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387 Journalism & New Media w/ Matt Stroud, founder of Postindustrial Media

Matt Stroud is the co-founder & CEO of Postindustrial Media. His new media startup is aiming to change the tenor of journalism in the Midwest. He’s come a long way since founding a bimonthly magazine, called Deek, out of his basement apartment while enrolled full-time at the University of Pittsburgh. Matt has written short- and long-form journalism for Esquire, Harper’s, The Atlantic, Buzzfeed, Politico, The New York Times, and Reuters, and held staff writer positions with the...


386 Men’s Fashion Reviews, YouTube, and Building a Brand w/ Jon Shanahan

In the past, magazines like Vogue & GQ were exclusively at the epicenter of fashion and style. They alone could play kingmaker to the tastes, trends, and brands clothing of an entire culture. Today, the influence has been disseminated to a broad swath of creators and media outlets with their own perspective. Jon Shanahan saw this opportunity coming and has staked a claim with his brand, The Kavalier. He started a YouTube channel more than 4 years ago and now creates content full-time...


385 Revolutionary Bras w/ Sophia Berman

For half a century, women wore bras that had been designed by men. Sophia Berman knew there had to be a better way. She’s spent that last 3 years launching and growing Trusst Lingerie, a company that has re-engineered the bra for larger-busted women. In this conversation, Aaron and Sophia discuss what she’s learned about running a company, how 3-D printing failed to live up to the hype, and how to develop a product and take customer feedback. Never miss one of our best episodes by...


384 Hannah + Aaron Reflect on 16 Months of Piper Creative

We had a guest no-call/no-show. No fun. HP & I made the best of it by recording a podcast reflecting on Piper Creative being 18 months old, our hardest days of the process, and how great our team is. Hope you have a lovely day.


383 How to Get Ahead in Your Career w/ Zak Slayback

Zak Slayback returns to the podcast after a 317 episode hiatus. He’s here because he’s ready to help even more people with his new book, How to Get Ahead. It builds off of Zak’s talk at the 2018 Going Deep Summit where he laid out his framework for building a great career from scratch. Zak is a career building expert and a Principal at Peter Thiel-backed 1517 Fund. He was one of LinkedIn’s most influential voices on education in 2015 and has been published in Newsweek, the New York...


382 Master Vodka Distiller Barry Young

Barry Young used to be a pharmacist. Now he makes vodka and rum. In this interview, you’ll hear how Barry transitioned out of corporate life, what makes some vodka better than others, and why he’s so passionate. Barry’s company, Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, is based in Glenshaw and has been around for about 10 years. Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka was awarded the Chairman’s Trophy from the Ultimate Spirits Challenge - the beverage industry's most coveted award. Never miss one of our...


381 Life as a Fortune 500 CIO w/ Kurt Schnieders

Kurt Schnieders has served as CIO of DICK’S Sporting Goods, L Brands and ING Latin America and worked internationally in corporate America for 35 years. As a steward of digital revolution in large organizations, he has overseen the creation and launch of websites taking in over 1 billion dollars in annual sales. Throughout his career, he has provided executive leadership, business strategy and technology solution delivery across multi-cultural landscapes, working in Dubai, India,...


380 How to Run a Lobbying Firm w/ Joe Kuklis

Ever wonder how bills get passed and how policy gets changed? While elected officials and public servants hold a lot of power, lobbying firms like Wellington Strategies influence the government, too. Joe Kuklis, the founder and president of Wellington Strategies, came on the podcast to talk about how his business works and the challenges of building a lobbying firm. Joe focuses on helping small-to-medium sized businesses to navigate the government marketplace in Washington and state...


379 Custom Cookies & Raising Prices w/ Jasmine Cho

Yummyholic is a custom cookie & cupcake bakery with distinct, made-to-order designs. Jasmine Cho, the founder, came on Going Deep to discuss her business and how baking can be more creative and therapeutic. She’s learned a lot through launching Yummyholic and you can learn from someone who’s been in the trenches. Jasmine is currently working to pioneer research-based bake therapy by exploring baking as a form of art therapy. Never miss one of our best episodes by subscribing to the...


378 VaynerMedia’s Chief Heart Officer Claude Silver

For the last few decades, “Human Resources” was responsible for getting the most out of workers. This meant optimizing for health plans, salaries, and interpersonal conflict. Claude Silver believes there’s another way. She leads with her heart and emotional optimism. She owns the onboarding, recruitment, retention, and graduation of all the people that come through VaynerMedia. She calls upon 20 years of guiding client relationships, global brand strategies, operations, and management...


