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Welcome to the "Great Decisions, Incredible Lives: Retire With Intention Podcast. Join host John Creekmur, CFP®, Founder and President at Creekmur Wealth Advisors, as he guides you through a transformative journey towards a retirement beyond financial wealth. Explore the three pillars of the True Wealth Process—Dream It, Build It, Live It—to unlock your true potential, make significant decisions, and live an incredible life in retirement. We have carefully curated a diverse group of experts, visionaries, and retirees who will share their wisdom and experiences to inspire you on your retirement journey. Subscribe now and embark on this empowering path toward a retirement that fulfills your dreams. Compliance disclaimer:


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Welcome to the "Great Decisions, Incredible Lives: Retire With Intention Podcast. Join host John Creekmur, CFP®, Founder and President at Creekmur Wealth Advisors, as he guides you through a transformative journey towards a retirement beyond financial wealth. Explore the three pillars of the True Wealth Process—Dream It, Build It, Live It—to unlock your true potential, make significant decisions, and live an incredible life in retirement. We have carefully curated a diverse group of experts, visionaries, and retirees who will share their wisdom and experiences to inspire you on your retirement journey. Subscribe now and embark on this empowering path toward a retirement that fulfills your dreams. Compliance disclaimer:



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Ep33: Living Longer, Living Better: Passion, Purpose, and Planning featuring Sue Mintz

🔍 Ever wondered what happens after the retirement party? How do you transition from a role you've known for decades to a fulfilling new phase of life? In this episode, we dive into retirement transition with Sue, a certified retirement transition coach. Sue shares her journey from corporate leadership development to helping individuals find purpose and joy in retirement. She discusses retirees' common challenges and offers practical advice on navigating this significant life change. Key Takeaways ✅ Understand the Emotional Side of Retirement: Retirement isn't just a financial decision; it's an emotional transition that affects your identity and purpose. ✅ Plan for Non-Financial Aspects: Beyond savings and investments, consider what will bring you joy and fulfillment in retirement. ✅ Stay Flexible and Open: Be open to exploring new activities and roles that can bring satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. ✅ Importance of Social Connections: Maintaining and building new social networks is crucial for a happy retirement. Quotes from Sue 💬 "Retirement is a process, not an event. It requires careful planning and introspection to ensure you find fulfillment." 💬 "You're not a can of soup with an expiration date. If you love what you're doing, continue it. Retirement should be a time of joy, not a deadline." How to Reach Sue 📧 Email: 📱 LinkedIn: Sue on LinkedIn Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Ep32: Embrace New Experiences for a Joyful Retirement Lifestyle featuring Denise Taylor

Are you ready to redefine retirement and explore a new phase filled with endless possibilities? Join us as Denise Taylor, a renowned occupational psychologist, shares her insights on making the most of this exciting transition. In this episode, Denise Taylor, a chartered occupational psychologist and associate fellow of the British Psychological Society, discusses the non-financial aspects of retirement. She emphasizes that retirement should not be seen as the end of one's productive life but as the beginning of a new, fulfilling phase. Denise shares strategies for redefining identities, staying curious, and maintaining social and physical well-being to ensure a joyful and meaningful retirement. Key Takeaways: 🧠 Continuous Learning: Lifelong learning is essential for maintaining mental agility and fulfillment in retirement. Embracing new hobbies and interests can keep your mind engaged and prevent cognitive decline. 💡 Redefining Identity: Transitioning into retirement involves redefining your identity beyond your professional role. Explore new passions and interests to find a renewed sense of purpose. 🔍 Curiosity and Openness: Being curious and open to new ideas is crucial for a successful retirement. This mindset helps you adapt to new experiences and keeps your life exciting and fulfilling. 💪 Psychological Traits: Proactivity, conscientiousness, and resilience are vital for adjusting to retirement and overcoming challenges. These traits help retirees stay motivated and positive. 👥 Building Social Connections: Maintaining and fostering diverse friendships is essential for overall well-being and happiness in retirement. Social connections provide emotional support and help combat loneliness. 🏃‍♂️ Physical Well-being: Prioritizing health and engaging in physical activities are key to enjoying a fulfilling retirement. Good health allows you to pursue your interests and stay active. Quotes from Denise: "Retirement is not the end but just the start of a new phase of life." "It's about being curious and taking on new ideas, being open to new experiences because the people that are very closed off are not going to want to explore anything more." How to Reach Denise Taylor: 🌐 About Denise Taylor's Book: 📖 Title: "Rethinking Retirement for Positive Ageing" Denise Taylor explores the psychological aspects of retirement, emphasizing the importance of redefining one's identity, staying curious, and maintaining social connections and physical health for a fulfilling retirement. Purchase your copy today! Guests of our podcast are not affiliated with Creekmur Asset Management LLC or Creekmur Wealth Advisors. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Ep31: Family Unity: Elder Care Conversation Strategies featuring Joy Loverde

