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Start each week with Ignition Point – a series that connects fresh perspectives with practical strategies to help Young Professionals and Aspiring Leaders get fired up and ready to win the week.


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Start each week with Ignition Point – a series that connects fresh perspectives with practical strategies to help Young Professionals and Aspiring Leaders get fired up and ready to win the week.






Shaking Things Up with Sam Fabricant

Most weeks on Ignition Point, we would spotlight a guest’s perspective and discuss ways to act on their insights, but this episode is going to be a bit different. We’re not just talking about how to positively disrupt a process through experimentation, we’re doing it LIVE. That’s right, we’re turning over the reins to our Summer Intern – Sam Fabricant – to shake things up and seek discomfort by stepping out of our normal show format. Tune in to find out what happens! For this episode's Show Notes and a Full Transcript, Click Here.


Practicing Selfless Leadership with Kevin Young

Most people believe there are two paths in life – a path of selflessness and a path of self-actualization – but what if I told you that selflessness and self-actualization were able to coexist? Well, with the help of Kevin Young from the Pittsburgh Pirates, we’re going to help you understand how practicing selfless leadership allows those driving forces to work together to maximize your collective impact. For this episode's Show Notes and a Full Transcript, click here.


Make a Lasting Impact with Josh Rawitch

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a bad thing to wonder if your work is making a difference. To prove that, on this episode, I’m joined by Josh Rawitch from the Arizona Diamondbacks to discuss what it takes to unlock your impact potential and make a lasting impact. For this episode's Show Notes and a Full Transcript, click here.


Embracing the Race to Nowhere with Chris J. Snook

On this week’s Ignition Point, I welcome Chris J. Snook back to the show to wrap up our series on struggle with a counterintuitive take – that struggle is something you need to embrace. Chris calls it “your beautiful race to nowhere,” and wants you to understand why struggle is so valuable to achieving self-awareness and personal growth. So, let’s get after it!


Understanding Your Partners with Jenny Poon

For the second of our three episodes on overcoming struggle, I’m joined by Jenny Poon – the cofounder of Phoenix’s purpose-driven coworking space called CO+HOOTS. Together, Jenny and I are going to help you navigate the pitfalls of partnership by giving you clarity on the importance of understanding your partners and walking through how to prequalify potential partners.


Connect Your Capabilities to Your Aspirations with Blaine Light

For the first of out three episodes on overcoming struggle, I’m joined by Blaine Light – the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Qwick. Blaine’s sharing his perspective on how to connect your capabilities to your aspirations based on the lessons he’s learned from his experiences developing disruptive technologies in Silicon Valley and Phoenix.


7 Keys to Finishing Strong with Veronique James

To conclude our three-part goal series, we’re focusing on how you can hold yourself accountable and complete the goals you’ve been working toward with the help of Veronique James – the Founder and CEO of The James Agency. Veronique launched The James Agency in 2005 and it has since grown from a one-woman shop into an award-winning, integrated agency that specializes in advertising, public relations, and all things digital marketing.


Find More Hours in Your Day with Bob Mulhern

Many people dream of finding true work-life balance, but few discover how to achieve it. That’s why Bob Mulhern and I are going to help you find more hours in your day and be more productive with your time. We go on to highlight some of the best productivity tools, planning methods, and mindsets that can give you an edge when managing your time and attention.


Thinking Resourcefully with Sasha Simmons

On this episode, Sasha Simmons and I discuss how you can set better goals with OKR’s and how thinking resourcefully can improve the effectiveness of your goals while helping you to achieve them.


Connecting through Fandom with David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott joins the show to give you an inside look what it means to build a Fanocracy and why connecting through Fandom can be rocket fuel for any individual, business, or nonprofit that chooses to focus on inspiring and nurturing true fans. In David’s new book – Fanocracy: Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans – David and his daughter Reiko team up to explore why some of our favorite brands are able to build fandom and how you can attract fans of your own.


Find Your Frequency with Mike Jones

On this episode, Mike Jones – the co-founder and CEO of Resound – joins the show to share why he believes the key to resonating with your audience is uncovering what makes you remarkable. We hope this episode gives you an edge when it comes to prioritizing your identity by discovering what sets you apart, but that all starts with finding your frequency!


Manage Your Message with Dr. Heidi Jannenga

On this episode, Dr. Heidi Jannenga – Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer of WebPT – joins the show to discuss how message management separates the good communicators from great communicators.


Building Your Brand Identity with Chris Ronzio

Building up a strong sense of self is no walk in the park. It takes time and a willingness to accept yourself for who you are, but you also need to overcome your doubts and insecurities. On this episode, Chris Ronzio – CEO of Trainual – joins the show to share his perspective on what it takes to build your brand identity and why you should share it with the world.


Lean Into Storytelling with Ashley Bright

When networking or building relationships, your ability to tell stories is invaluable. On this episode, I’m excited to welcome Ashley Bright, whose knack for crafting irresistible messaging and captivating stories has brought him to pitch ideas to Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, Microsoft, and Target. So, let’s lean into storytelling with The Message Fixer – Ashley Bright!


Repairing the World with Marty Haberer

Known for being a humble servant leader, Marty Haberer – CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix – joins the show to discuss Tikkun Olam and share how you can have a hand in repairing the world by making a difference in the lives of others.


Appreciate the Journey with Sonny Patel

Sonny Patel – the Founder and CEO of Insurmi - joins the show to share his perspective on why it’s so important to take the time to zoom out, reflect, and appreciate the influences that shape you. Together, Sonny and Steven explain how identifying what makes you who you are can help you to appreciate your journey and give you the capacity to enrich the lives of others.


Shift to Showing Gratitude with Amy Tyre

There are many reasons why you should cultivate an attitude of gratitude, but few people recognize how gratitude helps you to retrain your brain by shifting you from the negative into the positive. Our guest on this week's episode – Amy Tyre – is all about helping people to live their best lives by sharing her unique experiences and the wisdom she's found from studying yoga philosophy. Listen to the full episode now to discover why and how you can shift to showing gratitude!


When Dreams Become Reality

On this week’s episode of Ignition Point, we’re taking a moment to share the overlooked link between last month’s focus on Tenacity with the upcoming month’s theme of Gratitude and Giving Back. To best illustrate this, Steven invokes Randy Pausch's Last Lecture on achieving your childhood dreams to discuss why how whenever you act with tenacity, you actually create what you should be grateful for.


Step Into Your Power Zone with Rene Johnson

René Johnson’s story about discovering her Power Zone has moved countless leaders to find and embrace their own Power Zones. The Power Zone promotes your sense of tenacity and allows you to tap into the grit that fuels perseverance; but to step in and stay there, you need to be clear on your why and find what fires you up. If you’re ready to rise above your fears, shut down your most persistent distractions, and achieve your most audacious goals; it’s time to learn how to step into your Power Zone!


Develop a Marathon Mindset with Jesse Randall

For the better part of twelve years, Jesse Randall has worked with accelerators and venture capital funds, helped over 200 Startups to raise capital, and started companies of his own; but Jesse also competes in endurance sports like triathlons and Ironman races. He’s learned a lot from both sides of his life, and to kick off Season 2 of Ignition Point, he’s sharing some parallels he’s found between the two so we can discover and discuss what it takes to develop a marathon mindset and sustain tenacity.