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Our mission at VerifyNow is to help organisations build a trusted workforce. So how do you do this? We ask experts, business leaders and HR professionals how this can be achieved through our informative and easy going podcast series.




Our mission at VerifyNow is to help organisations build a trusted workforce. So how do you do this? We ask experts, business leaders and HR professionals how this can be achieved through our informative and easy going podcast series.




Lauren Daniels, How to Create Better Wellbeing Outcomes for Employees | HR Think Tank #26

A recent Australian Government Productivity Commission report showed mental health could cost the national economy up to $220 billion a year. This is just one more reason to care about how we can all support better mental health. Our guest today has vast experience leading teams and spearheading programs that make a real difference to the well-being of staff and the wider community. Lauren Daniels has held senior roles in many impactful companies, including BHP, Deloitte, and Rio...


Dr Andrew Reeson, What Data Science Tells us About the Impact of Flexible Work | HR Think Tank #25

If you keep up with HR news or even just the mainstream channels, you're bound to have noticed that the world of work is changing. You might have experienced some of these changes firsthand. But what, exactly, is transforming the workforce - and what does that mean for cities and regional centres in Australia, where we live and work? To help answer these questions, we're joined today by Dr Andrew Reeson. He's a behavioural economist and Principal Research Scientist with CSIRO's Data61. Dr...


Liam Ridgeway, Increasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Participation in the Digital Economy | HR Think Tank #24

We're living in an age of exponential digital growth, innovation, and opportunity. But is there fair access to this new economy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people? Our guest today is Liam Ridgeway, co-founder of NGNY and Indigitek. He’s not just talking the talk about the indigenous digital economy, but he's out there making things happen. Liam is passionate about supporting the sustainability enhancement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture through the influence...


Doug Ferguson, Effective Leadership and Collaboration with International Teams #23

We're more connected with our Asia-Pacific neighbours today than ever, and we're more in need of the benefits of that relationship. But as a leader, how can you best navigate the cross-cultural challenges and opportunities of working in an international team? Today's guest is Doug Ferguson, he's the New South Wales Chair and Head of Asia and International Markets for KPMG. Doug focuses on an expert in successful international business relationships, who's lived abroad for over ten years,...


Khai Ngo, CEO of VerifyNow on How Culture is Key to Team Motivation | HR Think Tank #22

Motivation is the fuel that propels your organization forward. When it scales up, you surge ahead; when it wanes, your momentum stalls. The motivation level of your team not only has a direct impact on that momentum but also the quality and quantity of their performance. Today, Khai Ngo, CEO of VerifyNow, and Zahra Nathwani who is VerifyNow’s Talent Business Partner, are on the show again to talk about a topic that is so prominent in HR news and even across mainstream news bulletins at the...


Tuan Pham from LinkedIn on Closing The Network Gap | HR Think Tank #21

Recent research published in US Science Journal Nature shows that children living in areas with friendships that cut across class lines, earn more in adulthood. In other words, friendships between rich and poor can have a big impact on wealth equality. Impact, and equality through social networking, is at the centre of everything that today's guest does. Tuan Pham is an expert in Corporate Social Responsibility, having worked in related roles for Heineken, The World Bank and


Dr. Michelle Cull, Importance of Trust & Ethics in Financial Planning Space | HR Think Tank #20

While accounting and financial planning may seem black and white to some, our guest today has discovered that it's not all about the numbers. She believes the human element plays a much bigger role than people give it credit for. Specifically, the human element of trust. Dr. Michelle Cull is the Associate Dean of Engagement at Western Sydney University, has worked for more than 15 years in ASX100 listed companies in financial roles. She is now a leading academic in financial planning,...


Paul Roos, Creating High-Performing Teams & Being a Good Leader | HR Think Tank #19

Being a good leader is often more about the good that you can find in others, than it is about bolstering yourself. In this episode we talk about the lessons business leaders can learn from winning sports coaches. Our guest today is Paul Roos, the Founder and Director of Performance by Design, and one of Australia's most respected AFL players and coaches of all time. Like many Australians, I feel a personal connection to Paul as I remember vividly the moment that the Sydney Swans won the...


Garry Browne AM, Chairman of Stuart Alexander & Co. on Personal Brand Marketing | HR Think Tank #18

We’re all aware of how important a strong brand is for our business. But how many of us take time to think about and develop our own personal brand? In this episode, we talk about why personal brand matters and how you go about developing and marketing ‘brand you.’ Our guest today has extensive brand marketing, CEO, and chair experience across business, not-for-profit, and education sectors, including the Centre for Social Impact Legacy, Rotary Foundation, UTS, and UNSW. He was the CEO...


