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It’s more than just increased revenues and profits – it’s a simple fact that the value of a business increases through International Expansion, whether measured by share price or eventual sale valuation. I am Oliver Dowson, International Expansion Specialist, CEO of ICC and Angel Investor. Over the last 40 years, I have travelled extensively in over 120 countries, created, managed and sold businesses in 10 countries on my own account, and many others in more countries for clients.


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It’s more than just increased revenues and profits – it’s a simple fact that the value of a business increases through International Expansion, whether measured by share price or eventual sale valuation. I am Oliver Dowson, International Expansion Specialist, CEO of ICC and Angel Investor. Over the last 40 years, I have travelled extensively in over 120 countries, created, managed and sold businesses in 10 countries on my own account, and many others in more countries for clients.




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Held Hostage – An Unusual Business Travel Experience #61

What’s it like for a business traveller to find himself trapped by a major terrorist incident? Not actually hostage at the point of a gun, but holed up in a room on his own, unable to leave as there is a genuine fear that gunmen are hiding in the corridor outside and could set fire to the building, as they have done in the one next door? If it happened to you, how would you feel? Panicked? Lonely? Stressed? Ready to emulate a superhero as best you are able? Just bored? Or all the...


The Future is Digital for International B2B Services #60

Like it or not, new international business expansion depends on travel. Maintaining and growing existing business too, whatever one’s definition of international business – export, import, outsourcing, licensing, or operations of any kind in other countries. Sure, there are a number of established ways one can do many kinds of business in other countries without leaving home – selling online, using local distributors and agents, and so on – but without actually going there, seeing and...


Reimagining your Business – and Yourself #59

Sometimes, something happens that makes a business owner realise that their business really needs a whole new approach if it’s to succeed. Sometimes, that something is forced upon them. Like now. In a month, two months, three month’s time, life will begin to return to normal. None of us know, but we all already suspect that the “new normal” won’t be like the one before – the normal of just a few weeks ago. What is that going to mean for your business? Can you just carry on from where you...


Franchising as a Route to International Expansion with David Bond and Gordon Drakes #58

Since we started this series of podcasts a couple of years ago, quite a number of people have asked me to cover franchising as an approach to Grow through International Expansion. Becoming a franchisee has certainly proved a popular business opportunity for many who have a reasonable sum of money to invest, want to run a business that they can get started quickly, but who either don’t have a ready business concept of their own or simply want the increased confidence that operating an...


Credit Where Credit is Due – Giving Confidence to Exporters with Andy Moylan | The Export Hub #57

There seems to be a general agreement that companies – both in the manufacturing and services sectors – could export a lot more than they currently do. If that’s so, what’s holding them back? My guest in this podcast, Andy Moylan, points to two key factors. One is simply the lack of accurate information and advice backed up by real practical experience. The other is fear of not getting paid. It can be bad enough chasing payment in your own country – but how do you go about it in a far...


Global Crises and the Future of International Business #56

In this podcast, I’m going to talk about how I see the future of international business in 2021, what those with small and medium businesses should be doing and planning in the months ahead, why nobody should panic, and why it makes sense to go on listening to Grow through International Expansion podcasts and engaging with our articles and other content. We’re faced with two major global crises – coronavirus and climate change. Whilst they are not related to each other, both give rise to...


A Trade Association Crossing the Water to Saudi with Karolina Peret | British Water #55

In today’s podcast I’m talking with Karolina Peret, the International Manager for British Water, the Trade Association for the water industry. Karolina is responsible for British Water's global programme through the International Forum (IF). With an international background in the aquatics and environment industry, she brings in-depth knowledge of water and waste-water related issues. Karolina's education is complemented by an MSc in engineering, a passion for sustainability, and broad...


Cracking Business in China with Jim James | EASTWEST Public Relations Group #54

Our host, Oliver Dowson, first went to set up a business there back in 2006. It had to be a joint venture, and you may have listened to his podcast telling the story of some of the potential partners that he met. Oliver writes “Having decided on my partner, I found it surprisingly easy to get started – in retrospect, so much so that I never asked a thousand questions that I should have done. I’m not saying that anyone was trying to deceive me, but my business would certainly have been more...


Chosen the Country? Now Pick a City… | Going Global #53

When you’re planning international expansion, deciding on the country isn’t enough. Next you need to choose a city or region – and there’s a lot of reasons to consider and, in the bigger countries, a lot of alternatives to consider. Obviously, the priorities depend on what sort of business you’re in and what you want to achieve in the country you’re expanding to. But the fundamentals are almost always the same. Last month, our host, Oliver Dowson, visited the annual Going Global exhibition...


Opportunities Across the World at Going Global #52

Walking round the Going Global exhibition in November gave visitors the opportunity of talking with representatives of many different countries. As you, our audience, know, here at Grow International we’re firm believers that international expansion to any country in the world can bring real benefits and, specifically, add value in different ways to many kinds of business. Every country, though, brings its own individual opportunities. Our host, Oliver Dowson, writes: “Most of the countries...


