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Hard Hitting No BS Content on business, life, and Entrepreneurship, with Billy Farrell.

Hard Hitting No BS Content on business, life, and Entrepreneurship, with Billy Farrell.
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Hard Hitting No BS Content on business, life, and Entrepreneurship, with Billy Farrell.




128: 10 Years of Business Insight. #10YearChallenge

The recent #10yearchallenge has been interesting to watch. That being said, a picture doesn't tell a 10 year story. Apart from the growth of my awesome beard, the past 10 years for me, in business, have been enlightening. It's been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, and as someone who doesn't share content for vanity; rather than posting a 10 year now and then pic, I decided to record a podcast sharing what I've learned in 10 years of business, going from absolute failure, to where I am today.


127: Finding Calm in the Chaos, and Creating Power

When everything is up in the air, and the shit hits the fan, we can either succumb to it, become emotional, feel stressed and overwhelmed, and be weighed down by whatever is going on, or, we can find clarity in the chaos, and turn that chaos into power.


126: Endless Opportunities To Make Money

"There's no point going into business, all the best ideas have been taken." Bullshit. There has never been a better time to get into business. There has never been a time with more opportunity. There are a handful of elements that must be in place, but when you get them right, that world of opportunity is literally wide open for the taking...


125: Where the Magic Truly Happens in Business

Here's where the magic truly happens in business, and believe me, it's applicable no matter what you do. Adopt this mentality, and you will grow beyond whatever you imagine possible.


124: 2 Ideas That Will Change Your Fortunes

We all have our stories and ideas of where we fit in the world, and what's possible for us. For the most part, our stories and ideas are bullshit. Thankfully, I hit absolute rock bottom and learned a thing or two about changing the self imposed stories and ideas about where I was going in life. I want to share two key ideas with you, that will absolutely change the direction of your life and what's possible for you, if you let them.


123: The Time Delay Between You And Your Goals...

Is it really a big deal to "put things off" until tomorrow? Absolutely it is! Here's the problem. When you push important tasks into the next day; you don't just innocently push one or two things forward. You push "the entire chain of events" between you and your goals, between you and what you said you want, further back. And then you wonder why progress is slow. Sound familiar? Here's how to permanently change this...


122: Mastering The Wealth Mindset

In this clip from a Property Protégé event, I ask why it is that some people can lose all their money and make it back, while others never do. Simply, it all comes down to their mindset. Their mind is prepared to deal with wealth, and therefore it’s used wisely, or it’s not, and it’s gone. Let’s explore what it takes to master the money mindset…


121: Business isn't Easy. Realise This, and You Have a Chance.

Business is hard work, and all the motivational quotes on the planet won't change this. The sooner you realise that, the sooner you have a chance. I was criticised recently by a young lad. He said I was negative, and discouraging for being blunt. The reality, and what he doesn't realise yet, is that no one is coming to save him. Business is hard fricken work. Those who tell you otherwise, generally haven't been there. It's hard, but it's also awesome and worthwhile. There's a whole world of...


120: Bad Shit Happening? It's Probably Your Fault...

If we're really honest about it, most of the bad shit that happens to us, is our own fault. Sure, things happen that we didn't see coming, but the reality is, most things in business are predictable. It comes down to our moment to moment choices; and most bad shit that happens, is on you. Let's explore this idea...


119: How to Become a Leader

“How do I get the attention of my market?” Wrong question... Who do you need to become to be worthy of their attention? How do you need to be perceived to make them want to work with you? People follow people who are going somewhere. If you want to be that person, you need to establish yourself as an authority. Let's discuss what it takes to be seen as a leader...


118: Handling People Who Criticise Your Goals

When someone tells you that your goals are impossible, they're not actually talking to you, they're talking to themselves. Never let the limitations of others become your own. It's too easy to let our minds be infected by the small thinking of others. Some folk just want to protect us. Others are just dickheads :) If you're not too careful, you'll be dragged the wrong way...


117: Should I Share Content if I'm Just Starting?

If someone is just getting started, should they be sharing content online? Very interesting question. You may be the person just getting started. Or you may be the person with experience and an opinion. Let's discuss...


116: When Competitors Piss You Off Online

Ever see someone in your industry sharing content online, and you just think, "You are absolutely full of it..?" This used to drive me nuts. But then I realised something. These people were banking all the cash. These people were getting customers. Not only was I missing the opportunity to gain business; but I was hurting my potential customers by leaving them to the lesser experienced and ill-informed newbies or charlatans. If you are killing it in your game, you have a responsibility to...


115: 2019 Marketing Strategies To Be Excited About

"What new marketing strategies should I be excited about in 2019?" None, if you aren't already using what's available. It's the magic bullet, or get rich quick... Looking for that big thing that changes everything. Most folk in most businesses simply aren't taking advantage of what's out there. "But hey, what's the next "big thing..." Wrong attitude... Unless you're currently kicking ass with other strategies. Let's take a deeper look at what we should have our eyes on in 2019, as well as...


114: How To Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

"2019 will be my best year yet." Really? If last year was awesome, despite the challenges, then I believe you. If your interpretation of last year was that it sucked, then chances are you'll end 2019 with the same attitude. Why wait for New Year, or Monday, to make a change? Let's take a deep dive into how to ensure that 2019 is TRULY your most successful year yet.


113: Overcoming Absolute Overwhelm

Overwhelm is a massive problem. If you're a driven person, this can happen too often, and sadly, the more successful you become, and the bigger you get, the more likely it is to happen. Let's discuss the very real reality of overwhelm, and a handful of strategies to push through it...


112: Making The Shift on Social Media

Most business owners are on the wrong side of social media. Most professionals and Entrepreneurs are doing it wrong. Forget how big or engaged your audience is. It's not about that. It's about which side of the social world you land on...


111: Becoming a Master of Time

We all have one thing in common; we all have the same amount of hours in the day. How we use them, is a different story... Master how you look at time and you can easily extend yourself beyond what you think is possible. In this clip from a recent Property Protege event, I discuss how to re-take control of our lives, and this thing called time...


110: Before You Get The Money

"Show me the money." "Show me the strategy." "Show me how to do the marketing." "Show me how to do the deals." There's one problem with this line of questioning. Just as lottery wins rarely hold onto the money, business owners are unlikely to reach their full potential unless certain elements are first in place. Let's talk about what has to happen before you get the money...


109: Having It All. Because You Can.

Should we focus on getting leverage? Or should we focus on hustle and grind? The better question to ask, is why not focus on both? For what is the point of getting leverage, if not to FREE you up to CREATE even more with it? People who speak in a language of EITHER-OR, as it relates to what can be accomplished in life and business, simply haven't figured it out yet. The question isn't "leverage" or "hustle." The question isn't "family" or "work." The question is "Why not BOTH," if that's...