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A growth mindset is the belief that you can do anything if you work for it. Your host Sam Harris finds remarkable individuals doing extraordinary things and breaks the processes down to show how anyone can achieve anything. He has launched several businesses and travelled the world on various pursuits in the spirit of curiosity and adventure.

A growth mindset is the belief that you can do anything if you work for it. Your host Sam Harris finds remarkable individuals doing extraordinary things and breaks the processes down to show how anyone can achieve anything. He has launched several businesses and travelled the world on various pursuits in the spirit of curiosity and adventure.
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A growth mindset is the belief that you can do anything if you work for it. Your host Sam Harris finds remarkable individuals doing extraordinary things and breaks the processes down to show how anyone can achieve anything. He has launched several businesses and travelled the world on various pursuits in the spirit of curiosity and adventure.






The Power of Focus - Nicholas "Charles Tyrwhitt" Wheeler, OBE

Nick Wheeler is the Founder and Owner of Charles Tyrwhitt one of the biggest and highest quality Men’s Shirt businesses in the world. He recounts how he built the business from humble beginnings into the $300mill business it is today with monumental mishaps and lifelong lessons included.


The Simple Art of Happiness - Bob Asim [REPEAT request]

Bob is one of the kindest and happiest people I have ever met and just has some amazing philosophies on life that have really stuck with me and I hope will help you as well. Bob Asim is a mid 30-year-old Malaysian professional who has worked at various large medical organisations bringing products to market and into hospitals and GP surgeries such as breast cancer and diabetes medications. Links


Contrepreneurs, Wantrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs - Mike Winnet UK's #1 Demotivational Speaker

Mike Winnet is the UK's #1 demotivational speaker. He is the antidote to 'Contrepreneurs' that sell instant success formulas to 'Wantrepreneurs' who are never going to make it and are just wasting their money. He believes that most people are average and should not harbour lofty ambitions to achieve their dreams and should be much happier with a simple life. Needless to say, this sparks an interesting debate between Mike and the Growth Mindset host Sam. Show Links:...


Finding Success by Quitting Your Job and Travelling - Kat Wczesniak

Kat started her first business with no clue about business and just a passion for travel. She grew the brand into a successful travel company Curious Kats Adventure Club and got paid to live her wildest dreams. She sold the business after 5 years and started a marketing agency based on all her lessons. We recount her biggest lessons and stories along with top advice to do things that scare and improve you every day. Links


Business and Legal Lessons from a Life in Tech - Anthony Rose, "The man who saved the BBC"

Anthony is the CEO of Seedlegals. He is known for his work managing the launch of the BBC's iPlayer, for which Wired UK named him "the man who saved the BBC". He has founded/co-founded multiple companies including; Beamly, 6Tribes, Hey Blab, KaZaa and QJAM. SeedLegals is the world’s first legal automation platform for startup funding. Rose currently holds 14 patents and has won numerous awards for his contributions to the digital product industry. After making his stamp on how we consume...


From Discovering Bosons at CERN to Unlocking Braincells with Apps - Mait Müntel - CEO, Lingvist

Mait Muntel is the CEO of Lingvist and was part of the team at CERN who discovered the Higgs Boson. He is also a lovely and quite hilarious individual. Listen to this podcast if you want a focused 40 minutes of laughing and learning in one place. He gives top insights into the world of science, business and learning with great ideas and heart-warming stories. Links


34 - Success in your Side Projects - Sam Harris

A reflection on how to be more successful with your hobbies and side projects. I have been recording podcasts for nearly two years and running this show for over a year. I have been running side projects for the past 10 years so there are loads of thing I've learnt. (There is plenty still to learn and I don't want to pretend I am the ultimate master just yet) I break down some of the most important things to make your side project or hobby a successful endeavour that gives benefits back....


Foolproof Success with Bryony Thomas - Author & Founder of Watertight Marketing

Bryony Thomas is the author of the WaterTight Marketing book and the CEO of her marketing agency of the same name. She is a true innovator and entrepreneur who does business in her own way. Bryony shares amazing insights into her success and the principles she's lived by to achieve what she has done. A great podcast for any aspiring author or entrepreneur. Links Contact: Show notes: Save money with more...


[START HERE] The Most Incredible Stories and Lessons from the Podcast

We are super pleased to announce the Growth Mindset Podcast is a one-year-old! Sam takes a look back across the year and showcases some of the absolute best stories and lessons from the podcast. A great episode if you are looking for where to start and to give you an idea of the different sorts of guests we have on the show. We hear from serial entrepreneurs to a real-life hitman about their stories starting businesses, amazing acts of kindness and what happens when you get pushed to the...


