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This is the Level Up Your Brand Podcast. I'm Martin Sully, a brand strategist, designer and founder of Snapper Studio. And, I'm on a mission to help you gain clarity and confidence in your brand. I’ll arm you with bite-size tips and introduce you to friends of the show who are taking their brand to the next level.




This is the Level Up Your Brand Podcast. I'm Martin Sully, a brand strategist, designer and founder of Snapper Studio. And, I'm on a mission to help you gain clarity and confidence in your brand. I’ll arm you with bite-size tips and introduce you to friends of the show who are taking their brand to the next level.






AI and Its Impact on Branding: Current and Future Trends

Martin Sully, a brand strategist and founder of Snapper Studio, discusses the growing influence of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning on branding. He explores the tools currently available that incorporate AI, including Chat GPT, photo editors, AI-generated logos and even the emergence of AI-assisted brand development tools. However, he also emphasises that while AI can help streamline certain design processes and content generation, it can never replace the emotional and human touch in branding. Martin believes AI will change the graphic design landscape over the next two years, including Adobe's potential move into providing AI-assisted brand development tools. 00:53 Introduction to the Podcast 01:17 Impact of AI on Branding 03:01 Exploring AI and its Limitations 04:02 First Experience with Generative AI 05:33 Understanding Emotional Branding 08:42 Current AI Tools in Branding 12:01 Real World Uses of Generative AI 12:13 The Role of AI in Podcasting 17:48 Adobe's AI Innovations 23:16 The Future of Branding with AI 28:48 Conclusion: AI's Role in Design and Branding


Nothing good ever comes easy with Claire Wheeler and Tara Clark

We talk with Claire from KidBiz Academy and Tara Clark Art about the pitfalls of working with kids, selling candles, fortune telling, and how we all need to persevere to get to where we want to. This episode is packed with gems, by two guests who are doing incredible things. Claire is empowering children to take on an entrepreneurial spirit, teaching them all about the various aspects of business, from marketing to design, to sales and production. Breaking it down and making it interesting for kids aged 5+. Tara is a 15-year-old aspiring artist, specialising in Character Design. She guides me through her process, where she wants to take things and that she's currently open to commissions, so if you want to work with her, her work is simply amazing. And now she's a published illustrator. Download my freebie - supercharge your brand's feelings Claire Wheeler Website – KidBiz Academy Socials – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Tara Clark Instagram – @Tara.Clark.Art Commissions Email Tara at tarairclark@gmail.com


Episode 15 - Never Give Up with Jess Hodge

Recycling 20 tonnes of plastic saves enough electricity to power 54 houses for a year. Yearly, it's reported that the world creates 460 million tonnes of plastic. Let that sink in. Luckily the world has smart entrepreneurs like Jess Hodge, from Resourceful Living, who are battling to solve the problem and create useful everyday solutions to reuse it. Connect with Jess Facebook - Resourceful Living LinkedIn - Resourceful Living Website - Resourceful Living


Episode 14 - Building Communities with Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith is this episodes guest. We first connected when she took the quiz on my website. Point's don't mean prizes, but she's currently the high scorer with 3. Have a go here - Feels Finder Quiz We chat about • Yum cha and wine • Rachel's list, how it all began and maintaining a community. • The Content Byte Summit and the talks that lit up the stage – Jennifer Goforth Gregory and Ed Gandia's episode with Shane Sam • Picking a brand name and how it sometimes picks itself. • AI's impact on copy and design worlds • What Rachel would do differently if she did it again Connect with Rachel Rachel's List Rachel Smith Copy & Content Content Byte Podcast Subscribe to the Wrap Up


Episode 13 – Branding's Dark History

Branding, it's history and the dark, disturbing reason we changed our podcast name to the Level Up Podcast. This episode covers: • The Industrial Revolution and it's impact on branding. • Branding's disturbing past • Where we see branding going and how business will have to adapt. I also spoke about Personal Branding Unlocked, a new podcast from Monica Walmsley and Josh Lawlor. And, the original article that sparked this podcast - The Daily Heller - is post branding a thing? Spot more of my work at Snapper Studio


Episode 12 - Scent Branding

A 10-month hiatus. But the podcast is back. This week we're talking all about scent branding and how you can introduce it into your brand. Read more about scent branding on our website – https://www.snapper.studio/blog/scent-branding


Episode 11 - Design trends to avoid in 2023

2023 is knock, knock, knocking on your door, with all the jingling of Santa's bells. It's time to talk about graphic design trends in 2023. I'll cover 6 design trends to avoid in 2023, summarise what we saw in 2022, and explain why you should avoid looking at trends. Design trends 2023


Episode 10 - When's the right time to rebrand?

