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A modern forum for business conversations in insurance, distributed by Insurance Nerds, and hosted by insurance technologist and entrepreneur, Carey Anne Nadeau.

A modern forum for business conversations in insurance, distributed by Insurance Nerds, and hosted by insurance technologist and entrepreneur, Carey Anne Nadeau.
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A modern forum for business conversations in insurance, distributed by Insurance Nerds, and hosted by insurance technologist and entrepreneur, Carey Anne Nadeau.







Episodes E 10: Going beyond 'AI is awesome!' (with Herb Chain and Stephen Mildenhall, St. John's University)

On the, I speak with Herb Chain, Director at the St. John's University, Tobin School of Business's Center for Executive Education and Professor Stephen Mildenhall, a lecturer in the School of Risk Management to provide a teaser of an upcoming event at the University, where Prof. Mildenhall and I will both be speaking about the ramifications and opportunities around new data sources and AI in insurance. Tickets are still available for October 17th: Data In the New: Transforming...

Duration:00:41:23 E 9: What's so important about social media and other forms of engagement? (with Ben Baker, President of Your Brand Marketing)

Ben Baker, the President of Your Brand Marketing is leading the pack when it comes to advising businesses to humanize their brands. He shares his knowledge of how to engage, retain and grow engagement with employees and customers. You can learn more about Your Brand Marketing at For a taste of Ben’s work, check out his e-book, Top 10 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement and Company Loyalty here: And of course, search Ben's...

Duration:00:48:16 E 8: Creating technology that customers use (with Bradley Adams of KeynectUp)

I’ve invited Bradley Adams, Director of Partnerships for Keynectup on the GolfCourse. I meet many companies, but KeynectUp stands out. They help customers put carriers contact information into their customer’s phones, so that when something goes wrong, the customer can ask, ‘Hey Siri, call my insurance carrier’. Learn more about Keynectup at


PiR - E170: Jennifer Linton of Fenris Digital on Putting The Customer First

"An insurtech company is like a dog, every year is like 7 years" In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with long-time friend Jennifer Linton, founder and CEO fo Fenris Digital. Fenris enables friction-free applications. With just the name an address of an applicant, Fenris Digital predictively scores & pre-fills applications for commercial, personal and life applicants to determine propensity to buy, lifetime value, credit bin & financial worthiness and upsell and cross-selling...

Duration:00:51:56 Ep 7: What happens when you invite insurance execs to dinner and a podcast?

We invited ten thoughtful insurance execs to dinner and an anonymized podcast. Then, we recorded a real conversation about the future of insurance. This dinner was sponsored by our friends at Microsoft.


PiR - E169: All About Captive Insurance Companies With Aaron Gordon of Gordon Insurance Services

"No left turns! No reverse!" Risk management is all about being proactive in the management of risk. Rather than being a victim, risk management allows companies (and individuals) the opportunity to engage, learn and implement strategies that reduce injuries, losses and ultimately the expenses associated with those, including insurance costs. In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Aaron Gordon about captives. Captives are a decades-old strategy for companies to take proactive...

Duration:00:49:50 Ep 6: Where are women winning? (with Margaret Resce Milkint)

On the I talk to Margaret Resce Milkint about the data initiative she is chairing to quantify the state of women leaders in insurance, rather than rely on anecdotes. The survey deadline is August 31 and results will be released October 23. In order to register, company representatives should send an email to (there is no online link to survey) For more information, you can suggest followers check out the FAQ.


E168 - Sarah Muniz on Increasing Your Productivity With Virtual Assistants

80% of agency and brokerage work does NOT require a license. This means that trained personnel can do this and allow licensed staff to do what they do best (sell and service clients). In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Sarah Muniz of Cover desk about the use of virtual assistants to help brokers and agents become more productive. CONNECT WITH SARAH MUNIZ: LinkedIn - Cover Desk Hompage - MENTIONED IN...


PiR - E167 - Teaching Employees to be Safe, With Blaine Hoffmann, Podcaster and VP of iReportSource

Delays to the treatment of injured employees makes that ultimate treatment more expensive. Educating employees on workplace safety and how technology can help employers and employees aggressively tackle injuries and treatment was the subject of my conversation with Blaine Hoffmann of iReportSource. CONNECT WITH BLAINE HOFFMANN: LinkedIn - The SafetyPro Podcast - iReportSource Homepage -...


