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IT Leadership Insights by Future Processing is an online programme is for CIOs and senior IT executives who struggle with meeting their business’ needs with current IT and are considering outsourcing as a solution. We talk with the industry’s leaders to gain their perspective on IT, outsourcing, business and nearshoring and get them to share their insights and advice.

IT Leadership Insights by Future Processing is an online programme is for CIOs and senior IT executives who struggle with meeting their business’ needs with current IT and are considering outsourcing as a solution. We talk with the industry’s leaders to gain their perspective on IT, outsourcing, business and nearshoring and get them to share their insights and advice.


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IT Leadership Insights by Future Processing is an online programme is for CIOs and senior IT executives who struggle with meeting their business’ needs with current IT and are considering outsourcing as a solution. We talk with the industry’s leaders to gain their perspective on IT, outsourcing, business and nearshoring and get them to share their insights and advice.




How to rise to a global payment challenge?

Together with our guest, Igal Rotem, we'll discuss the world of payments and how to rise to the global payment challenge. It’s a very interesting aspect, especially bearing in mind that the payments market is one of the biggest market sectors across the world of finance. There’s surely an urgent need for universal real-time global payments across global markets – especially when we think about cross-border payments. International businesses today increasingly expect this global access to...


How NOT to do B2B Marketing in the IT industry - challenges and takeaways

B2B marketing is a tough nut to crack, especially during the pandemics where we all had to change our ways of work to certain extent. One of many examples comes from my own experience - being part of the Field Marketing department and focusing, among others, on exploring business relationships at different events, COVID-19 turned it all upside down and we had to look for other possibilities enabling us to build long-lasting partnerships, rather than flying over the world and meeting people...


Cracking Switzerland – a go-to place for tech innovation

I think we all agree that in terms of tech hubs, Switzerland has this cozy place in our minds as a go-to place, but have you ever wondered why is that? What makes it so special? When we think of Switzerland and tech what comes to our mind is blockchain, Crypto valley, startups – concepts which are simply innovative and at the same time sexy. They draw attention, tempt investors and as a result of these and numerous other reasons - make money. Together with my guest Sheraz Ahmed we will try...


Evolution of financial inclusion and financial literacy

The rapid acceleration of fintech industry in the past years, especially caused by the pandemics, has influenced lifes of many people worldwide – also when it comes to the financial aspects. But there are still areas where the levels of financial inclusion and financial literacy are low. There’re several reasons why it is important to improve these levels since on the one hand, financial literacy and financial inclusion touch on the very basic, core needs of individuals, and on the other...


How Private Equity approaches IT in their investments

One of the ways for a business to thrive and develop is to be backed by Private Equity. The areas which Private Equity targets are quite wide but very often it invests in the IT-related industries or directly into technologies developed by the companies from various sectors. Considering how well IT stands throughout the pandemics and how COVID accelerated the need for the digital transformation it seems that such a trend will only continue to gain grounds. However, every owner should bear...


How technology has transformed telemedicine. Consumer benefits of telehealth.

Medicine 20 years ago and medicine today is not the same science in terms of technological acceleration it has faced throughout the years. It seems that 2020 made it even more advanced and technology-oriented considering the ongoing pandemics and the need to limit in-person appointment but maintain the same level, or at least close level, of access for the patients. In 2019, less than 10% of consumers had a telehealth visit within the past year. In 2020 such visits became a must-have and...


Journey to the cloud on an enterprise scale

Most enterprises have already started their Journey to the Cloud, more or less. The industry faces a revolution in a way key players provide services and move from traditional IT to modern, faster and scalable tools. But the bigger the organisation is, the harder the journey. Challenges of knowledge transfer, overcoming siloes, communication, getting rid of legacy, managing risk and staying on top of a huge cloud migration - there's plenty of things to watch out for. Luckily our guest today...


The challenges of change management

Today’s the most volatile and uncertain time for businesses worldwide – it's a fact you can’t deny. Moreover, if you expect things will go quiet and peaceful again, you’re most likely wrong. VUCA is the new normal and is here to stay. Bearing that in mind, it’s good to understand how to stay on top of change and manage the disruption. The pandemics has only accelerated the need for change management, forcing companies to go through digital transformation in their organizations to stay on...