Are you ready to break the silence on elder care? Join us as Joy Loverde reveals how to turn difficult conversations into actionable, compassionate strategies for the future. 📝 In this enlightening episode, Joy Loverde, a distinguished author and elder care expert, dives deep into the challenges and necessities of planning for elder care. With over 45 years of experience, Joy shares invaluable insights on shifting the focus from 'care' to 'attention', advocating for a model of elder care that prioritizes emotional connections and quality of life. Discover the subtle art of initiating critical discussions without discomfort, and learn why addressing the taboo can strengthen family bonds and enhance the well-being of our elders. ✅ Key Takeaways: Reframing the Dialogue: Learn how changing the conversation from 'care' to 'attention' can transform elder care planning. Social Model of Care: Explore the benefits of a social approach emphasizing relationships and emotional support over traditional caregiving. Financial Preparedness: Gain insights on navigating the economic aspects of elder care to ensure a smoother transition for your loved ones. Emotional Impact: Understand the emotional landscape of caregiving and how to manage anticipated grief and stress effectively. 🔗 Connect with Joy Loverde: Visit her website: Joy's Elder Care Planning Follow her on Twitter: @JoyLoverde 📚 Find Joy's Books: "The Complete Elder Care Planner": Available on Amazon "Who Will Take Care of Me When I'm Old?": Available on Amazon Join us for this essential conversation, which will change the way you think about and plan for your loved ones' golden years. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Ep30: How to Live Forever: Writing the Final Chapter featuring Kimberly Best

How can open conversations about end-of-life decisions create a more meaningful conclusion to our lives? 📝 In this episode, Kimberly Best shares her extensive experience in healthcare and mediation to explore the importance of making clear end-of-life decisions. Through personal stories and professional insights, Kimberly emphasizes the necessity of open, honest communication and cultural sensitivity in crafting personal legacies and navigating family dynamics during challenging times. 🌟 Key Takeaways: 🗣️ Personal control over end-of-life decisions is crucial for navigating conflicts and finding peace. 💬 Conversations about death are essential for alleviating burdens on family members. 🖋️ Leaving a legacy through deliberate choices shapes how individuals are remembered. 🤝 Mediation focuses on healing and moving forward in conflicts. 🌍 Respecting individuals' cultural backgrounds in mediation enhances effective conflict resolution. In "How to Live Forever: A Guide to Writing the Final Chapter of Your Life Story," Kimberly Best combines her healthcare and mediation expertise to guide readers through end-of-life planning. She emphasizes personal control over decisions that shape legacies and improve family well-being. The book offers practical advice for gracefully addressing these vital discussions, ensuring a dignified and peaceful conclusion to life. Tune in: Reach out to Kimberly on her website Best Conflict Solutions Book: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Alignable Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Ep29: Beyond Money: Retirement Reimagineds featuring Craig Colvett

🌟 Are you ready to transform your golden years into your most fulfilling phase of life? In this enlightening episode, we dive deep with retirement Coach Craig Colvett, who sheds light on the non-financial aspects of retirement planning. Craig discusses how retirement is more than just financial stability; it's about crafting a fulfilling life enriched with personal growth and happiness. We explore practical strategies for retirees to broaden their horizons beyond monetary concerns, embracing hobbies, passions, and meaningful activities that bring joy and vitality to their lives. ✅ Key Takeaways: Redefine Retirement: Learn how to shift your perspective from financial security to personal fulfillment. Embrace New Passions: Discover the importance of incorporating energizing and inspiring hobbies and activities. Plan Holistically: Understand the significance of emotional and mental preparation for a satisfying retirement. Live Intentionally: Gain insights on life choices that align with your deepest values and aspirations. 📞 Connect with Craig Colvett: For more insights on living a rich and rewarding retirement, follow Craig's blog and contact him for personal coaching sessions. Visit Craig's Website for resources, advice, and ways to engage with his coaching services. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Ep28: Protect Your Legacy: Safeguard Your Wealth and Loved Ones featuring Kendra Strong-Tehrani

🔍 Are you prepared to navigate the complexities of estate planning to ensure peace of mind and a secure future for your loved ones? Join host John Creekmur and estate planning expert Kendra Strong-Tehrani in a compelling discussion about the essential steps and strategies in estate planning. This episode dives deep into the importance of creating a comprehensive plan that addresses family dynamics, asset management, and future uncertainties. 🌟 Summary: Kendra Strong-Tehrani, an experienced attorney based in Colorado, shares her expertise on how tailored estate planning can prevent family conflicts and ensure your wishes are respected and executed. From setting up trusts for minor children to integrating charitable giving, Kendra covers the critical aspects that can safeguard your family's future and establish a lasting legacy. 📜 Key Takeaways: 📑 Understanding the foundational documents of estate planning can prevent future legal challenges. 🤝 Highlighting the importance of clear communication and family meetings to avoid conflicts. 👶 Discussing the benefits of trusts for minor children to secure their financial future. 💡 Exploring the significance of updating your estate plan to reflect life changes and legal updates. 🎗️ Incorporating charitable contributions in your estate planning to support causes important to you. 🏛️ Ensuring assets are protected from disputes by setting up appropriate legal structures. 📞 How to Contact Kendra Strong-Tehrani: For personalized estate planning services, reach out to Kendra at her law firm: Email: Phone: (303) 555-0198 Website: Strong Law Firm Engage with Kendra and gain valuable insights into effectively navigating the intricacies of estate planning. Whether setting up new plans or revising existing ones, Kendra’s guidance ensures that your estate is managed according to your wishes, offering peace of mind to you and your loved ones. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Ep27: Road-Tripping into Retirement: Freedom on Wheels featuring Jenell Jones

Are you dreaming of an adventurous retirement on the open road? In this episode, we explore the ins and outs of transitioning to RV living in retirement with Jenell Jones, who shares her journey from a conventional career to a life of freedom and exploration on wheels. Discover how to embrace the RV lifestyle, from financial planning to finding the perfect travel community. Summary: Jenell Jones, a seasoned RV enthusiast, discusses the nuances of retiring to the RV lifestyle. With years of experience living and working from her RV, Jenell offers a treasure trove of advice on making the transition smooth and enjoyable. From budgeting and maintenance to choosing the right RV and community, this episode is packed with practical tips and inspirational stories. Key Takeaways: Financial Planning: Learn the importance of budgeting and financial planning for a worry-free life on the road. Maintenance Mastery: Jenell emphasizes the need for regular RV maintenance and how to set up an emergency fund. Community Connection: Discover the benefits of joining RV clubs and communities to enhance your travel experience. State Residency Tips: Insight on choosing the best state for RV residency, considering taxes, insurance, and other legalities. (00:03:59) "I want to say that you and I coming together is kismet because I made what seemed to be a crazy decision, but turned out to be a great decision and I truly do live an incredible life right now." - Jenell Jones Connect with Jenell: Tune in for an engaging discussion on making your retirement years adventurous and fulfilling with the RV lifestyle! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Ep026: Tips for Medicare Enrollment and Eligibility Preparation featuring Danielle Roberts

