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Episode 130: Why is an Inbound Operating System Important?

An inbound operating system consists of all of the systems, programs, and tools your company uses every day. An inbound operating system keeps everyone in the organization on the same page and working toward the same mission. [4:50] Question: Why is an Inbound Operating System Important? An inbound operating system is important because it provides a framework for cohesion. When you think about your organization your mission is the why, the strategies you employ are the how, and the...


Episode 131: 2018 Highlights

This is it, the last episode of Inbound2Grow. It’s been a great year, and we want to thank everyone who has listened to, reviewed, read, or otherwise enjoyed the show. Inbound2Grow allowed us to explore the concepts we laid out in Inbound Organization, but we feel like we’ve covered the bases and it’s time for something new which brings us to the Industrial Executive. The Industrial Executive podcast will pick up where we left off in Inbound2Grow except we’ll be focused on talking to actual...


Episode 129: What do Inbound and Technology Have to do with One Another?

Every company, regardless of what they sell, is impacted by technology. From the technology you use internally to track sales to the chatbot your clients use to talk to you, technology has the potential to create a superior, remarkable, and memorable customer experience. [1:29] Question: What do Inbound and Technology Have to do with One Another? Every piece of technology you use and your customers use to interact with you should be simple and accessible. Technology should be simple to use...


Episode 128: What is an Inbound Back Office and Why Does it Matter?

Very few companies think about how their accounting, finance, or legal departments impact their customer's success. But if you’ve ever had a bad experience wading through a 20-page legal document or spent hours on hold trying to correct a bill, you know that those interactions impact how you feel about a company as a customer. A bad enough experience with a back office department can make a customer walk away, but conversely, a great experience can support and add to the customer success...


Episode 127: What is an Inbound Ecosystem?

Ecosystems are easy to overlook. Most often the business of running a business, building and maintaining a thriving company culture, and building an inbound organization take center stage. But whether you know it or not, you’re already in an ecosystem. All of the people and companies you work with, everyone your business touches, form your ecosystem. The greatest choice you have is whether you nurture and actively build that ecosystem or simply exist in it passively. [0:45] Question: What...


Episode 126: Sales Fails

If you’ve ever connected with someone on LinkedIn or got a new follower on Twitter and then immediately got a direct message asking you to check out their product/service, set up a call, or any other pitch you’ve experienced a sales fail. [0:35] Todd’s Rant Too often modern salespeople utilize outdated tactics that fall flat in the age of inbound. Time wasting cold calls, unsolicited emails, and cold outreach of all kinds are holdovers from the 90s era of spam and like Smash Mouth’s...


Episode 125: What is the Biggest Issue Facing Marketing and Sales People Today? with Jill Konrath

This week we sit down with our friend Jill Konrath to talk about the biggest issue facing sales and marketing people today. Everyone Jill talks to is overwhelmed. Everyone is too busy and feels like they aren’t getting enough done. And in today's business world everyone is also expected to always be on, responding to emails, actively engaging in social media, and generally being instantly available. The result of all of this overwhelming work and always-on culture is that distractions...


Episode 124: What is Unique about Inbound Customer Service and Success?

Inbound customer service is more than reactive platitudes. Customer service used to be customers calling in and spending hours on the phone waiting to tell every person they talked to the same information in the hopes that someone could fix the problem. Customers still have problems, of course, but inbound customer service and success means that the customer service people you talk to know who you are, your history with the company, and are empowered to actually solve the problem. Inbound...


Episode 123: What is a Code Funnel?

In the old days, we create qualified leads by offering up lots of content. Our prospects found our content, filled out a form, downloaded the content, and then we reached out to them. This strategy still works, but over the last few years, we realized that what people like more than free content is free stuff. And it turns out that giving away software, a product, or service is an even more effective way to qualify leads and move prospects through the buyer journey. [0:43] Question: What is...


Episode 122: What Does Being Customer-Centric Mean?

Everyone says they are customer-centric, but, like most things, being customer-centric is more difficult than just saying it. Further, what passed for customer-centric five years ago doesn’t cut it today. Today’s modern buyers expect more from the companies they work with and buy from. For a company to be truly customer-centric, they need to be solving for the customer across all levels of their organization. In other words, to be customer-centric, you need to be an inbound...