Khai Ngo, CEO of VerifyNow on How Holistic Screening & Recruitment Creates Trust | HR Think Tank #17

As the war for talent rages on, it's more important than ever for employers to take a holistic approach to screening job candidates. By considering a candidate's skills, experience, and cultural fit, employers can identify the best person for the job—not just the most qualified on paper. In the latest episode of the HR Think Tank, VerifyNow CEO Khai Ngo discusses these challenges and opportunities with HR and Recruitment Specialist, Zahra Nathwani. Khai and Zahra provide our listeners with...


Natasha Hannah, Head of Operations at Lawpath on Leadership & Technology | HR Think Tank #16

Effective leadership is about living your values, and it's also important to have good systems and processes in place to support this objective. In this episode, we talk to Natasha Hannah, Head of Operations at Lawpath about the importance of being clear on your principles as a leader and how to use technology to develop and maintain effective workplace policies. We also cover: - How to build trust - Holistic recruitment - The role of Diversity & Inclusion in building a company...


Elisabeth Shaw, CEO of Relationships Australia NSW on Relationships at Work | HR Think Tank #15

Healthy relationships are a cornerstone of a happy life. They're also a key foundation for a successful business. In this episode of the HR Think Tank, we talk to Relationships Australia NSW CEO Elisabeth Shaw about how leaders can support positive workplace relationships and employee well-being. We also cover: - What learnings can be taken from the field of professional ethics when improving workplace relationships. - How managers often get conflict resolution wrong. - What to do when...


Ajay Bhatia, Managing Director of Carsales on Authentic Leadership & The Migrant Experience | HR Think Tank #14

The journey to leadership is unique for each person - our family background, education and life experiences impact how we see the world. On the latest episode of the HR Think Tank, we chat with Ajay Bhatia, Managing Director of Carsales Australia, about the role of authentic leadership and creating a culture of innovation. We also cover: - the impact of Ajay’s migration experience on his approach towards entrepreneurship and leadership, - the value of education for business leaders, -...


Cat-Thao Nguyen from Global Ready on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | HR Think Tank #13

Diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace… What does this mean? Is it a nice-to-have? Or does it play a critical role in driving company culture and performance? What are the impacts for your company, and how do you implement this strategy successfully? On the latest episode of the HR Think Tank, Cat-Thao Nguyen, CEO and Managing Director of Global Ready, joins us in answering some of these questions. We also cover: — Connect: Website: Facebook:...


Professor Simon Darcy from UTS on Disability Employment | HR Think Tank #12

There are significant barriers for people with disabilities to obtain employment. So, what can employees do to help bridge this gap? On the latest episode of the HR Think Tank, we discuss this topic with Simon Darcy who is the Professor of Social Inclusion at the University of Technology Sydney Business School. He believes passionately in the rights of all people to fully participate in community life. We discuss: - Simon’s employment prospects with his disability - common employment...


Zahra Nathwani, Talent Business Partner at VerifyNow on the Recruitment Process | HR Think Tank #11

Whether you’re doing the recruitment yourself or outsourcing to a recruitment agency, it’s good to understand the essentials so that you get the best talent for your team. So from the hiring brief to onboarding, we’ll take you through the major steps within the recruitment process to provide you with helpful hints and tips. In this week’s episode of the HR Think Tank, we chat to Zahra Nathwani, Talent Business Partner at VerifyNow, about: — Connect: Website:...


Campbell Jackson, Partner at EY, on Fraud in the Workplace | HR Think Tank #10

Fraud can occur in any workplace, large and small, and it can have serious and potentially lethal consequences for the organisation. The reputational damage can impact trust and how your employees, customers, suppliers, regulatory bodies and the broader community view your organisation. In this week’s episode of the HR Think Tank, we chat to Campell Jackson, a Partner at EY, about: fraud in the workplace, warning signs to look out for, the impacts, preventative measures you can take, and...


Julie Birtles, Founder of Beyond Excellence, on Nurturing Leadership | HR Think Tank #9

In a time of disruption and continuous change, it’s vital to equip existing and future leaders with skills, thought processes and techniques to ensure that the organisation not only survives but thrives. So, we chat to Julie Birtles, the founder of Beyond Excellence and co-founder of the First100, about our future leaders’ needs and how it contributes to their success. We cover: — Connect: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn:...


Angela Kwan & Aivee Robinson on Corporate Social Responsibility | HR Think Tank #8

In this week’s episode, we chat with Aivee Robinson and Angela Kwan, Co-Founders of Catalyser. We discussed the significance of implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and how it can impact employee engagement. We cover: — Connect: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Connect with Khai on LinkedIn: YouTube Channel - HR...


Omer Molad from Vervoe on Skills Assessments & Hiring Based on Merit | HR Think Tank #7

In this week’s episode, we chat with Omer Molad, the co-founder and CEO of Vervoe. We discussed the role of skills assessment in the hiring process and explored the opportunities when companies hire based on merit, not on background. We cover: — Connect: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Connect with Khai on LinkedIn: YouTube Channel -...