Exploring a Variety of Business Essentials at Going Global 2019 #51

Last month, our host, Oliver Dowson, visited the annual Going Global exhibition at the London Excel Centre. It’s a big event, part of the Business Show. For those who are looking at expansion, it’s a great opportunity to see a lot of the professionals you’d need to work with in one place, and to get new ideas for countries and regions to expand to. While he was there, Oliver took the opportunity of recording some short podcast conversations with many of the exhibitors, asking them the...


Grow International Grows Into an App with Juliana Meyer | SupaPass #50

Over the last year, Grow through International Expansion has grown considerably, in content, followers and podcast listeners. Our website,, has become a go-to destination for many looking for independent information, guidance and ideas on all aspects of international business expansion. Thousands of others listen to our podcasts on channels such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Podbean and Acast. Now, we’ve launched the Grow International app,...


International Sales – Getting the Hiring Right with Zach Selch | Global Sales Mentor #49

Without sales, there’s no business – and so it’s easy to argue that one’s sales force are amongst your most important employees. Any executive will tell you that it’s hard enough hiring, motivating and retaining good sales people in your home country – but when setting up an international subsidiary, it’s that much harder. Even where there’s no language barrier, your best sales person may struggle to succeed in another country. Even if you’re successful in hiring a great sales person in...


Joint Ventures - Gaining Benefits and Avoiding the Unexpected #48

Following a previous episode about finding a partner in another country, in this GrowInternational podcast our host, Oliver Dowson, talks from his experience about the benefits and perils of starting Joint Ventures abroad. Whilst Oliver’s specific experience relates to creating operations to carry out administrative services, the lessons he learnt are equally relevant to those looking at JVs as a route to selling or manufacturing goods in a new overseas market. If you missed earlier...


Navigating the Minefields of Iraq and Other Post Conflict Countries with Leanne Case | Vzir #47

Leanne is an entrepreneur herself. Having worked in countries including Afghanistan and Iraq, where she earned valuable experience in advisory roles for both the Iraqi and British governments, she has become an expert on business strategy in challenging markets. Indeed, in recognition for her services, Leanne was awarded the Iraq Reconstruction Medal. Leanne co-founded the Iraq Club and the Future Energy Forum. She has particular interest and experience in infrastructure, energy and...


Navigating the Complexities of Expanding in the UAE with Jenny Hunt #46

What do you think of when you think of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE (United Arab Emirates)? Time was when it was just oil, but these days it’s also tourism and business in general – witness all those gleaming tower blocks one sees in photos. The growth of the economy has been staggering – and that’s led to ever increasing numbers of businesses planning to expand there. Some simply use the UAE as a base from which to service the whole Middle East and Indian Ocean regions, but...


Awareness for Greatness in International Business with Andoni Silva #45

Andoni Silva is a self-styled Awareness coach, based in Spain but working all over Europe. His method is said to help high performers and entrepreneurs achieve a successful, enjoyable and fulfilling work-life balance If you missed earlier episodes, you can find them on our Grow through International Expansion platform, . Our platform is independent, carries no advertising and is not for profit – we seek to deliver useful, valuable content, essential for all...


Clarity and Confidence - The Importance of Language with Susan Heaton-Wright | Superstar Communicator #44

Susan Heaton-Wright is an impact, communications and speaking trainer for emerging leaders and the creator of the Superstar Communicator™ philosophy. She is an international speaker; the MD of award winning music company, Viva Live Music, podcaster and a former prize winning international opera singer. She delivers seminars, workshops and individual training for many companies including Astra Zeneca, Shell, AXA and Quintiles. She is regularly interviewed on BBC Radio Five Live; BBC2, local...


Making Friends and Doing Business – Why You Need a Culture Pilot with Jan de Haldevang #43

Jan’s a really interesting person. He was born in Arabia and travelled all his life; he’s fluent in Arabic and German as well as English. He was a soldier in Iraq, Oman, Northern Ireland and Cyprus, before becoming a professional sales and marketing executive for some major companies, specialising in Middle Eastern markets. Now, as Senior Partner of International Culture Pilot, he and his team are helping others adapt culturally to the markets they want to work in – learning how to...


M&A as a Fast Track Route to International Expansion with Oliver Froment | Pro Capital #42

In this podcast, I’m in conversation with another Oliver, Oliver Froment. With his team in Pro Capital, based in London, Oliver is dedicated to helping those smaller companies acquire or merge with suitable targets in other countries and, where necessary, get the financing they need to do that. Oliver has been working in finance for a long time. He founded his company, Pro Capital Ltd, in 1993 after he’d already built up more than 10 years of extensive international financial and corporate...