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By interviewing the best minds in real estate we give you the tips, tools, and tricks to scale your investment portfolio.

By interviewing the best minds in real estate we give you the tips, tools, and tricks to scale your investment portfolio.


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By interviewing the best minds in real estate we give you the tips, tools, and tricks to scale your investment portfolio.






Starting Small: From House Hacking To Commercial And Multifamily With Anton Ivanov

Many real estate investors start their careers in pursuit of the BHAG or the big hairy goal. Anton Ivanov, however, believes we shouldn’t be afraid to start small. Anton is a US Navy veteran, real estate investor, and entrepreneur with a 40-unit rental portfolio spread out across 4 states. He is also the founder of two popular real estate software platforms, RentCast and DealCheck. On today’s show, Anton sits down with Sam Wilson to share his real estate investing journey – from house...


Risk Mitigation In Real Estate Investing: Scaling Your Business With Whitney Elkins-Hutten

Investing in real estate is full of rewards but not without risks. What can you do to minimize or mitigate some of these risks? In this episode, Sam Wilson interviews real estate investor and personal finance trainer Whitney Elkins-Hutten about risks in real estate and scaling your business. Whitney takes a look at how she got into real estate, what she’s learned, and her personal tips on mitigating risk. Tune in for more real estate tips and learn how to scale your business. Love the show?...


Practical Finance Tips On How To Take Control Of Your Finances With Anna Kelley

If you want to take control of your finances, you can’t trust a job and the stock market. Sam Wilson presents Anna Kelley, the founder of Greater Purpose Capital. Since Anna managed portfolios of high-net-worth individuals and owns over 1,200 multi-family units, she has incredible experience under her belt. Join in the conversation as Anna talks about how you need to use your time wisely to make the most money with the most joy. To protect your money and assets, you need to learn how to...


No Capital? Start Small And Build Your Way To Success With Nico Salgado

No capital? Start small and build your way to massive success. Sam Wilson's guest in this episode is Nico Salgado, the podcast host of Small Axe Communities. Nico shares with Sam how he's passionate about encouraging his listeners that you don't have to be rich to start. He had zero money when he began his journey in real estate. Join in the conversation as Nico shares valuable tips on how you can raise capital. Establishing solid relationships with investors and brokers is a must. And just...


Mortgage Note Investing And Trading Made Easy With Paperstac CEO Richard Allen

Are you a real estate investor looking into mortgage note investing and trading? Then Paperstac is the platform of your dreams! Today’s guest is Richard Allen, the CEO and Cofounder of Paperstac, a platform where investors can come together in a safe and controlled environment to buy and sell mortgage notes. He joins Sam Wilson to talk all things note investing, trading, buying and selling, and how Paperstac is the best note marketplace to help investors. As Managing Partner at MWM Fund...


Making It Big In Multi-Family Homes And Giving Back To Community With Colby Bowers

Through dedication, planning, and integrity, multi-family homes in the worst conditions can still be turned around and become profitable. This is exactly what Colby Bowers of Veteran Pride Investment Group did when he closed a handsome deal for a condominium complex floundered for around 14 years. He sits down with Sam Wilson to present his strategies for this transaction and find the best JV partners to help write bigger checks despite his short track record. Colby also talks about his...


Finding Real Estate Success Through Systems And People With Shelby Osborne

Real estate, despite its central element being properties, is all about communication and building connections. Success can be achieved in this industry by understanding the power of systems and people, and you must learn how to use them to your advantage. Joining Sam Wilson to share how she did this is Shelby Osborne, Founder and CEO at Five Pillars Realty Group. She talks about acquiring more than 70 units across different investing strategies, working as a full-time agent, and spending...


Taking The Leap From Single-Family Deals To A $300 Million Dollar Real Estate Development Project With Darren Voros

Is it really possible to go from single-family deals to a $300 million real estate development project? Darren Voros says it is! Darren is a real estate investor, coach, and co-founder of REDI Developments. He joins host Sam Wilson to share it doesn't matter whether you're doing 20 units or 500, it's the same process. From renovating to investing and development, Sam offers valuable tips to help you take the next step in your real estate journey. Sam also shares how he uses YouTube to...


Changing Lives Through Storytelling With John David Mann

One of the most valuable things you will ever learn is how to embrace doing things differently. Sam Wilson's guest today is John David Mann, an award-winning author who finds his passion and purpose in changing lives through storytelling. Join in the conversation as John shares with Sam simple strategies on how you can start where you are and work your way up from there. You can't set out to write a great book because you'll jinx yourself. Just set out to do a good job. Then start improving...


Breaking Into The American Real Estate Market With Reed Goossens

Breaking into the real estate market in America as a non-American investor may seem tough, but with the right mindset and education, you can be successful. Just ask our guest in this episode, who has parlayed his experiences into a successful real estate business. Host Sam Wilson takes on real estate investor, entrepreneur and author Reed Goossens as they discuss getting into real estate in America. Reed talks about his journey from student to working construction, then coming to the US to...