How can you navigate the maze of Medicare to secure the best healthcare coverage? 🤔 Danielle Roberts, a Medicare expert, sheds light on the complexities of Medicare, from enrollment challenges to understanding coverage options like Medigap, Medicare Advantage, and Part D plans. 🌟 Her journey through the Medicare sector reveals the importance of early preparation and the impact of income on premiums, providing a roadmap for navigating these waters. 🚀 Key Takeaways: 🔑 Grasping Medicare's structure and costs is crucial to avoid financial surprises and secure optimal healthcare coverage. 🔑 Early education and preparation for Medicare can lead to informed and beneficial decisions for your healthcare future. 🔑 High-income earners have strategies to potentially lower their Medicare premiums, highlighting the importance of financial planning in healthcare management. A few quotes: "Navigating Medicare is like putting together a puzzle; each piece represents a different aspect of your healthcare coverage." - Danielle Roberts "Understanding Medicare shouldn't be an afterthought; it's a crucial step in safeguarding your health and financial wellbeing." - Danielle Roberts "Every decision in Medicare is a building block for your healthcare future. Make each one count." - Danielle Roberts How to Reach Danielle: 🌐 Website: 🌍 Website #2: 🔗 LinkedIn URL: 📘 Facebook URL: 🐦 Twitter URL: ▶️ YouTube URL: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Ep25: Trusted Services For Seniors featuring Jennifer Cain Birkmose

How can improv techniques transform the professional and caregiving worlds? Jennifer Cain Birkmose, a healthcare executive and improv expert, shares her innovative approach to enhancing interactions and services through improv training. 🔍 In this enlightening episode, Jennifer Cain Birkmose, co-founder of Viva Valet Services, discusses her journey from the global healthcare stage to integrating improv into elder care. She delves into the power of improv training in improving creativity, openness, and connection in various professional settings. 🔑 Key Takeaways: 🎭 Improv can significantly enhance communication and problem-solving skills in corporate and caregiving environments. 🌐 Jennifer's work with Viva Valet showcases the impact of technology and improv on improving seniors' quality of life. 💡 Innovative healthcare solutions, like remote monitoring and digital diagnostics, are driving the future of patient care. 🗨️ Notable Quotes: "Improvisation is not just about comedy; it's a critical tool for building better relationships and innovative services." - Jennifer Cain Birkmose "Understanding and designing for the end user, especially in the tech world, can lead to groundbreaking advancements in elder care." - Jennifer Cain Birkmose 📞 How to reach Jennifer: LinkedIn: Company Website: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Ep24: Embracing Everyday: A Story of Hope featuring Terry Tucker

How can tactical empathy transform negotiations and personal interactions? Terry Tucker's remarkable journey from SWAT team negotiator to coach and cancer survivor highlights the power of empathy in building trust and understanding in high-stakes situations and everyday life. Terry’s experiences demonstrate how understanding others' perspectives, even in challenging situations, can foster trust, facilitate behavior change, and lead to more informed decisions. Tucker also discusses the principles of sustainable excellence, advocating for continuous learning, embracing curiosity, and the significance of learning from mistakes and failures. Key Takeaways: ✅ Diverse professional experiences enrich perspective and approach to challenges. ✅ Tactical empathy is essential in building trust and understanding. ✅ Embracing failures as learning opportunities fuel growth and innovation. ✅ Continuous learning and curiosity are essential to sustainable excellence. ✅ Empathy significantly impacts financial planning and client relationships. ✅ The journey through adversity, including battling cancer, can inspire resilience and a focus on what's truly important in life. "If there's something in your heart, something in your soul that you believe you're supposed to do, but it scares you, go ahead and do it. Because at the end of your life, the things you're going to regret are not going to be those things you did. They're going to be those things you didn't do. And by then, it's going to be too late to go back and do them." - Terry How to Reach Terry: Motivational Check: LinkedIn: Facebook: X (Twitter): Instagram: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Ep023 Building Trust and Financial Transparency featuring Dr. Stephanie Zepeda

