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IT Insights by Future Processing is an online programme is for CIOs and senior IT executives who struggle with meeting their business’ needs with current IT and are considering outsourcing as a solution. We talk with the industry’s leaders to gain their perspective on IT, outsourcing, business and nearshoring and get them to share their insights and advice.

IT Insights by Future Processing is an online programme is for CIOs and senior IT executives who struggle with meeting their business’ needs with current IT and are considering outsourcing as a solution. We talk with the industry’s leaders to gain their perspective on IT, outsourcing, business and nearshoring and get them to share their insights and advice.


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IT Insights by Future Processing is an online programme is for CIOs and senior IT executives who struggle with meeting their business’ needs with current IT and are considering outsourcing as a solution. We talk with the industry’s leaders to gain their perspective on IT, outsourcing, business and nearshoring and get them to share their insights and advice.




How to foster a one team mindset in digital transformation with Herman Herteleer

Our guest is Herman Herteleer, Group CIO of Interparking. He has vast experience in setting up and working with agile responsive organizations that continuously change and adapt to market needs mainly in the customer services and supply industry. Together we discuss what is digital transformation about and if it really is "more about culture and people, than technology". We also touch upon choosing the right partner to go through it and introduce the notion of rightshoring. Last but not...


People-centrism in financial wellbeing of employees with Tiffany Haynes

The guest of this episode is Tiffany Haynes, COO & Chief People Officer at Fingercheck. Prior to FC, Tiffany was with Jack Henry (NASDAQ: JKHY) for nearly 20 years; much of that time was devoted to fintech operations, program management, people operations, and leading consumer-facing experiences. She served in various roles, including Chief People Officer (6500+ employees) and as General Manager | Vice President of Consumer-Facing Experiences with full P&L responsibilities. In this episode...


Digital manufacturing with Dean Bartles

Our guest of this episode is Dr. Dean Bartles, a seasoned operations professional with four decades of management experience in manufacturing and technology. He is currently the President and CEO of the Manufacturing Technology Deployment Group, Inc., a not-for-profit holding company of both the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) and Advanced Manufacturing International, Inc. (AMI), a new subsidiary and sister company to NCDMM. Dr. Bartles’ skills in advanced...


Engaging external advisors and tech consultants with Antony Bream

Our guest is Antony Bream, the Founder and Managing Director at ribbit Consulting, mentor and member of numerous advising boards. Antony has over 30 years of experience in B2B sales for cloud applications primarily into the financial services marketplace. His focus is always clear on pivoting strategy quickly to realise ever changing market trends and building complimentary partner networks to accelerate revenue growth from channel with a joint value proposition. In this episode, we discuss...


Place for humanity in AI technology projects with Ian Max Ewart

This time we had a pleasure to talk to Ian Max Ewart. Ian is a C-suite Commercial Executive, Director, Board Member and an Advisor, with a 30+ year career in international financial services. Ian is known as an industry leader and reference for marketing, business development and innovation. In this episode we talk about place for humanity in the AI projects. We discuss the most important aspects companies focus on nowadays, how financial organisations can provide human, personal experience...


IT Insights: 5 questions with Jakub Nalepa

For the first time, we present a new format - 5 questions. Our guest is Jakub Nalepa, Head of Artificial Intelligence department at KP Labs, Associate Professor at Silesian University of Technology, and Machine Learning Architect at Graylight Imaging Jakub answers Ewa's 5 insightful questions. - what encouraged him to choose his career path - what he has learned from his mistakes in the past - what advice he would give to his younger self - what benefits and opportunities data and its...


Building a tech team with Georgina Owens

In this talk we delve into the challenges and traps of building tech teams in different companies. We discuss what key tech competences are required in the financial industry today as well as which sourcing strategies actually work. Last but not least, we talk about choosing the right IT partner and share tips on building a tech team. Our guest is Georgina Owens, CTO at Liberis, Top UK CIO 100 2019 and 2020, UK Top 50 Most Influential Women in Tech 2020 and 2021 and Women in IT Awards...


Questions to ask yourself to start designing user-centred software with Martyna Grzybek and Daniel Jaros

Many of us remember the days of unintuitive software interfaces and the ‘where do I click’ questions in our heads. Thankfully, with the rise of the human-centric software design, the unintuitive apps are no longer the industry standard. However, there are still many companies that need to consider their users more. In this episode, Michał talks to Martyna and Daniel, two user experience designers. They discuss the question of how to design user-centred software products – both for designing...


ESG: S for social inclusion with Therese Baptiste Cornelis

In less than 20 years, the ESG movement has grown from a corporate social responsibility initiative launched by the United Nations into a global phenomenon whose assets are set to balloon to $50 trillion by 2025 from about $35 trillion, according to estimates from Bloomberg Intelligence. Being the topic of numerous discussions and having impact on future enterprise value proves it to be crucial in operating business. However, ESG stands for environmental, social, and corporate governance,...