The challenges of running a leading eCommerce site

In a competitive market, customers expect access 24x7 to the eCommers site from any device, and if they can’t buy what they want when they want, they will simply go elsewhere. John Lewis is one of the UKs leading eCommerce platforms, with a demand profile which is massively influenced by promotional activity such as Black Friday. To illustrate that - February is a low point in Retail as customers finances are recovering from Christmas, customer orders might be as low as 200/hr yet peak at...


The payments point of view

From cash and checks to e-wallets: real-time, global, secure digital payments - the landscape of the payments industry has changed drastically in the recent years. Nonetheless, the disruption is still only ahead of us and it's worth understanding what payment trends will shape the way the market goes. New technology, customer behaviour, ever-growing competition force the industry to revisit its fundamentals.


COVID-19 business takeaways

In 2020 doing business became very difficult and unpredictable all around the globe. The pandemic was unexpected and none of us was truly prepared for it. It’s been almost a year now that we live in a world, we do not dare to call normal yet, however, it is a world which we are involuntarily getting used to – businesswise too. It’s impossible to predict when COVID-19 will cease to be threat to business, but what we can do is look at 2020, reflect upon it and draw conclusions for the...


Digital Transformation in the economic theory of Kondratieff wave

No doubt we are witnesses to a huge industry disruption which is caused by the digital transformation. It affects not only the IT world, but a lot of innovative industries, changing the world we know as we speak. But how to predict what impact will it have and how to embed it in the economics? Our guest will tell us more about the economic perspective of the disruption and how it is reflected in the Kondratieff Wave theory. It is especially interesting to investors and governments since it...


Scaling AI - how to make it successful

AI offers plenty of benefits, but before bringing those end-goals to life, AI has to be scaled and here the statistics are truly bothering. In fact, even though more than 90% of organisations are investing in AI today, only 17% have been able to scale it. It seems that finding a balance between the strategy and AI is not easy. Today we are going to discuss if there is anything we can change in order to increase our success rate in that matter.


The Future of Work

More and more companies are moving towards digital transformation of their businesses. This time though, it looks like the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated changes in organisations that specifically touch upon the human aspect of the business directly. As the “The Future of Jobs Survey” reveals, “50% of employers will accelerate the automation of their work, while over 80% are set to expand the digitization of their work processes. That means that some jobs that have been lost will never come...


The future of Smart Mobility

Technology is already broadly used to help cities and businesses develop sustainable mobility solutions. But smart mobility is about more than just bringing people to their destinations in a quicker, safer and a more sustainable manner. It's a trend that can (and should!) potentially disrupt the way we 'use' cities and force us to rethink crucial aspects of our daily lifes.


The possibilities of Data

While the world is becoming more and more interconnected, organizations, people and last, but not least – devices produce enormous amounts of data. The question arises – do we take advantage of the data we collect at our organization? Do we know what potential it provides? Can any strategic decisions be optimized by taking look at the data we already have? These are fundamental questions we would like to try answering during our conversation.


Tech driving the world change

Today, technology is more than just an integral part of business success. It's a driving factor of world change in a broad sense. As a consequence of a digital era, we harness mobile, cloud, AI, ML, data and soon quantum computing not only to improve operations, but also daily life of whole societies, facilitating globalization and translating into GDP. The pace of change is rapid already, and technology only increases these processes. Luckily, it's not a bad news. People are leveraging...


AI and NLP - use cases in the Financial Services sector

Hours are currently spent sifting through large amounts of textual and numerical data, either to make risk decisions or discover whether information on a particular client is held somewhere internally. No one's really keen on doing the mundane, repeatable work and luckily, AI comes to the rescue. New machine learning models allow for, among others, organisations within the Financial Sector to use NLP to quickly condense relevant information, from any source – from extensive due diligence...


What it takes to be a digital optimist?

Many people are reluctant or hesitant when it comes to embracing technology. No wonder, as in a constantly changing world, it is easy to dismiss or shrug off the never ending stream of new things that are thrown our way. On the other hand, there are people like, Geronimo, who calls himself a Digital Optimist. For Geronimo, it's important to make the most of the positive aspect the technology brings to the table, and he spreads this word across the local community. In this episode I ask him...


Building and managing high-performing teams

Mike Sturrock, an experienced CIO working with global, renowned brands, with a strong track record delivering top line growth and bottom line returns. Mike achieved these outstanding results through well proven skills in leadership, and the ability to create cohesive teams which deliver well in excess of both their own and corporate expectations. In this conversation, we focus on this timeless leadership challenge - how to build and sustain a team that will exceed expectations.