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Episode 37: Julio Ponce Lerou (Pinochet's son in law) feat. Jake Flores

On this episode we cover the misadventures of the one the only Julio Ponce Lerou. We discuss how his father in law essentially paved the way to his billions, his time spent using his connections to continue his corrupt business practices and all of this while we are joined by hilarious NYC comedian Jake Flores. Follow him on twitter @feralJokes and listen to his podcast Pod Damn America. Enjoy!


Episode 36. David A. Siegel

This week we cover the many business pursuits of David Siegel. The subject of the documentary the Queen of Versaille David built his fortune from the reputable career path of selling time share properties. We discuss this and his family’s dirty laundry. Enjoy!


Episode 35: Money, Modern Monetary Theory, & Why the Rent is Too Damn High

On this special episode we dive into Modern Monetary Theory, debunk some myths about inflation and currency, and look at the woke new Goldman Sachs CEO.


Episode 34: Hank Paulson and the 2008 Financial Crisis

Join us as we discuss the many misdeeds of Henry Paulson. From his time at Goldman Sachs wrestling his boss to the time he let his pet raccoon roam free in his house listen to all the silly adventures of the Paulson saga. We also discuss how as CEO of Goldman Sachs he helped create the 2008 financial crisis through the selling of fraudulent mortgage backed securities and the purchasing of credit default swaps on them from AIG then operated the bailouts in a way to cover up his role in the...


Episode 33: George Soros

On this episode we cover our favorite liberal billionaire with a palindrome last name. Listen to his multiple marriages, his holocaust avoidance, and what he does with his money. Enjoy!


Episode 32: Richard Branson

This week we talk Richard Branson, the cool billionaire with a giant weird face. He did some stuff with music, space, and airplanes but what the fuck is up with his face?


Episode 31: Erik Prince feat. Gabriel Pacheco

This week we cover Erik Prince the mercenary from Holland Michigan. Listen as we risk our lives poking the bear who is linked to several people’s death. Sadly Yogi avoided saying, “Why’s it gotta be black?” during the entire episode. We are joined by the hilarious New York comedian Gabriel Pacheco. Enjoy!


Episode 30: Jerry Seinfeld

On this episode we cover Jerry Seinfeld who’s net worth will be over a Billionaire in the near future. We talk about Jerry’s humble origins, his entry into comedy, and all the controversy it took to profit on the show about nothing. All that and more right here on Grubstakers. Enjoy!


Episode 29: Carl Icahn feat. Jay Welch

Carl Icahn is our Billionaire of the week. We discuss his self-serving dismantling of TWA airlines, his reputation as a corporate raider, and his brief period as special economic adviser on financial regulation for President Donald Trump. Joining us on this week on our icIahnic journey is hilarious New York comedian Jay Welch. All of this and more right here on Grubstakers!


Episode 28: Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev is in the hot seat this episode. He's been linked to the BJP party in India, his Patanjali products have been bought around the world, but are they manufactured with no malicious intent? We answer these questions any many more right here on Grubstakers. Also some discussion of his partner billionaire Acharya Balkrishna


Episode 27: Private Equity and the Death of Toys R Us feat. Josh Kosman

For this special episode Josh Kosman, author of The Buyout of America: How Private Equity Is Destroying Jobs and Killing the American Economy, joins us to offer an explanation of what private equity is and why so many of the billionaires we cover are involved in it. We also discuss the bankruptcy of Toys R Us, how much blame private equity deserves for the wipeout of 33,000 workers, and what we might expect to happen if private equity owned companies continue to go bankrupt. Buy Josh's book:...


Episode 26: David Rubenstein, William Conway, Jr, Daniel A. D'Aniello & The Carlyle Group (Part 2)

In part 2 of our 2 part look at the Carlyle Group we explore the lives of the founders a bit further, particularly the active media presence of David Rubenstein. Moving beyond the war profiteering operations that we discussed in the previous ep we look at some of the domestic projects the Carlyle Group has taken on such as HCR Manorcare, Philadelphia Energy Solutions, and the Washington DC branch of the Democratic Socialists of America. Listen to Part 1 first if you haven't yet.


Episode 25: David Rubenstein, William Conway, Jr, Daniel A. D'Aniello & The Carlyle Group (Part 1)

This week we begin our 2 part series on The Carlyle Group. Whenever people are at war someone somewhere makes money, and from our research these 3 gentlemen stand to make a shiny penny covered in the blood of those slained for profit. Sean meant to say George Bailey instead of George Meany and he's sorry. All of this info and more right here on Grubstakers!


Episode 24 - Marc Rich and Pincus Green

Our newest episode is about Marc Rich and Pincus Green, the billionaire co-founders of Glencore and fugitives from justice until happenstance allowed them to receive a final act in office pardon from President Bill Clinton. Though Marc Rich has sadly passed from this Earth his legacy and his fortune lives on through his daughters, both of whom are using the money he made perpetuating apartheid in South Africa to pursue art that makes the world a better place. If there are problems with the...


Episode 23: Stephen A. Schwarzman

This week we got a real humdinger of a billionaire. We cover Stephen Allen Schwarzman, former Chairman of the Strategic and Policy Forum for Donald Trump, Co founder of Blackstone Group, and all around unfeeling psychopath. He may be the highest paid CEO in the world and landlord to over 100,000 American families but don't think that has caused him to lose touch with reality. He still thinks that asking him to pay higher taxes is like when Hitler invaded Poland, something any rational person...


Episode 22: Mark Cuban feat. Mike Recine

This week we discuss Mavs owner and sexual assault allegations denier Mark Cuban. We're joined by comedian Mike Recine to talk about Shark Tank and the hard work it takes to convince Yahoo to spend $6 billion to buy your business then immediately shut it down when the dot com bubble crashes. Also some talk about the difficult decision to fire Sean from the podcast.


Episode 21: Ken Langone

The Grubstakers take on Ken "The Italian Stallion" Lagone! Andy Palmer read his book "I Love capitalism," but does it convince the reader? Don’t forget to pretend like you’re working, and strap in you got Grubstakers!


Episode 20: The Murder of Barry and Honey Sherman

Its a canadian murder mystery episode! Who killed Barry Sherman and Honey Sherman eh? We would like to extend the killers an open invitation to appear on a future episode of our podcast anonymously, feel free to visit Andy at his address to confirm. It's aboot time we get down to the bottom of this bag full of milk. Its time for Grubstakers!


Episode 19: Oleg Deripaska feat. Talia Lavin

Oleg Deripaska certainly has more Ivan Drago then Apollo Creed in him. This week we are joined by Talia Lavin. Learn about Oleg’s many oligarch activities, his role in the Russian aluminium wars and the 2016 US elections. Enjoy it!


Episode 18: Gina Rinehart

Episode 18 of Grubstakers is our first international episode. We leave the US behind and take a look at the richest citizen of Australia, Gina Rinehart. Learn all about how the only daughter that Lang Hancock actually acknowledged paternity of built her vast fortune by skillfully inheriting his claim to the largest iron mine in the world then having commodity prices go up. Plus more family drama than could be contained in the mini series about her that she got banned from tv.