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Dr. Carmen Mohan discusses a new approach to executive women’s self care and how to use health as a leadership strategy to sustain career stamina

Dr. Carmen Mohan discusses a new approach to executive women’s self care and how to use health as a leadership strategy to sustain career stamina


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Dr. Carmen Mohan discusses a new approach to executive women’s self care and how to use health as a leadership strategy to sustain career stamina






Resilience and Justice Work

Dr. Mohan continues the “Women at the Helm” series in this episode of “HelloHealth Today.” Her guest, Staci Fox, is the president and chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood Southeast and Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates. Staci started her career with Planned Parenthood over 20 years ago as a health educator. Since then, she has gained experience in every aspect of Planned Parenthood’s mission. Dr. Mohan sits down with Staci to talk about reproductive health and advocating for...


Moms Making it Together

In this episode of “HelloHealth Today,” Dr. Mohan continues the “Women at the Helm” series. Her guest, Deanna Anderson, is the managing partner of 705 Marketing and founder of the Facebook group, Moms Making it Together. Dr. Mohan and Deanna consider the unique challenges of balancing work, family, and community in a COVID world. The pandemic brought on a new way of life for most, especially for mothers. As an entrepreneur and mother herself, Deanna felt the effects of the pandemic...


Journey to Health

The "Women at the Helm" series continues in this episode of "HelloHealth Today," with Guest Marni A. Brown, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology at Gwinnett College, and author. Dr. Brown sits down for an interview with Dr. Carmen Mohan where she discusses her career path, her journey to health, and how she became one of HelloHealth's first clients. As an Associate Professor of Sociology, Dr. Brown talks about what true diversity, equity, and inclusion should mean. She takes you through...


"Broken Rung" Still Holds Women Back in the Workplace

On this episode of “HelloHealth Today,” Dr. Carmen Mohan vents her frustrations with the results of the latest McKinsey report on women in the workplace; specifically, the devastating impact of COVID. She explores the continuing disparities and how COVID has reversed years of advancement on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and how the consequences are playing out in real life. Bottom line: women are burning out of the workforce because they are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress....


Newsworthy: What it's like to make the news.

In this episode of "HelloHealth Today," Dr. Mohan continues the "Women at the Helm" series with Condace Pressley. Condace is the Director of Community and Public Affairs at Cox Media Group. Along with being an award-winning journalist, former president of Atlanta's and The National Association of Black Journalists, she is also the radio and podcast host of "Perspectives." Condace sits down with Dr. Mohan to give her a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make the news, background, and...


Healthy Competition: Compete for who can be more positive

The "Women at the Helm" series continues with this episode of "HelloHealth Today," featuring Tes Sobomehin Marshall. Tes is the founder and race director of runningnerds, LLC. As a small business owner, Tes sits down with Dr. Carmen Mohan to discuss how she keeps her business successful, her ability to adapt to change, and how she stays motivated personally and professionally. Dr. Mohan asks Tes about her leadership style, the self-care tools she implements, and why adaptability is so...


Master the Restart

In this episode of “HelloHealth Today,” Dr. Carmen Mohan gives an update on the progress towards her health goal for this year — running 2, 021 miles. She takes you through her challenges and set-backs and how she implements one of the skills in the HelloHealth system, Master the Restart. She describes each of the six steps and how to implement them into your own health goal for this year.


"This cannot be happening to me."

The “Women at the Helm” series continues with this episode of “HelloHealth Today,” featuring Dr. Jurine Owen. Dr. Owen is a physical therapist and the owner of Hands-On Physical Therapy, Inc. She has dedicated her career to the care and advocacy of children in disadvantaged communities in Fulton and DeKalb counties in Georgia. Dr. Owen sits down for an intimate conversation about her own personal health journey, starting with a devastating diagnosis of hypertension. As an athlete and a...


Self Care for Professional Women

In this episode of “HelloHealth Today,” Dr. Carmen Mohan continues the “Women at the Helm” series. She sits down with fellow podcaster Marcie Dickson, Chief Marketing Officer at Miles Mediation and Arbitration. They explore the power of the podcast and the disparities facing women in the podcasting industry. Dr. Mohan and Marcie focus on a number of topics surrounding women in leadership. Marcie shares her journey to leadership and her thoughts on how women can transform the workplace. She...