How does financial infidelity manifest within relationships, and what are its repercussions? 📖Stephanie Zepeda, Ph.D., LMFT-S, a marriage and family therapist specializing in financial therapy, shares her insights on the unique blend of financial planning and psychotherapy. With a Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy and a Texas licensure, she offers a compassionate approach to help couples navigate financial challenges, especially during retirement planning. Zepeda practices in Houston, Texas, through her business, Financial Therapy Texas, offering in-person and online consultations. Her mission is to foster financial harmony and emotional well-being in couples, leveraging her dual expertise to address the psychological aspects of financial issues. 🔑 Key Takeaways: 💡 Merging financial planning with psychotherapy addresses financial challenges with a psychological perspective. 💬 Creating a safe space for discussing financial anxieties and dreams is essential. 🌟 Individualized strategies respect each couple's unique situation. 🧠 Psychological underpinnings of financial behaviors are key to understanding. 🎯 Setting realistic financial goals is crucial for success. 🤗 A supportive environment fosters financial and emotional growth, emphasizing the importance of communication, understanding generational differences in financial attitudes, and promoting a balanced mindset towards money. 🎧 Tune in Information: To dive deeper into Stephanie Zepeda's insights and explore the intricacies of financial therapy, make sure to listen to her podcast episode for a comprehensive understanding of how financial harmony can be achieved in relationships. Visit the website: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Ep22: The Power of Preparation: Estate Planning for a Secure Future featuring Ryan King

Ever wondered why estate planning is essential for people of all ages? Join host John Creekmur in a captivating discussion with Ryan King, an experienced estate planning elder law attorney from Toledo, Ohio. Graduating summa cum laude from the University of Notre Dame in 2002, he went on to complete his law degree at Ave Maria Law School in 2005 and passed the bar in Ohio shortly after. With over a decade of experience in estate planning law, Ryan's expertise extends to elder law and potentially includes disability information. He emphasizes the significance of estate planning for individuals of all ages, not just older individuals. Additionally They explore the significance of estate planning beyond wills and trusts, emphasizing its necessity for individuals at every stage of life. ✅ Key Takeaways: 🏡 Estate planning ensures that your wishes are accurately executed, regardless of age or health status. 💼 Collaborating with a proficient attorney and a wealth advisor is crucial to navigating the complex process seamlessly. 📜 Proper documentation, including advanced directives for funeral arrangements, helps prevent conflicts among family members. ⚖️ Despite having a will, assets in an individual's name without beneficiary designations must still undergo probate. 🔒 Establishing a trust can help avoid family disputes and facilitate the smooth transfer of assets. 💰 Working with a wealth advisor ensures comprehensive asset transfer and minimizes the risk of oversight. How to Reach Ryan King: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Ep21: Legacy Matters: Exploring Estate Planning New boost featuring Natalie Perry January

What makes estate planning crucial in securing your legacy, and how can it adapt to complex family dynamics? Host John Creekmur delves into estate planning with expert Natalie Perry. They discuss the significance of wise estate planning, accommodating diverse family structures, and the necessity of regular updates. Perry brings light to the intricacies of estate taxes, probate avoidance, and charitable giving within estate planning. Key Takeaways: 🔑 Understanding the value of expert guidance in estate planning. 🔑 Navigating estate planning complexities in modern family dynamics. 🔑 The importance of regular updates to estate plans. 🔑 Strategies for tax efficiency and probate avoidance. 🔑 Insights into incorporating charitable giving in estate plans. Connect with Natalie on LinkedIn: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Ep20: Proactive Estate Planning for Smooth Transitions featuring Julie Kolodziej

