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LACE Partners is a fundamentally different leading boutique HR Consultancy based in London, helping businesses with their HR tech, transformation, change and adoption challenges.

LACE Partners is a fundamentally different leading boutique HR Consultancy based in London, helping businesses with their HR tech, transformation, change and adoption challenges.


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LACE Partners is a fundamentally different leading boutique HR Consultancy based in London, helping businesses with their HR tech, transformation, change and adoption challenges.






What are the 'next big things' in payroll technology?

What are the big emerging trends in payroll? What impact is data and analytics, AI, RPA and blockchain having for payroll professionals? In the latest episode we talk to Sam Isaac from Neeyamo about their whitepaper which looked at all of the above, as well as the impact of the Cloud on payroll solutions. You can also access the whitepaper here -


What impact can financial wellbeing have on your workforce?

In this weeks podcast we are joined by Stephen Holliday, CEO of Level Financial Technology to talk about financial wellbeing. What do we mean by the term and why should it be at the top of business leader's agendas? Listen in to find out more.


How are you articulating your wellness journey?

Dr Tracey Leghorn from Suez expands on some of the initiatives that her and her team have worked on at Suez and how they supported employees with their own wellbeing through a variety of different activities that involve including employees in setting the agenda for wellbeing within the business.


Is the future of payroll real time payments?

What is real time payments and why do they help to support employees and their ability to control their money? What impact will this have on payroll teams? What about global payroll - how does it fit in? We look at this with Zellis and Ian Wheeler from Income Group.


Can you have too much HR tech?

The latest HR on the Offensive podcast looks at a recent HR Magazine article that questioned whether employees and HR teams are suffering a tech overload because of the number of systems they are using. The HR Magazine article itself can be found here -


How to get your people to use your learning platform

How can you ensure your people use your LMS? How do you create a pathway to progress? What are the three ways you can make it easier for learners in your business? We look at this in the latest podcast, featuring Lulu Dermeche from HowNow. This podcast was following a blog the team at HowNow recently wrote, which you can see here -


D&I - bringing your 'whole self' to work

How can employees bring their 'whole selves' to work? What does this mean from a diversity and inclusion perspective? How have attitudes towards D&I changed post BLM movement and the beginning of 2020? How do you measure the success of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion efforts? In the latest podcast we spoke to Jo Rose from Linklaters about a passion of hers, as well as what Linklaters do to support D&I in their business.


AI in HR: What you need to know

How can businesses find the balance between AI and human connection? What do we think the future of AI will look like in HR? In this week's podcast we speak to Racheal and Aaron from LACE about where we are at now, and where AI will take HR in the near future.


Has the global pandemic really bought work/life balance?

How did leaders step up in 2020 and now in 2021? What does work/life balance really look like? How much have businesses changed in terms of D&I since the George Floyd murder? Why are HR still bearing the brunt of emotional labour? We look at these questions and more with Melissa Paris from Culture Amp, as she reflects on a survey conducted in 2020 that Culture Amp wrote a blog on earlier in the year. How much has changed since then? You can also read the blog here...


Unlocking the power of digital adoption analytics

What value can a digital adoption platform add from a data and analytics perspective? How can it help businesses undertaking a digital transformation to improve operational efficiency? And how should what you measure change depending on where you are in your transformation journey? We look at this in the latest podcast, which is a review of a recent whitepaper produced by the Everest Group and Applearn, looking at the power of DAP analytics software. You can download the report from the...


Why is digital transformation so high on HR leaders' 'to do' lists?

What is the highest priority for HR leaders in 2021 and beyond? Why can technology be such an area of frustration for employees, from an EX perspective? Why are so many businesses looking to increase the number of HR systems they have in place? We look at this and more in the latest podcast with Applaud, who recently released the whitepaper "The Future of HR: Employee experience fuelled by consumer-grade technology" - link to download the report here -


How can HR get better at using its people analytics data?

What lessons has the last 18 months taught HR teams when it comes to getting better at analysing their people data and analytics? What impact with predictive analytics have in future? How can you better leverage the HR system you already have? We look at all of these questions in the latest podcast, which was a reflection podcast following the webinar we ran with Ceridian in July. To see the webinar visit -


Is your head in the HR systems Cloud?

Are you looking at migrating your HR system to the Cloud? What are your motivations? How do you ensure a smooth transition? What should your 'post-go live' plan look like? We discuss this in the latest podcast, taken from the webinar 'Getting HR's Head in to the Cloud' from earlier in July 2021.


Hello Business Adviser - What challenges are HR leaders faced with?

Chris Howard is joined by Emma Leonis from LACE to discuss some of the challenges HR leaders are faced with such as 'How do you deliver employee-centric services given geographic challenges?' and 'How do you create a one-team culture in HR?'. This podcast is a follow-up session from our May webinar, where we spoke to Vale Dale - Aggreko and Jayne Traill - Syngenta.


How do you build your business case for changing your payroll?

What are the biggest challenges that companies face when thinking about changing their payroll provider? How do you build your business case for change? Adam Morris and Chris Kirby from LACE Partners discuss some of the challenges they have seen from some of the businesses we work with on payroll consultancy support.


HR strategy vs people strategy - What's the difference?

Chris Howard is joined by Cathy Acratopulo and Chris Horton from LACE to discuss the differences between an HR strategy and a people strategy. Delving deeper into questions like, why we need both? and what are the strategic themes we are seeing?


How can HR become more adaptable when it comes to data? Data Means Business book review

How many businesses get it right when it comes to using people data to become more adaptable in their thinking? How much does culture play in effectively leveraging data? What can HR learn from building - and being part of - cross-functional teams leading on data projects? The latest podcast talks to Barry Green, co-author of 'Data Means Business' (available here - about what he's learned in his time...


Understanding the change impacts of an HR transformation

Chris is joined by Cathy and Rachel from LACE to discuss the complexities of HR transformations compared to other transformations. They also discuss lessons learned when it comes to managing change impacts, as well as how much of an impact COVID has had in terms of personas and hybrid working.


An overview of HRTech247 - online tech marketplace tool

Chris and Aaron from LACE Partners talk to Bob Rehill from HRTech247 about his online marketplace for HR tech businesses to share their products, as well as consultancies to share their experiences.


The evolution of the SI and why they are still important for your HR tech strategy

How has the role of the SI changed and evolved over the years? Why are they so important when you are embedding a new piece of HR tech? What questions should you be asking of them? What does a good SI look like? We ask these questions and more in the latest podcast featuring Max and Chris from LACE Partners.