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Every episode of the Hatchcast podcast is an exercise in curiosity. It's storytelling experienced through the lens of the entrepreneurial mindset. Hosts Aaryn Richard, Gabe Hales, and Brandon Weaver sit down for candid conversations with artists & researchers, thought-leaders & creators of all stripes.

Every episode of the Hatchcast podcast is an exercise in curiosity. It's storytelling experienced through the lens of the entrepreneurial mindset. Hosts Aaryn Richard, Gabe Hales, and Brandon Weaver sit down for candid conversations with artists & researchers, thought-leaders & creators of all stripes.


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Every episode of the Hatchcast podcast is an exercise in curiosity. It's storytelling experienced through the lens of the entrepreneurial mindset. Hosts Aaryn Richard, Gabe Hales, and Brandon Weaver sit down for candid conversations with artists & researchers, thought-leaders & creators of all stripes.








Building a Brand with Matthew Growney

Chris Sell and Gabe Hales sit down with former MSU Alumni and the Senior Advisor for Fashion and Creativity at PUMA, Matthew Growney, to chat about creating, building, and connecting with a brand!


Harnessing the Power of Creativity

Gabe and Brandon sit down with former MSU Professor and creativity connoisseur, Karl Gude to talk on everything from creativity, meditation, failure, entrepreneurship, and what can be done to enjoy life to it's fullest.


Hatchcast Extra: Innovate State Brands Edition!

Starting her career as a proud DJ on WDBM The Impact 89FM and graduating from Michigan State University in 2007 with a bachelor's in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Kristen Lueck has had a lifelong passion for media and audio creation. Currently working as the VP, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at Man Made Music, she works towards and builds opportunities to create iconic music and sound for entertainment properties and Fortune 500 brands. Starting his...


Why An Idea is Not Enough

Aaryn and Brandon talk on failure, resilience, and growing an idea into a product with Jeff Epstein, Founder of the referral marketing software Ambassador. Learn why just having the next “brilliant idea” won’t cut it when it comes to starting and executing a business and what it’s like to work through failures of all kinds on this week's episode of the HatchCast! hatchcastpodcast@gmail.com


Hatchcast Extra: Innovate State with Jeff Epstein

•Recorded live at the Gaynor Entrepreneurship Lab at MSU for Innovate State. January 22nd.,2020 • Jeffrey Epstein is an accomplished attorney, entrepreneur, and investor. He grew up in southeast Michigan and headed to the mid-Michigan area to attend Michigan State University, where, in 2004, he received his bachelor’s degree from the Eli Broad College of Business. From MSU, he went on to earn his Juris Doctorate from Chicago-Kent College of Law in 2007. Epstein sold his first online...


Revolutionizing Learning in the Digital Age

Aaryn, Brandon, Gabe, and Gina sit down with MSU Alumna Sheela Sethuraman, founder and CEO of CueThink, diving into the immense changes her and her team are pushing forward within the always-evolving digital educational world. In this Hatchcast Extra, Sheela highlights the importance of critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, not only within a k-12 setting but throughout life as a whole. Learn about how an idea like CueThink is started, pivoted, and evolved as well as the power of...


2019: A Year In Review Episode Spectacular!

On today's final episode of the 2019 season, hosts Aaryn Richard, Gabe Hales, and Brandon Weaver sit down with fellow team members within the Burgess Institute of Entrepreneurship to not only review what 2019 has brought us, but what is to come in 2020! Join us as we discuss the ins and outs of the transition to the unified title that is Burgess, what lies ahead for student entrepreneurs on MSU’s campus, as well as some of our favorite moments and memories over the past 12 months! Thank you...


Hatchcast Extra: Innovate State, The Social Entrepreneurship Edition!

Josh York is the founder of the Detroit-based social streetwear line, York Project. Each item purchased provides living essentials to the homeless of Detroit. York Project launched a cut + sew operation and line in Summer 2018 and now employs women from Detroit homeless shelters as part of its production team. Josh also launched a B2B private label garment manufacturing company called Soft Goods Detroit, whose client list includes Shinola, TJ Maxx Canada, The PGA, Chips Ahoy, Speedo,...


Running an MSU Student Organization w/ VIM Magazine, MSUWE, & MSUEA

On this week's episode of the Hathcast, Aaryn Richard and Brandon Weaver sit down with MSUEA (Entrepreneurship Association) Co-Presidents, Mateo Marchan and Brandon Weaver, VIM Magazine PR Director, Aubrey Haase and Marketing Director Alaina Warburton, as well as MSUWE (Women in Entrepreneurship) Vice President Sasha Coleman. Join the conversation as they talk on the conception of their organizations, how they are able to accomplish so much and their innovative plans for the...


