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Dr. Carmen Mohan discusses a new approach to executive women’s self care and how to use health as a leadership strategy to sustain career stamina

Dr. Carmen Mohan discusses a new approach to executive women’s self care and how to use health as a leadership strategy to sustain career stamina


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Dr. Carmen Mohan discusses a new approach to executive women’s self care and how to use health as a leadership strategy to sustain career stamina






Why it's good to set an Intention - An interview with HelloHealth's CRO Meagan Davies

In this episode of "HelloHealth Today," Dr. Carmen Mohan talks with Meagan Davies, Chief Relationship Officer about setting intentions for the new year through self-reflection. Instead of making a New Year’s resolution, make time to reflect on yourself, your actions, and your emotions. She discusses how she does this in her own life and gives you ways to do it in yours. The more you can make self-reflection a part of your routine, the greater the impact the process will have on your life.


Should I get the COVID Vaccine?

In this episode of “HelloHealth Today,” Dr. Mohan discusses the COVID-19 vaccine. She leads you through her personal journey to her decision to ultimately take the vaccine. As she shares her rationale for the vaccine, she raises important questions to ask yourself and tips to consider when deciding if the vaccine is right for you. As with all things health-related, this decision is personal.


New Year's Resolutions: Focus on the Process...Not the End Goal.

In this episode of “HelloHealth Today,” Dr. Carmen Mohan welcomes you into the New Year and talks resolutions. She walks you through the steps to making resolutions that not only last, but inspire. She gives you ways to focus on the process and not the end goal to make those resolutions happen.


The Personal Toll of Leadership...Recognizing the Symptoms of Anxiety

The personal toll of leadership is something that HelloHealth's Chief Relationship Officer, Meagan R. Davies, MS, NCC, experienced and witnessed in her career. Prior to becoming a Nationally Certified Counselor (NBCC), Meagan had two successful careers, one in marketing, and the second as a nonprofit executive. Dr. Mohan interviews Meagan about her success and why she made the career change.


"Recognizing Chronic Burnout" - An Interview with Dr. Kristen L. Prewitt

As a family physician, mother, wife and friend, Dr. Kristen L. Prewitt discusses chronic burnout and how it doesn't always happen suddenly. She discusses the small symptoms of burnout, how she recognized them in herself, and how she developed a plan to alleviate it. As a HelloHealth facilitator, she describes how the program helped her create her own backstage and put the right input into her schedule.


“How do you put yourself first?”

Dr. Carmen Mohan discusses the importance of self-care. 1. When you don’t put yourself first, you endanger the people you took an oath to help 2. Imagine the predicament you put your colleagues in when they have to run the trauma service down a man — or woman in this instance. And the Bottom Line: Self care is a professional responsibility.


Becoming Comfortable with Uncertainty - Interview with Tiffany Dupont

Becoming comfortable with uncertainty is a skill. Dr. Mohan interviews Hollywood actress Tiffany Dupont about what goes on backstage as she prepares to perform. The two discuss the skill “wooing positivity” and its role in good self care especially in protecting what Dupont calls “your headspace.”


Running through Fire - Interview with Elinor Fish

Dr. Mohan speaks with Elinor Fish of Run Wild Retreats + Wellness. Elinor shares her story of what happens when warning signs of burnout go unheeded and how she uses mindfulness to engage in good self care.


"My purpose in life is to bring people together." - Interview with Tes Sobomehin Marshall

Dr. Mohan talks with running community leader and business owner, Tes Sobomehin Marshall, about how important having an active lifestyle can be to maintaining a positive outlook despite the way COVID19 has required changes in her business model.


Self Care for Leaders under Fire - Weathervanes

The warmth in leadership is one many women exhibit and often warmth charisma comes from the ability to connect with others at the heart level. Dr. Mohan describes how Weathervanes are likely to endure the stress of others in their sphere. You know you’re a weathervane when you feel a pretty good level of energy but you feel stressed when you try to look ahead into uncertain times.


Self Care, Health, Beauty, and Business - Interview with Jen Burch

Dr. Mohan interviews HelloHealth Clinic member, and Executive Director of Beauty Counter, Jen Burch. The two talk about self care when you’re juggling the opportunities of running a thriving small business while managing new demands at home. They discuss how to manage an unrelenting standard for excellence, the power of partnership in reaching health goals, and the positive impact of women supporting women.


"When the edges bleed..." Juggling new motherhood and remote work Interview with Liz Mikulcik

If the main cause for your stress is related to the disintegration of the boundaries between home and work, you are considered a Juggler within the HelloHealth Framework. Dr. Mohan talks with HelloHealth Advisor and marketing executive, Liz Mikulcik about the role of good self care when you’re juggling new motherhood and remote work at a time when the COVID19 pandemic has intensified the cognitive load for working mothers. This episode is particularly relevant for new moms with career...


Self Care for Leaders Under Fire - Jugglers

Jugglers have skills that are useful and can be immediately put to use to fill the new needs of both home and work. The stress of the Juggler often comes from meeting needs or expectations of others in their sphere and the requirement that they toggle back and forth between their roles or responsibilities. Dr. Mohan describes how the disintegration of the boundaries between work and home causes intense pressure for women in leadership who have to toggle between responsibilities as a matter...


"I can do hard things." Facing hard decisions in corporate America. Interview with Sanchia Patrick

Dr. Mohan talks with Sanchia Patrick, the Executive Director of Strategic Marketing for Henry Schein Medical’s Division. They discuss the hard decisions facing corporate america in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, and self care for leaders managing a high cognitive load.


Mothering and Doctoring During COVID19. Interview with Dr. Kirsten Bendeck

Join us as two physicians discuss their friendship, motherhood, and life on the frontlines of the COVID19 pandemic. Even though the demands are 24/7, they each take time for self care. Part of the series Self Care for Leaders Under Fire - First Responders. Interview with emergency room physician, Dr. Kirsten Bendeck.


COVID 19 Part 2

Many states have loosened restrictions on several businesses. There are a wide range of reactions to this. Should you venture out to the gym or your hair salon? In this episode, Dr. Mohan provides a framework for thinking that may help you navigate toward the right answer for you. Listen to this before you decide to venture back toward your “normal” life.


Self Care for First Responders

You’re a first responder if you feel like you can’t slow down. The day is rushed, your timely decisions matter greatly and there’s always so much more to do than what is possible to get done. There are all manner of first responders. In this episode, Dr. Carmen Mohan describes the HelloHealth tripod tent of self care needed to protect your resilience capacity. Anyone can use no matter how pressed for time. Without this basic self care tent, burnout is inevitable.


Self Care for Leaders Under Fire - Intro

Leadership is demanding and the COVID19 pandemic has intensified it. Highly self-sufficient, strong leaders are often perceived by their teams as not needing support. This facade is sometimes both necessary in order to get the job done and a recipe for burnout of key players. At HelloHealth, we became proactive in this regard, so we wanted to make sure to share our resources with our clients and our community.



Dr. Carmen Mohan answers listener questions about COVID19. What we know about transmission. What to do to protect your family. Why the "global lockdown" is important at this moment in time and how to cope as we learn, work, and play...from a distance.


“I didn’t stop. I just kept going and going and going…”

In this Journey to Health story, Dr. Mohan talks with Maria Yu, a software executive with SAP -- one of the leading global ERP software vendors in the world. In 2019, Ms. Yu faced an injury that nearly ended her running career. The path to healing took several turns and taught lifelong lessons -- how to forgive yourself, slow down, and cope with uncertainty.