Martin, when should I rebrand? How much does a rebrand cost? I regularly get asked these types of questions. And there’s a bunch of things to consider. A rebrand is about redesigning or rewriting your story. It's more about revamping who the brand is and how you want to be perceived. In this episode, I'll run through 20 signs that it might be time for a rebrand. Book a Vision call Visit Snapper Studio website


Episode 9: A Designers Guide to Choosing Brand Colours

If you're struggling to pick your brand colours, this episode is for you. When you have a clear direction, picking your brand colours will feel less like picking colours out of thin air and more wahoo! In this episode, I discuss the thought process behind choosing brand colours and the considerations you need to make when selecting yours. I cover: Resources: • Follow me on lnstagram: @snapper.studio • Meet me in real life @chatterbox.au • For more information and to work with me visit snapper.studio


Episode 8 - Finding your Brands Personality

A tub-thumping brand personality and tone of voice will shape how customers engage with your brand. It will make storytelling simpler, so you no matter the platform, you can talk to them like humans. What you'll be left with is a vibrant, authentic, unique way to market your business. In this episode, we cover: Come and learn more about branding at www.snapper.studio


Episode 7 - Crafting your Customer Experience

By elevating your customer experience, you create an army of loyal customers who will be out there talking up your brand and saving you marketing dollars. This is a big task, and you will continue to do this as your business evolves. It pays out in trust and improved customer experience. In this episode I run through two methods to build your customer experience. Come and learn more about branding at www.snapper.studio/brand-strategy


Episode 6 - Elevate your Customer Experience with a solid Brand Promise

Learn how to nurture your brand's promise and successfully deliver exceptional service to your customers. In this episode of the Hot Metal Brand Podcast, I'll show you 4 ways to build your brand promise. Including: Successful businesses deliver exceptional service throughout the whole customer journey. Next week you'll learn how to build that customer journey. In the meantime, come and learn all about me – snapper.studio/about


Episode 5 - When the world zigs. Zag!

When the world zigs. Zag. You probably don't know the origin of this phrase, but the important thing is to embrace it. In this episode, we move into looking at competition, analysing what they do, then tossing it out the window and running your own race. Keeping you one step ahead, and forging your own path. My website is packed full of topics to inspire your current and future brand - https://www.snapper.studio/blog If you're not ready to invest - check out the free download on my website - https://www.snapper.studio/download/feelings


Episode 4 - The Art of Attracting your Dream Customers

Last week, we looked at repelling your non-ideal customers by standing for something, getting to know your ideal customer and setting them expectations. This week we're focusing on working on who is your dream customer. We'll cover: If you're interested in meeting me and chatting in real life each month, In Newcastle, Australia. I host a networking event called Chatterbox - a friendly event to chat over any plans and help you get clarity on your brand. You'll also meet many other established, growing or just starting businesses. Take a look at Chatterbox's Instagram.


Episode 3 - The Art of Repelling Customers

The first of a 2-part series introducing you to finding your ideal customers. First, you have to work out how to not attract the wrong customers to your business. There's a 3 step strategy to this: Connect up with me on Instagram Visit my website snapper.studio


Episode 2 - Intentionally Aligning your Brand

Creating thoughtful brands that get to the heart of what customers want is called intentional alignment, where you align your reputation, values, mission + vision statements and your brand's promise to make an emotional connection to your customers. We dive right into: Come and learn more about Snapper Studio - https://www.snapper.studio


Episode 1 - Building Thoughtful Brand Foundations

Welcome back to the first proper episode of the podcast! Where I dive deeper into the foundations of a great brand! I cover: • What branding is to me. • Common misconceptions of what a brand is. • Why you need to carefully think about all the decisions in your business. • What branding can do for you. • How to build strong foundations by looking at your brands DNA, your why, unique selling propositions, understanding customers, brand goals and feelings. The feels finder download is the first task I work through with every single client. Come and grab your free download — https://www.snapper.studio/download/feelings



Welcome to theLevel Up Podcast. Formerly the Hot Metal Brand Podcast. I'm Martin from Snapper Studio, and I'm on a mission to help you get clarity in your brand and confidence in what you're selling. From thoughtful empowering brand strategies to defining powerful visual stories - I'll arm you with bite-size branding tools to help you improve your brand and leave your own unique mark. Covering: • Naming a podcast • The podcast format • And a little bit about me. Subscribe now and I'll see you on the next episode. www.snapper.studio