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Pete Moore, Founder and Managing Partner of Integrity Square talks with top entrepreneurs and business owners in the "HALO" sector. (Health, Active, Lifestyle, Outdoors.)

Pete Moore, Founder and Managing Partner of Integrity Square talks with top entrepreneurs and business owners in the "HALO" sector. (Health, Active, Lifestyle, Outdoors.)
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Pete Moore, Founder and Managing Partner of Integrity Square talks with top entrepreneurs and business owners in the "HALO" sector. (Health, Active, Lifestyle, Outdoors.)




Tyler Scott, Co-Founder Hit House

"Muay Thai should be popularized and become more commercial and available to a larger scale of people," states Tyler Scott, a 12 year veteran of Muay Thai and creator of the patented Bishop heavy bag. Along with his wife, they began Hit House in 2017 after being inspired by the type of community they saw at a SoulCycle. Listen now to this wide ranging discussion on everything from the pros and cons of ClassPass, working with your significant other, hologram and VR technology, and more!


Alex Zaltsman, New Jersey Area Developer, Row House

"The gym was full every day, even when the economy tanked. I always remembered that," states Alex Zaltsman. Alex now owns 3 Row Houses and 1 Pure Barre studio all under the Xponential family of brands. Originally from the technology, software & mobile application worlds, Alex discusses his entry into the HALO sector, what some of the similarities & differences are, and much more. There's great information here for anyone considering becoming a franchisee.


Olivia Young, Founder Box & Flow

"What do you mean boxing and yoga? That makes no sense!" said basically everyone when Olivia floated the idea of this particular combination during her research. She went ahead, bootstrapped it all anyway (for all the right reasons!) and was immediately profitable. She had no outside capital and is now opening a second studio. "I created a business, the basis of which is resistance and ease. When you let go of whatever is holding you back, you can find your flow," she states. This is a...


Rebecca Schonfeld, Mental Health Advocate

"You can and must make time for yourself, even if you think there's no time at all," states Rebbecca Schonfeld. Rebecca has battled mental health issues since she was young and has started sharing her story & experiences to help others on their own journey. Listen now to this important discussion around the changing attitudes & treatments of mental illness, her (extremely positive) experiences with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), her studies with Keri Glassman of Nutritious Life and much...


Andrew Hirsekorn, Principal, Eagle Merchant Partners

"Stay true to who your customers are. You also have to be ok not being appealable to everyone out there," states Andrew Hirsekorn, Principal & Founding Member of Eagle Merchant Partners. Eagle is a private equity firm and one of the owners of the largest Planet Fitness franchisees. Listen now to this wide ranging discussion touching on ideas around Planet's place in the sector, thoughts about member attrition, the importance of unit economics, pros and cons of taking on private equity and...


Brett Maloley, CEO Ladder

"We wanted to find a way for health and wellness professionals to sell something that they were more confident in," states CEO Brett Maloley. Their team interviewed approximately 22,000 members, 11,000 trainers, and 1,000 physicians in the research phase. Ladder has ~65,00 users nearly 10,000 of whom are coaches and the rest are clients. "We need to not start with the technology, but rather what we're trying to solve for," he continues. Listen to this wide ranging discussion of current...


Larry Conner & Stephanie Coulon, Stone Creek Club & Spa

"When times were tough, the Mission and Vision of our club kept us going. It would have been very easy to slash our values for the sake of the dollar," stated Stephanie Coulon of Stone Creek Club & Spa in Louisiana. She and Larry Connor helped build this award-winning, high end facility from the ground up 10 years ago and it's been going strong since. They opened in a down time, and in a saturated market where 40% of the market already belonged to a club. Listen now to learn more about how...


Mike Morris, Founder, Crest Circle Management Consultants

Mike Morris worked in specialty retail for nearly 25 years and helped scale national brands like J. Crew, The Vitamin Shoppe, and others. He specializes in retail & supply chain operations, software, and data management. After going through 4 private equity sales, he became a full time advisor in the PE world 12 years ago and currently works in both the fitness and retail side. Mike's wealth of experience in both sectors is a must listen for any entrepreneur who may be looking to scale.


Chris Patton, Vice President, Peerfit

Peerfit began with 8 employees and now has 100+ spread across the country. Their mission is ambitious! "It's to refine corporate wellness," states Chris Patton. He continues, "The value add is that we're doing something that it's hard for gyms to do, which is make that connection to the insurance carriers. Gyms and studios are good at what they do, but dealing with insurance probably isn't in the top 5 of that list!" he jokes. Peerfit's model is an idea whose time has come and is a win for...


