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The Growth Hacking Culture Podcast is a series of insightful interviews with prominent experts on mindsets, skills and mental resources to grow individually, lead motivated teams and create human-centric work cultures. These episodes are about thought provoking ideas to scale up and growth hack human-centric and performing work cultures. Hosted by Ivan Palomino.


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The Growth Hacking Culture Podcast is a series of insightful interviews with prominent experts on mindsets, skills and mental resources to grow individually, lead motivated teams and create human-centric work cultures. These episodes are about thought provoking ideas to scale up and growth hack human-centric and performing work cultures. Hosted by Ivan Palomino.






Miriam Meima on Scaling Up Culture - What CEOs can Learn from Startups

Founding a company and see it grow should make any founder happy - Unfortunately the reality is different - founders are often worried about their people, they even become nostalgic of the early days of shared pizza with the founding team. Scaling up a company is complex and it is essential to keep the DNA of any company [the essence of belonging in the workplace]. Founders make mistakes and are also a continuous source of experimentation - my guest today - Miriam Meima has built an...


Eric M. Bailey on How to Handle a Toxic Manager

One in two employees have left a job to get away from a toxic manager and improve their overall life at some point in their career, according to the Gallup's State of the American Manager report. We are really living times of change where everything is on the table to make the workplace better for employees. In this episode of Growth Hacking Culture, I really want to understand how to handle a toxic manager and what is the root cause of displaying toxic behaviors at work. About Eric M....


Dr. Beth Banks Cohn on Building a Work Culture that is Ready for Change

Change in organizations has a price - the natural resistance of humans to change. In this episode of Growth Hacking Culture - I discuss with Dr. Beth Banks Cohn how to overcome the forces of resistance to transformation and how to prepare an organization to be ready for change. About Dr. Beth Banks Cohn Beth Banks Cohn is regarded by many as the authority on culture, leadership and change - Beth holds a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems from the Fielding Graduate University. She is the...


Priszcilla Várnagy on Disruptive Ways to Train People to Shape Great Work Cultures

Many organizations have embarked in reshaping their work culture - sadly the biggest challenge is on the way people can learn (and practice) the actual behaviors behind the new purpose and values. Indeed, this needs practice not slides! My guest Priszcilla Várnagy is well known for her disruptive PUNK Attitude towards learning and it looks like this is the right time to rethink how people learns. About Priszcilla Várnagy: Priszcilla is the founder and CEO of Be-novative [Design Thinking...


Claire Boscq on How Great Work Cultures can make Great Customer Experiences

The way organizations treat their people reflects on their customers - a work culture that is driven by the level of happiness of employees boosts the bottom line of any company. In the book Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose, Tony Hsie describes how Zappos defined their culture: science of happiness to running a business Oh, and make money too . . . It sounds crazy? right? I found a great believer in these principles to be my guest: Claire Boscq About Claire...


Angela Stopper on Boosting Performance, Growth and Happiness at Work

About Performance and Happiness One of the first articles correlating performance and happiness was published in 2003 showing that these two concepts are closely related. They are part of an effective performance-management system; connecting a culture that supports positive impact on people: performance and overall happiness. Studies show that individuals who are happy and effective performers share similar characteristics. They: That’s where I want to dig more and understand new ways to...


Zoe Fragou on Why is it so difficult to talk about Toxic Cultures

Speaking up about the type of culture or toxic practices at work is a starting points to create positive change in the workplace — so why are so many people reluctant to do so? There might be several reasons: first, there may be significant personal or professional risks associated with being the one speaking up. Second, many people assume someone else will step up. In reality, only few will have the courage to openly talk about toxic work cultures. In 2018, Nike had several cases of women...


Brian Glibkowski on How leaders can inspire a continuous learning organization

One of the most recurrent challenges for organizations is about creating a culture of learning - unfortunately the way we learn in corporates hasn't changed much in the last years - unpractical, not inspiring and not inline with the agility of business. The change on the way organisations develop a culture of continuous learning has become urgent - it is time to explore alternatives to design rituals empowering people to learn. About my guest Dr. Brian Glibkowski Dr. Brian Glibkowski is an...


Miriam Ismail on Managing your Time means Happiness

We are living times where many of us ask questions about purpose and happiness - we are living moment of rupture moving away from external motivators such as money & status to alternatives that can give us sustainable happiness - and drives intrinsic satisfaction in our lives After watching a piece of a Ted Talk The Secret Ingredient to Happiness by Miriam Ismail- I found interesting that somehow I would have more answers about how the feeling of being in control of our lives can contribute...


