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350 Marketing, Storytelling, and Enabling Intrapreneurs w/ Dave Mastovich

Dave Mastovich is the founder and CEO of Massolutions. In this conversation talks about how he transitioned out of the corporate world into owning his own business and how he developed entrepreneurial tendencies while working in other businesses. Dave has been on the cutting edge of utilizing the gig economy to build his business and has inspired his team to be creative, loyal, and scrappy through trust and freedom. Never miss one of our best episodes by subscribing to the...


349 Defying the “Death of Retail” w/ Brianne Conley

Bri Conley is the founder of No. 14 Boutique in Lawrenceville, one of the few shops bucking the trend of “The Death of Retail”. How? By establishing great relationships with clients, staying on top of fashion trends to offer a distinct selection, and masterfully utilizing Snapchat and Instagram to create demand. In this conversation, Brianne explains how she used Snapchat & Instagram stories to drive demand, what she felt like the market was missing when she opened her store, and...


348 Can the XPrize make I, Robot a Reality? (w/ Amir Banifatemi)

Amir Banifatemi is the General Manager for Innovation and Growth at XPrize and is an Executive Advisor for the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE & the ANA Avatar XPRIZE. Prior to joining XPRIZE, Mr. Banifatemi began his career at the European Space Agency and then held executive positions at Airbus, AP-HP and the European Commission division for information society and media. He’s previously managed two venture capital funds and contributed to the formation of more than 10 startups with emphasis on...


347 How a Convenience Store & a Band Built an Entrepreneur w/ Mike Hruska

Michael Hruska is a technologist with experiences spanning across standards, emerging technologies, learning, and science. He is a former researcher at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and now provides technology, business model and innovation solutions to Fortune 500, government and startups. His team has built award winning products and delivered solutions that support millions of users. Michael is an advisor/mentor to ed tech startups for GSV Capital. Michael hosts...


346 World Leading Image Recognition Artificial Intelligence w/ Sandra Mau

Sandra Mau is the founder & CEO of TrademarkVision, a startup doing visual brand protection. She and her team of machine learning engineers are developing a top visual search engine for trademarks and logos. In this conversation, we talk about why she has another office in Australia, how the algorithm simplifies work for IP lawyers, and shares stories of scrappy startups at events. Prior to starting TrademarkVision, Sandra was a Senior Computer Vision Research Engineer at NICTA doing...


345 Treating Addiction by Building a New Rehabilitation Center w/ Dr. Gina Marchando

Dr. Gina Marchando is the executive director at DreamLife Recovery, a new addiction treatment program in Donegal, PA. Gina has been treating patients for trauma, PTSD and the full spectrum of dissociative disorders for more than a decade and came back to Pittsburgh to after losing her nephew to an overdose. In this conversation, we talk about addiction, psychotherapy, and the small steps we can all take to care for others. Gina is particularly excited about the wide array of...


344 Saving Your Commute & Solving Traffic Congestion w/ Griffin Schultz

Traffic sucks. Luckily, smart people are looking into making cities smarter and reducing congestion. Rapid Flow Technologies was spun out of Carnegie Mellon University with the goal of introducing new Intelligent Transportation Systems technologies into the marketplace. Rapid Flow was created to commercialize the Surtrac adaptive traffic signal control technology developed in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon. I spoke with CEO Griffin Schultz, who was brought in to lead...


343 Piper Creative Went to a Steelers Game

Please go give us some love and let me know your favorite TD celebration. Steelers Fans' TD Celebrations


342 Transitioning from Management Consulting to a Sports Technology Startup w/ Norma Nieto

Norma Nieto was the President of PIVOT, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Impellia through mid-2017, and is currently working in multiple capacities for Impellia as a consultant. She currently has her own strategy and analytics consulting company, N-Squared Strategic Consulting, which helps clients harness the power of data and analytics to develop innovative strategies. Impellia is a sports software and sensor-based technology company co-founded by former Pittsburgh Steelers QB Charlie...


341 Creating Jobs & Stimulating the Economy at Idea Foundry w/ Mike Matesic

Idea Foundry has invested in over 200 companies and generated $1B in direct economic impact for the region. The Pittsburgh-based, non-profit economic development organization focsues on creating living-wage, high-opportunity jobs by investing in and working alongside entrepreneurs to grow. Previously, Mr. Matesic was Chief Executive Officer for two start-up companies and Chief Financial Officer for MetalSite, Inc., participating in the rapid growth of the company and public registration...


340 $275M Acquisition from University Technology Transfer, Building a Loyal Team, and Helping the Next Generation w/ Craig Markovitz

Craig Markovitz co-founded Blue Belt Technologies, a spinoff from the Robotics Institute at CMU, in 2003 and thirteen years later was a key member of the deal team that led to a $275,000,000 acquisition. During his years in business, Craig has launched companies, raised capital, and managed operations in businesses spanning from pre revenue and 18 employees to multi-million in revenue and 150 employees. Today, he is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence in the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship...


