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COVID-19. Crisis management. Reflections and reactions [The Gurtam podcast, episode 5]

In this episode, please meet Liana Shatova, Senior Partner Success Manager at Gurtam and Esteban Hunt, VP of International Strategy at Gurtam. Enjoy their insightful talk and explore the key points of COVID-19 crisis management. The following topics to be discussed: - the overview of the global situation with COVID-19 and the most impacted regions; - the general guidelines for the crisis preparation; - the first reaction of Gurtam and partners to the crisis; - the Gurtam’s measures to help...


The Gurtam podcast, ep 4: explore how to benefit from the downtime

In this episode, please meet Soren Hallbert, Wialon Technical Consultant at Gurtam, and Orlando Monagas, CEO at Golden M. Listen to their expert talk and find out how to take advantage of the downtime and explore other markets and solutions. The following points will be featured: the outline of the current situation in business worldwide; an overview of the anticrisis measures taken by Golden M; the COVID-19 implications. Listen and learn from the experts!


The Gurtam podcast, episode 3: marketing in telematics during the coronacrisis

In this episode, please meet Anastasiya Eroho, Head of Marketing Department at Gurtam, and Ekaterina Kim, Partner Success Manager at Gurtam. Listen to their talk on the most sensitive topic for now – the crisis caused by COVID-19. You’ll definitely find out: - what to do with marketing costs during the crisis; - Gurtam marketing plans in the light of the coronavirus pandemic; - how to keep in touch with the clients when you are totally online; - which steps should be taken to enhance...