PiR - E166: What Do You Want to Be? Branding with Ben Baker of Your Brand Marketing

When someone Googles your name or your company's name, what will they find? How do potential customers or employers think of you? If you own a company, what do potential employees think of you? In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Ben Baker, author and President of Your Brand Marketing about the importance of branding on a personal and business level. CONNECT WITH BEN BAKER: LinkedIn - Your Brand Marketing Homepage -...

Duration:00:52:55 Ep. 5: Are carriers stuck in the innovators dilemma? (with Alex Maffeo, Boost Insurance)

I’ve invited Alex Maffeo, CEO of Boost Insurance on the GolfCourse to talk about how the infrastructure to facilitate disruptive innovation is broken and how Boost Insurance is fixing it to accelerate a robust market for new ideas and new approaches to insurance. Learn more about Boost Insurance at

Duration:00:27:57 Ep 4: Insurance evolves quickly (with Paul Tetrault, Insurance Library)

I’ve invited Paul Tetrault to join me on the golf Course, Paul is the Executive Director of the Insurance Library, a hidden gem of information, resources and knowledge about the evolution of insurance products and new innovations, spanning back 132 years. You can find more information about the Insurance Library at


PiR - E165: Preventing Internal Water Damage with AIsling Carlson of Flo Technologies by Moen

It's amazing, but internal water damage causes more insured losses each year than fires. Frozen pipes, ruptured hoses, and even small leaks (mold and unseen property losses) cause billions of dollars in property damage each year. Luckily we are in the advent of a new period where technology can come to the rescue. In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I speak with Aisling Carlson of Flo Technologies by Moen about their IoT water sensor which cannot only shut off the master water valve but...


PiR - E164: Karen Geva on the Fintech/InsurtechStartup Scene in Israel

Isreal is known as "startup nation". The Israeli startup scene, especially in fintech and insurtech, has been imported to the US. We see it in Lemonade and Hippo as two examples (of many). In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Karen Geva who describes why this is the case.

Duration:00:32:56 Ep 3: The most important question for insurtechs to ask (with Austin Tucker)

Welcome to the, a modern forum for business conversations in insurance. Today, I’ve invited Austin Tucker to link up and chat about successful strategies for making valuable long-term connections, generating new business leads, or identifying partnership opportunities at conferences. You can read more from Austin via Insurance Nerds at


PiR - E163: Revolutionizing the Life Insurance Experience With Brent Williams of Benekiva

I met Brent Williams over a year ago at a conference (recorded here: Since then, I’ve had a chance to talk to Brent and his team on many occasions and each time I’ve walked away more and more impressed. About half-way through this interview, Brent brings up how the Benekiva solution can actually be a revenue generator to insurers, and something he told me a year ago finally registers...

Duration:01:04:02 E 2: The journey of new products (with Jason LaMonica, AXA XL)

Welcome to The Golf Course, a modern forum for business conversations in insurance. Today, I’ve invited Jason LaMonica of AXA XL to join me for a round on the podcast. We chat about what it’s like to launch a new line of business and the importance of providing value-added risk management services and support to customers. For more information on Jason or subcontractor default insurance (SDI) visit: Let’s tee it off.

Duration:00:24:33 E 1: Pilots take iteration (with Nick Suhr, KASKO)

Welcome to the golf course, a modern forum for business conversations in insurance. On the golf course today, I chat with Nikolaus Suhr about how to have more innovation quicker. Nikolaus’s company Kasko is facilitating more pilots, with less money, specifically for insurance carriers. Kasko helps innovative insurers to shape the future of the industry. It offers an API-powered agile insurance product and distribution platform that operates between digital customer touchpoints and legacy...


PiR - E162: The Quest For The Perfect Model With HazardHub

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Josef Litchfield, Brady Foust and Bob Frady of HazardHub. We discussed their new US Wildfire model. What does it take to build a model? Well, it takes a ton of work, data and time. And unfortunately, when it's over, the process begins anew, because in the quest for the perfect model, the work never ends. CONNECT WITH: Josef Litchfield - Brady Foust -...


PiR - E161:Adam Painter on Adjusting, Claims, Podcasting and Beards

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Adam Painter, property claims adjuster, & podcast host. It is fitting that on this Memorial Day weekend, we salute people like Adam, who have forged new careers in insurance but once sacrificed his life for the US Navy as a Bomb Disposal Tech. Thank you for your service Adam, and thank you for sharing your story. CONNECT WITH ADAM PAINTER: LinkedIn - Homepage:...