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Pete Moore, Founder and Managing Partner of Integrity Square talks with top entrepreneurs and business owners in the "HALO" sector. (Health, Active, Lifestyle, Outdoors.)

Pete Moore, Founder and Managing Partner of Integrity Square talks with top entrepreneurs and business owners in the "HALO" sector. (Health, Active, Lifestyle, Outdoors.)
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Pete Moore, Founder and Managing Partner of Integrity Square talks with top entrepreneurs and business owners in the "HALO" sector. (Health, Active, Lifestyle, Outdoors.)




Mike Epstein-Gold's Gym Paramus Franchisee

Mike opened his Paramus, NJ location in 1992. As a former finance executive, he and his partner Art mused, "There was just something about bringing the California mystique to New Jersey that made us check out Gold's." Instead of going "out" however, the team decided to go "in." As opposed to growing for growth's sake, 26 years later Gold's Paramus is an integral fixture in the community. "We found the gym to be the perfect vehicle to give back and make an actual difference in people's...


Don & Tammy Murphy, Gold's Gym Franchisees

"He & she who change the most number of lives, wins," state Don & Tammy Murphy. Don grew up in the industry. It was a family affair, always a part of his life, and he learned it from the ground up. Tammy is a former CPA and finance executive who entered the business a bit later. They continue to make massive strides in their community with two Gold's facilities in Middletown and Newburgh, NY. The award winning facility in Middletown is the only one of its kind in the area with 50,000+ square...


Denise DeBaun, DeBaun Development

With 30+ years in the beauty & skin care industry, Denise knows how to build and scale massive consumer brands from the ground up. How do you take a concept from PowerPoint to something on the shelf? "Success is a little bit of magic, a lot of discipline, and a lot of hard work. Everything begins with an idea, inspiration, or concept," she states. In an industry with very low barriers to entry, what can you do? How do you build a moat around your product? How do you deal with the 600lb...


Chris Cozzone, Bain Capital Double Impact Fund

Formerly with World Bank and now at Bain since 2011, Chris discusses a (fairly) new type of instrument private equity firms are using these days--an Impact Fund. "We're not pretending our investment of 10-15 million per business will change the obesity epidemic or solve global warming. However, what we can do is help fund scalable models which can be one of the hopefully many things to eventually get to that point," he states. Bain is already invested in game changing brands like by CHLOE...


Nicolas De Alejo, BeingWell Lifestyle

As a Portfolio Manager in Emerging Markets at Blackrock for over 8 years, Nicholas effectively created his own "HALO portal" within the massive organization. Certainly not an easy feat in a company with over 14,000 employees! How he did it, and how he went about navigating the twists and turns politically is incredibly useful advice for anyone facing similar challenges within their corporate culture. For anyone who thinks, "Something like this could never be done where I work!" this episode...


Keith Nowak, Founder & CEO Founder Ten Thousand

"We launched for a very simple reason: It was way too hard to find a great pair of workout shorts!" laughs Keith Nowack, Founder of Ten Thousand. They're now growing at a fantastic clip and Keith and team team remain, "Focused on profitability and not just raising capital every 12 months!" A former pro soccer player and seasoned entrepreneur & investor, Keith highlights the highs and lows that come with starting & growing a business and offers some tips on how to endure! "Being an...


Sal Venuto & Ashley Markowski, Macrolease

Macrolease has been serving clients in the HALO sector since 1969. Equipment financing has always been a critical part of the industry and Sal Venuto--VP at Marcrolease--is a 20 year veteran and has seen the evolution first hand. "It's a dynamite industry to be involved with," he says. "Operators are getting much more sophisticated. People call us early on in the process now, even sometimes before they sign their franchise agreement." Listen to learn more about this critical part of the HALO...


John Romaniello

"Learning how to write is universal. It's never going anywhere," states John Romaniello. John has been named "Top 100 Most Influential People In Fitness." He wrote his first article in 2002 and now, with several e-books, courses, sites, a best seller, and a few thousand clients to his credit, John serves as a writing mentor and business coach. In one of our more philosophical HALO Talks, John discusses content creation, food-culture connection, trends, how he evaluates business opportunities...


Joanna Stahl, Founder Go2Practice

"How we're accessing fitness has evolved. In the past, 2% of gym members were buying other fitness experiences. Now it's over 25%," says Founder and 20+ year fitness veteran and marketing & media executive Joanna Stahl. "I'm going to be in Houston tomorrow, what cycling class should I go to?" It was questions like these she'd get from friends that were never easily answered. Go2Practice was born out of that and now--with 100,000+ gyms on the site--it makes it simple for consumers to search,...


Raj Chhabria, CEO First Credit Services

First Credit is a leading company in the Accounts Receivable space with an impressive, 25 year history. They work with over 4,000 clubs and have integrations with all the main point of sale providers. "This is usually only a $100-$200 bill. It just needs a talk. We're a non-threatening, consultative, member engagement retention model with a soft approach. We never threaten legal issues. We're against arguments!" states CEO Raj Chhabria. With a refreshing difference in an industry that (may)...