Are you prepared for the unexpected twists of life? Join the conversation on Great Decisions, Incredible Lives with host John Creekmr and guest Julie Kolodziej, a seasoned estate planning attorney who guides us through securing your future and legacy. In this episode, host John Creekmur engages in a comprehensive discussion with Julie Kolodziej, delving into the complexities of estate planning. With over two decades of experience, Julie offers her expert insights on crucial topics such as planning for incapacity, the nuances of business succession, and the importance of a personalized approach to estate planning. Key Takeaways: ✅ Early Estate Planning: The critical importance of early estate planning, even for those not ready for business succession. ✅ Planning for Incapacity: Understanding the role and importance of Power of Attorney in estate planning. ✅ Navigating Business Succession: Addressing the challenges and strategies pertinent to business owners in succession planning. ✅ Legal Mechanisms Explained: Demystifying wills, trusts, and probate processes. ✅Personalized Approach: Emphasizing the need for tailoring estate plans to meet individual needs and goals. Connect with Julie Kolodziej: Website: Email: Phone: 773-245-5262 LinkedIn: Stay informed and prepared for life's twists and turns by tuning in to the "Great Decisions, Incredible Lives" podcast. Subscribe for more insightful episodes like this, and join us on a journey to make life's significant decisions. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Ep19: Gathering, Growing, & Granting for Community Impact featuring Scott Witzig

Ever wondered how a single donation can ripple out to create waves of positive change? Tune in to discover how philanthropy shapes communities! On Great Decisions, Incredible Lives: Retire with Intention podcast, host John Creekmur speaks with guest Scott Witzig, a seasoned philanthropist and executive director of the Morton Community Foundation, who has a diverse background from running a family clothing business to leading a significant nonprofit organization. He's dedicated to creating lasting impacts through strategic donations and endowments, transforming lives in his community since 2007. 📝 In this enlightening episode, Scott Witzig shares his journey from business to philanthropy, highlighting the Morton Community Foundation's mission. He delves into financial and estate planning nuances, illustrating how they intertwine with charitable giving. Scott shares touching stories of impactful endowments and the foundation's approach to community grants, revealing the profound effects of strategic philanthropy. 🌟 Key Takeaways: 💼 Transition to Philanthropy: Scott's shift from business to nonprofit leadership and its influence on his philanthropic approach. 🌱 "Gather, Grow, Grant" Philosophy: Insights into how the foundation maximizes donations for community benefit. 💡 Strategic Financial Planning: Incorporating philanthropy into financial and estate plans is essential. ❤️ Heartfelt Stories of Impact: Personal stories demonstrating the lasting legacy of endowments. 🤝 Community Grants' Role: The significance and impact of the Morton Community Foundation's grant programs. 📬 How to Reach Scott Witzig: 💼 LinkedIn: 🌐Website: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Ep18: How to Choose the Right Long Term Care Insurance in 6 Easy Steps featuring Matt McCann

Have you ever considered what lies ahead regarding your long-term care needs? This Great Decisions, Incredible Lives episode delves into long-term care planning and insurance. Guest Matt McCann, a recognized expert in the field, joins host John Creekmur. Matt McCann brings over two decades of experience in long-term care planning and insurance. As the publisher of LTC News, a consumer-focused website, Matt offers valuable insights into aging, caregiving, health, long-term care, and retirement planning. He's a sought-after speaker, even testifying before the US House on long-term care. With his deep industry knowledge and nationwide licensure, Matt is a trusted authority on long-term care planning, LTC insurance, caregiving, and the political implications in the field. This episode explores the vital importance of long-term care planning and insurance. Denying the possibility of needing long-term care is a common hurdle, but with statistics revealing that half of those reaching age 65 will require long-term health care, it's crucial to plan. We'll discuss the financial implications, the choice of a suitable LTC insurance carrier, and valuable resources to make informed decisions. Additionally, we'll cover the challenge of balancing care options, the distinction between Medicaid and Medicare, and how to overcome the denial that often prevents people from securing their financial legacy. Key Takeaways: 🟢 Acknowledge the reality: Half of individuals at age 65 will require long-term health care. 🟢 Plan to protect your assets and ensure affordable care. 🟢 Carefully choose the suitable LTC insurance carrier based on age, health, and family history. 🟢 Utilize resources like,, and for informed decisions. 🟢 Overcoming denial is essential—plan for the future to safeguard your financial well-being. Connect with Matt McCann: Website Website #2 LinkedIn URL Facebook URL Twitter URL Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Ep17: How to Find Joy in Life as an Empty Nester featuring Babs (Barb) Plunkett