The Top LifeHack to Learn this Year - Sam Harris

A short episode on my favourite lifehack of 2018. This is a real skill you can quickly acquire over a few weeks with minimal effort and it will pay great dividends for the rest of your life. The lifehack is Touch typing! Listen to the episode to find out the details and allow me a chance to convince you and hopefully slightly change your life for the better. Links I have no affiliation but I liked the site to help me learn and improve. Save money with more effective...


30 - Intro to Vipassana - 10 days pure silent meditation

This is a short soundbite episode with Felix Chandler. We break down the main lessons and things to know about Vipassana meditation courses and why on earth you might choose to do one. 10 days of silently meditating with no books, music or even writing is a big ordeal for any human to take on and has a fascinating effect on mindset and capabilities after. It is certainly worth looking into and learning from! Notes and other podcasts: Contact:...


29 - My Conversation with a Hitman - Sam Harris

This is the conversation I had with a hitman living in India about his life. We discuss the story of how he came to be a hitman and what his life is really like. It is certainly very different to what you see in the movies and be prepared for some big insights. After the interview, we break down what happened and also discuss things like how I manage to get these interviews and other events in my life like staying with a bunch of drug dealers on the border of Mexico. Thanks to Andreas...


28 - Stealing Bitcoins and Hacking World Banks - Anonymous

We dive into the world of the dark web to talk to a hacker, known as Dylan, about his life and the incredible stories within. From issues growing up in South Africa to stealing Bitcoin over public wifi or even from people at home. We hear about the world banks hack of 2017 and discuss his new ethical hacking pursuits and how he transitioned into life on the legal side of things. This is an eye-opening episode into the vulnerabilities and security risks we leave ourselves open to,...


27 - North Korea pt1 - Life as a North Korea Tour Guide - [Recorded in the DPRK]

We're very excited to announce our first episode from North Korea. Sam visited North Korea over Easter 2018 and this podcast is an interview with his tour guide Ben Johnson. We discuss the country and the surprises it has in store for the people that visit. It was an amazing experience and a pleasure to bring some of it back for you. We also discuss the growing industry of dark tourism and challenging yourself to go out of your comfort zone. Show notes and Photos:...


26 - The Hottest Tech Innovation of the Year - Tom Carter - Ultrahaptics - [Repeat]

Tom Carter is the Founder and CTO at Ultrahaptics. A leading technology company making mind-blowing technology that lets users feel the sensation of touch in mid-air. The future is coming and they are at the pinnacle of it. They just won the "Tech Innovation of the Year" award and it's an exciting time for the company as they go from strength to strength. Tom invented the technology behind Ultrahaptics alongside his professor in a research lab at the University of Bristol. They have since...


25 - What on Earth is a Rainbow Gathering and Why You Need to Go

We invite Felix Chandler back to the mic to talk about our experiences at Rainbow gatherings and what people need to know about them. Considering it is possibly one of the most enjoyable, interesting and insightful events I've ever been to it's amazing that most people have never heard of them, so definitely something worth sharing with you the listeners! We try and cover all the things someone who has never been asks and should know before arriving and the effect they had on us including...


24 - Is There Any Point To Anything? - Growth Mindset Podcast - Rob Price

Rob Price, an English teacher, author and philosopher working in Thailand and soon moving to China. He has really interesting views on the world and in my own view is like a younger, more English version of Jordan Peterson. On the podcast we discuss a variety of things from the topics of teaching and being useful to the world and travelling. To such things as Nuclear Winters, AI taking over the world, human beings taking over the galaxies, what is the point of living and why no one will read...


23 - The Vegans are Taking Over - Ben Marshall

Ben Marshall is a model, body-builder and vegan working in film and media. Of course, we discuss a lot about health, fitness and diet, Ben also has a lot of stories to tell from aggressive time management to obsessive teeth brushing. Contact:


22 - Intense Health - Stronger, Fitter, Faster with HIT - Marcelo Mesquita

Marcelo Mesquita is the Founder and CEO of Intense Health, a radical new fitness chain delivering strength and fitness results with only 20-minute workouts. We discuss the science behind the HIT movement and Marcelo's path to starting the business, from opening his first gym at 16 to competing in martial arts and body-building. Further information on all the topics can be found in the show notes. Links:


21 - Learned Helplessness and Learned Optimism - Unleash Awesomeness

We all experience learned helplessness in our lives much to our own detriment. Yet most people don't even know what it is. Sam breaks down what the effect is, from how it was discovered to what you can do about it. This episode helps us learn more traits to boost our growth mindset with the goal of making you a more positive and strategic thinker able to look at the bigger picture and less caught up in the problems life throws at us. Expanded notes on the topic as well as useful links to...