Episode 121: Why Marketing is more important than Sales in 2018

Back in the day, in the 90’s, selling used to be boots on the ground, go out, and educate clients and prospects face to face. You would take them lunch or snacks and hope they wanted to sit down with you. Marketing wasn’t involved with demand generation or awareness; their role was more about supporting sales people. And there were lots of sales people, typically men, and very few marketing people, typically women, because salespeople were seen as a way to drive revenue (more field...


Episode 120: What do You do if Your Leadership Doesn’t Buy into Inbound?

For all of the companies out there dedicated to being inbound organizations and helping their customers succeed, there are ten more who aren’t. It is not uncommon for inbound to enter an organization through the marketing or sales department first. This means that often the first hurdle to becoming an inbound organization is getting leadership buy-in. [0:43] Question: What do You do if Your Leadership Doesn’t Buy into Inbound? Education is often the first step on the road to becoming an...


Episode 119: What are the Potholes to Becoming an Inbound Organization?

At the beginning of every organization's journey to becoming an inbound organization, there are inevitable potholes in the road. The good news is that these potholes are completely normal and can be overcome. Potholes to becoming an inbound organization can look like strategy mistakes, content pitfalls, sales stumbles, or mission blunders. Whatever potholes your organization finds in its road, the most important thing to remember is that they represent opportunities to become a better...


Episode 118: What is an Inbound Content Strategy?

An inbound content strategy is so much more than just churning out feature or product-based copy and sticking it on your website. An inbound content strategy understands and accommodates your personas and every stage of the buyer journey. Great content speaks directly to your prospects, answering their questions and helping them make decisions. Show Notes [0:43] Question: What is an Inbound Content Strategy? B2B, B2C, doesn’t matter, everyone uses the internet to help them make decisions,...


Episode 117: Live From INBOUND 2018!

This episode of Inbound2Grow was recorded last week at INBOUND 2018! Recorded live in-front of INBOUND 2018 attendees, we interviewed two leaders of the inbound revolution, Eric Keiles and Jill Konrath! These two leaders have been practicing inbound as a methodology and a mindset since before it had a name. During the show we picked their brains about the good old days of inbound, inbound certified back office staff, the clients they won’t take, and the future of the inbound...


Episode 116: Is Inbound Still a Good Investment?

Inspired by Mark Schaefer’s assertion that inbound costs increase over time, in this episode we unpack that idea and discuss the need for adaptation and adoption of inbound as a mindset rather than a methodology. Show Notes [1:50] Question: Is Inbound Still a Good Investment? The idea behind Schaefer’s post is that in the beginning, as companies invest in content creation and other inbound tactics, the investment is relatively low and easy to reach leads will find you because your niche...


Episode 115: What is an Inbound Engagement Strategy?

A large part of being inbound is creating and maintaining engagement with your prospects and customers. From first contact with a prospect all the way through the buyer journey, engagement is how you stay connected to your prospects and deliver the information and, most importantly, the help they need to reach their goals. To effectively engage with prospects and customers every step of their buyer journey, across all levels of your organization, requires a solid inbound engagement...


Episode 114: What is an Inbound Persona Strategy?

Personas are one of the fundamentals of inbound, shaping not only your marketing and sales efforts but all levels of your company. So, what is a persona? Personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer based on actual data and some speculation about things like demographics, behavior patterns, and goals. Personas represent a person, not a company or market! Show Notes [0:40] Question: What is an Inbound Persona Strategy? It is important to understand that personas are...


Episode 113: What is an Inbound Strategy?

Strategies are high-level plans for achieving specific objectives. Strategies guide your efforts, and inbound strategies are no different from any other strategy in this regard. Where an inbound strategy differs from other strategies is that inbound strategies are more than just a guide, they are a mindset and an attitude, and they touch every level of an organization. Show Notes [0:42] Question: What is an Inbound Strategy and How is it Different from Any Other Strategy? Inbound...


Episode 112: NPS - What is It and When to Use It

Everyone thinks they have great customer service, but can you prove it? A ten-minute-long customer survey might suggest that the survey takers are satisfied, but who is most likely to actually give you ten minutes of their time to fill out a survey? If you’re only talking to and hearing from good fit customers, then your results are going to be skewed. And unreliable results mean you don’t have accurate, measurable, actionable data. Net Promotor Score (NPS) is the solution. Show...