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EP 11: Engineering a new career as a filmmaker - Gillian McKercher - I Quit hosted by Mike Morrison

Here in Alberta, getting an engineer degree is like owning a pair of cowboy boots, it’s something you just do. But what if you have a different calling, can you take what you learned in school for one thing, and apply it to something completely different: like becoming a film-maker? That’s the story of Gillian McKercher, who was an engineer working in downtown Calgary, who is now about to have her first feature film premiere at the Calgary International Film Festival! * This episode is...


EP 10: Quitting Before Your Mental Health Quits You - Dario Verrelli- I Quit hosted by Mike Morrison

Before you quit your job to become your own boss, know this: It can really take a toll on your health. As entrepreneurs, we’re told to hustle 27/4 and always be selling, but our bodies have a way of telling us when it’s time to slow down, whether we think we should or not. Today’s episode features Dario Joseph Verrelli, who is the founder of the digital marketing agency, Octopus & Son Social Media Inc. and the co-founder of Work Nicer Coworking, but despite his success and professional...