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Hard Hitting No BS Content on business, life, and Entrepreneurship, with Billy Farrell.

Hard Hitting No BS Content on business, life, and Entrepreneurship, with Billy Farrell.
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Hard Hitting No BS Content on business, life, and Entrepreneurship, with Billy Farrell.




104: BONUS EPISODE. FULL 10X London Speech.

After a short break to bring the 10X Business Bootcamp across the UK, the Hardcore Entrepreneurship Podcast is back and I'm kicking off by bringing 10X to you...


Join Grant Cardone & Billy For 2 Days

Join Grant Cardone, Billy, and friends, for 2 days at the 10X UK Business Bootcamp in London or Glasgow. Don't know who Grant Cardone is? Shame on you. Haven't bought your ticket yet? Shame on you. Let's discuss, and rectify immediately... ;) For more info and tickets: 10Xuktour.com


LinkedInferno Competition Winner Announcement

Congratulations to the winner of our LinkedInferno Training Competition. Contact us at mail@tmdmedia to claim your prize.


103: It Gets Harder, Before It Gets Easier

I hate to tell you this, but it gets harder before it gets easier. That being said, it does get easier. Most people give up in business, three feet from gold. The reality of what it takes to succeed is very different from what we've been taught, but thankfully, not in a bad way... Click here for show notes and more


102: No Half Measures. Going All In.

If something is worth doing, then go all in. Why half-ass it through life, dipping your toe in the water, when the real rewards are in full immersion. In business, anything less than going all in can be dangerous. Let's explore... Click here for show notes and more


101: Creating Your Digital Stamp

How exactly are people supposed to get in touch with you? Look you up? Search for you? Remember your full name in the first place? What about business cards? I'll crack the jokes. What if there were a way you could very easily have the people you meet on your business travels see exactly what you want them to see about you, in one place? Lets explore... Click here for show notes and more


COMPETITION. Zero to 7 Figures on LinkedIn. Full Training for Free?

To mark our 100th episode, we've decided to give one person full access to our LinkedInferno training for free. LinkedInferno is your opportunity to become the authority and pre-eminent voice in your industry. We've banked BIG from LinkedIn, as have those who've gone through the system, and now it's your turn. Listen up, take notes on exactly what to do, and we'll be announcing the winner on the 17th of September.


100: Worn Boots and Silk Slippers. Have You Settled?

History echoes the sound of silk slippers coming down the stairs, and worn boots charging up. Comfort, is the enemy of progress, and the chances are, you've settled at a level far below your potential. Let's see what's still in you... Click here for show notes and more


099: When Going The Extra Mile Backfires

Going the extra mile, is advice we've all been given when it comes to servicing clients and potential clients, however, there's one piece of the puzzle that's never mentioned. Get this wrong, and your best intentions can dramatically backfire... Click here for show notes and more


098: Overcoming Fear in Business, and Swollen Testicles

The coward dies 1000 deaths, the hero only one. As human beings, our minds tend to think of the worst possible scenario, and project it into our minds. The reality is, rarely do events transpire as we imagined they would. The only thing to truly fear, is fear itself... Click here for show notes and more


097: It's Business, Not Personal

Very rarely, when someone makes a business decision that hurts your personally, is it personal. Just as when you hurt others, which you will, was it intended as anything other than business. This is the real world. People are out for their own "greater good." Naivety of this fact will merely see you as being consistently on the receiving end of it... Click here for show notes and more


096: ”Hi, I'm Bob from XYZ." No One Cares Bob

Ever get the opportunity to speak in front of a room? To present who you are and what you do, essentially, your elevator pitch? Great. Try not to do what most folk do. If you get this right, you'll make an impact and you'll be memorable. If you get this wrong, you'll be another face in the sea of business cards I have no idea who gave me... Click here for show notes and more


095: Business Owners. What We Can Learn From The Employed.

It's easy to work when the boss is watching, but what happens when you're the boss? The truth is, most of us should fire ourselves. There's a lot to be learned from the employed masses. Perhaps not the hump day attitude or the relentless pursuit of Friday, but the structure, routine, and forced performance, regardless of whether we're in the mood or not. Let's explore... Click here for show notes and more


094: Be Uncomfortable. The Pursuit of The New Normal.

The things you once found uncomfortable, are what I like to call "The new normal..." With that being said, the things that currently terrify you, in business, and in life, are simply a "comfort zone stretch" away from becoming your new normal. If you're comfortable, chances are, you're not growing. Click here for show notes and more


093: Selling Without Selling

Whatever business you're in, the sale starts way in advance of the sale ever taking place. Get this right, and your closing rate will go through the roof. Click here for show notes and more


092: When the Black Dog Bites. The Fine Line Between Genius and Madness.

Depression sucks, and yet, many folk suffer in silence. Albert Einstein acknowledged the fine line between genius and madness. In business, many folk face the black dog. Many folk, aren't content with the norm, and that energy that drives them, that gives them the entrepreneurial spark, can many times be the same energy, that pulls us into the pit of despair. If you're facing this, you are not alone. It's more common than you think. Let's explore this idea. Click here for show notes and more


091: Target Fixation. Crashing vs Winning.

When we focus on the thing we don't want to happen, it tends to happen. What we think about, comes about. Don't want to hit the wall? Focus on the road ahead. Let's talk about target fixation. Click here for show notes and more


090: The Strongest Poetic Text Ever Written About Entrepreneurship

There's a reason why certain quotations, poems, and messages are shared among those committed to personal and professional growth. Allow me to break down the most powerful poetic text ever written as it relates to entrepreneurship. If you can get the point in this episode, you'll be a man, my son ;) Click here for show notes and more


089: Why The World Cup Is A Huge Advantage For Your Business

World cup fever is upon us. I think it's a great thing. It brings people together, it creates camaraderie, it's good fun, it's competitive, and all the rest. However, I won't be watching it. While competitors relax and settle into the energy of the world cup, I, and hopefully you, will be dominating the shit out of my own game, in business... Click here for show notes and more


088: Everest, Commitment, and WH Murray...

The moment that you definitely commit yourself, providence moves too, and all sorts of things occur that would never have otherwise occur, to assist you on your entrepreneurial journey. In today's episode, we dig into Scottish Mountaineer William H Murray's infamous inspirational text, on commitment... Click here for show notes and more