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Welcome to the Heads Up Adviser podcast with your hosts, John Sbrocco and Craig Lack.

Welcome to the Heads Up Adviser podcast with your hosts, John Sbrocco and Craig Lack.


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Welcome to the Heads Up Adviser podcast with your hosts, John Sbrocco and Craig Lack.




SALES SELF DOUBT: How To Overcome Emotions In Sales

Can you imagine a couple of insignificant failures wiping off all the hard work, years of experience and all of the past wins? An emotional roller coaster haunts both new and veteran salesmen. The only difference between those two is that veterans know how to identify, control, and turn this state into their next big win. In this episode of Heads Up Adviser, the host John Sbrocco and Senior Sales Executive Zachary Jones reveal their secret sauce for everyday motivation and strategies their...


IN THE TRENCHES with Derek Winn: Educating & [WINN]ing Clients

"Tell me what you know about our industry, tell me what you know about healthcare, and let's work together." Derek Winn is one of the brokers who are not afraid of having open conversations with his clients and calling a spade a spade. He leveraged his background in teaching to design an individual strategy of "negotiation through education." In this episode of the "Heads Up Adviser" Show "IN THE TRENCHES WITH DEREK WINN: Educating & [WINN]ing Clients," you'll learn what the FUTURE of...


Sales Psychology 101 For Insurance Brokers

While insurance brokers are busy searching for new psychological tricks that help understand their prospects better and close deals faster, they quickly fall into the trap of ignoring the basic principles. Don't get me wrong: it's essential to advance your sales strategy. However, it would help if you also reminded yourself that 2+2=4 before you solve a complex differential equation. The same applies to sales. That's why this week, we at the Heads Up Adviser decided to go "back to the...


IN THE TRENCHES The Formula For Closing Sales

Would you make more calls, meetings, and follow-ups if you knew that you are issued a guaranteed pay-check for every action? We tend to measure our success from the perspective of deals we closed, ignoring the fact that every rejected call we made along the way played a role of the same importance. In our latest episode with Paul Seegert from PSC Insurance Services, we break down the sales process to NUMBERS, including success and rejection variables. If you have difficulty picking up the...


Combo Prospecting with Tony J. Hughes

Gold Medal Winner for Best Webinar 2019! Awarded by Top Sales World, January 2020. In this episode, we discuss principles described in Tony Hughes' latest book "Combo Prospecting." You'll learn how you can leverage different marketing channels and your sales expertise to create a structured "SALES MACHINE" that attracts and converts clients into your brokerage business. We discuss in depth the following: Join Heads Up Adviser Facebook Group 👉 https://bit.ly/37hJFyk Follow our Instagram...


New Year New Me?

JOIN HEADS UP ADVISER FACEBOOK GROUP FOLLOW HEADS UP ADVISER INSTAGRAM PAGE VISIT HEADS UP ADVISER WEBSITE LET'S MEET AT [SELF-FUNDING MASTERY] Many people in our industry choose to only learn through trial and error. They waste a lot of time and energy walking on the same paths, over and over again, while more mature brokers listen to advice, watch out the sharp edges, and spend the same time prospecting and growing their business. If you're the second type, this episode is for...


Let's Get Specific With Hobson Carroll

In this episode, I and my good friend Hobson Carroll, who is a world-class actuary, talk about specific deductibles. We dig into setting the deductible - what types of deductibles we can utilize to mitigate risks and price them appropriately. As Hobson notes, for a lot of people in today's world, the specific seems to be the most important thing, because everyone realizes that individuals have large claims, and we don't want $2 million claims hitting the budget of the employer self-insured...


Inside A CFO Mind with Gary Bender

Join me as in this episode, I talk to my client and good friend Gary Bender. Gary is a CFO for many years, probably more than he wants to admit to, but he's been around the block and back. He understands the world the CFO’s live in. Unlike most CFO's, he's actually an owner of a company as well, so he knows the ownership side. He also runs a group called CFO Solutions, that meets on a monthly basis to talk about best practices. We talk about what is the best way to convey a message from a...


How To Become A Student Of The Game

In this episode, Craig and I walk you through the process of becoming a student of the game. You see, there’s this difference between the pros and the more experienced pros. There's always people who are better than the rest. I've admired Craig’s way of being a student of the game. I feel like I'm a student of the game. That's how I got good at things that I did. Meeting Craig and learning from him over time, I always thought: “Well, it's just a smart guy and he knows all this stuff...


The Ranch With Ed Jacobson & Hobson Carroll

This one is a live episode at the Ranch with Ed Jacobson and Hobson Carroll. They talk about how health insurance is treated differently as compared to other types of insurance. They also discuss how healthcare insurance has evolved in the US starting from the early 60s. They deal with different factors changing the face of healthcare insurance in the country, starting from the times when immunization drugs started to roll about and they passed Medicare and Medicaid to deal with the elderly...


Welcome To The Heads Up Adviser Podcast

This is the inaugural episode for the Heads Up Adviser podcast. This will lay the foundation for the various topics that we will cover on the podcast. -- To learn more, check out The Heads Up Adviser website.