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Dr. Carmen Mohan discusses a new approach to executive women’s self care and how to use health as a leadership strategy to sustain career stamina

Dr. Carmen Mohan discusses a new approach to executive women’s self care and how to use health as a leadership strategy to sustain career stamina


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Dr. Carmen Mohan discusses a new approach to executive women’s self care and how to use health as a leadership strategy to sustain career stamina







Dr. Carmen Mohan answers listener questions about COVID19. What we know about transmission. What to do to protect your family. Why the "global lockdown" is important at this moment in time and how to cope as we learn, work, and play...from a distance.


“I didn’t stop. I just kept going and going and going…”

In this Journey to Health story, Dr. Mohan talks with Maria Yu, a software executive with SAP -- one of the leading global ERP software vendors in the world. In 2019, Ms. Yu faced an injury that nearly ended her running career. The path to healing took several turns and taught lifelong lessons -- how to forgive yourself, slow down, and cope with uncertainty.


"Yeah, I'm stressed but I'm used to it by now."

Familiarity with stress is not the same as not feeling stress. It’s also not the same as managing stress well. There’s power in having a stress management plan. You need a plan for using your body to help your mind when Urgency and Distraction strike. That’s because you know that only things that are actually on the schedule stand any chance of getting done.


"Somebody Do Something!"

The thieves of time are the exact opposite of the villains of sleep. Instead of creeping in quietly at night to do their stealing, the thieves of time are often loud, demanding, and self-important. They simply will not be avoided. And they make sure to present themselves in the middle of an otherwise productive day. The thieves of time are twin sisters called Urgency and Distraction. They are related because their primary mission is to ensure you miss out on activities that make life...


"Sleeping more than 5 hours at night makes me feel tired."

Dr. Mohan describes how the villains of sleep prevent executive women from engaging the body’s natural healing processes.


"I tanked my metabolism."

Dr. Mohan discusses muscles as being the primary driver of our metabolism and teaches a high impact lesson on how muscle gets built, how it adapts itself and how we can maintain a healthy body mass composition by protecting our lean muscle mass.


"You could never understand."

Dr. Mohan tells the personal story of her journey to health. "This story informs everything I do, the way I think about HelloHealth as a business, the way I care for patients, and the way I show up for my kids as their mother. While this story is about me, the themes within it may resonate with you."


"I can lose weight. I just can't keep it off."

We’re back for more on Zen and the Art of Weight Maintenance. Dr. Mohan explains that weight maintenance is a skill. So is maintaining a healthy body mass composition as we age. The foundation of these skills is sleep. Sufficient sleep is required, not optional. Because executive women tend to have high standards for ourselves, we often have health or fitness mindsets. Having the right mindset is not enough to engage in Zen and the Art of Weight Maintenance. Recall bias affects us all. No...


"This cannot be happening to me."

During this interview with Dr. Jurine Owen, we follow the journey to health for this athlete, mother, and business owner.


"I need to be more disciplined."

Reframing the goal of having more self-discipline to instead the goal of having more integrity will help shift the balance of our thoughts in a way that aids success in healthy living.


"How can we eat in a healthy way?"

Dr. Carmen Mohan begins to describe a course we all should have been offerred back in school called Zen and the Art of Weight Maintenance. To begin, she describes how to eat in a healthy way. This means eating mindfully.


"I'm looking forward to practicing medicine in a way I've always imagined."

Listen as HelloHealth welcomes our new physician in the clinic, Dr. Mukti Kanji. She and Dr. Carmen Mohan discuss the stresses of the two-physician household, how to cope with the feeling that we need to be continually productive, and what it is like to intentionally create a space and time for yourself that is "doing nothing."


"I can get by on 5 to 6 hours of sleep."

The HelloHealth signature networking event, Dinner and a Download, was recorded live on November 14th 2019. These are the highlights for Sleep, Rest, and Recovery. Carmen answers common questions and reflects on challenges related to work, family, and stress.


“I have great work/life balance — it just doesn’t include me.”

It’s time we all took the crash course that should’ve been offered back in college or at some other point in our formal training. Dr. Mohan calls the crash course that should’ve been Health 101 for the Preternaturally Busy. She helps you see how the urgent important things in life crowd out pieces of time that are the core of what creates meaningful memories in our lives. For executive women, the sense of urgency is often the thief of meaningful time.


"There's always so much to do."

When you're a woman with ambition, there’s always going to be so much to do and there will never seem to be a good time for self care. Dr. Mohan applies studies on endurance athletes to the situations in which executive women find themselves. She does this because executive women have a hard time resting and hitting the pause button. So much of their sense of self comes from professional life. Endurance becomes a huge factor their productivity at work.


"The voice inside my head is really loud."

When obstacles to healthy living loom large, you can be sure that Internal Dialogue has become a major player in the game. Unlike the external forces like Drag and Chance, where the other players can see where they might be able to help you, the Internal Dialogue is an internal force. It’s the story you are telling yourself and since the other players can’t hear it unless you decide to tell them, you are left to your own devices on how to cope.


"I've got two modes of living - there's zero and there's 60. There's nothing in between."

Ambition seems to have just one speed — it’s called GO! GO FAST. It feels like if you’re not going fast, you’re not going at all. The mentality here is one of being either “All in” or “All out.” With nothing in between. At work, we love women who operate like this. They can be relied on to give 150 percent which means they get a whole lot done. And they don’t do anything halfway. When it comes to health, gentle movements at low intensity provide unique benefits that are very different from...


"You should have an app."

A journal is not only essential in gaining knowledge about yourself. The act of gathering the data and recording in your journal is the most important action you can take because it activates your problem-solving brain—giving you control over your daily activities and food choices. This puts you in command of each area of your health, every day.


"I just don't understand why I can't do this for myself."

Dr. Mohan describes how self-sufficiency and the expectation she will be self-recharging gets in the way of healthy living for many executives.


"I don't feel great, but I can push through."

Dr. Mohan hashes out why executive women who set such high standards of excellence for their work product set such low expectations for the experience they have being in their own skin.