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A growth mindset is the belief that you can do anything if you work for it. Your host Sam Harris finds remarkable individuals doing extraordinary things and breaks the processes down to show how anyone can achieve anything. He has launched several businesses and travelled the world on various pursuits in the spirit of curiosity and adventure. NOTE - The podcast is no longer hosted on Anchor. To get latest episodes: - Visit or - use a podcasting app on your phone


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A growth mindset is the belief that you can do anything if you work for it. Your host Sam Harris finds remarkable individuals doing extraordinary things and breaks the processes down to show how anyone can achieve anything. He has launched several businesses and travelled the world on various pursuits in the spirit of curiosity and adventure. NOTE - The podcast is no longer hosted on Anchor. To get latest episodes: - Visit or - use a podcasting app on your phone






85. The Ultimate Answers to Everything - Noam Kostuki

Noam Kostuki is one of the most fascinating humans on the planet. He is a Ted speaker, successful author, coach and runs one of the top-rated restaurants in Costa Rica. Noam is a deep thinker and observer of life and lives for the moment whilst transcending meaningless baggage that gets in the way of the true self. An endless experimenter he has lived several lives over and enjoys reinventing himself and whatever he is doing in the name of curiosity and adventure. This is possibly the most...


84. Existential Risks - Jaan Tallinn, CoFounder Skype, Kazaa

Meet Jaan Tallinn – an Estonian hacker, physicist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor, who is known for being the co-founder of Kazaa, a file-sharing platform, and his participation in the development of Skype that took communication to a whole new level. Since then, he has co-founded many more companies, been an advisor to the President of Estonia and focused heavily on effective altruism and mitigating existential risks from AI. Insights Jaan Tallin -...


83. Driving Policy Change and Personal Change - Jessica Templeton, Director LSE 100

Jessica Templeton is a political scientist and award-winning educator who is the Director of the LSE 100 course. With expertise in global environmental politics and regulation of hazardous chemicals, Jessica is also a writer, editor and team leader for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, a nonpartisan publication of the International Institute for Sustainable Development that analyses multilateral environmental negotiations conducted under the auspices of the United Nations. I met Jessica at...


82. Turning Carbon into Protein - Peter Rowe, Founder Deep Branch Bio

Molecular biologist turned entrepreneur, Pete Rowe is an expert in innovation management and biotechnology. As CEO, he leads the Deep Branch Bio's effort in transforming the polluters of today into the producers of tomorrow. We discuss the problems the world faces today and how business can be a driver of change to help solve our biggest issues. Pete's own company works to capture carbon waste gases and turn them into edible protein to help close the loop that is spiralling out of...


81. 'Know Thyself' - Gene and Microbiome Sequencing - Sergey Musienko, CEO - Atlas Biomed

Sergey Musienko is the founder and CEO of Atlas Biomed. They provide genetic sequencing and microbiome tests to monitor your health. Sergey is a graduate of the singularity university ran by Ray Kurzweil where he first started working on the idea for Atlas Biomed. They are now one of the leading sources of data and insights into health for the curious and health-conscious human. I have used their tests myself and can highly recommend the insights and the user interface of the website is...


80. The Future is What You Build - Colin Billings, CEO - Orro, First employee - Stitcher

Colin Billings is a forward-thinking human and change-maker. He first worked on Stitcher which changed the podcasting world we love today. After selling it he thought about what else he wanted to change and ended up with his home and launched "Orro" by securing investment from Yahoo CEO "Jerry Yang". "Orro" is a responsive lighting system for home automation. It adapts to your presence and your habits to bring natural lighting and mood-setting without you ever thinking about it. We...


79. Rethinking Education and Rethinking Your Life - Grant Aldrich, CEO -

Grant Aldrich founded with a purpose-driven mission: make higher education more accessible and affordable for everyone. After graduating college with an overwhelming amount of debt, he was determined to change how students embark on their college education. Grant has spent his entire career working in startups with nearly 15 years of experience. He has been a board member and donor to a number of non-profits, an advisor to many publicly traded...


78. Making Things Add Up - Ingrid Thompson, Founder Healthy Numbers

Ingrid Thomson is a leading business coach and author with a focus on finance. She empowers anyone to take control of their money to achieve their dreams. Ingrid departed a career in finance to follow her passion and start a business. After numerous lessons, she pivoted into helping other business owners grow their businesses by coaching them to understand their finances and align them with their goals. She has gone on to write a book that can help innovators start a business with minimal...


77. Bringing People and Ideas Together - Cynthia Samanian

Meet Cynthia Samarian, a Persian entrepreneur - the Founder and CEO of an experiential event organizing agency for food companies. Find out how many times she had to switch course to find a professional career that suited her best – that, according to her, not only was she good at but also enjoyed. She has early childhood memories of having wanted to make her own money through something she made – but she never knew the answer was entrepreneurship. Today, Cynthia owns a well-established...


76. Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and their Strengths - Heather Dominick

Heather Dominick is a coach of what she refers to as Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs (HSE), interestingly; she is the only coach in this angle of life on the planet. She is the founder of the HSE program which is targeted at improving and encouraging the lives of sensitive people to go into business and actually excel. She is a survivor of the 9/11 attack. Heather is the winner of the 2015 Best of Manhattan Coaching Award and creator of the 2014 Stevie Award winning virtual event 'A Course...


75. Lessons in Being Extraordinary - Mario Nawful

Mario Nawful is crazy. But also stupidly successful, intelligent and charming (...and young). At only 30 years old he has several million-dollar businesses and runs the Athena business conglomerate across 40 countries. He is also a serial investor and business coach. Mario lives a nomad lifestyle and somehow finds the time for getting serious with his hobbies. In general, he knows a lot about making the most of life and what it has to offer. We discuss how Mario made his first break and...


74: Reasons to be Positive when Everything is Broken - Sam Harris

Things don't always work out. It's very wise to not lose your s#!t when bad things happen. Staying positive is a useful skill to build so that your problems don't multiply (and people don't get bored with your whining). Traditionally people often receive deep inspiration and insight from near-death experiences. By all accounts, they come away more intelligent and focused with a renewed energy for life and all its beautiful joys. Curious to find out more Sam conveniently had a terrible...


73: Getting People to Think Your Idea is Their Idea - Oren Klaff, bestselling Author & Investor

Oren Klaff is a sales genius and investor with 2 bestselling books and a tonne of great ideas. The renowned classic, ‘Pitch Anything’ designed to help you understand how to make a compelling pitch using neuroeconomics. And now his new book, ‘Flip the Script’ which is designed to help you make people think your idea is their idea so they readily accept it. With a wealth of experience from making deals and living a fascinating life, it was an honour to chat through some of his insights....


72: The Outward Mindset - Heather Adams, The Arbinger Institute

Heather Adams is a leading partner at the Arbinger Institute who focus on the 'Outward Mindset'. They coach businesses and leaders to become more effective and more aware of themselves and to achieve greater success. The inward vs outward mindset is a fascinating topic that I wasn't 100% versed on and it was a real pleasure to receive a masterclass from Heather. In the interview, we learn more about what makes relationships work and how to view others. There are so many mistakes humans...


71: The Mindsets for Leadership and Success - Ryan Gottfredson PhD

Ryan Gottfredson is an innovative researcher and coach in the mindsets behind success and leadership. We discuss his top findings and the key mindsets that make a good leader. The four main Mindsets discussed: We also branch into many fascinating topics to end up with a really educational podcast to help make you a lot wiser Ryan Links Show...


70: Coaching Olympic Success - Frank Dick OBE (Current coaching strategy with England Rugby team)

Frank Dick is one of the world's finest sports and motivational coaches ever. He is currently working with the England Rugby team during this year's Rugby World Cup. Frank was the England Athletics coach for three Olympics as well as coaching several high profile individuals. Some big names include Boris Becker, Seb Coe, Daley Thompson. He has also worked with the South African Olympic teams and won some prestigious titles such as the 'UK Sporting Hero' for 2001. This episode is an...


69: The Ultimate Guide - Life Lessons from Great Minds

This episode is an ultimate guide to life and entrepreneurship. After two years of interviewing some of the greatest minds, Sam distils their wisdom into a 2-hour mini-audiobook. This took a long time to put together but is completely worth it. Hear the best tips from some of the most amazing individuals stitched together into a narrative that transcends each chapter. From fascinating stories of the highest moments to the lowest lows we learn a lot: SHOW...


68: Putting Quality Back into Relationships

Creating high-quality relationships is hugely important for our mental health and well-being. With the rise of the connected world, we are sacrificing the quality of our relationships for quantity. We are connected with more and more people who we are spending less and less time with. We step back from the problem and come up with some out of the box solutions. Sam outlines some key tips on how to change your way of dealing with relationships to get a lot more out of them. We...


67: Three Colossal Flaws with Technology that Destroy Your Mind

Sam Harris explains some of the biggest flaws with our technology and what it is doing to our minds. This lecture explores the relationship between our devices and our brains. Starting from an evolutionary psychology viewpoint Sam identifies 3 main factors that are contributing to making our minds a worse place to be. With the rise of mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression it's worth working out how to change your environment and behaviours to empower you to think...


66: Sam Harris - The Lost Art of Listening to Yourself

Sam explains the lost art of listening to ourselves and the damage it is causing us. In our modern on demand economy we rush from one thing to the next. We optimise all our moments for learning and listening to things in between. With all of this going on we have lost the art of actually being unplugged and just listening to our mind. We constantly feel a need to distract it. There have been huge movements towards meditation and things like the 5 minute journal that make us think about our...