...


300 Who is Hannah Phillips? (Hint: My Business Partner)

From an early age, Hannah developed a love for art and creating, and has grown those passions into hard skills that could build a business. She started HPMedia in 10th grade and was dedicated to growing it part-time throughout high school. After graduating in 2016, she started an apprenticeship/entrepreneurship program called Praxis. After apprenticing at a digital marketing agency, Hannah found sustainable success in full-time creative work. Piper Creative offers her the opportunity...


299 Timeless Leadership Lessons w/ Lisa Slayton

Lisa is the the President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation. She calls upon over 20 years of experience in the marketplace in sales and marketing and senior management roles, as well as ministry leadership experience, to coach leaders in her day-to-day work. Lisa provides executive leadership for business development and donor relationships and evaluates and develops new initiatives and partnerships that advance the mission and vision of PLF. Lisa also brings this diverse...


298 Painting the Software Startup Blueprint w/ David Cristello

David Cristello had no background in accounting. He’s not a coder. Yet, he is the founder of a fast-growing accounting software startup called Jetpack Workflow. How’d that happen? David diligently interviewed business owners until he found an untapped opportunity, then struck with full force. He’s driven to solve painful problems with smart, passionate, and empathetic people and is building his company in Pittsburgh. Jetpack Workflow is used by thousands of accountants in 12+...


297 Robot Pioneer Saving Lives & Improving Quality of Life w/ Jorgen Pederson

RE2 Robotics CEO & founder Jorgen Pedersen is responsible for the strategic direction of the Company, developing partnerships and alliances, and overseeing the day-to-day operations. Jorgen has contributed to the growth of the unmanned systems market for the past 20 years, beginning his career at Carnegie Mellon's National Robotics Engineering Center. Jorgen is the 2016 Carnegie Science Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year recipient. He has also been recognized for his technology...


296 #PiperAnswers How Long it Takes to Start a Company & Making Honest Media w/ Hannah Phillips

We want to talk about what we're learning. If you like this, please let us know in the comments. We appreciate Solomon, Paul, and Michael for submitting questions :) Send questions you have to hannah (at) pipercreative (dot) co Want to work with us? www.pipercreative.co Shot and Edited by Hannah Phillips https://www.instagram.com/hpmedia/


295 Sustainable Bowties & the Facebook Small Business Council w/ Nisha Blackwell

Nisha Blackwell is the founder & lead design curator of Knotzland Bowties. Founded in 2014, Knotzland specializes in custom handmade bow ties made from repurposed and reclaimed materials. Driven by her passion for the environment and reducing waste, Nisha began Knotzland to create distinctive, fashionable goods that speak to the individuality of her customers. Dedicated to sourcing high-quality, salvaged materials, Knotzland issues limited edition, one-of-a-kind bow ties. Nisha was...


294 The Difference Between Development & Gentrification w/ Michael Skirpan

Michael is an ethicist, writer, artist, educator, and concerned citizen based out of Pittsburgh, PA. He received his PhD from CU-Boulder's Department of Computer Science in Fall 2017. He wrote a thesis focused on the use of socio-technical narrative as a way of communicating, comprehending, teaching, and debating the ethics of new and near-future technologies. His research spans topics such as design fiction, technology ethics, classroom design, engineering ethics pedagogy, futures, and...


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