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Listen to inspirational stories from successful inventors and entrepreneurs as our host, Jon LaClare, founder of Harvest Growth, leads interviews targeted at helping aspiring inventors and market-leading entrepreneurs alike. If you’d like to see how Harvest Growth can help grow your product business, click below.

Listen to inspirational stories from successful inventors and entrepreneurs as our host, Jon LaClare, founder of Harvest Growth, leads interviews targeted at helping aspiring inventors and market-leading entrepreneurs alike. If you’d like to see how Harvest Growth can help grow your product business, click below.


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Listen to inspirational stories from successful inventors and entrepreneurs as our host, Jon LaClare, founder of Harvest Growth, leads interviews targeted at helping aspiring inventors and market-leading entrepreneurs alike. If you’d like to see how Harvest Growth can help grow your product business, click below.






Build a Profitable, High Growth Business with No Experience -

Do you have a great idea but feel like you don’t have enough experience to successfully market a product? Today we talk to Cheryl Rigdon, inventor of, who started as a consumer just wanting to solve a personal frustration. Cheryl shares with us her experiences of going on SharkTank with just a handmade prototype, appearing on Good Morning America and The View with her first batch of inventory, and later expanding her products in retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, and...


How to Grow Your Business Despite External Threats -

Robert Harbauer, Bondic Are you fearful of competitors stealing your idea and selling knock-off versions of your product? Good products are always knocked off, but you can still win and grow your business by following this simple, think-outward approach. In today’s episode, we talk to Robert Harbauer, CEO of, who has experienced his innovative product being knocked off by over 37 companies. Robert talks with us about the importance of creating a brand environment...


Use National TV Exposure to Gain Retail Presence -

How do you win over the sharks on Shark Tank with an innovative product idea with a great business model? How do you continue to innovate and create new products after initial success? Desiree Haller, the founder of, answers these questions and many more. Hear the behind-the-scenes story of a product marketer that got on Shark Tank only a few months after founding their business and, with the odds against them, secured a deal with two of the Sharks. In today’s interview,...


Use Home Shows to Turn Around Your Business -

4/21/2022 Duncan Burns There are ENDLESS benefits of selling a product at a home show to a live audience. OxiClean did it, and your business can too. You can fine-tune your messaging in hours rather than weeks or months, and, at a fraction of the cost! Today, we speak with Duncan Burns, founder, and creator of VeggiDome. He invented the hand-blown glass tabletop produce server and saver to encourage his family to eat healthier. In this interview, Duncan discusses how he used home...


Grow the Lifetime Value of Customers Through DTC Marketing -

Joseph Lerario: Moving from retail to eCommerce helped FlipFork grow from $15k per month to over $3mm per year… in the very first year! In today’s episode, learn how video and digital marketing helped grow this business so quickly. We speak with Joseph Lerario, the founder of FlipFork is an innovative product for grilling with a great story behind it. Joseph provides vital advice for marketers, including how not to get discouraged during the process, how to...


Replace Your Day Job Income with Your Side Job Endeavor -

Kara Froula: How do you build a product business on the side while working a demanding day job? What steps do you need to take to replace your income and operate your new business full time? In today’s episode, we speak with the founder of, Kara Froula, who has already built a massively successful business in just over two years. Kara talks about her methodical steps to quickly grow her business through marketing and public relations. Listen to this...


Find Consumer Pain Points to Optimize Your Messaging -

Steve Galante, Product Evolutions Find Consumer Pain Points to Optimize Your Messaging How can you be “fast and furious” when launching a crowdfunding campaign? What is the best way to find consumer pain points to optimize your messaging? Crowdfunding, social media, influencer marketing, HSN, brick and mortar… we talk about it all in this interview with the founder of The Big Squeeze, Steve Galante. In the next 20 minutes, you’ll learn from successes, and mistakes, that...


Reach ALL of Your Business Goals Through Innovation, Strategy, and Passion - Crown Quality Products

How does education about your product turn people into passionate consumers? What are ways to silence the noise of low-quality knock-offs through quality and innovation? How do you gain great sales and endless satisfied customer testimonials with all the competition on Amazon? In today’s episode, Robert Watson, Founder of Crown Quality Products, shares his personal success journey with his line of iconic hair products. Robert shows us all that you can reach your business goals with passion,...


Build Your Business to Over Seven Figures In Year One -

Is it possible to build to over seven figures in the first year AND continue growing? How do you determine when the time is “right” to launch your business? Rachel Shiffrin, the Founder of, answers these questions and many more in the Harvest Growth Podcast. is a virtual escape room ideal for group bonding of any size — from friends who live all over the country, to your remote co-workers. In today’s show, we speak with Rachel and how she started a business that...


