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Corporate Actions – Diamond in the Rough or Just Trash?

Remember those funky Snapchat Spectacles? People waited hours in line in New York when they came out. They sell on Amazon for a hundred and thirty bucks. Twelve months later the company wrote down forty million dollars because of unsold Spectacles. The stock tanked. Hi! I am Doctor Scott Brown and I am here to show you what works in the investment markets. I also show you what does not work and how to avoid it. Do managers of large corporations habitually overinvest in lower value pet...


Dividends – Should Dividends Be Outlawed?

Should dividends be outlawed? Take for example the perverse scenario in General Electric in twenty seventeen. Management cut the dividend by half. The stock dropped by eleven percent that day. Did this shock shareholders? I doubt it. The company had been bleeding cash. The firm continued to pay dividends regardless. The share price had already dropped from thirty to twenty dollars. Bad management lacked the courage to do the right thing. The takeaway is that there is a strong...


Value Investing – Value Investing Is Dead.

I was shocked! A recent article by Seeking Alpha proclaims the death of value investing. Hi. I am Dr. Scott Brown. I am the Rhodes Society co-founder along with wealth attorney Daniel Hall, JD. Check out our cutting-edge investment club over at Rhodes Society dot org. The bible of value investing is Security Analysis by Columbia finance professor Benjamin Graham. He printed the first edition in 1934 with less well known fellow faculty member David Dodd. They pencil out a three-point...


How to Avoid This Terribly Biting Impact on Earnings

Who cares about inflation? You probably don’t even notice it. If you’re an American. A percentage or two a year is slow acting; like rust on stainless steel. Merchandisers had to re-sticker the stuff on supermarket shelves two or three times a day in Brazil. Inflation was over one thousand percent in the eighties. That’s right. Clack-clack-clack went their price guns. All day and all-night long no matter. They were slapping new price stickers over others a few hours old whenever I...


Nothing Happens Until Someone Saves

Do you save? We save a lot. Hi, I am doctor Scott Brown and welcome back to this podcast designed to help you get the most out of your money. I am coming to you right now from the cutting-edge Rhodes Society club that fosters your x-ray vision of the investment markets. Let’s explore the next vital concept. The essential importance of systematically saving. In the communist ten-point system money can’t be lent to entrepreneurs. New ideas are not brought to the market. Product...


Topic 1: The Rhodes Society Manifesto

When you read the Wall Street Journal does it seem like it’s written in Egyptian hieroglyphs? When you listen to CNN Money does it sound as unintelligible as ancient Greek? Do you want more out of your money? Are you looking for growth and better income but feel like you are looking in all the wrong places? I am Doctor Scott Brown and I want to extend to you a kind entrance to this sharing of ideas that’s designed to be your can opener to the secrets of sound investing. And these really...