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LACE Partners is a fundamentally different leading boutique HR Consultancy based in London, helping businesses with their HR tech, transformation, change and adoption challenges.

LACE Partners is a fundamentally different leading boutique HR Consultancy based in London, helping businesses with their HR tech, transformation, change and adoption challenges.


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LACE Partners is a fundamentally different leading boutique HR Consultancy based in London, helping businesses with their HR tech, transformation, change and adoption challenges.






Is 2021 the year of employee empowerment?

What were the key lessons learned for HR in 2020? What were the key HR tech platforms that HR shared services teams were looking at in 2020 and has that changed in 2021? Has the debate about the value of HR in an organisation now truly subsided? What trends will we see in 2021 and is this the year of employee empowerment? Chris and Emma from LACE Partners talk to Lisa Dennis from SPX Flow in the latest HR on the Offensive podcast.


In the Spotlight - series three intro

Aaron and Annette from the Guild of HR Professionals talk to Stephen Sidebottom about the latest Guild Cohort for their leadership programme, including some of the benefits of the scheme, as well as mentoring and networking opportunities that exist for HR professionals on it.


What does the future hold for HR Shared Services Teams?

How do HR Shared Services Teams evolve? What are the characteristics of successful HR Shared Services Consultants? What can HR Shared Services Teams learn from other front-line functions like Customer Services? In this latest podcast Chris and Emma from LACE Partners talk about the latest whitepaper released in November this year and how HR Shared Services can become people and solutions experts.


Post COVID19, How do we structure our workforces for the future?

How did HR react during the crisis of 2020? And what opportunities lie ahead? What are the big strategic questions that HR needs to ask in 2021? How do you improve performance and productivity through better people management? How do we structure our workforces for the future? Kevin Green joins Aaron Alburey and Annette Andrews in the latest Guild of HR Professionals podcast.


How do leaders truly 'connect' with people?

How can leaders get the most from their people? What enables us to work better and how important are the connections that leaders make? Is it ok to show vulnerability as a leader? These were just a few questions discussed in the latest 'In The Spotlight' podcast from the Guild of HR Professionals. Nicola Forbes-Taylor joins Aaron Alburey and Annette Andrews in the latest podcast.


Why HR needs to hone its public speaking skills

More and more senior HR professionals are looking at the bigger picture in their business and expanding their own influence beyond just the people function. As a result the ability to effectively communicate your message is essential. In this short podcast Chris from LACE Partners talks to Brendan from Mastertalk to get tips on honing HR's public speaking skills.


The importance of HR's approach to communication post-COVID

How does HR ensure it remains the conscience of the organisation? How can we ensure that we are focused on the 'moments that matter' for employees? And how do we take stock, realise the value that HR has added during this period, so that we can demonstrate the value as we look to exit the global pandemic? Chris talks to Karen Dempster, an communications expert, on how to articulate an effective approach to communication during the current crisis.


The changing mindset of the commercial HRD

Is there a movement for senior HR professionals to become more commercially focused? How many are working beyond the people agenda? Are there specific capabilities and skills that make up a successful HRD/CPO? What does the HR function have to do to ensure the people stepping up into these roles in future have this commercial mindset? Chris from LACE Partners talks to Katie Jacobs from the CIPD after some roundtables that they ran earlier in 2020.


Bringing diversity into the entire employee life cycle

Bringing in diverse talent is only one side of the coin and in the latest ‘In the Spotlight’ series from the Guild of HR Professionals looks at how diversity and inclusion should feed through the entire life cycle of an employees time at a business, from initial recruitment through to onboarding and ongoing talent retention strategies.


In the Spotlight - the impact of mental health and tackling it post Covid-19

Annette Andrews and Andrew Pullman from the Guild of HR Professionals talk about the impact of wellbeing and the impact and importance of mental health, as well as the role that mental health first aiders can be to a business and people. This is particularly relevant post Covid-19.


How can diversity and inclusion drive your elearning solutions?

How can businesses effectively personalise the learning experience better and particularly, how do businesses get better at driving the diversity and inclusion agenda through online systems? Chris and Max from LACE Partners spoke to Mehdi Tounsi from Open Sesame, the online learning and development platform.


How challenging has it been for you to get your HR data in order during lockdown?

How have businesses and HR teams leveraged data and analytics since lockdown? Have they been efficient? Is there a danger for some businesses to over-elaborate in the way they interrogate data for areas like performance management? How do you collate data effectively from multiple sources so that you aren’t just wading through numbers-treacle? These are just a few questions that Simon Haines from Simply Get Results talks to Chris and Max from LACE Partners about.


How quickly is HR moving on the diversity debate?

Are you creating barriers for talent to come into your organisation as a result of your approach to diversity? Aaron Alburey from LACE Partners and Annette Andrews from the Guild of HR Professionals talk to Kate Headley from The Clear Company about the societal and economic changes that have occurred over 2020 and how HR needs to drive the inclusivity agenda at senior Exec level.


What does HR need to know about the Job Support Scheme?

What does the change from the Job Retention Scheme (furlough) to the Job Support Scheme mean for HR teams and businesses? How will it impact contractual arrangements between employer and employee? Can employees on the scheme still undertake training? What are the challenges that companies entering onto this new scheme will face? Chris from LACE Partners spoke to Paul Chamberlain from JMW Solicitors to get the lowdown on the governments latest attempts to retain jobs during this global...


The ever-changing world of the office workplace and how it is impacting culture and relationships

Carissa Kilgour from Co.Lab returns to talk about what has changed in the way in which businesses are utilising their workspaces. How can a business collaborate better when everyone is at home? Will we start to see a move away from mass migration into the big cities? How can you maintain your workplace culture when nobody is in your office? How do you build relationships with those people in your business that you don’t work with all of the time? And how do you train your leaders to manage...


In the spotlight – How do you make culture the ‘hero’ for organisations?

How can HR teams and businesses get better at bringing data to the forefront of measuring a culture in a business? How can you use culture as the ‘first line of defence’ in stamping out unproductive behaviours in a business? Hani Nabeel from iPsychTec talks to the HR Guild about his experiences, how he has worked with organisations to drive behaviour change, as well as how you can use predictive analytics to look at what a change in culture can do for you in future, rather than looking...


In the Spotlight – How can you create a happy and productive organisation?

Doing things right or doing the right thing? Aaron Alburey from LACE Partners and Co-host Annette Andrews from the HR Guild, talk to Stephanie Davies - From Laughology and Founder of the National Happiness Awards, about what we should be thinking about as we step into the new norm of the working world.


In the Spotlight - HR Guild season two trailer

An introduction from Aaron Alburey and Annette Andrews talking about season two of the HR Guild podcast, in which they explain what to look forward to in this upcoming series. They talk about being a 'business professional' rather than just a 'HR professional' and how this series will focus on how to help people network, develop themselves and give back to the HR community.


How are businesses thinking about digital adoption in 2020? What you need to know.

On this Thursday's podcast Aaron and Chris are joined by technology adoption expert Andy Barlow, VP of Innovation at Applearn. We talk to Andy about their recently released Digital Adoption Pulse Report, where they asked 500 business leaders what their experiences, challenges and priorities were in terms of enterprise software. Listen to the podcast to deep dive into the results.


How has digital employee experience accelerated during the pandemic?

We sit down with employee experience expert Luka Winterborne and our Director, HR Transformation Emma Leonis to talk about how Covid-19 has pushed many organisations to drastically change and improve their digital employee experiences. We explore the new focus on employee safety and wellbeing, the importance of service delivery tech and how HR teams can adapt to a quickly changing working world.