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How A Hotel Group Is Saving Elephants With A Polo Tournament [Season 2, Episode 6]

Hotel CSR programmes can range from bland and ‘something you just have to do’, to spectacular events that really make a difference and gets everybody talking. Anantara Hotel Group’s ‘Elephant Polo’ falls into that ‘spectacular’ category. In their own words’: “What started out as a whimsical conversation between two quirky sport lovers and philanthropists in the late 1990’s has evolved into one of the biggest annual charity events in Thailand.” The event raises money from big name...


Urban Female Travelers: What Women Want From Hotels [Season 2, Episode 5]

Wimintra is fresh back from Thailand Tourism Forum 2018, where she presented HotelIntel’s proprietary survey of what women travelers from all over world want hotels to do better. The video is posted online, and you really should watch it. It’s amazing how many things hotels get wrong, which can be a big let down. In this episode, Wimintra and Stu cover some of those findings, like Bathrooms are a big issue that’s often overlooked by hotel planners. According to the survey data, women want...


Scent Marketing: The Hotelier’s Not-So-Secret Weapon [Season 2, Episode 4]

Ever wonder why there’s a bakery near the front door of many hotels? Or why casinos invest over $500K a year in scent marketing? Or how shoe companies know you’ll shop longer if their stores smell of woodworking and leather? It’s more than just branding. It’s the science of scent marketing, and savvy hoteliers are already onboard. In this episode, Wimintra & Stu share their own personal experience with scent marketing for hotels and dig into some of the research that supports this...


When I Cheated On Hotels [Season 2, Episode 3]

As the founder of, Wimintra clearly loves hotels. However, hotels aren’t the only option for today’s travelers. Chalk it up to research if you must, but she’s been spending a lot of time in a serviced apartments lately. In this episode, Wimintra and Stu have a frank discussion about the state of serviced apartments across SE Asia and their impact on hoteliers. Not only are serviced apartments spacious, but they’re starting to offer some unexpected attributes and...


Social Media for Hoteliers Masterclass [Season 2, Episode 2]

Hoteliers have a lot on their plates already, and social is often one more thing that gets piled on an already overworked marketing/PR department. To help shed some light on social media best practices for hoteliers, we enlisted the help of Mr. Scott Eddy. In this episode, you’ll find out: Why hotels must be on more than one social media platformHow hoteliers can prioritize social efforts to maximize ROIWhich social media platform is an underutilized goldmine for hotels and travel...


Are Travel Influencers Worth It? [Season 2, Episode 1]

The hotel industry is going through a fundamental shift. Internal marketing departments and PR teams have seen their budgets slashed as they reduce their reliance on traditional media, shifting those dollars to something called influencer marketing. This week’s guest is a true influencer in the hotel, travel, and tourism space. Over the years, Mr. Scott Eddy has carefully cultivated a social audience of almost two million people who love to follow his travels around the world. But that...


Hotelier of the Month: July 2017 [Season 1, Episode 9]

Hotel Intel is pleased to announce Benjamin Krieg, General Manager of Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 as our Hotelier of the Month. This 1-year-old property is making waves in the Bangkok hotel scene and has much to offer guests in terms of new dining concepts and flagship luxurious and comfortable yet approachable vibe here in Sukhumvit. Brian Greco sits down with Mr. Krieg to discuss his career background, sources of inspiration, and approach to hospitality.


Creating Excellent Guest Experiences [Season 1, Episode 8]

What does it take to create excellent guest experiences in Asia? What is going on at the newly updated Amari Watergate Bangkok? What are the elements of a successful multi-cultural and multi-talented team? Brian Greco sits down with several leaders of this central Bangkok hotel to hear insights on these questions and more.


Creating a Magnetic Millennial Brand [Season 1, Episode 7]

Based in Bali and greater Indonesia, Louka Taffin is a young hotelier in millennial hospitality who is making waves with the unconventional fun, funky vibe of his brand Le Pirate Beach Club. The experiences Le Pirate offers their guests in the outer islands of Bali are built around adventure, community, and sharing the experience of travel. Le Pirate has reached remarkable success through its social-driven strategies with millennials as well as Gen Z and is growing rapidly. Louka is at...


Bill Heinecke Up Close – How to Build a Hotel Empire [Season 1, Episode 6]

The name Bill Heinecke evokes different things for different people in this part of the world. Born in the US, the now naturalised Thai citizen’s name may cause other things to spring to mind including; billionaire, successful businessman, shrewd, determined, diverse, food and restaurant chains, private jets (MJET), and plays to win. While Heinecke first entered the hotel business in 1978 with The Royal Garden Resort in Pattaya, Thailand, now more than ever as you travel around the globe,...


Hoteliers and Their Dreams: Don't Wait Until You’re Fired! [Season 1, Episode 5]

In this podcast we speak with Miners Hospitality's CEO Mendes Cavin about why so many 'out of work' hoteliers seem to think that opening a 'Hotel Management' company is a good way to overcome unemployment. Mendes has beaten the odds and after years as a hotelier, shares his inspiring story with us and let's us in on the secrets of how he has successfully designed, opened and run several amazing properties throughout Asia including Thailand, Burma and Indonesia.


Higher-End Hostels Making a Mark [Season 1, Episode 4]

In this episode, Wimintra speaks with Prakhun Phornprapha of Chao Hostels about how hostels have evolved, along with the success of his higher end ‘Chao Hostel’ and how they’re persuading guests to stay with them over traditional hotels. What kind of coin do people who stay in hostels really have? Will hostels ever be a real threat to hotels? Why would someone choose a hostel over a hotel if they had enough budget to stay in a nice hotel?


Serviced Office Knowhow Pivots into Hotel Success [Season 1, Episode 3]

IIn this episode of our, Gavin Vongkusolkit who amongst other successful businesses, is well known for his popular serviced office brand 'Glowfish', shares with Wimintra how the skills developed in managing 'space' on a corporate level, provided all the framework needed to build and run a new hotel brand 'Ad-Lib'.


LGBT Travelers: A Valuable Hotel Demographic [Season 1, Episode 2]

On this episode, Wimintra speaks with renowned movie producer and world traveller Anusorn Soisa-Ngim about LGBT travellers and what they look for in a hotel when travelling.


How to Rebrand an Iconic Property with Bob Fabiano of Marriott Marquis [Season 1, Episode 1]

On October 2, 2014 Bangkok’s largest hotel, the 1251 key iconic Imperial Queens Park property closed its doors, and the property promptly became a chrysalis for the next two years. The closure took months of preparation, and Bangkok’s hospitality industry received a flood of talent that all had to be let back into the labour market. In 2016, the doors opened of the brand new Marriott Marquis property that emerged from the chrysalis, headed by veteran hotelier Bob Fabiano. In this episode...


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