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Sometimes intelligence skips a generation. Let's face it, even with over 450 financial products out there, we're in a pickle. Inside Grandma's Wealth Wisdom, we get back to basics with wealth strategies that have stood the test of time... with some practical modernizations.

Sometimes intelligence skips a generation. Let's face it, even with over 450 financial products out there, we're in a pickle. Inside Grandma's Wealth Wisdom, we get back to basics with wealth strategies that have stood the test of time... with some practical modernizations.
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Sometimes intelligence skips a generation. Let's face it, even with over 450 financial products out there, we're in a pickle. Inside Grandma's Wealth Wisdom, we get back to basics with wealth strategies that have stood the test of time... with some practical modernizations.






A Tale of 2 Grandmas Part 2

Today, we’re continuing our tale of two twin Grandmas: Margaret & Mildred, and how they both took different forks in the financial road later in life, and how this decision drastically altered their future personal finances. If you missed part one, click the link below to go straight there and get up to speed: Click here to listen to part one of our tale Here Are The Show Highlights: -The 4% Retirement Rule: How it works and why it was a serious problem for Mildred (5:00) -Why an...


A Tale of 2 Grandmas Part 1

The 1930’s marked a crucial decade in American history. The Great Depression: One of the deepest, longest-lasting economic downturns in the history of the Western world, challenging many American families in major economic, social, and psychologcail ways. Today we share the first part of our story about two twins. Both born during the Great Depression and both were trying to do everything ‘right’ when it came to saving their money. Tune in to see how each of them took very different forks...


Net Worth is Greater than Debt Free

Becoming debt-free is said to be a notch on the belt toward financial progress. It’s widely admired, longed for, and sometimes even praised by ‘financial experts.’ But the truth is, paying off debt may be risky...or in some cases unnecessary. In today’s episode, you’re going to discover exactly why becoming debt free isn’t all its made up to be, and why instead, you need to be laser-focused on growing your net worth to become financially free. Here Are The Show Highlights: - A powerful...


Beer, Cereal, Hurricane Katrina, and Money

Money. Wealth. Finances. It doesn’t matter how much you have - or don’t have, you can’t escape it. Money is part of our lives and we all have an interest in it to some degree. Money requires being paid...attention to. In today’s episode, Brandon shares some of his life lessons on money, and how this has shaped his life for the better...and worse! While some of these lessons may seem obvious, others may not. If learning how to build wealth is important to you, make sure you tune in to this...


FIRE Perfect Match (Financial Independence, Retire Early)

Becoming financially independent is the moment your investments start paying more than your expenses. And when this happens, you’re ‘free.’ Free from trading your time for money. Free from having to work for a living. Free from having to worry about bills or paying rent on time. But with so many different options on the table to reach your FIRE goal, which should you choose? In today’s episode, you’re going to discover the perfect match for achieving your FIRE life using a time-tested...


FIRE Extinguishers (Financial Independence, Retire Early)

In the previous episode, we talked about the ‘FIRE’ movement and what it actually takes to achieve this ‘Financial Independence/Retire Early’ goal. In today’s episode, we’re going to cover some of the most common FIRE extinguishers that could potentially wreak havoc on your financial strategy, stopping you from fully enjoying the fruits of your own labour. Here Are The Show Highlights: - Two of the biggest ‘FIRE’ benefits Grandma would have loved (4:10) - How stock market volatility...


Ignite the FIRE! (Financial Independence, Retire Early)

Retiring into your 60’s and 70’s can seem like an enormous challenge to pull off. But some people are following the ‘FIRE’ movement, retiring early and parting from their careers in their 30’s and 40’s. In today’s episode, we talk about the ‘FIRE’ movement and what it actually takes to achieve this ‘financial independence/retire early’ goal. Here Are The Show Highlights: - A ‘must-read’ book to transform your relationship with money and achieve financial independence (2:20) - Crucial...


Don’t Count Your Chickens

In this episode, Brandon and Amanda expose one of the biggest lies in the financial sector that almost everyone believes in...they reveal a huge truth about our economy while providing you with the tools to steer clear of these financial rocks. Here Are The Show Highlights: - How the financial sector sneakily manages to stretch ‘the truth’ and bend the fine print in their advertising (3:45) - The ‘buy and hold’ lie you’ve been brainwashed into believing (6:50) - How to actually...


