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421 Livestreaming, Digital Coaching, and Listening to your Clients w/ Kyshira Moffett

Kyshira Moffett is a digital brand strategist, entrepreneur, and author. She’s built a business as a coach helping other businesses and entrepreneurs market themselves effectively. Kyshira also launched Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics in 2017, offering premium makeup products at an affordable price to businesswomen. Her experiences in marketing a wide variety of businesses, running a conference (Hustle HER Way Summit), and earning an MBA have given her a wealth of knowledge to call...


420 Teaching Kids with Robots w/ Tom Lauwers

Tom Lauwers is on a mission to get robots into classrooms. As the founder and chief roboticist at BirdBrain Technologies, he designs educational tools that show students the basics of coding, engineering, and collaboration. Tom received a Ph.D in robotics in 2010 from Carnegie Mellon, where he initially designed the Finch robot and Hummingbird robotics kit. The Finch is a small robot designed to inspire students learning computer science by providing a tangible representation of their...


419 Blow Up Your Business Plan w/ JD Ewing (more than $70 million in revenue)

The Going Deep podcast returned to Fayette county for a second interview with one of the area’s top entrepreneurs. J.D. Ewing, President of COE Distributing, regained control of his company just after the Great Recession. J.D. had to secure financing from the bank so he could buy inventory. When they asked for a business plan, J.D. estimated the firm would reach $10 million in revenue in 3 years. COE Distributing ended up blowing past that number to more than $24 million. They did $9...


418 Marketing Elliot, Hip Hop Collaborations, and Modern Marketing Principles w/ Marco Marandiz

Marco Marandiz is a Co-founder and Head of Marketing for Elliot, a global commerce startup based in NYC. Prior to Elliot, Marco spent time as a strategist for high-potential DTC brands and led digital product teams at HomeAway and CapitalOne. Through building and shipping products that served hundreds of millions of users, Marco learned about what makes products work in the digital realm. In this podcast, you’ll hear Aaron and Marco discuss how commerce on the internet is getting...


417 $35 to Visit a Doctor When Your Have No Insurance w/ Dr. Timothy Wong (iHealth Clinic)

What’s a doctor to do when they become disenchanted with the healthcare system? Dr. Timothy Wong decided the answer was to start his own micro-practice. In his office in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Dr. Wong sees ~20 patients per day and only charges $35 for a visit. This allow people without health insurance to get the care they desperately need. Dr. Wong believes that healthcare needs to be simple, needs to be about the patient & the doctor, and needs to be...


416 Throwing Axes & Ice Curling w/ Jack Welsh

Jack Welsh is the co-owner of LumberjAxes and Sliders Curling. He has successfully transitioned from a union job and bartending gig into running a business that delivers genuinely unique experiences. He and his co-founders first came across axe throwing in Philadelphia and decided to bring the concept to Pittsburgh. It’s been a winner and has grown to multiple locations. To keep the momentum going, he has now opened Sliders Curling in the adjacent lot to offer competitive, bar-style...


415 Building a Candy Powerhouse w/ Bill Sarris

Bill Sarris has been in the candy business for more than 40 years. Upon graduating from college, Bill joined his father’s business and has overseen significant growth while building a Sarris Candies into a regional leader in chocolates. Sarris Candies was started by his father Frank in the family’s basement. Behind Bill’s efforts, the company grew to include more than 350 employees and $16 million in annual sales. Today, the Sarris Chocolate Factory and Ice Cream Parlour fill an area...


414 Storing Family Memories Forever & Losing $1 Billion w/ Glen Meakem

Glen Meakem is the founder & CEO of a permanent cloud photo storage and sharing company called Forever. He previously took his first technology startup, FreeMarkets, public in late-1999. FreeMarkets grew up during the height of the Dotcom Bubble and reached a peak valuation of over $10 billion. While the spectacular highs of the bubble could not last, underneath the market Glen was tripling revenues each year and operating. After selling FreeMarkets to Ariba in 2004, Glen started angel...


413 Building a Billion Dollar Company Treating Rare Diseases w/ Dr Gordon Vanscoy

Dr. Gordon Vanscoy is the founding Chairman and CEO of PANTHERx Rare, the nation’s leading rare disease and orphan drug-focused pharmacy. PANTHERx Rare assists patients in navigating the complex process of getting orphan & precision medicines. They also help innovative biotechnology entrepreneurs get their medicines approved by insurers and healthcare providers. Prior to PANTHERx, Dr. Vanscoy developed 7 health care companies while concurrently serving in various leadership roles at...


412 How to Raise $40 Million to Build Robots w/ Jake Loosararian

Jake Loosararian is the CEO and co-founder of Gecko Robotics, a Pittsburgh robotics startup. Gecko recently announced a $40 million Series B round of fundraising led by Drive Capital. Gecko Robotics builds robots that do unassisted inspections of power plant boilers. The robots’ sensors measure key data including temperature, wall thickness, and other system failure indicators. Jake invested his life savings into the company and was named the top startup in Y Combinator’s Winter 2016...