Have you ever wondered how to find true joy and purpose in retirement beyond the roles of parenthood and work? In this episode of 'Great Decisions, Incredible Lives,' we delve into this fascinating topic with our special guest, Babs Plunkett, a certified retirement coach and bestselling author. Babs specializes in helping people transition from empty nest to retirement and rediscover their purpose in life. They discuss the challenges of this transition, the importance of finding joy and purpose beyond traditional roles, Babs's research on intentional living, and practical advice for living a fulfilling life in retirement. Key Takeaways: ✅ Transitioning to Retirement: Many people struggle with transitioning to retirement, as our culture often defines us by our work and parental roles. This transition affects various aspects of life, including daily schedules, relationships, and overall well-being. ✅ Finding Joy and Purpose: Babs emphasizes the importance of finding joy and purpose outside traditional roles. Her research reveals that purpose in retirement is not a single grand thing but a collection of choices aligned with one's values. Engaging the mind, moving the body, and connecting with others are essential. ✅ Overcoming Hurdles: Loneliness, self-talk, lack of social connections, and time constraints can hinder finding purpose and joy in retirement. Seek wise counsel, and don't waste time figuring out how to live a purposeful life. ✅ Active Listening: Active listening is crucial in Babs's approach to supporting individuals. It helps people reflect and reconnect with what truly matters to them. ✅ Remote Work: Babs exclusively works remotely and successfully connects with clients worldwide, eliminating geographical constraints. ✅ General Advice for Joyful Purpose: Babs offers three keys to living a life of joyful purpose: align with what you care about, engage in purposeful activities, incorporate daily physical activity, and connect with others. ✅ Combining Keys: Combine these keys by, for example, going for a walk and talking with a distant friend using technology to bridge the distance. ✅ Loneliness Awareness: Babs highlights the alarming fact that "Loneliness kills at the same rate as smoking and alcoholism," emphasizing the importance of addressing loneliness in retirement. In conclusion, Babs Plunkett's insights into finding joy and purpose in retirement are invaluable for anyone going through this transition. Her wisdom offers a roadmap to a fulfilling and purposeful retirement life. Connect with Babs on her website: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Ep16: From Grief to Growth: Empowering Widows to Thrive featuring Pam Bates