339 Grit, Hustle, and Persistence while Selling Coffee w/ Jim DeCicco

Startups are always a distinct journey, but the DeCicco brothers have been on a particularly wild ride. I trekked into Manhattan to interview Kitu Life Super Coffee CEO Jim DeCicco about founding a beverage company with his brothers, getting investment from founder of WeWork, and building a distribution system. He left a job on Wall Street in August of 2015 and has been on a hell of a ride ever since. Jim appeared on Shark Tank with his brothers in a February 2018 episode seeking a...


338 Building a Lean, Effective Medical Device Company w/ Courtney Williamson

Underwritten by Piper Creative A digital agency that provides strategy, delivery, and analysis specializing in a few key service offerings. Documentary-as-a-Service (Vlogging 2.0) Instagram Content Production & Account Building Podcast Production, Strategy Consulting, and Guest Acquisition If you aren’t creating or curating content regularly, your clients and customers might forget you’re open for business. YouTube Instagram Subscribe on iTunes | Stitcher | Overcast | PodBay ​


337 Fixing Small Business Lending w/ George Cook

The Shop Local Movement is gaining steam, while our banks have gotten even more impersonal. How do things change? George Cook believes he may have an answer. His company, Honeycomb Credit, is building a platform for small businesses to borrow directly from their own community and loyal customer base. This creates affordable credit lines entrepreneurs and competitive returns to community members. In this conversation, we discuss how George’s background in community banking informs...


336 Better Backpacks, Haitian Earthquakes, and Using Your Privilege w/ Ian Rosenberger

Eight years ago, 100,000s of people died in the Haitian earthquake. Many people donated money, but Ian Rosenberger was compelled to do more. Ian co-founded Thread International, which has shipped nearly 200,000 lbs of recycled plastic out of Haiti to be processed into fabric. This has also created jobs for Haitian families and represents a forward thinking solution to issues of poverty.. Currently, the Thread Team is busy running a kickstarter campaign for a line of backpacks and other...


335 Building Distinct CoWorking Spaces w/ Zach Ciccone

It’s estimated that 50% of the population will be working independently by 2020. If this comes to fruition, the demand for shared space will continue to rise at a fast pace in the next year. According to some estimates, there could be up to 37,000 Coworking spaces worldwide by the end of 2018. I sat down to discuss with Zach Ciccone, Principal & Head of Growth for the Beauty Shoppe. Beauty Shoppe is an urban coworking company centered on a culture of service excellence and the belief...


334 Startup Exits, America’s Moneyball City, and Your Phone’s Geo-Tracking w/ Alison Alvarez

Alison Alvarez knows a lot about a lot. In just 30 minutes, she taught me about Charleston, West Virginia, the power of geo-tracking, and how she does market research. We didn’t even get into Japanese literature. Alison is the CEO and co-founder of BlastPoint. She has spent years building big data tools for large companies and became convinced that more affordable and accessible solutions should exist. She has emerged as an expert consultant regarding large geospatial data systems,...


333 Tenacity, Patents, and Glass Ceilings w/ Ingrid Cook

Ingrid Cook is SHzoom’s CEO. The company is an insurance-tech startup with a patented technology focused on automotive repairs. SHzoom was designed to revolutionize the way the industry handles minor fender benders. Rather than driving from shop to shop or waiting hours for a single estimate from a claims adjuster, SHzoom allows the end user to point and click for multiple repair cost estimates from nearby shops! Aaron & Ingrid discuss the arduous patent process, the importance of a...


332 Making Maps for Startups, Governments, and Large Corporations w/ Emily Mercurio

Media and marketing people are all making big deals about video and audio. Not enough people are paying attention to the impact of maps. Emily Mercurio’s is perfectly poised to help companies utilize the modern form of this old technology. She is an expert in geology, geospatial technology, 2D/3D mapping, and remote sensing and helps her clients through her company CivicMapper. We discuss the entrepreneurial skillset she's developed, her time in the oil & gas industry, and how...


331 Bringing the Internet of Things to Consumer Packaged Goods w/ Adhithi Aji

Adhithi Aji is applying her strong technical skills to deliver consumer insights & data to the CPG world. Her company Adrich is a Pittsburgh-based company that connects brands and retailers through product usage data and analytics. In this conversation, we discuss iterating on digital products, the fundraising environment in Pittsburgh, and how Adhithi’s product scales. Every aspiring tech entrepreneur should listen to this conversation and take note of how precise Adhithi is in her...