411 Saving Lives w/ Robots w/ Kent McElhattan & Discovery Robotics

Kent McElhattan’s entire business career has been dedicated to the safety of workers. In 1985, Kent co-founded Industrial Scientific and built a worldwide leader in IOT and predictive analytics for the safety industry. The company climbed to hundreds of millions in revenue and sold to Fortive. After that success, Kent started another company, Discovery Robotics, aimed to bring robotics technology to the field of janitorial services. Their first product is an autonomous floor-cleaning...


410 How to Develop Voice Recognition Technology w/ Anthony Gadient

Anthony Gadient is co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Voci Technologies. Voci uses GPU-accelerated, deep machine learning speech technologies to help companies understand what their team members are saying on the phone. Their technology helps clients mine actionable insights from their voice data. It can be applied to customer service, sales, and compliance analysis. The company is built with technology spun out of Carnegie Mellon University. Previously, Anthony co-founded...


2019 Going Deep Wrap Up

2019 was a year of growth and learning. Thank you for being a part of it. We're planning for even more in 2020. 📈 📈


409 Fighting Fake Chocolate w/ David Levine, NuGo Nutrition Bars

David Levine founded NuGo Nutrition Bars in 2000 after raising a small sum of capital from friends and family. NuGo Nutrition uses real dark chocolate to make their protein bars and have been committed to making healthy, high-caliber bars from their inception. The company has developed a variety of SKUs developed for Kosher, gluten-free, organic, vegan, and low sugar diets. David and Aaron discuss the founding of the company, how NuGo has scaled its distribution, and the fake...


408 Addressing the Affordable Housing Crisis with Design, Empathy, and Modern Financing w/ Brian Gaudio

Brian Gaudio is the CEO of Module, a design & technology startup based in Pittsburgh. Module is developing a pay-as-you-go housing solution that enables homebuilders to provide an affordable and flexible entry point for homeownership. One of their distinctive features is a design that allows a buyer to turn a one-bedroom starter unit into a 3 bedroom house. Brian has previously directed a documentary about the housing crisis in South America, worked as a Fulbright Scholar in Santiago,...


407 Saving a Company from Bankruptcy, Millions in Revenue, and Buying a 300,000 Sq Foot Warehouse w/ JD Ewing

J.D. Ewing is the President of COE Distributing, the largest furniture-only wholesale office furniture distributor in the United States. We traveled out to Uniontown, PA to record this interview at the company’s headquarters, which includes a 300,000 square foot warehouse. The company also operated hubs in North Carolina and Texas, which allows it to serve the entire continental United States. Over the last decade, COE has been growing rapidly. He bought the family business back...


406 Precision Medicine, Blue Collar Work Ethic, and Better Healthcare w/ Jessica Gibson, Ariel Precision Medicine

Jessica Gibson is CEO and Co-Founder of Ariel Precision Medicine, an integrated genomics and digital health company. Ariel helps patients with complex chronic diseases by using genetics and health information to model the mechanisms and drivers of disease. This enables clinicians to establish an early diagnosis, long-term prognosis, and targeted management plan. Ariel's PancreasDx® is the most comprehensive genetic test for pancreatic disease and is built off of Dr. David C. Whitcomb’s...


405 Life Altering Medical Devices w/ Matt Kesinger

Matt Kesinger’s company, Forest Devices, is developing the medical device ALPHASTROKE to help first responders identify stroke and triage patients to the right hospital. Strokes are the #1 cause of disability worldwide. Lives are changed by how quickly a stroke is diagnosed and treated. Matt was EMT in Boston for two years and learned how hard it can be to diagnose a stroke with just a clinical exam. While attending the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Matt conducted and...


404 Planning Surprise 3-Day Vacations w/ Lillian Rafson, Pack Up + Go founder

Lillian Rafson did not plan to start her business Pack Up + Go. But, on a trip to Latvia, she came across an idea that was too good to pass up. Booking surprise travel for vacationers. She came back to the US, started the business, and hoped to get 50 clients that year. She got 500. She followed the sharp trajectory upwards and remained bootstrapped the whole way. Now she runs a team, does millions in revenue, and is charting expansion plans. In this conversation, Lillian and Aaron...


403 Trusting your Gut, Firing Clients, and 20 Years Growing an IT Business w/ Michele McGough

We believe this is one of the best and most valuable podcasts we’ve had the privilege to share. Michele McGough is the founder and CEO of solutions4networks, a professional services and integration company that provides network engineering and network security consulting as well as associated equipment/software to a select client portfolio. She’s been in IT for more than 30 years and has learned a lot of lesssons along the way. In this episode, you’ll hear her discuss retaining the...