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Episode 113: What is an Inbound Strategy?

Strategies are high-level plans for achieving specific objectives. Strategies guide your efforts, and inbound strategies are no different from any other strategy in this regard. Where an inbound strategy differs from other strategies is that inbound strategies are more than just a guide, they are a mindset and an attitude, and they touch every level of an organization. Show Notes [0:42] Question: What is an Inbound Strategy and How is it Different from Any Other Strategy? Inbound...


Episode 112: NPS - What is It and When to Use It

Everyone thinks they have great customer service, but can you prove it? A ten-minute-long customer survey might suggest that the survey takers are satisfied, but who is most likely to actually give you ten minutes of their time to fill out a survey? If you’re only talking to and hearing from good fit customers, then your results are going to be skewed. And unreliable results mean you don’t have accurate, measurable, actionable data. Net Promotor Score (NPS) is the solution. Show...


Episode 111: What is an Inbound Operating System?

Being an inbound organization is more than just creating an inbound culture or an MSPOT or a mission. Day in and day out the operation of the organization requires everyone to be working toward common, inbound goals. An inbound operating system maintains accountability and keeps everyone on the same page, so that day to day operations stay inbound. Show Notes [0:43] Question: What is an Inbound Operating System? So, what exactly is an inbound operating system? Well, no two inbound...


Episode 110: Inbound Decision Making

How do you make decisions in your organization? Inbound organizations make decisions with what is best for the entire organization in mind. Decision making within inbound organizations is also not confined to the upper echelons of leadership and management. Rather, an inbound organization leverages transparency and inbound methods to empower employees to make all but the most critical of decisions. So, what is an inbound decision? Show Notes [0:42] Question: What Constitutes an Inbound...


Episode 109: Putting People First

Your employees, prospects, and customers are all people. Every person your company interacts with, regardless of the type of interaction, wants to be treated like a human being. Inbound organizations understand this and put people first. Show Notes [0:47] Question: Why Should Companies Put People First? Putting people first begins, like so much of inbound, internally. Your employees are some of, if not the most, important people you need to consider. Your employees deliver and interact...


Episode 108: Why Inbound Organizations Use Transparency to Build Trust

In this episode, Dan and Todd talk about how transparency builds trust. From the steps leadership can take to be more transparent to tools organizations can leverage, this episode is all about building and keeping trust. Show Notes [3:35] Question: Why is Transparency so Important to Building Trust? Trust is rarely talked about as the foundation for an organization, but trust is essential within an organization. Employees need to trust in the decisions that are made throughout the...


Episode #107 - What are the benefits of inbound recruiting and how do you do it?

Our buyers aren’t the only ones who have been fundamentally altered by the internet; employees have new expectations for their employers, and they are going about finding their next job in a drastically different way than they did 30 years ago. Inbound recruiting is a powerful tool for helping companies find and keep the ideal candidate. Show Notes [0:45] Question: What are the Benefits of Inbound Recruiting and How Do You Do It? Inbound recruiting makes use of modern methods and...


Episode 106: What is a Culture Code?

Companies create culture either intentionally or unwittingly. Creating a culture code allows you to take an active role in purposefully and mindfully creating your culture. Your culture code signals, both internally and externally, the values and beliefs your company is committed to. So, what is a culture code? Show Notes [0:42] Question: Question: What is a Culture Code? Directly from Inbound Organization, a culture code is, “an outline or slide deck that shows the key aspects of...


Episode 105: The Critical Connection Between Company Culture & Marketing Execution

In this episode, Dan and Todd explore how an authentic, inbound company culture fosters and allows employees to provide excellent customer experiences. While there are no shortcuts for creating a company culture, your company culture is an essential part of delivering the best customer experience. [0:40] Question: What is the Connection Between Company Culture and Marketing Execution? Inbound Organization begins with a case study about a payment processing company, Fattmerchant, who made...


Episode 104: What is an MSPOT and Why It’s Important

Let’s talk about the world of MSPOTs! What is an MSPOT, who needs one, why would you need one, and who creates it? In this episode, Dan and Todd break down the ins and the outs of MSPOTs and challenge you to start creating your own organizational MSPOT. Show Notes [1:06] Question: Why is an MSPOT so important? Mission Strategies Play Omissions Targets An MSPOT puts your missions and strategies and goals on one page and makes them easy to consume. Any company, especially those with...


Episode 103: Digging Deeper into the Inbound Organization Assessment

In this episode, Dan and Todd talk about what makes a good mission statement. From the things to avoid to an example of what to strive for, this episode dives deep into why mission is critical for an inbound organization. Show Notes [1:20] The Inbound Organization Assessment The Inbound Organization Assessment is a simple to use, handful of questions that help companies build the right foundation for becoming inbound. Taking the assessment will help you gauge how much work needs to be...


Episode 102: Start with the Inbound Organization Assessment

In episode 102 Dan and Todd talk about what inbound is, the assessment that can help you put a number on how inbound your business is, and what to keep out of your mission statement. Show Notes [0:52] The Question: What is the first step to becoming an inbound organization? Dan and Todd hear this question from entrepreneurs, business leads, and senior managers all the time. Everyone wants a quick jumping off point into the tactics of inbound, but the problem is that no two businesses...


Episode 101: Inbound Organization Origin and Ideas

Welcome to Inbound2Grow, the podcast for leaders who want to grow better and become inbound organizations. In our inaugural episode, Todd and Dan talk about who they are, why they wrote Inbound Organization, and why everyone wants to grow but no one wants to change. Show Notes [0:40] Todd and Dan introduce themselves From HubSpot to patents, Todd and Dan have a lot of experience in the world of marketing and sales. [6:58] The Inbound Organization origin story “What do you mean you...