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#024 freestyle discussion on Debt and Beggars

Ray and Nigel enter into a thrilling and thought-provoking discussion about the morality of debt, beggars and wealth creators. Get inspired by this freestyle episode of The How to Raise Money Podcast. To answer the question; Do you feel bad about getting people into debt? Ray and Nigel explore the realities of both good debt and bad debt and how investors and capitalists (while not perfect) generate finance, cashflowing assets, and job opportunities by following the wealth formula. The...


#023 - Sophisticated Investors

Welcome to another episode of the How to Raise Money Podcast. Today your hosts and raising money experts Ray and Nigel discuss what it takes to be a sophisticated investor. Learn what to look out for, and what to be aware of when searching and seeking investment from a professional investor, angel, whale or dragon. Ray and Nigel urge you to do your due diligence and understand how to identify a casual investor from the professionals. Hear the easy criteria you can follow if you’re looking...


BONUS - Pathway to Sleep: Sleep Exercise (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of the two bonus episodes on Pathway to Sleep! Note: This is a practical exercise of what was learned from Part 1. This involves relaxation so make sure you’re not driving or doing anything that needs your high level of awareness. And, if you haven’t listened to the first part yet, do it now. You’ll be able to learn how to construct your sleeping quarters in your mind above others. Let the voice of Ray guide you to full relaxation on today’s episode. Find your sleeping...


BONUS - Pathway to Sleep: Sleep Theory (Part 1)

Lie down. Close your eyes. Relax. Then, Sleep. On today’s bonus episode of How To Raise Money podcast, Ray discusses on how you could get deep sleep at night. Sleep is very important. Ray can’t emphasize that enough. You don’t need external influences like that chamomile tea or the sound of the rain to get you to sleep. You just need a technique that will work for you. From reading Jack Black’s MindStore: The Ultimate Mental Fitness Programme, Ray was able to adopt a sleeping technique of...


#022 - Why Would an Investor Want Me

Welcome to another episode of the How to Raise Money Podcast. Today your hosts and raising money experts Ray and Nigel talk about what an investor looks for when choosing to invest. The type of person, the personality and the characteristics needed, to attract JV partners and investment finance. All whales, dragons, angels, and investors are looking to invest not only in upcoming projects but in the people who carry them out. Ray and Nigel bring you the five things you need, in order to...


#021 - Due Dilligence with Chris Jones

Welcome to another episode of the How to Raise Money Podcast. In today’s episode, your hosts Ray interviews Angel Investor, entrepreneur, owner and executive director of 9 companies and wealth creator Chris Jones. Ray and Chris dive into the essential need for due diligence in business. The purpose of due diligence is to ensure if you are putting time or money into a company or looking to acquire a company that everything is out in the open and you are aware of all the information before...


#020 - Dont Ignore Your HIgh Street Bank

Welcome to another episode of the How to Raise Money Podcast. In today’s episode, your hosts Ray and Nigel discuss how to raise money from your traditional highstreet bank and must the myth that banks aren’t lending. Ray speaks to the chief executive officer of a national bank and the head of property to gain an insight into highstreet bank lending and reveal the secrets of how to access the bank's money a little easier. Discover how to get the banks on your side by getting to know their...


#019 -Live Interview with Sandeep

Welcome to another episode of the How to Raise Money Podcast. In today’s episode, your host Ray McLennan interviews mentee and serviced accommodation specialist Sandeep live! Understand how to navigate your journey to success and that for some it will be a simple and easy path, but for others, it will be a rocky road. Learn how to remain focused on building your own business and recognise potential joint venture opportunities that can help your current business, whilst also expanding and...


BONUS - Dealing with Lawyers

For every deal you get into, it is essential to have a lawyer by your side. This episode is an insider’s look on how to get the best lawyer out there, how to communicate with them, when to transact with them, and many more. Ray and Nigel shares an 11-point (plus two more!) checklist that you should understand and apply when dealing with lawyers. You don’t want to have any problems with your lawyers so you can avoid having any problems with your deals! KEY TAKEAWAYS (Bonus) If you have...