Human-centrism and the cultural context of technology with Payal Arora

Our guest is Payal Arora, a co-founder of FemLab.Co and a Professor and Chair in Technology, Values and Global Media Cultures at Erasmus University Rotterdam; authoress of several books including the award-winning “The Next Billion Users” with Harvard Press. Her expertise lies in inclusive design and user experiences among low-income communities worldwide. In the podcast we discuss the aspects of human-centrism and the cultural context of technology. We also unveil the notion of digital...


The importance of self-worth in career development with John Niland

People tend to focus on boosting their self-confidence or improving self-esteem, but many don’t realise that it is the self-worth which is the fuel we should run on. Experiencing difficulties in career or personal lives in never easy and it is crucial to be able to rely on our self-worth. In this talk with John Niland, the author of “The Self-Worth Safari”, "Hidden Value", "100 Tips to Find Time", "Opportunity Conversations”, and "The Courage to Ask”, as well as speaker and coach at...


Building high performance teams: how to succeed in these challenging times with Kevin Mascarenhas

Recent years have been unprecedented in terms of new unexpected challenges and changes in our work. The pandemics has impacted teams in many ways and has required us to rethink the leadership models to allow the teams stay effective, efficient and high performing. Together with our guest Kevin Mascarenhas, leadership coach to tech startup CEOs, we have touched upon the topic of leadership and high performance teams on various levels. We discuss the concept of transformational leadership as...


Digitalisation at scale - how large enterprises tackle change, transformation and innovation with Noémie Ellezam

We often believe that larger organisations are not that agile and rather resemble a tanker when it comes to introducing innovations and responding to change. Is it a fact, or a myth? Let's find out! In this talk with Noémie Ellezam from Société Générale we discussed her experience in approaching agility and complex strategies in big organisations as well as the role of data in such endeavours. We also touched upon implementing digital transformation in a decentralised model, monitoring the...


How to rise to a global payment challenge? with Igal Rotem

Together with our guest, Igal Rotem, we'll discuss the world of payments and how to rise to the global payment challenge. It’s a very interesting aspect, especially bearing in mind that the payments market is one of the biggest market sectors across the world of finance. There’s surely an urgent need for universal real-time global payments across global markets – especially when we think about cross-border payments. International businesses today increasingly expect this global access to...


How NOT to do B2B Marketing in the IT industry – challenges and takeaways with Russ Powell

B2B marketing is a tough nut to crack, especially during the pandemics where we all had to change our ways of work to certain extent. One of many examples comes from my own experience - being part of the Field Marketing department and focusing, among others, on exploring business relationships at different events, COVID-19 turned it all upside down and we had to look for other possibilities enabling us to build long-lasting partnerships, rather than flying over the world and meeting people...


Cracking Switzerland – a go-to place for tech innovation with Sheraz Ahmed

I think we all agree that in terms of tech hubs, Switzerland has this cozy place in our minds as a go-to place, but have you ever wondered why is that? What makes it so special? When we think of Switzerland and tech what comes to our mind is blockchain, Crypto valley, startups – concepts which are simply innovative and at the same time sexy. They draw attention, tempt investors and as a result of these and numerous other reasons - make money. Together with my guest Sheraz Ahmed we will try...


Evolution of financial inclusion and financial literacy with Nina Mohanty

The rapid acceleration of fintech industry in the past years, especially caused by the pandemics, has influenced lifes of many people worldwide – also when it comes to the financial aspects. But there are still areas where the levels of financial inclusion and financial literacy are low. There’re several reasons why it is important to improve these levels since on the one hand, financial literacy and financial inclusion touch on the very basic, core needs of individuals, and on the other...


How Private Equity approaches IT in their investments with James Prebble

One of the ways for a business to thrive and develop is to be backed by Private Equity. The areas which Private Equity targets are quite wide but very often it invests in the IT-related industries or directly into technologies developed by the companies from various sectors. Considering how well IT stands throughout the pandemics and how COVID accelerated the need for the digital transformation it seems that such a trend will only continue to gain grounds. However, every owner should bear...


How technology has transformed telemedicine. Consumer benefits of telehealth with Sebastian Boëthius

Medicine 20 years ago and medicine today is not the same science in terms of technological acceleration it has faced throughout the years. It seems that 2020 made it even more advanced and technology-oriented considering the ongoing pandemics and the need to limit in-person appointment but maintain the same level, or at least close level, of access for the patients. In 2019, less than 10% of consumers had a telehealth visit within the past year. In 2020 such visits became a must-have and...


Journey to the cloud on an enterprise scale with Jakub Garszynski

Most enterprises have already started their Journey to the Cloud, more or less. The industry faces a revolution in a way key players provide services and move from traditional IT to modern, faster and scalable tools. But the bigger the organisation is, the harder the journey. Challenges of knowledge transfer, overcoming siloes, communication, getting rid of legacy, managing risk and staying on top of a huge cloud migration - there's plenty of things to watch out for. Luckily our guest today...