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IAM128- Founder and Author Provides Online Personal and Professional Development Training In Humanist Learning

Jennifer Hancock is a mom, author of The Bully Vaccine, and founder of Humanist Learning Systems. Her professional background is varied including stints in both the for profit and non-profit sectors. She has served as Director of Volunteer Services for the Los Angeles SPCA, sold international franchise licenses for a biotech firm, was the Manager of Acquisition Group Information for a ½ billion dollar company and served as the executive director for the Humanists of Florida. Her speaking and...


IAM127- Speaker, Trainer and Sales Coach on a Personal Mission to Help People Supercharge Their Sales Team and Be Happier

Rachel Sheerin is a speaker, trainer and sales coach who is an expert in the hospitality industry. She is on a personal mission to help people sell more, be happy and define success on their own terms. Featured in Inc. Magazine, This Week in Weddings, Lodging Leaders and more, Rachel's clients include hotel sales teams, catering companies, meeting planners and more - if you're looking to inspire your audience, supercharge your sales team and build a life that's bursting with joy and profits,...


IAM126- Chiropractor Dedicated to Save Our Populations from Chronic, Lifestyle-driven Disease States

CLAIRE FITZPATRICK, D.C. is a chiropractor in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She is also originator of a business dream, Joy Health and Body, a wellness cooperative that aims to disrupt our current health care model by putting vitalistic integrative health professionals on the front line of health care. She believes that, because vitalistic health professionals work with nature to remove chemical, physical, emotional, and environmental toxins; they are the first, best hope in saving our populations...


IAM125- Health Coach and Nutritional Practitioner Passionate About Teaching Women on Sustainable Health Lifestyle

Laurence Annez is a certified nutritional practitioner and health coach. It was through her own health struggles that she found nutrition, healing, and the passion to help others in their health journey. She is passionate about teaching women with PCOS how to ditch the belly fat, cystic acne, and irregular cycles by showing them how to nourish their bodies and free themselves of pain through nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset changes. She believes that the key to a healthy life is sustainable...


CC098: Mobile 1st, Lifecasting, VR/AR & Gaming

This is Talk Number 21 in a series that will become the You are a media company course. This is the 3rd of the final 4 that I will speak about other things in marketing. In the last chats I spoke about future predictions. While it’s near impossible to cover literally everything in marketing. This chat, I will focus on some of the topics I haven’t touched on in marketing like mobile, lifecasting, virtual reality/augmented reality and gaming Mobile - Facebook “We’re going to be a mobile...


IAM124- Holistic Psychologist Helps Clients With Holistic Mental Wellness at Different Levels

Dr. Nicole LePera trained in Psychology at Cornell University and The New School for Social Research in New York City. She practices as a holistic psychologist and is founder of the Mindful Healing Center in Philadelphia. Recently she brought her work online to spread the message of holistic mental wellness. Website: https://yourholisticpsychologist.com/ Instagram: @the.holistic.psychologist Facebook: the.holistic.psychologist


IAM123- Results-driven Performance Coach and Consultant Helps People Achieve More Happiness, Fulfillment and Success

As a results-driven coach and consultant, Tracy partners with individuals to help them achieve greater levels of happiness, fulfillment and success - personally and professionally. More specifically, she's a performance coach with a background in leadership and team development, peak performance, personal and professional growth and helping others discover what’s next for them. Over the last twenty years, she’s worked in many roles: executive coach, consultant, facilitator, trainer, product...


IAM122- Internationally Recognized Thought Leader, Venture Capitalist and Author Passionate About Building Sustainable Cities

Mr. Scott Amyx is an internationally recognized thought leader, venture capitalist, speaker, and author on smart cities, exponential technologies, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. He has appeared or spoken on TV, New York Times, TIME, Forbes, TechCrunch, TEDx, CIO, Washington Post, WIRED, Forrester, G20, European Commission, United Nations, ITU, Pew Research Center, Environmental Defense Fund, and other major media and events. Mr. Amyx was voted the Most Influential Leader in Smart...


IAM121- Full-time Model Turned Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Chef

Jill de Jong was born in Holland, and her successful modeling career brought her to the US. She was based in New York for many years, explored Miami for a few years, and then fell in love with Los Angeles, where she currently resides; a great place to pursue her passion for health and wellness. She made the career shift from full-time modelling to health coach, personal trainer, and chef, and has never looked back. When Jill is not working, you can find her in the kitchen cooking or outside...


