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#044 Crowd Funding!

Ray is going solo on this one with Nigel busy on something else. But relax as he has Frazer Fearnhead on today's show Frazer started his career as a lawyer in the music industry, where he worked for six years, before concluding that the law was not for him. He has been investing in property since 1994 and, since 2003, has helped other people invest over £140m in UK property. He sold his previous property investment consultancy Armchair Property Investor in 2007 for over £2M. Frazer is...


#043 Emotions of Success And Failure

We are living in turbulent, emotional times whether it’s Brexit or financial autonomy, so a little bit more calmness is always a good thing. However, It can be hard to manage your emotions with the highs and lows of running a business. The ability to manage your emotions is an extremely important skill for anyone who wants to succeed in property or business. In today’s episode, Ray goes through the best strategies to ensure that your decisions aren’t negatively affected by your emotions. Key...


#042 The 12 steps on Reviewing Deals BEFORE They go to Investors/ Lenders?

Welcome back to another episode of the How To Raise Money podcast with your hosts Ray McLennan and Nigel Best. In this latest episode, Ray and Nigel go through the 12 step process that they go through when receiving an enquiry from a client looking to gain finance from an investor or lender. This is an essential checklist for anyone looking to raise money for their new project in whatever sector. Key Takeaways Have They Completed An Application Form? The Online application form can be found...


#041 Ninja Tactics to Getting Your Pitch, Proposal or Presentation to The Top of The List.

Not all deals get funded and they don’t all get put in front of the right people, the decision makers. In today’s episode of The How To Raise Money Podcast Ray and Nigel bring you the ninja tactics you can use to get your pitch, proposal or presentation to the top of the list. Ray and Nigel share with you experiences from real life deals and discuss the key learnings from successful pitches. Learn what to do and what not to do when pitching and discover the four things you can do to stand...


#040 Your Guide To The Economic Clock and Where are we now?

Welcome back to another episode of the How To Raise Money Podcast, with your host Ray Mclennon. In this episode, Ray talks through the Economic clock, its history, and how it can help you in your business or property venture. Ray talks through why a rise in interest rates is a good thing, and finally lets you know where we are on the clock between boom and bust? Key Takeaways What Is the Economic Clock? The economic clock is a 150 year old indicator of the state of the economy built by...


#39 Why Deals Fail to Close

In this episode, Ray McLennan discusses reasons why deals fail to close. He brings this topic up because according to him, there seems to be a proliferation of deals that should have closed over the last few months but they were left on the table. Learn why some deals close while others don’t and hear the techniques you can use to get your deal over the line. Ray discusses experiences with several people/investors and angels from different walks of life and comes up with the 7 reasons why...


#037 Interview With Serial Investor And Fund Raiser Fredrik Sandvall

In this episode Ray and Nigel welcome special guest Fredrik Sandvall, who is an entrepreneurial individual with multiple business interests including property development and a global sales consultancy. He has raised money for projects in a number of ways including crowd- funding. Tune in to hear Fredrik discusses the key ‘game changers’ you need to know to grow your business. Fredrik also reflects on the vital components required in business and in life to make substantial leaps forward....


#036 Problems and Solutions

The common challenge for borrowers is not being able to meet the deadline. Now, what do you do if you can’t pay back in time? Don’t panic and stay calm! On today’s episode of How To Raise Money Podcast, Ray gives you tips and strategies to find the best solutions to your energy-draining crisis. Learn how to do the first step: finding the root cause so you solve the real problem. Taking actions carelessly might worsen it so learn how to distinguish assumptions from facts. Then, discover how...


#035 A Bit of a Rant About Things (LIVE)

Ray gives a fascinating insight into his professional journey. He discusses aspects and personal examples of mindset, training and strategy that have contributed to his current expertise and contribution to his “skills stack”. Ray encourages the audience to think carefully about what we can do to progress successfully towards our chosen goals and some of the reasons that may block us from moving forward and how to make changes. KEY TAKEAWAYS Mindset is key to changing your outcomes and...