How do our core values guide our decision-making in life? In this episode of "Great Decisions, Incredible Lives: Retire with Intention," host John Creekmur emphasizes the importance of living with intention. He introduces guest Pam Bates, a retired dental professional, who shares her experiences as a widow and her career in the dental field. Pam also discusses her book, "The Most Amazing Harvest," which details her journey. Additionally, she highlights her online book study, "The Most Amazing You," and her support group, Braving Widowhood. The episode sheds light on widows' emotional and financial challenges and offers advice on overcoming them through resilience and support. 📌 Key Takeaways: 1️⃣ Living with intention is crucial for a fulfilling retirement. 2️⃣ Pam Bates, a retired dental professional, shares her experiences as a widow. 3️⃣ Pam's book, "The Most Amazing Harvest," chronicles her journey. 4️⃣ "The Most Amazing You" is an online book study by Pam Bates. 5️⃣ Braving Widowhood is a support group founded by Pam Bates. 6️⃣ Widows face emotional and financial challenges. 7️⃣ Overcoming challenges requires resilience and support. Pam Bates, 00:15:29, "I think becoming a widow makes you realize you have to be brave and there's a saying that my sister and I heard one time, it was in a crazy silly movie, but it said, 'Tens of bravery can change your life or someone else's.' And if you really think about that, it's like, just do the thing.It's tens of bravery can, you know, it will change your life. You'll say the thing or do the thing, you know, that could change somebody's life. And that was the whole behind the book and all the things that we do. If we have made an impact on one person, you know, we feel like we've succeeded. So that's kind of where we where that brave came from." More information about Pam: Pam lived in Galva her whole life until recently moving closer to her children and 7 grandchildren. She was married to Carl for 34 years and they farmed just outside of Galva. She worked at the Dental office in Galva from 1979 until 2022 when she retired after 43 years! She was the office manager for most of the years and then became general manager when they expanded to 7 office locations. When Carl passed away in 2015 she and her twin sister were led by God to "tell his story". The Most Amazing Harvest - The Man Behind the Story" was published in 2021. They then created Braving Widowhood a non-profit ministry to help widows find strength through faith and connection. Visit website: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Episode 008: Comprehensive Planning For Retirement Bliss Featuring Michelle Kooi

Ever wondered what the secret is to making decisions that align with your essence and lead to a fulfilling life? Today’s guest on Great Decisions, Incredible Lives: Retire With Intention podcast is Michelle Kooi, who reveals transformative insights in this unmissable episode. John Creekmur welcomes Michelle Kooi, the accomplished founder of Confluence Coaching and Consulting. In this episode, they delve into the art and science of decision-making, exploring how it shapes the trajectories of our lives. Discover the essence of trusting oneself, the significance of understanding one's core values, and the tools to align decisions with personal truths. Key Takeaways: ➡️ Connecting with Core Values: Trusting oneself and connecting with personal core values is central to effective decision-making. By understanding and adhering to these values, decisions become more transparent and resonate more closely with our true selves. ➡️ Pandemic's Mental Toll: The recent global challenges have escalated anxiety and burnout, underscoring the need for effective coping tools such as self-care, boundary setting, and seeking timely support. ➡️ Change as a Growth Catalyst: Rather than resisting change, view it as a powerful catalyst for personal growth. Embracing change, understanding its nuances, and navigating it with poise can lead to unforeseen opportunities and personal betterment. ➡️ Importance of Communication: Transparency and open dialogue, especially in financial decisions within relationships, are vital in minimizing conflicts and ensuring smooth transitions. Connect with Michelle Kooi: Linkedin: Website: Email: Disclosure: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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Ep15: Transform Health into Retirement Wealth featuring Nancy Schwartz

How can we redefine retirement to be more than just financial security? Discover the insights of Nancy Schwartz, a former corporate executive turned retirement visionary. In this enlightening episode of "Great Decisions, Incredible Lives Retire with Intention," we are joined by Nancy Schwartz, a seasoned corporate executive with over four decades in executive search. Nancy shares her transformative journey over the past five years, exploring the intricate connection between retirement, health, and wellness. She challenges the traditional views of retirement, advocating for a holistic approach that combines financial planning with personal well-being and fulfillment. Join us as we delve into Nancy's vision of retirement, a time to design life with intention, increase knowledge, and find daily contentment, joy, and fulfillment. Key Takeaways 🔑 Holistic Retirement Approach: Retirement is more than financial planning; it's about living with intention and finding joy and fulfillment. Health and Longevity: Emphasize the importance of health and advancements in science and technology for a better quality of life in retirement. Empowerment and Authenticity: Take 150% responsibility for your journey, own your authenticity, and live a life true to yourself. Redefining Retirement Goals: Understand the crucial role of tax and estate planning in aligning financial and personal goals. Conscious Living and Leadership: Learn to tap into your potential, challenge limiting beliefs, and navigate life changes fearlessly. Connect with Nancy: Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: You Tube: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit