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Sharing stories of the past, present, and future of our beverage industry. Based out of Asheville, North Carolina.

Sharing stories of the past, present, and future of our beverage industry. Based out of Asheville, North Carolina.


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Sharing stories of the past, present, and future of our beverage industry. Based out of Asheville, North Carolina.








Dennis Thies of Green Man Brewery

In this episode I chat with Dennis Thies, co-owner with Wendy Thies, of Asheville's Green Man Brewery. Green Man is Asheville's second oldest post-prohibition brewery and will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2022. Support the show (


GUEST: Shanti Volpe of Shanti Elixirs

In this episode, I talk to Shanti Volpe of Asheville's Shanti Elixirs about Jun. Listen and learn about this mystical beverage. Support the show (


HISTORY: Prohibition in Asheville

I talk about how Prohibition was voted for in 1907 in Asheville, and soon after, throughout the state of North Carolina. Strangely enough, Beer City USA suffered under one of the longest prohibition periods in the nation. Photo is of the "Women's and Children's Parade" supporting the "drys," which made it's way through downtown Asheville the night before the vote took place. Support the show (


GUESTS: Savor Shrub Bitters

Savor Shrub Bitters is an Asheville-based producer of non-alcoholic aperitifs that can be used as mixers or on their own. I talk to business partners Karen Savage and Elliot Patterson about this new beverage endeavor. Support the show (


HISTORY: Murderous Rampage led to Asheville Prohibition

This is the second of my early history of Asheville beer podcasts. Here I talk about the Will Harris murders of 1906--how one bloody night led to the city voting in Prohibition several months later. Support the show (


GUESTS: Riverbend Malt House & ASR Grain: from farm to glass

In this show, I talk to both Brent Manning of Asheville's Riverbend Malt House and to Andrew White, a seventh generation North Carolina farmer who is diversifying into growing specialty barley and oats to supply the craft malt house. Support the show (


GUEST: Doug Reiser of Burial Beer Co.

In this episode, I chat with Doug Reiser, co-founder of Asheville's Burial Beer. We talk about their new(wish) Forestry Camp project, how they're dealing with COVID, and do some deep diving into the past. Photo of the three founders/owners: L to R: Tim Gormley, Jess Reiser, Doug Reiser. Support the show (


GUESTS: Rye Knot Brewery/Distillery

Rye Knot is a new hybrid kitchen, brewery, and distillery in the north Asheville area (as of August 2020). In this podcast, I chat with brewer/distiller Bob Byron, and his business partner, Jimi Rentz, long-time Asheville restauranteur. What's it like to open this type of business during COVID-19? Listen and find out! Support the show (


HISTORY: Early Western North Carolina Beer with Anne Fitten Glenn

In this episode, I discuss some early Asheville and Western North Carolina beer history from settler times to the late 1800s. Learn about Asheville's first known breweries and saloon row. More history to come if y'all want it! Support the show (


GUEST: Richard Greene, executive director of the North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild

GUEST: Rich Greene and I chat about what guilds do and what the North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild has been doing to support its members throughout the pandemic. Listen to learn more about "The State of Southern Beer"! Support the show (


GUEST: Josh Brewer, experienced, yes, brewer

In this episode, I chat with long-time brewer, Josh Brewer, who recently moved from the flatlands of North Carolina to the mountains. Support the show (


GUEST: Jeff Coyle of Silver Bluff Brewing Company

This episode features a co-owner and co-founder of Silver Bluff Brewing Company in historic Brunswick, Georgia. Listen to Jeff Coyle chat about opening a new production brewery and taproom during the pandemic. Support the show (


GUEST: Aaron Wilson of French Broad River Brewery

Aaron Wilson, head brewer at Asheville's French Broad River Brewery, chats with me about one of Asheville's oldest breweries, new(ish) ownership, expansion, and COVID-19 changes and precautions. Support the show (


GUEST: Jason Kohrt of Hyphen Hops

GUEST: Jason Kohrt of Hyphen Hops in Winston-Salem and I talk about growing hydroponic hops for North Carolina breweries. Support the show (


GUEST: Mike Rangel, Asheville Pizza and Brewing

GUEST: Mike Rangel, president and co-founder of Asheville Brewing Company chats with me about how his pizzeria and brewery has responded to COVID-19 and lays out hopeful plans for the future. Support the show (


Roundtable Chat about Asheville Beer Week

This week I talked to three women in beer, who also serve on the Asheville Beer Week committee, about the week in its first virtual form, as well as past boozy celebrations. Listen in for all the details from Leah Rainis of the Asheville Brewers Alliance, Joanna Postlewaite of Thirsty Monk Brewery, and Katie Smith of Highland Brewing Company. Support the show (


GUESTS: Hosts of The Great Reset Podcast

GUESTS: Shawndra Russell and Tommy Calloway are the hosts of The Great Reset Podcast. We chat about North Carolina's Phase 2 re-opening and other pandemic options for public drinking. Support the show (


GUEST: Rett Murphy, co-owner/distiller, Eda Rhyne Distilling Company

GUEST: Rett Murphy is a co-owner, founder, and distiller at Asheville's Eda Rhyne Distilling Company. We chat about hand sanitizer, Amaro, and Appalachian-inspired beverages. Support the show (


GUEST: Hayley Wells, Alcoholic Beverage Law Group, Ward and Smith, PA

GUEST: Hayley Wells heads the Alcoholic Beverage Law Group of North Carolina's Ward and Smith, PA. We talk about how the world changed in March for alcoholic beverage makers, how Hayley has counseled some of them throughout the pandemic. And we feel sad about recent North Carolina legislation on mixed drinks take-out and delivery. Support the show (


GUEST: Abby Dickinson, owner, Rowella Creative and founder, Asheville Craft Beverage Collective

Today I talk to @abby_drinks_everything about her passion project, helping get local beverages to consumers during the pandemic. Support the show (