#018 - 9 Secrets to Getting Rich

Welcome to another episode of the How to Raise Money Podcast. In today’s episode, your host Ray McLennan begins by summing up some of his angel investors most recent deals, including commercial property deals, investment pots and personal funding ventures. Ray reveals the 9 Secrets To Getting Rich and that by learning what the rich and successful people, you increase your chances of success, it’s a combination of things that lead to success. Understand the compounding effect that makes it...


#017 What Does Success Look Like for You?

Welcome to Raising Angel (Alternate) Funding. What does success look like for you? Join Ray Mclennan discussing wealth hacks including pension transfer values, capital gains tax, stamp duty, which questions to ask investors, mind-set, training and strategy. KEY TAKEAWAYS Capital Gains Tax. Buy something, sell it, make an uplift and pay tax on it. You pay tax on everything else, now you've got to pay tax on the uplift. Wouldn't it be nice to to pay that tax...? Wouldn't it be...


#016 - Why do some businesses succeed when others fail

Welcome To The How To Raise Money Podcast. Ray and Nigel dive into the Top Ten Scale Up Mistakes business make and how to avoid them. Discover how to thrive, grow and scale in this episode of The How To Raise Money Podcast. Understand the different types of growth and how it affects your business, learn to pay strict attention to your finances and avoid taking on debt and expensive overheads which errode the business. Ray and Nigel discuss that many entrepreneurs will burn through their...


#015 - Money Mindset Pt 2

DESCRIPTION Welcome to the How To Raise Money Podcast! Money mindset. (Part 2) In part one Ray covered money mindset, how to save and if you are ready to handle large amounts of money, whether it’s yours or somebody else’s. Ray also explained, how not to self sabotage and why mindset when it comes to money is essential. Discover Ray’s Forced Accelerated Savings Technique and how to take the emotional side out of dealing with and saving money. In this episode of the How To Raise Money...


#014 - Money Mindset Pt 1

What is money mindset all about? Do you know there is a big difference between making money, holding onto money, borrowing money? So, listen in to this podcast to get yourself in the right frame of mind, where Ray McLennan brings to you the 5 different distinct areas of money and attitude towards money that helps you to grow your money and your business.


#013 - The Power of Focus

Everybody knows that we should focus on things. Stick to one thing, don’t be a master of many things. You need to focus on what you're going to do. Be single minded. But it's easier said than done. So, why is focus important? Ray throw some lights on the importance of the power of focus that can make magic happens, and t the 10 kind of habits that can build the power of focus.


#012 Money Makes The World Go Around

So how can you get to where the money lives? There’s never been more deals around than there are today... Listen in to Ray presenting live in London, teaching and discussing how to raise other people’s finance. An in depth look at joint ventures, private investors, start-ups, scale-ups, enterprise investment scheme reliefs, networking, mindset, the perfect pitch, dealing with rejection, social dynamics, what to look for in deals and much, much more!


Bonus: How the words you use can get a loan rejected

Discover the impact language has on your loan application! Did you know 10% of all loan applications are dismissed? Ray analyses a big data report which case studies 120,000 loan applications and identifies signals for people who are likely to default on loans. learn to recognise the four main factors which influence loan decisions, which five phrases to use, which five phrases to avoid and other insider secrets in order to guarantee the approval of your next loan!


#011 - Why You Don't Need to Share the Pie

Ray McLennan speaks on the contrarian view of "you do not always need to share the financial pie all the time. There is a way to incentivise without giving away the whole pie. There are the risk and reward principle. In this episode, Ray will aso give an intricate detail of 21 ways to make more financial pie.


#010 - 6 FAQs on How To Raise Money

Ray and Nigel brings forth 6 of the most frequently asked questions on how to raise money as Ray puts it, “if you ask for money, you'll get advice. But, if you ask for advice, you might get the money”.


#009 100% Funding, is it possible?

Ray McLennan give some tips into qualification criteria for 100 percent funding for property project, expounding on the CREST Model.