IAM120- Sustainable Health and Fitness Coach Shares the Happiness of Being Healthy and Fit

Former Professional basketball player (6'8" 240") turned Sustainable Health & Fitness coach (I'm also vegan and have been for some time now) Ended pro career in 2011 and opened my first gym in 2013 and onto my second gym in 2016. Lots of highs and lows. From a massively growing gym and community, to losing my vehicle & going days without eating. My passion is sharing the happiness that being healthy and fit can bring to anyone of any journey. Currently, I've transitioned to mainly online...


CC097: I AM CEO Mashup - What Does Being a CEO Mean to You? Part 3 [SPECIAL EPISODE]

This chat is a little bit different where we go over my the definition of who it means to be a CEO from our first 100 episodes of the I AM CEO Podcast. This is part 3 of 3 where we asked the guests on our podcast what being a CEO means to you. I AM CEO Podcast: http://iamceo.co


IAM119- Software Developer Equips the Healthcare Industry with Technology for Smart Claim Servicing

As a determined software developer and over 5 years experience of Health Care Informatics, I believe how we combine technology with healthcare, will ultimately shape our future’s generation. Website: http://www.sano.ai


IAM118- Storyteller and CEO Helps Mission Driven Startups Make Money and a Difference

Danielle Kristine Toussaint, founder and CEO of She Thinks Purple, is a storyteller, strategist and social enterprise brand architect on a journey to help mission-driven start-ups make money and a make a difference. She has been the writing pen behind op-eds and speeches for Huffington Post, Forbes.com, and TEDx. Danielle holds a B.A. in Political Science and African American Studies from Yale University and a M.S.Ed from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. Website:...


IAM117- Fitness Entrepreneur and Orange County's Top Rated Female Trainer Helps Clients With Diverse Fitness Solutions

I work with anyone looking to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, get rid of injuries or nagging pain. Everyone from young athletes looking to improve their sports performance to new moms looking to get their bodies back to the elderly struggling with mobility and stability. Website: https://kaiboyerfitness.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kaiboyerfitness/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kai_boyer_fitness/


IAM116- Trainer and Coach Helps Clients Blossom Into Credible and Engaging Speakers

Starting my career fresh out of school as an engineer, it didn’t take too long before I got bored and decided this wasn’t for me. As I explored various paths…the field of communications kept flashing in my mind. Through a lot of discovery I ultimately became certain that training, and coaching is what I was meant to do. Once I transitioned into communication coaching 20 years ago I haven’t looked back. Our expertise is helping clients overcome their fear and nerves to blossom into the...


IAM115- Fitness Enthusiast Helps Clients Improve Their Health Inspired By His Own Weight Loss Transformation

As someone with interest in fitness, helping as many people as possible improve their health, and seeing the benefits of his own weight loss transformation, Matthew Bible started his fitness company, CASS Fitness in September of 2013. The company started out with Matthew and his two partners Stephen Sengstacke and Ramon Thomas. Matthew is an in-home personal trainer, traveling to homes, apartment gyms, parks, offices, and more in Montgomery County, MD, Arlington, VA, and Washington, DC. Over...


CC096: 14 Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2019 & Beyond

This is Talk Number 20 in a series that will become the You are a media company course. This is the 2nd of the final 4 that I will speak about other things in marketing. In the last chat, I spoke about podcasting and video. This chat, I will focus on future predictions Every company is a media company Purpose-driven brands (Check out podcast #65 with Tyler Butler) - 79% of consumers prefer to purchase products from a company that operates with a social purpose Marketing...


IAM114 - Financial Expert Helps Organizations Get Control of Finances & Taxes

Christine Searle, owner of Searle Business Solutions, LLC, is a financial control expert with more than 30 years of experience helping businesses and non-profits understand and get control over their finances and taxes. She provides tax preparation and planning services and financial process consulting. Christine is a Certified Internal Auditor, Certified in Risk Management Assurance, and an Enrolled Agent. She also volunteers with and supports several Arlington-based social safety net...


IAM113- Founder and Author Helps People Navigate the Online Dating World

Erika Ettin is the Founder of A Little Nudge, a consulting company that helps people navigate the world of online dating. Services include profile creation, photo selection and photography, message writing, date planning, and coaching. She is also the author of the book Love at First Site: Tips & Tales for Online Dating Success from a Modern-Day Matchmaker and the co-host of the popular dating podcast So, We Met Online… A Little Nudge has been featured in media around the country, including...


IAM112- Podcaster and Leader Empowers Millennials to Succeed in Work and in Life

I am the podcast host for Lead At Home (Win At Life), a podcast that helps leaders in the home reprioritize leadership and legacy at home. I am also the podcast host for The Millennial Leadership Show, helping give millennials the clarity and courage they need to succeed in work and in life. I have worked with over 500 business brands in 21 different countries in the past 7 years doing work with both small businesses and multi-billion dollar corporations. I currently lead large-scale sales...