Any Job Worth Doing

Grandma used to say ‘if you’re going to go to college, it’s worth making the most of it.’ The value of education cannot be quantified - some say it’s priceless. But the cost of going to college can certainly be calculated, and the figures are mind-boggling: $1.5 trillion in outstanding student loans. A crisis rippled throughout the entire economy - and it’s only getting worse. In today’s episode, you’re going to the learn common sense strategies for squelching student debt once and for all...


Eating Twinkies All Day Will Kill You

Eating Twinkies - and only Twinkies - isn’t a great idea. Loaded with sugar, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, Twinkies are best kept off your shelves if you want to live a healthy life. And the same applies to your finances. Today, we’re going to cover three simple-to-follow steps you can use right now to create a ‘healthy’ financial plan that will be your foundation for years to come. Here Are The Show Highlights: - The night-and-day difference between a budget and a...


Not Everyone Wants to be Donald Trump

There’s no question that money is a huge motivator for many people. Not everybody wants to be a billionaire but chasing money as a symbol of fulfillment could be leading you down the wrong track. In fact, it has been proven that money isn’t the holy grail of fulfillment. It doesn’t increase our job satisfaction, nor does it make us more productive in the long-term. In today’s show, Brandon and Amanda explore the topics of accumulating money vs living a fulfilling life and leaving a lasting...


You Can Lead a Horse to Water

How do you tell the difference between false prophets and genuine financial advice? How can you tell if a ‘financial expert’ can actually help you? Is his primary mission to pad your pockets or his own? In this episode, you’re going to learn 3 tips to help you when deciding who to place your trust in to help you build future wealth Grandma would be proud of. This is a ‘common sense’ approach to finding the right financial advisor to make sure you don’t get ripped off. The Show...


Making a Mountain out of a Molehill

To make a mountain out of a molehill means to exaggerate or put too much focus on a minor issue and make it seem like a major one. Today, we’re going to flip this famous idiom on its head and show you how it’s actually a positive thing and how you can use it as a wealth principle to turn a molehill investment into a mountain of money. The Show Highlights: - A life-changing book we highly recommend reading (1:45) - The fallacy of traditional saving vehicles and where you should put your...


We’ve Got a War to Pay For

Wars have been fought with silver bullets but Civil War history offers little consolidation. Modern income tax was introduced in 1913 as a tax for the very top earners - irrelevant to most Americans. But in 1942, the script was flipped and the entire nation was mobilized for war, and money was in desperate. And still to this day, the majority of American’s are paying for this war through their income taxes. Today’s episode is focused on the history of American income tax, and how to factor...


Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

As the saying goes; it takes money to make money. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be your money if you understand how to leverage other people’s money (OPM), especially when it comes to making major purchases. In today’s episode, you’re going to discover 3 key strategies Grandma would have used to leverage other people’s money when it comes to making major purchases without needing to go into debt or hand a large portion of your money away...never to be seen again. The Show...


A Hen that Lays Eggs and Hatches None

What if you had a chicken that laid eggs...but never hatched chickens or gave you food for breakfast? What if you’re in a position where your job won’t allow you to get ahead in life, and you’re unable to break the chains of the the time = money cycle? In today’s episode, you’re going to learn three key ideas to help break free from the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, so you can live a happier life...the life you were meant to live, and the life Grandma would have wanted you to live. The Show...


A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

In this episode, Brendon & Amanda talk about the 8th wonder of the world: Compound Interest. Saving early and consistently is one of the most powerful financial tools available today. Tune in to learn about this powerful concept and learn how you can put it to work by saving your money the right way to build a consistent stream of ever-increasing wealth over time. Show Highlights: - Gambling and getting serious about savings (2:20) - When to save vs when to invest (5:00) - The...


Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other

Today, there are generally three main ways people make major purchases; with cash, leasing, or financing. Whether it’s a new car, a bigger house, or a new smartphone. And it all boils down to the same thing: A cycle of earning to spend and a hamster wheel that starts and always returns to zero. In today’s episode, Brendon and Amanda share with you some of Grandma’s strategies for breaking the ‘earn-spend cycle’ so you can build everlasting wealth. A golden goose that replenishes your...


If It Had Been a Snake

“If it had been a would have bitten me!” A grandmother’s wisdom stays with us for life. She’s lived through tough times that required resilience, sacrifice, and ingenuity; virtues ingrained by necessity and traits that have stayed all her life. Grandma often sees what we’ve become blind towards, the opportunities we miss, and the snakes right under our noses. Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom Show is the only podcast with strategies to grow your wealth, simply and sustainably...just like...