Recognizing Opportunities In Turnkey Rental Properties With Ali Boone

There are a lot of opportunities in real estate right now and turnkey rental properties are one of the hottest property classes you can check out. Ali Boone thrives in this space. Ali is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, coach and the founder of Hipster Investments. Joining Sam Wilson on the show, she shares how she got out of her nine-to-five job to achieve freedom by starting a business. She also discusses the ups and downs in doing straight turnkey and how you could succeed in your...


The Benefits Of Investing In Short-Term Rentals With Alex Sabio

Want to know the best way to have excellent cash flow in real estate? Try investing in short-term rentals! Alex Sabio is a real estate investor with Alpha Geek Capital and a healthcare professional by day working as a respiratory therapist at Kaiser Permanente. He purchases and manages luxury short-term rentals in high-traffic vacation destination markets on his way to working in real estate full-time. Alex achieved success by learning from his mistakes and focusing on obtaining cash flow....


Why You Need A Community To Succeed With Jamie Gruber

Do you want to know how to succeed? You need a community of successful entrepreneurs. Sam Wilson's guest today is Jamie Gruber, a multifamily investor and the Co-founder of Multifamily and More. Jamie explains how figuring out your way to success is a by-product of proximity. As the famous saying goes, if you hang around a barbershop long enough, you'll get a haircut. Join in the conversation to understand the value of community for your success. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review &...


The Pros Of Self-Storage And The Use Of Sustainable Construction With Scott Krone

Not all buildings have to look beautiful. What matters more is if they’re sustainable and cost-efficient. It's all about looking for ways to enhance the performance and construction of a building without increasing its cost. Join Sam Wilson and his guest, Scott Krone, in this discussion about self-storage and Scott’s sustainable renewable construction initiatives. Scott is the Founder of Coda Management Group where he manages a wide range of real estate. Learn why he prefers self-storage...


Investing In Land: The Path To Financial Independence With Mark Podolsky

Finding financial freedom isn’t easy. But if you face your fears and take them head on, then you can find the path. Mark Podolsky of Land Geek faced his fears, and by investing in land, is now well on his way to financial independence. In this episode, Mark is interviewed by Sam Wilson as he shares how he got into real estate and his journey so far. He also shares useful tips and strategies he used to great effect. Tune in and learn more about learning to become financially free through...


Note Investing, Building Your Portfolio, And Making Decisions In The Real Estate Industry With Paige Panzarello

It’s okay if you don’t have the knowledge yet, but if you are determined to succeed in the world of real estate, you have to start now and build your portfolio. That’s how it happened for Paige Panzarello. Known as the “Cashflow Chick,” Paige has experienced many facets of real estate investing through her 25-year experience as a real estate investor and entrepreneur. She is now focused on note investing, and she sits down for a conversation with Sam Wilson about note investing, why it’s...


Understanding Debt And Equity In The Real Estate Industry With Adam Finkel

Do you have what it takes to grow your business and scale in the real estate industry? The founder of Tower Capital Adam Finkel is here to discuss debt and equity in an informative way to help you further understand the real estate market. Tower Capital is a Phoenix-based commercial real estate structured finance firm specializing in debt and equity placement for most commercial real estate asset classes. They handle the financing of all different types of real estate assets. In this...


The Ninja Mindset That Helps You Reach 6 Figures With Mandy McAllister

Some people don't want to flip or do a ton of syndications. Long-term investing is another way to do things. You just need to find the right market. Learn how to find that market and how to finance longer-term deals today with your host Sam Wilson and his guest Mandy McAllister. Mandy is a multifamily real estate investor mindset ninja, coach, and connector. Learn how to bring in new investors and do joint ventures for the long-term today. Also, learn what a ninja mindset is and how Mandy...


One Way To Manage Risk With Robert Leonard

Investing in real estate, as in any asset class, carries an amount of risk. Managing that risk while focusing on scalability is one of the pieces that contribute to success in the space. In this episode, Sam Wilson discusses risk and scalability with the VP of Growth & Innovation at The Investor's Podcast Network, Robert Leonard. Robert, a real estate investor in his own right, discusses how he got into real estate and how he minimizes risk while investing, while leaving room to scale. Tune...


Achieve Financial Independence One Rental Property At A Time With Michael Zuber

Do you want to enjoy financial independence? You can do so one rental property at a time. Sam Wilson presents Michael Zuber, the CEO and Chief Helper at One Rental At A Time. Michael shares with Sam in this episode about how he produces content through his book and videos to help his friends get started in rental properties. Many people are interested in achieving financial freedom through rentals, but they are too busy or afraid. Join in the conversation to discover how you can make it work...