Recognition at Work - It is not all about Money

If your organization doesn’t prioritize employee recognition, you’re missing out on a big boost to your bottom line. Organizations provide various benefits and compensations to employees for their splendid work. From lunches to gift cards small goodies always seem like the right package. But do employees really want and appreciate these small goodies? First of all randomly giving out gift cards usually does more damage than good. Often we see a companies do this and they have these...


How can leaders influence positively their teams?

Influencing others is essentially an art that works wonders if done in the right way. It helps an individual indirectly grow, adapt and develop. On a daily basis this is a negotiation as we tend to influence or get influenced by the people around us. As a leader, manager or a general employee in a workplace in order to climb up the corporate leader or get people on your side to support you on a certain, Influencing is very important. This begins with only GIVING. We have to give before we...


Bouncing back from adversity - How to build resilience?

Workplaces are often ever-changing and stressful environments, and the challenges they present can truly test a person’s tenacity. What’s interesting though is that some people not only comfortably ride out these waves of difficulty, but they even find success in them. Resilience is defined as individual's ability to bounce back from adversity. It really just encompasses our ability to emerge from struggle without any kind of significant impact. It's really looking to find that positive...


How to develop and grow Self-Awareness?

Being self-aware is by far one of the most important factors of an individual's life. By doing so an individual obtains a deeper understanding of their feelings, motives, goals, and biases. There are two types of self-awareness that people have to be mindful about. Internal self-awareness focuses on your thoughts, feelings, strengths, weaknesses, values, and so on. However it is not always advisable to be introspective or only internally self aware. On the other hand external self-awareness...


Chris Hail (founder of MindForce) on turning the page of Suicidal Thoughts.

We humans dont enjoy talking about suicidal thoughts (specially men who are the population with the highest suicidal rate). The most awkward thing is that if don't talk about it - it becomes worst for people struggling in silence and shame. About Chris Haill My guest is Chris Haill founder of MindForce - a couple of years ago, he was running his own company, developing new business in media and publishing. I remember clearly the day I met Chris in February 2020 - some days before a life...


Chris McNeil on The Taboo of Limiting Beliefs in Leadership

Being vulnerable is certainly not the top mindset of the typical leader. Most leaders get promoted into their roles because they project confidence and self-assuredness. Leaders are humans with their own set of challenges on being open about their limiting-beliefs - and yes it is kind of a taboo to talk about it in organizations. Some of the most common limiting beliefs in leaders are: imposter syndrome, incapacity to cope with change, believing in the capacity to learn for themselves and...


How to get rid of the bad habit of micromanaging?

Micromanaging is a hard habit to break. You may downplay your propensities by labeling yourself a “control freak” or by claiming that you just like to keep close tabs on your team, but those are poor excuses for excessive meddling. For starters, let's agree that there are in fact very little things that we can control, especially in the world of work. Where essentially our main job as leaders is to manage, motivate, inspire and lead our teams. Being a micromanager and controlling every step...


Scott Armstrong on What we don’t say about Mental Health at Work

Can we now be candid about the real situation of mental health at work? I was quite optimistic at the start of this year - we had 2 pandemics that has redefined the way we think and live - one viral and one related to mental health. Obviously I said hey that's the year where corporations are going to get the right actions and make a substantial reduction of mental health challenges at work - it didn't happen. I zoom in to the place I live, the UAE: 55 percent of employees are saying they...


Ryan Estes on How to build a business with purpose and spirituality?

We are living interesting times: my question is in 10-20 years will we still call the COVID times or it will be called the the great reflection times ? In recent times employees attitudes have changed from just earning money to creating value at work. They want to contribute the thing is that this search for purpose at work is in the back of the minds of the majority of people and finding alternatives is becoming critical. Something that is essential for us, the search for meaning through...

How to be proactive with your emotions at work?

In recent years in corporations, a lot of focus has been placed on emotional intelligence – our ability to manage our emotions at work and those of others. As leaders, it is certainly a skill one must have and continue to practice and improve on. Each level of our career and life will require us to evolve in all aspects in our personal growth as well. In this episode of Learn with Bessern - Elena Agaragimova and Ivan Palomino discuss on How to proactively power up your emotional...


How to keep your Values and Purpose at Work?

Your values in life help you navigate through career choices, partner choices, and overall, how you spend your days and how you behave. Furthermore, values help you establish a sense of purpose and direction for your personal brand. Values act as guides that drive your choices in your life based on what you want to be known for. Your core values at work and personal brand (how you show them) will speak loudly without you even saying a word. They are the core principles that give meaning to...