Hatchcast Extra: Innovate State with Kavita and Omari Bouknight

Kavita is an entrepreneur, digital health maven, patient health advocate, investor and speaker with a mission to connect people to targeted health innovations, enabling them to lead healthier lives. She is the co-founder and CEO of Match Health, a digital health platform that brings greater awareness and accessibility to transformative health innovations. Match Health has developed and maintains a vast video library that reviews various medical conditions and different innovations that have...


Hatchcast Extra: Innovate State with Anurag Kumar, Founder of iTexico

Anurag is an experienced global technology and management consultant with a talent for finding innovative solutions to complex business problems and building and growing businesses. He has extensive experience working with and for companies that range in size from the Global 500 to pre-investment startups. Anurag is a Charter Member and former President of TIE Austin, former CEO Chair for the Austin chapter of Vistage, an exclusive community of 14,500 global business leaders, where he guides...


The RAW Truth of Entrepreneurship w/ Jeremy Redman

Join Aaryn, Gabe, and Brandon as they sit down with serial entrepreneur, writer, and founder/CEO of his own podcast and company, NotBoringBusiness, Jeremy Redman to discuss everything from advanced marketing techniques, growing a business and what comes next after you have succeeded in the field. Although this interview is a bit on the edgier and 'raw' side, we enjoyed the conversation and hope you do as well! hatchcastpodcast@gmail.com


Hatchcast Extra: Innovate State with Mike Miller, Co-Founder of Cloudant

On this Hatchcast Extra, Mike Miller comes back to MSU's campus to be part of this season of Innovate State. A native of Williamston, Michigan, Mike Miller is a lifelong Spartan. After graduating from MSU with degrees in physics and philosophy, his undergraduate research at the Cyclotron opened the door for a PhD in Particle Physics from Yale and faculty positions at MIT and UW. Along the way he developed a taste for capitalism, co-founding the Y Combinator-backed company, Cloudant, which...


Student Startups - A Divergent Lifestyle

Hosts Aaryn & Gabe sit down with Josh Cooper, Founder & CEO of the ridesharing and micro-mobility advertising company SKOOP, as well as Wesley Ma, Founder of HealthOpX, to discuss what it's like to be a student at Michigan State University while simultaneously creating and running a company. Listen in as we discuss past ventures, keys to personal success, what the future of ESL (English as a Second Language) patient/doctor relationships are becoming, and how ridesharing is (possibly)...


Hatchcast Extra: Innovate State with Sheela Sethuraman, Founder & CEO of CueThink

On this Hatchcast Extra, Sheela Sethuraman comes back to MSU's campus to be part of this season of Innovate State. Sethuraman has more than 20 years of experience in building and implementing educational technology solutions in K–12 classrooms. At CueThink, Sheela and her team have successfully taken the vision of a peer platform for math problem solving and built and deployed a scalable application to foster critical thinking and cultivate collaboration. As Founder and CEO, Sheela has...


How to Get Your Business Off the Ground - Incubators vs. Accelerators

In today's episode, the teams sits down with Patrick Gallagher, founder, and CEO of Gridpane; Tom Stewart, program manager, Conquer Accelerator; and Lori Fischer, program manager of MSU’s student startup incubator, the MSU Hatch. Together, they dive headfirst into the topic of Accelerators vs. Incubators and which could be right for your business and future ventures. Books Mentioned: Secrets of Sand Hill Road: Venture Capital and How to Get It The Lean Startup The Ultimate Sales...


Hatchcast Extra: Innovate State with Larry Gaynor, Founder & CEO of tng worldwide

On this Hatchcast Extra, we bring you the recorded-live interview with Larry Gaynor, moderated by the inimitable Ken Szymusiak. Larry founded tng worldwide (TNG) in 1985 and is the company's President and CEO. He had the vision for what manicurists wanted and set out to meet those needs. With only three employees, Gaynor produced a 16-page black and white catalog, installed an 800 number for orders, developed the Gold Card (now TIS Rewards) and introduced the first nail show outside of...


Creators: Makers & Maker Culture

A photographer, an arts promoter, and a serial-creative-&-entrepreneur walk into the studio for candid conversations about creatives, makers, maker spaces, and the role of the arts in creating thriving communities. Featured Guests: Jerry Norris, co-founder of the radically inclusive maker space, The Fledge; Ariniko D. O'Meara, photographer and author of A City Saunter Story & The City Saunter Project; and Mike Marriott, Owner/Director of Opportunity Arts. hatchcastpodcast@gmail.com


Art, Entrepreneurship and the Future for the Greater Lansing Area

On this season four premiere of the HatchCast, host Aaryn Richard addresses the topic of placemaking in the Greater Lansing Region (and the country as a whole). With the help of Gabbi Allum, project manager for the University Corporate Research Park, Katie Chalker, placemaking coordinator, UCRP, along with Meghan Martin, the executive director of the Arts Council of Greater Lansing, the HatchCast team dives into the creativity behind building a sense of place within...


Season 4 Teaser

Season 4 of Hatchcast is right around the corner! Don’t miss episode 1, premiering September 5, 2019.