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13: How Anyone Can Make $100,000 Minimum Doing What They Love - #GrowYourLife

This one is for everyone who's not making $100,000 a year (around 90% of the United States). In this episode, I show you how anyone can make over $100,000 a year, no matter where they are starting from! In this episode, I show you how anyone can make $100,000 per year doing what they love - and sustain this, as well as make more over time! Anyone can make 6 figures, and yet around only 10% of people in the United States earn over $100,000 per year. I want to help you realize what it takes...


12: Proven Method For Easily Removing All Limitations & Doing The Impossible - #GrowYourLife

It's very easy to come up with reasons why we can't accomplish our goals. Many of them seem impossible to move. In this episode, I show you a proven method to doing these impossible things. Throughout our lives, we have goals, and then we have "real life" that teaches us what we can and can't do. These limitations are what define the life we live in at this present moment (for example, I can't go buy a Lamborghini right now... but it's a goal because I love the car so much). There's a...


11: Starting A Podcast For Beginners & Getting To 10 Episodes The Easy Way - #GrowYourLife

Listen on Apple Listen On Spotify Since launching this podcast, I've learned quite a bit of what works, and what doesn't. This episode will help you get started and create your first 10 episodes the easy way! In this episode, I will help you GET STARTED and get your first 10 episodes done, as well as explain all the technical aspects of podcasting so that you can discover how to get yours launched quickly and easily. You will discover my simple, tried and true formula for knowing what to...


10: How To Work Smarter & Break Free From Our Failing Comfort Zones - #GrowYourLife

Apple Music SPOTIFY In our lives we have these things that are comfort zones of how we work, and sometimes it's working hard - to feel like we've earned the right to make what we feel we deserve. I want to open your mind to the idea of working smarter, and what that means. Alot of people say you have to work smarter, but no one tells you what that actually means. In this podcast I am going to break open the lid on the secret world of "working smarter" and explain in detail how you can work...


9: How To Make More Money As An Employee Or Business Owner - #GrowYourLife

Apple Music spotify Making more money allows you to do more, but many don’t understand the mindset behind how money works. This podcast gives practical strategies that work every time for making more money, no matter what stage you’re at. Getting your mindset in order is great, but it comes a time to apply practical tried and true skillsets to it. This podcast is about guaranteed rules and laws for everyone who’s an employee and also a business owner to increase their income. If you an...


8: The Only Guaranteed Magic Pill For Turning Goals Into Success - #GrowYourLife

So often in our lives, we want a fast shortcut to get to our goals! But this doesn’t really exist, except for one simple thing. That’s what this podcast is about! To achieve our goals, we have to be willing to put in the hard work to accomplish them, but there is one simple magic pill that turns hard work into something that feels easy, and fast tracks our goals. That one thing is consistently doing the actions that get results, every single day, every single week, consistency. The more you...


7: Getting More Traffic & Customers With Free & Paid Methods Online - #GrowYourLife

In this episode, I go over my favorite ways of getting traffic and customers in your business using free methods as well as paid advertising. I break down what’s working now for my advertising agency clients that I work with, spending close to $100,000 per month on ads right now with them along with some cutting edge new techniques that you won’t find anywhere else that are as recent as just a few weeks ago with the changes that Facebook made to their app with priority given to groups! This...


6: How To Go From Beginner To Expert At Video Content Creation & Video Marketing - #GrowYourLife

For you to succeed, you have to get really good at using video to get results in your business, and get good at articulating and making content. A video advertisement is not the same as content videos - in this podcast, I teach you the difference of both and how to create original video content that people want to watch - and when you offer something to buy they will buy. Enjoy this podcast! If you haven’t already, join the FREE #GrowYourLIfe Community at:...


5: How To Deal With Any Type Of Fear In Your Life (Unlocking Breakthrough) - #GrowYourLife

Whatever you are afraid of, you will serve! Are you serving the past, the experiences that happened to you that tell you you can’t go after your dreams? Or are you going after what you were made for with all that you have? Listen, I believe we were all born with a purpose and a destiny, but we let fear take over us - and prevent us from reaching our potential, which goes against the very thing we were made for! This is how you can break through that! NOTE: I mentioned the Shame-Fear-Control...


4: Why Everyone Needs to Make More Money - #GrowYourLife

In the journey of life, growing our life and increasing our level of influence, making more money is one of the most controversial, yet so important topics. I believe that every single person who has a dream and goal to grow their life needs to make more money, but they also need to get their mindset right about money! When you make more money, you have more freedom and more power to do more things than you could without. This isn't about making more money to buy more stuff, but rather to...


3: How To Build A High-Quality Website In 24 Hours (Squarespace Intro) - #GrowYourLife

In 2019, everyone needs a website, even if you don't have a business. Employees even need websites, this podcast will show you the how-to to easily get started with my favorite solution When creating a website, I prefer using Squarespace. I've built sites on multiple platforms over the years, Wordpress, Wix, Hard-coded, but Squarespace consistently shines above the rest, and now I would only recommend Squarespace exclusively to everyone who is wanting to build a website! Join my Website...


2: How To Sell Anything With The Words You Say - #GrowYourLife

This episode is about the sales process of prospecting and creating presentations & pitches over the phone or even on video. Anyone can sell anything if you apply this! Especially if what you are offering is something that will help people, this podcast teaches you the exact steps on how to sell anything to anyone!


1: How To Create New Possibilities For Your Life & Future - #GrowYourLife

In this episode I give you action steps around the idea that we can create new possibilities for our future that will impact our lives for years to come! So often we have a dream, a goal, a vision for a life - something that we want to go out and attain! But we don't know where to start! The best starting place is the one where you are exploring all of the possibilities you can create - and then choosing the life you want for you and your family, no matter what situation you are coming from!