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The latest news, articles and trends in digital marketing.

The latest news, articles and trends in digital marketing.


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The latest news, articles and trends in digital marketing.






The PPC Game on Facebook and Google

How Your PPC Manager Oversees Facebook Ads So you want to reach a few of the 1.7 billion Facebook users scrolling on their social media —but you also want to be sure you’re paying the right amount of money to talk to the right type of people. Less experienced marketers may feel that their Facebook ads are not delivering. But paid Facebook ads are astonishingly effective in the hands of a skilled PPC manager who knows what they’re doing, as your Facebook ad receipts will show. Your PPC...

The Beer Lab Podcast with Herd Marketing

In the latest episode of the Herd Marketing podcast, we visit Ryan, who runs and operates The Beer Lab in Heswall. The Beer Lab is a micropub that specialises in selling a huge range of craft beers and has built up an enviable reputation locally as one of the best pubs on the Wirral. This is down to an ever-changing range of artisan craft beers being on sale, as well as its really good atmosphere. During this episode, we talk about how the business has reacted to the recent Coronavirus and...


Think Wine Group & Social Nation Podcast

Last Friday we visited Katherine Jones at the Social Nation HQ on Stanley Street in Liverpool to record the latest Herd Marketing podcast. Kath runs her influencer marketing agency, We Are Social Nation from here and works with a number of celebrities to manage their social media accounts, in particular their Instagram accounts. In addition to this, Kath recently set up a brand of sparkling wine and Prosecco - called Think Wine. This is a reduced-calorie and vegan-friendly Prosecco and in...


Relationship Marketing Podcast

In the latest episode of the Herd Marketing podcast and vlog we welcome special guest Mark Waldron from MOVE. Mark joins our founder and MD Mark Baker at the Material Studios in Liverpool to talk about relationship marketing. During this episode Mark W shares his extensive experience of business networking and offers some useful hints and tips on how to grow your business with relationship marketing. This includes techniques and frameworks that he uses within his coaching business that have...

How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

Welcome to this episode of the Herd Marketing podcast -today we welcome special guest and LinkedIn marketing guru Pam Case from Linked Online. Pam runs a number of networking groups and training sessions, based around LinkedIn and how to optimise your LinkedIn profile. In this episode we cover some important topics and areas within LinkedIn and explain in detail how these can be used to help generate new B2B leads and sales. Pam highlights four areas that LinkedIn can be broken down into and...

SEO Tips You Need to Know in 2020

In today’s blog article we are going to be looking at SEO tips for 2020. This content is available as a podcast that can be listened too and downloaded or in a written article format, as shown below. When it comes to optimising your website and the amount of organic traffic that you get, using a good SEO tool is unavoidable and also very advisable. There are several different websites and tools that you can use to help improve the search engine optimisation of your website. This includes...


Bikmo Bike Insurance – Podcast and Vlog with Herd Marketing

In our latest Herd Marketing podcast and vlog, we headed up to Chester to meet with Bikmo and their head of partnerships, Rob Grisdale. For those who are not familiar with Bikmo, they are a bike insurance company who create bespoke insurance packages for cyclists and their bikes. During our visit to their impressive offices in Chester, we had chance to talk in-depth with Rob about the company and learn more about what 2020 holds for them. As an international company with offices in Chester...

Why Video Production is Important?

In our latest vlog and podcast, we talk about video production and why it is so important to your business and organisation. From improvements in your organic ranking right through to sharing it on social media, video production is a multifunctional part of digital marketing that should have a firm place in your digital strategy. Video production has its roots in content marketing and in turn, this connects well to improvements with your SEO. The main reason for this is that video allows you...

Search Engine Optimisation in Liverpool

In previous blog entries and podcasts, we have spoken about the importance of local SEO. For many small to medium-size businesses, local SEO should form part of your digital marketing strategy. In this latest blog and podcast, we are going to look at how, as a business, Herd Marketing is aiming to achieve organic ranking for the search term 'SEO Liverpool'. To do this, we are first going to analyse our current position for this search term on Google, using a variety of SEO tools. At the time...

Getting Started with an Online Business

Opening up an online shop or business is both rewarding and challenging. There are a number of important points that need consideration before, during and after the launch of your website. In today's entry, we are going to talk about some of the important aspects of getting started online, that if done correctly, will make your life a little easier and may even improve your online presence. Your Website From the very beginning, it is always advisable to build, develop and create your new...

Google Ads and WhatsApp – Herd Marketing Podcast

Welcome to the latest Herd Marketing podcast - in this episode, we talk about and discuss paid search, in particular, Google Ads and then we move on to how Herd Marketing came to be and finally, we conclude with our thoughts and ideas on how we think WhatsApp will evolve in the not to distant future. Google Ads offer a great way to increase your website traffic and for many online business owners, this is how they generate traffic to their sites. It's important to remember, however, that PPC...

Influencer Marketing and Social Media Podcast

In our latest podcast, we visited the Material recording studio in Liverpool and Mark, our MD and Phil Waring, a startup consultant at Nova, spoke about the rise in influencer marketing and how, when done correctly, it can be a great way of increasing sales and revenues. We also spoke about WhatsApp and how we think it may integrate with Instagram and Messenger in the near future. This is an interesting subject and something a number of marketers are thinking about at present. Is email on...

Herd Marketing Podcast

Last week Mark Baker, our MD and Phil Waring from NOVA visited the Material Studios in Liverpool and recorded our first podcast. We plan on making this a regular feature within our blogs and will aim to add value to our readers and listeners with our content and subject matter. During the recording, 'consistency' came up as the 'keyword' of the whole episode when talking about digital marketing. This means that it's important to deliver a regular, concise and consistent message across all of...