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A podcast providing biography and commentary on the lives and misdeeds of billionaires. New episodes on Tuesdays (Soundcloud) and Thursdays (Patreon).

A podcast providing biography and commentary on the lives and misdeeds of billionaires. New episodes on Tuesdays (Soundcloud) and Thursdays (Patreon).


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A podcast providing biography and commentary on the lives and misdeeds of billionaires. New episodes on Tuesdays (Soundcloud) and Thursdays (Patreon).




Episode 164 Teaser: Sandy Weil and Citi Bank (part 3)

Final part of our 3 part series on Citi Bank on Patreon now! Full episode here :


Episode 163: Bernie Marcus (Home Depot)

This week we talk about DIY asshole Bernie Marcus, the man who says he built his $6.6 billion Home Depot fortune from scratch. We discuss the weird lies behind his origin story, his abuse of his workers, his illegal union busting, and the fact that he's profited off of keeping Home Depot stores open during the covid-19 pandemic. Home Depot refuses to say how many of their employees they have murdered through the decision to stay open but we know that there has been at least one. Rest in...


Episode 161 Unlocked: Sandy Weill and Citigroup (Part 2)

Part 2 of our profile on Sanford I Weill and his role at Citigroup we will take a longer look at Citi group in our last part of this trilogy. This episode covers Sandy Weill’s children and their misdeeds into falling upward in a no consequence system. The tarnished relationship between sandy and his former protégé Jamie Dimon and we close out the episode with the end of Glass-Steagall Act. The primary source for this episode was the biography "Tearing down the Walls" by Monica Langley:...


Episode 160: Sandy Weill and Citigroup (Part 1)

The first part of our 3 part series exploring the saga of Citigroup, the first American bank to become too big to fail. We follow the career of its billionaire CEO Sandy Weill: a rich kid from Brooklyn who had a dream to climb the corporate ladder by smashing up a million people's pensions, health benefits, salaries, and then to make a corporate monstrosity that would cook up fake documents to steal their house as well. When we talk about too big to fail banks we are talking about government...


Episode 158: Joe Lewis

Enter Joe Lewis: reclusive restaurateur-turned super villain currency speculator. Joe Lewis (the businessman; not the boxer) made billions betting against sovereign currencies, and nearly lost a billion betting on Bear Stearns. Now he wants to setup his own State in Argentina. In order to stop Joe, first get to know him and the empire he has built up, right here on Grubstakers.


[Patreon Unlock] Episode 157: The Hearst Family (Part 1) feat. Eli Sairs

In our 2 part series on one of the richest families to ever exist, the basis for the Orson Wells classic Citizen Kane and a man who was kicked out of Harvard for shenanigans involving mailing his poop we discuss the illustrious Hearst Family. Covering George Hearst, the father of the megalomaniac William Rutherford Hearst the man of the hour. We cover in this our his involvement in the Spanish American war, how his father made his riches from grubstaking and the legacy his life leads. In our...


[Patreon Unlock] Episode 156: Bernie retrospective during Corona

Due to (thankfully mild) illness, we had to delay this week's regularly scheduled episode. In it's stead, here's the most recent Patreon episode, the Grubstakers' reactions to the end of the Bernie campaign. Stay safe stay healthy.


[Patreon Unlock] Episode 150: Eric S. Yuan (Zoom CEO)

Re release so people have better access to the episode. We use Google Hangouts to explain the rise of Eric Yuan and Zoom video conferencing -- all from the quarantine underground. Eric wants you to socially distance yourselves from his personal history and source of wealth, but we've got the details: burning down his neighbor's chicken coup, secretly recording your conference calls, not adhering to buffet protocol, and more


[Patreon Unlock] Episode 154: The Bailout Bill 2.0

We discuss the continuing and worsening covid-19 emergency in New York City and take an in depth look at the $6 trillion wall street relief bill that just passed congress. It's getting money directly to the people who need it most in this crisis: too big to fail banks who just had their junk bond portfolios blow up.


Episode 155: Shane Smith (Vice)

We freebased DayQuil and recorded a podcast episode about Vice billionaire Shane Smith. This one delves into Smith's murky backstory, Vice's humble beginnings as a media property pump and dump, Vice union busting, and Smith's racist friend Gavin McGinnes. About ten minutes before the episode ends there were some technical difficulties (somebody forgetting to charge his recorder), so Sean's feed switches to Skype audio.


Episode 153: Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church

On this episode we discuss founder of the Unification Church, the Washington Times, North Korea’s Pyonghwa Motors, and Humanity’s Savior/first parent/successor of Christ Himself Sun Myung Moon. We delve into his teenage experience of being visited by Jesus, his time in a North Korean prison camp, building a fortune investing his followers’ candle sales, and his work spreading love through mass marriages as well as spreading hate through the Washington Times. To help anyone who needs their...


Episode 152 Teaser: David Green (Co-Founder of Hobby Lobby)

David Greene wants to affect the world for 10 billion years find out why that makes your life suck. Full episode here


Episode 151: Senator Insider Trading, Trillion Dollar Coins, and Wealthy Fleeing the Rones

In another grab-bag episode on the Coronavirus response, we discuss the senate insider trading scandal, Rashida Talib's trillion dollar coin proposal, and how the wealthy are taking themselves and their COVID-19 up the Long Island Railroad to party it up in the Hamptons.


Episode 150 Teaser: Eric Yuan, Zoom Video CEO and a boat named "Monkeys Uncle"

Full episode here. Stay safe.


Episode 149: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Stonks, and the Fed

Note: Some of what we discuss at the top of this episode is already out of date - so Steven and Andy recorded a tag at the end with the updates as of Monday night. In Grubstakers first completely remote episode we discuss the stock market response to COVID-19 and the response from the Federal Reserve.


Episode 147: Meg Whitman

Thanks for joining us on our International Woman’s day special! We chose to discuss the tenacious Meg Whitman. She grew up in the area of NY, that F. Scott Fitzgerald based the book The Great Gatsby on. Her parents came from families tied to Boston's elite, known as the "Boston Brahmins. She would make her billions using her ties to Goldman Sachs with her new business she works at eBay. Her kids have assaulted people and used racial slurs at college. They support Joe Biden to ask America why...


Episode 145: Haas Family (Levi Strauss & Co.)

This week we are sad to end our run of billionaires endorsing Pete Buttigieg. We cover the billionaire Mimi Haas who married Peter E. Haas a heir to the Levi Strauss estate. Find out how your boomer relatives’ favorite garment is directly connected to 30 years of labor abuse, slavery and sex trafficking. We spend a few minutes up front discussing SF social elite Nellie Bowles, and a bio on how Levi Strauss bought his empire. Lastly this episode does deal with people being sexually abused so...


Episode 144 Teaser: Straight out of Africa! How Netflix is connected to Nixon

Find out all this and more on Reed Hastings on our newest episode streaming now at


Episode 143: Daniel Lubetzky (Kind bar CEO)

This week we profile Mexican Jew Daniel Lubetzky who’s fathers experience in the holocaust informed his views on making money the “Kind” way. The kindest way to make the world a better place by profiting from the slave labor of chocolate, the palm oil farmers burning their trees to maintain their deadlines and the horrendous amount of water utilized to produce this many nuts. Daniel Lubetzky was able to build trail mix in a bar with his gumption, his intelligence and the measly 200,000...


Episode 142 Teaser: Fracking Does Not Cause Earthquakes

From the Patreon episode on fracking billionaires Dan and Farris Wilkes. For the full episode visit: