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Impacts 2019: How disruption is transforming global real estate

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Keep yourself informed on the ‘real’ behind the real estate headlines, our new podcast series brings you engaging and insightful discussion with experts across our global business on the issues that matter most in property.

Keep yourself informed on the ‘real’ behind the real estate headlines, our new podcast series brings you engaging and insightful discussion with experts across our global business on the issues that matter most in property.
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Keep yourself informed on the ‘real’ behind the real estate headlines, our new podcast series brings you engaging and insightful discussion with experts across our global business on the issues that matter most in property.








Competitive socialising and emerging concepts in leisure

What is competitive socialising and how is this rapidly growing trend impacting the leisure sector? From escape rooms to urban mini golf, Savills experts take a look at the new concepts that are taking the retail and leisure industry by storm and discuss how landlords can make the most of these exciting, emerging opportunities within their schemes.


Where are the hidden gems for future development investment in London?

As London sees record levels of development land at play in 2019 where are the locations that have the greatest future potential? What can we learn from the success in the Southbank? Savills property experts take a closer look at what it takes to create a vibrant location and the importance of getting the right mix of residential and commercial development in emerging London hotspots.


What do young people want from property?

Have young people in expensive city centres resigned themselves to renting forever - or even prefer this as it gives them more flexibility - or is buying a home still the dream? Are new joiners to the workforce happy to work from anywhere so long as they have coffee and a WiFi connection? And where do they want to spend their leisure time? Some of the younger Savills researchers from across commercial and residential property give their personal responses to this, against the backdrop of...


The energy industry challenge – balancing rising demand versus reduced carbon emissions

Guy Ruddle and Savills guests Nick Green, Head of Energy & Infrastructure UK and David Bradberry, Associate Director in the Energy Brokerage team discuss some of the different energy markets from electric vehicles, solar and the importance of increasing supply.


Demand for shared ownership homes set to rise by 150% in the next 5 years

When Help to Buy comes to an end in 2023, shared ownership looks set to become the best, cheapest, and perhaps the only route into home ownership for those unable to afford to buy without assistance, providing a very stable, affordable alternative to renting. Demand is expected to more than double over the next five years. Mortgage availability for shared ownership has improved significantly over the past 5 years. It has also become easier for owners to sell their share should they want or...


The life sciences sector – what the UK can learn from Cambridge

Rob Sadler, Tom Mellows, Ollie Fursdon and James Dexter join Guy Ruddle to discuss what other UK cities can learn from Cambridge when it comes to the life sciences sector. Cambridge has one of the largest life sciences and bio-tech clusters in Europe and continues to compete on a global level in this field. What then is the magic formula and how can other locations emulate its success? With London, in particular, well placed to capitalise on this increasing demand, the experts discuss why...


What Workers Want 2019 – what do European office workers want from their workspace?

Katrina Kostic Samen, Jeremy Bates and Mike Barnes join Guy Ruddle to examine the findings of Savills What Workers survey: what do the views of 11,000 office workers across Europe tell us about how developers, landlords and companies need to plan and design offices to cater for workers’ changing wants, and thereby deter them from changing jobs and also attract new employees? What Workers Want covers everything from workers’ preferred commute times and whether they want to work in a...


Industrial logistics – pan-European tipping points

Join Guy Ruddle and guests: Douglas van Oers, Co-Head of Logistics and Industrial for Savills in the Netherlands; Marcus de Minckwitz who leads Savills European Cross Border Logistics team in London; and Kevin Mofid, Savills Head of Industrial Research, as they discuss the tipping point for a sharp increase in demand for warehouse space, where different countries in Europe are on the scale and what the warehouse of the future might look like.


How to diversify your rural land

Guy Ruddle and Savills guests Simon Foster, Head of Tourism, Leisure & Events and Ashley Lilley Farm Business Consultant, both based in Cheltenham, discuss some of the different business streams farmers and estate owners are diversifying into in order to generate alternative income streams.


The RHS Chelsea Flower Show: The future of the urban population and the effects of urban greening

Guy Ruddle talks to Nina Coulter, director in the residential development team, Emily Williams, research analyst, and Andrew Duff MSGD, Managing Director at the Inchbald School of Design and the garden designer of the Savills and David Harber RHS Chelsea Flower Show garden this year, about the importance of urban greening in cities and the growth of the urban population


Spotlight on Planning and Housing Delivery

Guy Ruddle talks to David Jackson, head of UK planning, Charlie Collins, planning director and Emily Williams, research analyst about the factors that impact the rates of housing delivery and whether the current trend towards planning permission being granted on ever-larger sites will improve build out rates.


Spotlight on the prime UK residential market

Guy Ruddle talks to Andrew Perratt, Head of the Country Residential market; Lucian Cook, Head of Residential Research; and Lottie Geaves, Associate Director in Savills Country Department about the factors at play in the prime UK housing market, the disruption it has faced and how to make sense of it surrounding political and economic uncertainty.


Impacts 2019: How disruption is transforming global real estate

Sophie Chick and Paul Tostevin from Savills World Research join host Guy Ruddle in the studio, while Chris Marriott and Jess Johnson dial in from Asia and the US, to discuss the issues raised by Impacts, Savills global research programme. Impacts 2019 focuses on disruption, whether that’s economic, political, demographic or technological. How is upheaval changing the world of real estate, what do the coming decades hold, which cities are most resilient to change, where might challenge these...


Spotlight on Scotland

Guy Ruddle talks to Cameron Ewer, Head of Residential Property in Scotland; Faisal Choudhry, Head of Scottish Residential Research; and Anna Gardiner, Associate Director in the Scottish Country Houses team about why the Scottish market is undeterred by the political uncertainty impacting London and other regional markets.


Spotlight on UK Forestry

Guy Ruddle and Savills guests James Adamson, Head of Forestry Investment UK and Mark Townsend Senior Forestry and Arboriculture Manager focus on the key elements in Savills latest Spotlight on Forestry publication. They discuss the future of the forestry markets and the key drivers, the timber markets including new areas of demand and touch on the new buzz word ‘natural capital' and forestry’s potential contribution.


London’s retail and residential – striking the right balance

What retail occupiers need from their space is changing, driven by the rise of online shopping and growing consumer demand for more experiential environments. With these changing needs comes an opportunity to intensify existing retail locations across London. It is well understood that London is not building enough homes. Intensification of retail sites provides a significant opportunity to deliver more homes for Londoners at price points that are affordable to many. Our analysis found that...


Where in Europe should you invest €100m?

Predicting the countries and the asset classes that real estate investors will choose over the next six months is not an easy task which is why it’s necessary to take a pan-European view across geographies and markets. Following discussions with colleagues in jurisdictions from Spain to Germany, the consensus is that investing in European real estate continues to be seen as a safe haven – with consistently higher returns than interest rates over the last 20 years – but that in times of...


Europe’s ‘second cities’ expected to be hotspots for future flexible office demand

According to the latest research from Savills and Workthere (, smaller capital cities across Europe such as Dublin, Stockholm, Warsaw and ‘non-capital cities’ in core countries such as Hamburg, Frankfurt and Birmingham are likely to see strong demand for flexible office market. Join Guy Ruddle and guests: Eri Mitsostergiou, research director at Savills, Cal Lee, founder and global head of Workthere and Robbie Stewart, European Transactions Manager, Tenant Representation at...


Unlocking the potential of the retirement living sector

Guests Craig Woollam, Victoria Wallace and Lawrence Bowles join host Guy to discuss the challenges and opportunities within the retirement living sector as a rising over 65+ demographic combines with an increasing lack of suitable retirement provisions.


What are the world’s top Tech Cities?

Guests Paul Tostevin and Nicky Wightman join host Guy Ruddle in the studio, while Kevin Kelly in the US and James Macdonald in China dial in, to discuss what are the world’s best places to locate if you’re involved in the tech industry, as Savills launches the third iteration of Savills Tech Cities programme. 30 cities around the world have been measured against 100 metrics, ranging from the number of days needed to start a business and the volume of inward venture capital investment,...