Charles Adams, Vice President, Texas Capital Bank

Texas Capital Bank is a 30 billion dollar publicly traded company. (They do business nationally, not just in Texas!) The group just celebrated their 20th anniversary and have nearly 175 million invested in the HALO sector. "We're significantly different in that we talk about 'selecting partners' versus 'collecting clients,'" states Charles Adams. Listen now to learn more about the process of applying for a loan, factors considered in company valuation, concerns of lending into the space and...


Peter Brockway, Managing Partner, Brockway Moran & Partners

"I look at private equity as a movie. You're walking into the theater halfway through, and there's all this action going on before you got there. If you don't try to understand how the plot has developed, where the players are, and what's going on, you're going to make mistakes. Our job is to figure that out!" states finance industry veteran, Peter Brockway. This comprehensive discussion touches on the history, benefits, risk/return of PE for entrepreneurs, why PE groups may (or may not)...


Andrew Menter & Tyler Nicholson, Physmodo

Physmodo is a software that, at its core,". . .measures human movement," states Andrew Menter, CEO. It's a 30 second screening using an infrared camera and proprietary technology which addresses some of the the negatives of the Functional Movement Screen. It also, ". . .helps with front desk engagement. It really grabs people's attention. It kind of looks like a video game!" laughs Tyler Nicholson. The technology is found all across the country as well as in the military to help increase the...


Mark Miller, COO Merritt Athletic Clubs

Mark began in the HALO sector in 1990 as a Personal Trainer and has worked with Merritt for 19 years. "You do the right thing, you take care of people, and the business takes care of itself," he states. With 9 locations plus 4 corporate, Merritt positions themselves in the upper middle market tier. Listen now to learn more about why they, "...decided to try and stop competing with everyone else in the industry," and how they continue to distinguish themselves in an extremely competitive part...


Robert Jackson, CEO Fitness BI

Robert began his career in the HALO sector as a trainer in the Bay Area. He later dove in and learned sales with the teams at 24 Hour Fitness. After opening up his two current clubs and waiting (for years!) for a company to solve his data frustrations, he decided to do it himself. Fitness BI is an extremely comprehensive analytics platform that--in 3 short years years--counts ~1,400 clubs as customers. Listen to learn more about how (and why) they scaled so quickly and where they're going...


Rachel Zabonick, Editor-in-Chief, Club Solutions

Rachel has been with Peake Media (the parent company of Club Solutions magazine) for over 7 years. Peake also publishes Box Pro, Mindful Studio, Campus Rec, and Community Rec Magazine, each with highly specific B2B audiences in the HALO sector. Their Mission? "Educate and empower fitness pros in a variety of niches," says Zabonick. Listen to this IHRSA 2019 interview and learn what trends Rachel is seeing, future plans for Peake Media, and more!


Jared Williams, CEO Dynamic Fitness

Jared has been in the HALO sector for over 10 years. He's a native Houstonian and scaled Dynamic Fitness to 3, full service locations ranging from 30-35,000 sq feet. "It was a whole lot harder than what I thought it would be. Overwhelming would be an understatement!" he joked. "It's about learning from each mistake that's made and continuing to move forward." Listen to learn more about Dynamic's model and how they continue to set themselves apart in one of the most competitive cities in the...


Scott Douglas & Nick Clayton, NSCA

The National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) is, by a large margin, the industry leader when it comes to educating top tier strength coaches who--many times--later go on to work with colleges, universities, and teams nationwide. They've educated over 30,000 professionals so far and operate as a non-profit. "We want to stay at the principle level and make sure that everything we're sharing is evidence based and backed by science," states Nick Clayton, the PT Program Manager. Listen...


Kevin Steele, Ph.D President, PTA Global/PT on the Net

A 30+ year veteran in the fitness industry, Dr. Kevin Steele earned his Ph.D at Pepperdine and had a personal training business even before there was even a term for it! Dr. Steele taught and coached at the university, and continued in the HALO sector with the legendary Don Wildman, Founder of the Health & Tennis Corporation of America. Dr. Steele later went on to research and scale the first national platform for personal training to 370 health clubs nationwide. Listen now to learn more...


Graham Melstrand, ACE Fitness

As the Executive Vice President of the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Graham has been in the HALO sector since 1991. As a former competitive cyclist with a BS in Athletic Training, he notes, "Our Mission, really simply stated, is to get people moving." With over 90,000 certified professionals in 100 different countries thus far, ACE continues to make its mark. As a non-profit, ACE is also self-funded with no external grants--and that puts them in a very unique position in an industry...


Lisa Dougherty, Founder MedFit Network

"The industry is now embracing and accepting the space between medicine and fitness," states Lisa Dougherty, Founder of the MedFit network and--clearly--a woman on a mission! Like many of the best businesses, MedFit Network evolved organically from (an extremely important!) need that had yet to be met. It is now the largest directory of fitness professionals on the Internet who work with special populations. Last year, Lisa took this on the road and started the Medical Fitness Tour and was...