#034 Brexit Affecting Lending

In this episode, Ray and Nigel discuss the varying influences on investors and developers in connection with the impending withdrawal of the UK from the EU. They explore a central question of Brexit – uncertainty, in connection with raising money, along with the possible opportunities for investors and developers. Ray and Nigel offer an insight into aspects of supply and demand in the property sector and discuss why demand will continue to grow. KEY TAKEAWAYS There will always be world...


#033 The Investment Clock & When Should I Invest?

Welcome to another episode of the How To Raise Money Podcast. In today’s episode, Ray and Nigel discuss the investment clock, macroeconomics and if now is the right time for you to invest or simply raise finance. No matter what sector, region or market you’re in, you can analyse your situation on the investment clock. Hear Ray and Nigel discuss the pros and cons of evaluating the investment clock and the fundamentals of the UK property market when it comes to investing in property in today’s...


#032 FAQ the Cost of Cash

In today’s episode, Ray and Nigel discuss how to raise money and the obstacles you may need to overcome to secure investments. The hosts also delve into the many messages they’ve received and answer some of the most frequently asked questions by the How To Make Money community. KEY TAKEAWAYS The minimum and maximum figures an Angel will invest depends on the business, and three key factors; you, your deal and what the Angel’s position is. Larger investments don’t happen quickly. Even...


#031 Bankruptcy, Receivership & County Court Judgements

Welcome to another episode of the How To Raise Money Podcast. Tune in today to hear Ray and Nigel discuss Receivership, Bankruptcy and County Court Judgements and how you can secure investment, even if you have a bad financial track-record or a history with financial difficulty. Your hosts respond to popular demand to answer questions from the How To Raise Money community and provide you with the proven reassurance that anyone can raise finance, start a business and secure investment, if you...


#030 13 Top Tips for Pitching

In today’s episode of The How To Raise Money Podcast, discover the 13 Top Tips For Pitching and how you too, can secure investment and fund your idea with a simple but effective 10-minute pitch. If you’re looking to finance your ideas, content, start-ups or scale-ups, pitching matters. A successful pitch will get investors begging to invest in your company and secure you the right investor that can help you grow your business and provide you with the right expertise to achieve success. Learn...


#029 A list of 8 Things beginning with 'T'

In today’s episode, Ray and Nigel discuss the 8 things they’ve learnt over the first 30 episodes of the How To Raise Money Podcast. Tune in today to listen to your hosts dive into previous episodes of the UK’s #1 finance raising podcast and hear a recap of the best moments yet. PLUS, look forward to hearing more from the guys over the next 40 episodes! of the How To Raise Money Podcast, including interviews with successful Dragons Den winner Levi Roots, HouseCrowd’s Fraser Fearnhead and the...


#28 Doing a Deal With an Investor

So, you’ve approached an investor and after some talks, it is finally ready to seal the deal. In today’s episode of How To Raise Money Podcast, Ray lays out 10 essential items you need to look into when arranging a deal with your investor. There are things that could slow down the deal and you don’t want that to happen. Discover how these will help you not just speed up the deal but also go through the deal smoothly and trouble-free. If done properly, you can ensure that you’ll be raising...


BONUS - Top Ten Investors Obligations

In this bonus episode, Ray shares 10 top tips on what to do if you are looking to invest your money in a company. Ray also explains what to expect when investing in a company and defines the difference between the role of a Director and Chairman which can be a very important factor in investing.


#27 Sophisticated Investors Checklist

Welcome to another episode of the How to Raise Money Podcast. In today’s episode, Ray responds to popular demand to discuss sophisticated investors and high net-worth individuals and how you too, can use his six-point checklist to help identify the sophisticated investors you’re seeking to secure finance from. If you’re looking to raise finance or are frightened of making mistakes when approaching investors this episode is for you. Ray dives into the complete list of checks, that you need to...


#026 Interview With Jim Duffy

Jim Duffy co-founded Entrepreneurial Spark in 2011 with the aim of creating an entrepreneurial revolution across the country. As a best-selling author and entrepreneur, Jim went on to help persuade the Scottish Government to establish the Edge Fund, a £1m award scheme for start-ups. In today’s inspiring interview, your host, Ray ask Jim for his best advice and insights into how to raise money and scale start-ups. Discover how to read people, live by a disciplined code, act empathetically in...