The Power of Women Supporting Women - interview with workshop host and co-founder of The Lola, Eileen Lee

In this episode of “HelloHealth Today,” Dr. Mohan kicks off the “Women at the Helm” series with a conversation with Eileen Lee, co-founder of The Lola. They discuss The Lola, its mission, and Eileen’s journey to conceiving and building out the business with her co-founder. They also touch on the unique needs of women and the benefits of women supporting women. During these uncertain times, The Lola offers a space where women can come together, network, and give each other support. Dr. Mohan...


Why it's good to set an Intention - An interview with HelloHealth's CRO Meagan Davies

In this episode of "HelloHealth Today," Dr. Carmen Mohan talks with Meagan Davies, Chief Relationship Officer about setting intentions for the new year through self-reflection. Instead of making a New Year’s resolution, make time to reflect on yourself, your actions, and your emotions. She discusses how she does this in her own life and gives you ways to do it in yours. The more you can make self-reflection a part of your routine, the greater the impact the process will have on your life.


Should I get the COVID Vaccine?

In this episode of “HelloHealth Today,” Dr. Mohan discusses the COVID-19 vaccine. She leads you through her personal journey to her decision to ultimately take the vaccine. As she shares her rationale for the vaccine, she raises important questions to ask yourself and tips to consider when deciding if the vaccine is right for you. As with all things health-related, this decision is personal.


New Year's Resolutions: Focus on the Process...Not the End Goal.

In this episode of “HelloHealth Today,” Dr. Carmen Mohan welcomes you into the New Year and talks resolutions. She walks you through the steps to making resolutions that not only last, but inspire. She gives you ways to focus on the process and not the end goal to make those resolutions happen.


The Personal Toll of Leadership...Recognizing the Symptoms of Anxiety

The personal toll of leadership is something that HelloHealth's Chief Relationship Officer, Meagan R. Davies, MS, NCC, experienced and witnessed in her career. Prior to becoming a Nationally Certified Counselor (NBCC), Meagan had two successful careers, one in marketing, and the second as a nonprofit executive. Dr. Mohan interviews Meagan about her success and why she made the career change.


"Recognizing Chronic Burnout" - An Interview with Dr. Kristen L. Prewitt

As a family physician, mother, wife and friend, Dr. Kristen L. Prewitt discusses chronic burnout and how it doesn't always happen suddenly. She discusses the small symptoms of burnout, how she recognized them in herself, and how she developed a plan to alleviate it. As a HelloHealth facilitator, she describes how the program helped her create her own backstage and put the right input into her schedule.


“How do you put yourself first?”

Dr. Carmen Mohan discusses the importance of self-care. 1. When you don’t put yourself first, you endanger the people you took an oath to help 2. Imagine the predicament you put your colleagues in when they have to run the trauma service down a man — or woman in this instance. And the Bottom Line: Self care is a professional responsibility.


Becoming Comfortable with Uncertainty - Interview with Tiffany Dupont

Becoming comfortable with uncertainty is a skill. Dr. Mohan interviews Hollywood actress Tiffany Dupont about what goes on backstage as she prepares to perform. The two discuss the skill “wooing positivity” and its role in good self care especially in protecting what Dupont calls “your headspace.”


Running through Fire - Interview with Elinor Fish

Dr. Mohan speaks with Elinor Fish of Run Wild Retreats + Wellness. Elinor shares her story of what happens when warning signs of burnout go unheeded and how she uses mindfulness to engage in good self care.


"My purpose in life is to bring people together." - Interview with Tes Sobomehin Marshall

Dr. Mohan talks with running community leader and business owner, Tes Sobomehin Marshall, about how important having an active lifestyle can be to maintaining a positive outlook despite the way COVID19 has required changes in her business model.


Self Care for Leaders under Fire - Weathervanes

The warmth in leadership is one many women exhibit and often warmth charisma comes from the ability to connect with others at the heart level. Dr. Mohan describes how Weathervanes are likely to endure the stress of others in their sphere. You know you’re a weathervane when you feel a pretty good level of energy but you feel stressed when you try to look ahead into uncertain times.