377 Robots, Fundraising, and Company Culture w/ Joel Reed

IAM Robotics named a new CEO in August 2018 and closed a $20M Series A that November. How have they managed so much upheaval? I decided to find out directly from Joel Reed Joel is the CEO of IAM Robotics and calls upon 20 years of experience in strategic planning and business development to lead the company’s commercialization of its innovative products. We discuss the fundraising process, how Joel came to join IAM Robotics, and how he recruits technical talent. Joel previously...


Tammy Thompson on Imposter Syndrome, Poverty, and Overcoming the Odds at the Going Deep Summit 2019

You can get your tickets to Going Deep Summit 3.0 here; https://www.eventbrite.com/e/going-deep-summit-30-tickets-60834779463


"How to Quit your Job" Joe Vennare at the Going Deep Summit

Joe Vennare was the 2nd keynote at the 2019 Going Deep Summit. He shared his story of transitioning from history teacher to serial entrepreneur. It's advice anyone can use. I'm so glad he shared his message at the Summit. We could not have put it on without two of our sponsors. Covalent https://www.wearecovalent.com/ TreeCup https://www.buyateaplantatree.com/


Allen Gannett at the Going Deep Summit 2.0

Allen Gannett, the author of The Creative Curve, spoke at the 2019 Going Deep Summit about how to make moments of "creative genius" less random and more intentional. Most people want to know how to be more creative. Allen explains that thoughtful consumption is a key unlock for aspiring creatives. Allen is the founder of TrackMaven and a bestselling author. Here are videos from the Going Deep Summit on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8REcAy3zwEArtRTmEufaQHo4UQ1bjdrZ


376 Influencer Marketing Origins w/ Cooper Munroe

Cooper Munroe, CEO of The Motherhood, was interviewed by Aaron Watson about the origins of influencer marketing, what the early days of blogging looked like, and how to communicate authentically with your stakeholders. Cooper is an award-winning influencer marketing expert and her firm works with the largest consumer brands, nonprofits, and agencies in the world. She is a specialist in maximizing the effectiveness of campaigns, the reach of content, and measuring the results. She got...


375 Resettling Refugees, Making an Impact, and Launching a Nonprofit w/ Sloane Davidson

Being a refugee in a new country can be scary, confusing, and lonely. While there are agencies in the US that help refugees with resettlement during the first 3 months, resource constraints leave them unable to assist past that point. Sloane Davidson created Hello Neighbor to help connect refugees with friends and mentors in their community who can be a sustainable support system. The families Hello Neighbor supports all have kids under 18 in the home. Mentors range from young...


374 Envisioning the Future of College w/ RMU President Dr. Chris Howard

Dr. Christopher Howard is the eighth president of Robert Morris University. A university with more than 80 undergraduate and graduate degree programs , more than 5,000 students, and a 100 year history. In this conversation, Chris and Aaron discuss the future of college, timeless leadership lessons, and Dr. Howard’s background. Dr. Howard is a distinguished graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, a Rhodes Scholar, and a graduate of both the University of Oxford & the Harvard Business...


373 Zillow’s Top Real Estate Agent in Pennsylvania, Brian Teyssier

What does it take to become the top referred real estate agent on Zillow? A lot of reviews and hustle. Brian Teyssier shared his perspective on the industry during a riveting 30-minute conversation at his home in Mount Washington. Brian has worked with some of the top real estate coaches in the business and has some seriously impressive stats. He's surpassed $19 million in volume in both 2017 & 2018. He's accrued 333 reviews on Zillow. As Brian battles to the top of the luxury home...


372 Tori Meglio + Aaron discuss Linkedin in 2019

Piper Creative Director of Operations Tori Meglio joins me on the podcast to discuss how Linkedin has transformed our business in the last year. Here's our new podcast. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-piper-podcast/id1454137800?mt=2


371 Building a Pizza Empire w/ Nick Bogacz

Restaurants are a brutal business. It’s worth studying those that succeed. Nick Bogacz is the Founder of Caliente Pizza & Draft House. He opened his first location in fall of 2012 and has grown quickly to open four more locations. Prior to that, he spent over a decade in the industry, starting as a delivery driver in 1996. He went on to lead sales at multiple corporate pizza chains and learn the pizza business inside and out. His company now employs more than 185 people and has been...