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Podcast for influencers, personal brands and online entrepreneurs
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Podcast for influencers, personal brands and online entrepreneurs






Being intentional when your interests are all over the place with guest Ace Fanning

My guest today is Ace Fanning who has intrigued me since I discovered him on Instagram. Ace is a photographer, podcaster and workshop leader and his many interests and activities are all tied up with a bow of intention. Ace is very inspiring to me in that he's so unapologetically himself. He is "so Ace". And that's inspiring to me because I really struggle with being myself. In this conversation, we dive into the strategy behind being yourself and what it feels like to be on the other...


Pain vs Suffering with guest Josh Magro

When I started this show, I always had a view that I wanted it to go deeper and it's taken me a few weeks to decide whether I'm going to share this recording or not, but I really want to take the mystery out of therapy; I want to remove the potential fear of what therapy is like. 💥TRIGGER WARNINGS💥 We talk about suicide, cutting, self harm and I talk a lot about the illness of my child. You can get full episode notes and links to more information at...


Limiting Beliefs & Unconscious Bias with guest Josh Magro

What you're about to hear is an episode about unconscious bias and limiting beliefs and what are the similarities and the differences of those things and how they affect your business and personal life. There is a moment where I discover a new limiting belief I didn't know I had, so look forward to hearing me be very uncomfortable processing that but not nearly as uncomfortable as I am in the next episode which we also recorded in this time together. There, I reveal a dirty little secret...


How to stretch your marketing ideas and give your content legs

Today we're talking about how to stretch your marketing ideas to get more bang for your time-is-money buck. Full show notes and transcript available at


Inbound vs Outbound Blogging and How to Stretch Those Ideas

Today we're talking about the two functions for blogging and how to stretch those ideas! URL mentioned on the episode: Full show notes and transcript available at


Ideation: 5 techniques for generating advertising ideas

In this conversation, I discuss 5 techniques I personally use when generating new advertising ideas for my clients. Show notes at


Ideation: How to generate new ideas for your brand

Advertising your stuff got you down? I've gotchu, Boo. Let's talk about how to generate new ideas to connect with your audience. This is part 1 of 2 and I speak about how I fell into my career as a producer and a general overview of the process of ideation. Show notes with links to stuff I talk about are at


4 ways to fortify your personal brand

Today, we're talking about some things you can do to fortify your personal brand. Show notes are available at


3 speaking habits to make you a more powerful person

How to shift a few of the things you say on a daily basis to be a more powerful and positive person. Full transcript and show notes available at


Delivering a "no" in a way that feels like "yes"

How you can deliver a "no" in a way which feels positive and doesn't invite debate or rebuttal from the other party? Full show notes at


Personal Branding in the Real Estate Industry

An episode for real estate professionals who want to better understand how to utilize their personalities to arrest the attention of current and future clients. Show notes with links to everyone I speak about in this episode are at


4 Brain Hacks to Make You a Happier Person

We're talking today about brain hacks to make you a happier person. This isn't a list I picked up by Googling "how to be happy" or whatever. These are things I actually do every day and I want to tell you how they help me and how they can help you too. I'm a nerd for understanding WHY things work and so I'm gonna hit you with some super interesting little sciencey tidbits today. You can find the show notes at


Being your own boss AND employee

If you had a boss who sat in her bathrobe all day and didn't do anything to help you succeed, you'd quit. And if you were the boss and you had an employee who didn't produce results and then blamed it on others, you'd fire them. Guess what? If you're self employed, you're both of these people. Today, we're talking about one of the most difficult dynamics of owning your own business: being both the boss and the employee. Because when you own a business, you're both! And so we're going to...


How to Write a Brand Value Statement

I'm talking about an asset you need for your business, personal brand or even just yourself as a value-adding human being in this world. It's not a frame of mind. It's not an ethos. It's a cold hard piece of written content and I'm going to actually teach you HOW to make it. And what is "it"? It is a value statement. Also known as a value proposition. Download my value proposition worksheet at


How I Became a Pro Blogger on Accident

Last week, I defined what a personal brand is and WHO has one. And today, I'm telling you the story of a girl who became a pro blogger on accident. Full notes available at


What is a personal brand and how to you know if you have one?

We're diving into one of the biggest terms I'll be using regularly in this show and that is "personal brand". If you're a personal brand, influencer or online entrepreneur, you likely already know that. You may have found me BECAUSE you were looking for this content. Or, you may be someone who has a lightbulb moment today and you realize for the very first time that YOU actually already have a personal brand. Show notes are available at


7 Body Language Hacks for Your Photos

We're talking about your physical image, specifically how you appear in photos. As a personal brand or online entrepreneur, your face and body are going to appear in photos. A LOT. So you need to make sure that everything you put out is communicating likability which generates rapport which generates revenue in your business. Show notes including examples can be found at:


4 ways to make people like you

The why, who and HOW of getting folks to like you. Because as a personal brand, they need to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you before they'll ever buy what you're selling. Complete show notes at:


How to be Alpha // Trailer

Hey you guys! Welcome to How to be Alpha, a podcast where we talk about working your ASS off to run your own business, what it means to have a personal brand and generate revenue using your own face and stories. We talk about batch workflows and other hacks for being ALPHA.