How to Profitably Bring a Successful Product to the United States - Chrysmela

How do you bring an existing product into the United States? What ways can you learn from products and brands that came before you to make your own product or brand successful? Mayumi Ishii, the Founder & Chief of Chrysmela, answers these questions and many more in the Harvest Growth Podcast. If you’ve always wanted to launch a product and become an entrepreneur, but you are waiting for the perfect idea before getting started, listen to this interview with Mayumi Ishii. Chrysmela is a...


Everything a Product Marketer Needs to Know About Patents - Goldstein Patent Law

Why are patents important for product marketers? Is it worth the cost? When is the right time to start the patent process? Do you need a patent for your business? Today, we interview one of the premier patent attorneys in the United States. Rich Goldstein of Goldstein Patent Law sat down with us and helped us better understand the patent process, and he will do the same for you! Rich has secured more than 2,000 patents over the past 25 years and is the author of the consumer guide to...


Turn Your Side Gig Into A Full-Time Profitable Business —

When is the best time to leave your stable day job and take the leap to run your product business full time? Rick Perez, the Co-Founder of shares his story of making that transition and how it helped drastically improve the profitability of his business. Husband and wife team Rick and Jennifer Perez founded after years of participating in dog sports where they gathered tons of expertise about what makes the best possible dog beds. This podcast provides...


How To Drive ROI With Digital Direct Response & Influencer Marketing — Enduro Power

What are the ins and outs of influencer marketing? How do you find the right influencers in a niche market? How can you as a business owner use your background and expertise to help you get success? Harrison Smiddy, CEO & Founder of Enduro Power, answers these questions and many more. If you want to learn how to launch a business and grow it exponentially and profitably in the first few months AND continue to scale it from there, you’re going to love this interview with the CEO & Founder of...


How To Find & Fill A Gap In The Marketplace -

Ben Knepler – How To Find & Fill A Gap In The Marketplace Where is the hole in the marketplace that will launch your product to success? How do you decide on a solid price point for your product? How can you raise over $160,000 on Kickstarter to get your business off the ground? What are the next steps for your business after successful crowdfunding? Ben Knepler, the co-founder of and inventor of the Emmett Folding Chair, answers all these questions and more...


Listen To Your Audience To Have A Successful Product - TeqTouch

Gable Eaton — TeqTouch Listen To Your Audience To Have A Successful Product A former White House marine shares his story of persistence, discipline, and building relationships. Today, we speak with Gable Eaton, the Founder of TeqTouch and creator of UTouch. He discussed how he built a successful product that blocks germs from touch screens even before the era of COVID-19. UTouch is a patented wearable stylus used as a barrier for protection against germs on public touchscreens and...


The Key(socks) To Product Launch Success - Keysocks

Success takes tenacity and never giving up. Today, I interview two energetic sisters — Shelby McKee & Christy Parry — from Cincinnati, Ohio. They share their story on how they used grit and tenacity to eventually land on Good Morning America, The Today Show, QVC, Shop HQ, Daymond Johns’ Shark Tank Group, and now going into Nordstrom’s — their life long dream. Keysocks are knee-high, no-show socks that don’t bunch up at all due to their unique design. Keysocks are the only knee-high no-show...


Marketing A Disruptive Product - Bubble Universe

We all ate bubbles as kids, right? Today, we speak with the founder of Bubble Lick, safe and delicious bubbles for kids and adults. Jason Tiger, the Founder of Bubble Universe talks about how to market a truly disruptive product. Prior to starting this business, he had 5 years of experience with the largest bubble manufacturer in the world. Bubble Lick bubbles are made from natural, food-safe, FDA-approved ingredients. In this interview, Jason Tiger talks about marketing tactics, successes,...


Niche Down to Profit Up - BloomBras

Elyse Kaye Niche Down To Profit Up How do you go about inventing a one-of-a-kind product? Why is it important to find your niche? How can you utilize crowdfunding to launch your product? And, what does NASA have to do with this product? Elyse Kaye, the Founder/CEO of BloomBras and the Founder of Aha Product Solutions, answers these questions and many more. Elyse Kaye discusses the way she helped build a sustainable factory to manufacture her product in a quality and...


How To Crowdfund Over 200K In 20 Days — Snorble

How can you utilize crowdfunding for your unique product? What are the steps you have to take for a marketing strategy to be effective and profitable? In this interview, Mike Rizkalla, the founder of Snorble, talks about what made his crowdfunding IndieGoGo launch successful. He shares a powerful 3-step go-to marketing strategy and so much more valuable information for those looking to launch a brand new product. If you’re a marketer, creative, inventor, or entrepreneur, you’re going to love...


Ecommerce Website Mastery - Mojo

Ecommerce Website Mastery Greg Silvano - Mojo How do you stand out as a product marketer in a world filled with ENDLESS content surrounding products? Well, the answer is simple — use Mojo for website design! Greg Silvano is the Founder/CEO of Mojo — the #1 eCommerce platform used by television product advertisers today. 14 of the top 20 direct response television advertisers in 2019 used Mojo as their eCommerce platform. Mojo has processed nearly $1B in online sales and currently runs over...