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On Hacks and Flacks - a podcast from March Communications - we talk with influencers, colleagues and experts about all things marketing, media, public relations, and communications. We'll also share stories and insights from the award-winning March blog.

On Hacks and Flacks - a podcast from March Communications - we talk with influencers, colleagues and experts about all things marketing, media, public relations, and communications. We'll also share stories and insights from the award-winning March blog.
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On Hacks and Flacks - a podcast from March Communications - we talk with influencers, colleagues and experts about all things marketing, media, public relations, and communications. We'll also share stories and insights from the award-winning March blog.






57 - Brews and Blogs at Bone Up Brewing Company

The principles of good marketing - know your customer, build a brand, find creative ways to tell your story - apply in any business, including brewing. To find out how craft breweries stand out in an increasingly competitive space, Manny and guest host Lizzy Snell talked to Liz and Jared Kiraly, the owners of Bone Up Brewing Company in Everett, Massachusetts. They tell the story behind Bone Up, their quirky mascot Horatio, and how Liz applied her design and marketing background toward...


56 - Chris Penn on Data Science for Marketing and Public Relations

Chris Penn, co-founder of Trust Insights and an authority on analytics, digital marketing and marketing tech, joins Hacks and Flacks to tell us about the latest advancements in data science for marketing and public relations. We discuss artificial intelligence and machine learning for marketing, the connection between SEO and PR, and he provides some definitive answers on some of our team's lingering PR and marketing questions - like what's the rule around duplicate content and keyword...


55 - 'Conversational Marketing' and Treating People Like People

March's Kelly O'Brien and Alex Jafarzadeh chop it up over Conversational Marketing, the new release from Drift's David Cancel & Dave Gerhardt and the first selection of Overbooked, the new March book club. Alex and Kelly talk about the lessons that PR professionals and marketers can learn from the book, including insights on customer loyalty and why it's important to market like you're an actual human being. Plus, we feature bonus audio from Dave Gerhardt's recent appearance at the March...


54 - On the MIC with Drift, Lola.com and Notarize

True to our credo - "Innovation Inside Out" - March has launched a series of events called the March Innovators Collective (MIC). Our first event was held in early March (appropriate), and where EVP Jodi Petrie hosted a panel discussion with three Boston marketing luminaries: Jeanne Hopkins of Lola.com, Jessica Meher of Notarize, and Dave Gerhardt of Drift. The conversation covered a lot of ground: what's in the DNA of a good marketer? What marketing trends need to go away? How can brands...


53 - The Art and Science of Influencer Marketing

The concept of influencer marketing is nothing new, but it's been in the news a lot lately. And brands are more interested than ever in partnerships for sales, awareness or engagement campaigns. In this episode, we tackle influencer marketing from several different angles. First, we interview Jess Ann Kirby, an influencer who has worked directly with brands, to find out how this works as a content creator. You can follow Jess Ann Kirby at her website www.jessannkirby.com and podcast Cozy...


52 - Creative Stories, Told Creatively

When most people think about innovation they might focus on innovative technology. But there is also a lot of innovation occurring in storytelling and communications. Customers are more discerning in both consumer and B2B environments, so it means businesses of all kinds have to find creative ways to tell compelling stories to buyers. Diana Marszalek, senior reporter at The Holmes Report, just finished a series of articles on this topic, and she tells us what she heard from brands and...


51 - The Problem with Podcast Discovery

On this week's Hacks and Flacks, we discuss the growing podcasting industry and the continued challenges around podcast discovery. Kevin Goldberg, founder and editor of DiscoverPods, joins the show to recap his ongoing coverage of a scheme in which fraudsters are gaming the Apple Podcasts charts to make their shows appear more popular than they really are, and why that's making things harder for podcast listeners. subscribe to podcast iTunesStitcherSpotifyGoogle Play


50 - Living the Brand

On this week's Hacks and Flacks, we discuss the concept of a brand story. First, we ask March EVP Jodi Petrie why it's important for a brand to take the time to define its story. Then, we talk to March co-founders Martin Jones and Cheryl Gale about the recent process our agency went through to re-imagine our own brand, with lessons for companies like yours. LINKS: @MarchCommsMarchComms.com/blog Subscribe to Hacks and Flacks on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or Google Play today.


49 - Every Minute Counts

Blogging is a crowded world, and it's getting harder than ever to drive organic traffic from social and search to a website. So it's no surprise that newsletters and podcasts are gaining in popularity as publishers and businesses look for ways to reach consistent audiences. In this episode of Hacks and Flacks, we talk to Tyler Morin, co-founder of The Water Coolest, a daily email newsletter and podcast that covers financial news. We ask Tyler about making the move from blogging to running a...


