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Business and Property Podcast - doing business with an attitude!

Business and Property Podcast - doing business with an attitude!
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Business and Property Podcast - doing business with an attitude!






Stephanie Taylor - HMO Heaven's Angel

Stephanie talks through her ridiculous R2R success in the property world and is now purchasing property on creative strategies that you will want to know all about! We talk everything from how to acquire R2Rs and where to find the cash but first, how to get the hell out of your own way and START TODAY in realising your dreams. It may sound cheesy as hell but annoyingly, it's just the truth! You can achieve it, you are good enough and you this IS a good time, listen to this episode the get...


Jack Wicks - The Hunk of R2R Funk - Part 1

Jack Wicks is now live and ready for you to listen to, we discuss his rapid R2R success, fast failures, starting a business with family, Arsenal and what it takes to replace your income and travel the world!


Kate Andrews - Ethical Train Company Founder

Travelling, the environment and starting a business with her brother are common themes as we welcome Kate to the Heavy Metal Podcast this week, we are delighted to have her. After staying over at the studio, we get up bright and early to find out how the hell you can save the planet whilst running a business! Even though as a meat loving, gas guzzling, polluter, I must admit the story is here is very compelling. Extinction Rebellion or Apathetic Ignorer, you'll be interested to listen to...


TJ Atkinson - Property Training King & the Smoothest Deal Sourcer Around

We drill TJ for all in the info in his beautiful brain, discussing major success, epic failures, Beyonce, avoiding big pitfalls in Serviced Accommodation, the training industry and have a heart to heart plus ... he also suggest eating my rabbit. TJ also reveals a surprise new area he'll be tackling very soon! Please like, share, follow and subscribe as look to bring you an alternative view on the property and business world! Thank you for listening ;)


Dan Jackson - Founder of Urban Shared - Property Technology Lover

In this episode we talk about: Rent to Rent, Training, how technology can cause a revolution and how super HMO Agents will rule the world! ...take a deep dive into the madworld of Dan Jackson! Please like, share, follow and comment on what you think, we're waiting!