Steve Strickland, John Quattrocchi & Mark de Gorter, Workout Anytime

Workout Anytime began in Douglasville, Georgia in 1999 with a converted, 3,200 square foot facility. After 10 months, they had $800,000 in receivables and "knew we were on to something," said Co-Founder John Quattrochhi. "We had no idea we'd be franchising one day either!" he states. They sold their first franchise in 2006 and now have over 100 nationally. The company was built "one brick at a time" and--like any entrepreneur--certainly had their share of setbacks. Listen to learn more about...


Zach Lucas, Vice President Promotion Vault

"Why wouldn't you give free sessions? It doesn't cost you anything!" is an incorrect and unfortunately, all-too-common refrain that 22+ year industry veteran Zach Lucas hears often. "We've seen studies that show people prefer incentives 3 to 1 over discounts!" The results that Promotion Vault customers are seeing clearly bear that out. Zach is very passionate about educating the industry about the multi-billion dollar incentive world. Promotion Vault works with all the major chains,...


Ryan Drummond, CEO & Founder The Athlete Book

86% of athletes recruited into their first jobs are promoted within 18 months. However, 64% are graduating without a job in hand. 97% are not receiving a job through relationships with the Athletic Department either. The Athlete Book is going to change all of this & will connect athletes to employers in a way that's never been done before. It's the brainchild of Ryan Drummond, former captain of his lacrosse team at the University of Delaware and veteran in the recruiting world. Amazon, GE,...


Dr. Jaime Schehr, RD, ND

Dr. Jaime Schehr is one of a small number of people who is both a Registered Dietitian and Naturopathic Physician. After serving as a clinician in Mount Sinai for 12 years, she began her own practice in addition to starting Xfit Lab which has worked with companies like Soul Cycle and Peleton. Dr. Schehr "married medicine and fitness" and because of her broad background in both fields, is able to assess analyze and assess data in unique (and actionable) ways. In one of our more scientifically...


Leigh Randall, Managing Partner Topspin Partners

"You have to have sat on the operating side of the table if you want to be really effective in this space," states Leigh Randall, Managing Partner of Topspin Partners, a leading private equity firm in the HALO sector & consumer products and services space since 2000. "We hear over and over from small business owners that there's a complete lack of appreciation for what they've accomplished!" What is private equity exactly? What can PE firms bring to the table for entrepreneurs? What should...


Jackie Stauffer, CEO & Founder RECESS

"I'm naturally scrappy, I love a good challenge. . . I don't need to be a hero and do it alone!" says Jackie Stauffer, CEO & Founder of the innovative company, RECESS. A former college athlete, Estee' Lauder & Equinox Fitness marketing executive, RECESS was born (like many companies) from a personal frustration. "I was starting to not work out because of the whole 'waiting in line to shower!' thing. I thought there definitely had to be a better way!" states Stauffer. RECESS came out of that...


Ron Lamb & Jeff Van Dixhorn, Daxko

Ron is currently the CEO of Daxko but spent 26 years with Reynolds & Reynolds--the leading tech company in the retail automotive space. Jeff founded Club Automation which Daxko acquired in January, 2018. This chat with these two highly seasoned executives runs the gamut from the benefits of partnering, why you should consider this path when the time comes, how to vet an appropriate partner, how nascent the fitness industry is tech wise, and much more!


Hari Singh, Owner CrossFit NYC

Hari Singh was the Dairy Barn President for 15 years and learned about this "CrossFit thing" when it started making waves in NYC. He became a convert and started CrossFit NYC (the 16th CrossFit affiliate in the world.) With 26 instructors on staff and 2 locations, "We never thought we'd get 30 people!" he jokes. Hari has a strong relationship with Greg Glassman the Founder and mentions, "He isn't saying anything different today than he has when we first started." How do you win in an...


Elana Frankel, Co-Founder Indigo & Haze

One day, Elana Frankel, Co-Founder of Indigo & Haze--a highly curated CBD marketplace specializing in plant-based wellness, beauty, and living--was in Miami and the next? She was in the hospital having a CAT scan. The doctors still don't know what happened but they do know she suffered a TBI. (Traumatic brain injury.) Her road to recovery was accelerated due to her use of CBD tea, but she kept quiet about it. "3 or 4 years ago, CBD was underground, especially on the East Coast! People needed...


Julian Barnes, Co-Founder Boutique Fitness Summit

"Save your money before you open your studio. You should have a minimum 3 months, preferably 6, of your operating budget in the bank before you open," states Julian Barnes, Co-Founder of the Boutique Fitness Summit ("BFS") which organizes 1-day summits in DC, NYC, and Chicago. Julian has been around the industry since playing competitive tennis as a child. He's run over 100 networking events in NYC from 2012-2017 & his passion for the boutique fitness space (and helping the Owner/Operators...