48 - Make It Something I Can Understand

Local TV news can be a great venue to tell a company's local story if you know how to reach the right person with the right pitch. In this episode of Hacks and Flacks, we speak to Marshall Hook, assignment editor at WHDH-TV Channel 7 in Boston, to learn the best ways PR professionals can pitch local broadcast media. Marshall offers a primer on the dynamics and structure of a broadcast TV newsroom, explains how stories are typically evaluated for air, and deconstructs the TV broadcast so you...


47 - Play for the Long Term

In an interview with March Managing Director Cheryl Gale, Laura Tomasetti, CEO and founder of 360PR+, covers her path to becoming one of PR's top leaders, from her beginnings in ad copywriting, to her stops at agencies in Washington, D.C., and Boston, to her in-house experience at Hasbro. They also talk about why PR is growing in importance as CEOs because more conscious and concerned about their own reputation, and the reputations of their brands. And they discuss the value of...


46 - Mai Tais and Meditation on International Women's Day

March 8 is International's Women Day, and in recognition, we recorded a fun and insightful roundtable chat between March Director of Digital Services Caroline Black, Managing Director Cheryl Gale and Executive Vice President Jodi Petrie. They talk about navigating their careers in PR, covering the challenge of juggling work and life responsibilities, the journey to find confidence in the workplace, and the importance for young women to make sure their voices are heard. They also touch on...


45 - Hey Google, Boil My Water

CES 2018 is history, and March Senior Account Executive Alex Jafarzadeh has a full report from Las Vegas. He tells us why this year's event was the "voice-controlled CES" and why, of all the major technology players in that space, Google was the biggest winner at the show. We also talk about brands that made the wrong kind of impact and thus found themselves caught up in the sometimes-cynical coverage that surrounds CES every year. Alex offers advice for businesses that are thinking about...


44 - Inbound 2017: The After School Special

Inbound 2017, the annual marketing conference here in Boston, has officially wrapped up. March sent several team members to the show, including Content Manager Andrew Grzywacz, who wrote a blog post (http://bit.ly/2xLoEN0) summarizing his top content takeaways from the show. Now Andrew's on Hacks and Flacks to share more thoughts from the event, including the science behind how stories stick in the human mind, tips on sourcing content ideas from Reddit, and insight into the future of...


43 - Get a Good Bugle

Two years after helping to launch Hacks and Flacks with our first interview, media watcher Sam Whitmore of mediasurvey.com is back again to talk about the big topics in media and marketing. Major media brands are making big bets on video content, but Sam explains why he thinks vertical publications in tech and other industries likely won't be able to follow suit with similar initiatives. We also discuss: and the effect on all of the above on tech PR professionals and content...


42 - Doing One Thing Really Well

TUGG Boston helps early stage, experimental nonprofits in the city earn funding and build their networks through multiple events and resources. Its annual Tugg Makes Boston fundraiser distributes more than $200,000 in funding to local organizations looking to solve challenges in their communities. On this episode of Hacks and Flacks, we speak to TUGG Executive Director Elizabeth Dobrska, covering the resources TUGG offers to help its portfolio companies hone their message, and the biggest...


41 - Do You Know How to Make a Media List?

Recruitment and hiring are cornerstones of any growing business. Whether you're developing an agency from the ground up or looking to bring fresh talent into an established organization, it's important to find people with the right skills and attitude to push your business forward. In building our agency, March co-founder Cheryl Gale and Vice President Liz Swenton Hosman have frequently tweaked their recruitment approach and philosophy in order to find and attract the right talent. In this...


40 - I'm in the Weeds, and It's Gross

Michelle Cove has turned a career as a media maker into an opportunity to address that industry's most harmful effects. She's founder and executive director of MEDIAGIRLS, a nonprofit that gives young girls the tools to filter and think critically about the harmful sexist and biased messages communicated in today's media. In this week's Hacks and Flacks, Marina Askari and Manny Veiga talk to Michelle about her journey from filmmaker to startup founder, chat about the communications...


39 - Backed Facts vs Fake News

We're living in the era of fake news, or at least, the fear of fake news. Stories that would have once been reserved for salacious supermarket tabloids are now being shared like wildfire across social media and discussed seriously on the nightly news. It's bad for readers (who do you trust?) bad for media (how do you prove your credibility?) and bad for businesses, who don't want to get caught up in a phony but potentially damaging story. Even a fake story could be a massive PR risk. In...


38 - There's No Bad Time for Pop Tarts

When you're trying to start a business, it can be tough to figure out your next step. Daquan Oliver, founder and executive director at WeThrive, learned this from a young age, and now he works to develop entrepreneurial skills in students from middle school on up. In this episode of Hacks and Flacks, Daquan shares a few lessons in social entrepreneurship. Having successfully built a national collective of undergrad mentors for youth in under-resourced communities, Daquan describes how...