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Hosted by Social Starts/Joyance Partners Managing Partner Mike Edelhart, Inception is a series of conversations about the beginning of things - of companies, careers, new science, breakthrough technology, and a peek into the future. Each episode features an intimate talk between Mike and a founder or investor in our extensive worldwide network. Together, they explore the grit, determination, and skill required to start a company, the underlying philosophies and psychologies of entrepreneurship, and the secrets of how startups are created, funded, and ultimately, win.


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Hosted by Social Starts/Joyance Partners Managing Partner Mike Edelhart, Inception is a series of conversations about the beginning of things - of companies, careers, new science, breakthrough technology, and a peek into the future. Each episode features an intimate talk between Mike and a founder or investor in our extensive worldwide network. Together, they explore the grit, determination, and skill required to start a company, the underlying philosophies and psychologies of entrepreneurship, and the secrets of how startups are created, funded, and ultimately, win.






S4E9: Guest Jamie McCroskery, CEO of Bluebird

Managing Partner Mike Edelhart talks with Jamie McCroskery, CEO of Bluebird, helping brands produce climate-friendly products and authentic sustainability stories about them. In this episode, Jamie shares how living on a glacier in New Zealand for 15 days inspired him to abandon his career at a big tech corporation, explains how improving sustainability practices directly corresponds to increasing a brand’s profitability, and describes Bluebird’s long-term vision of working across all...


S4E8: Guest Chris Bryson, CEO of New School Foods

Managing Partner Mike Edelhart talks with Chris Bryson, CEO of New School Foods, about creating whole-cut fish made entirely from plants that looks, cooks, flakes, and tastes just like wild salmon. As the past founder of a successful e-commerce company with absolutely no culinary experience, Chris didn't foresee leading an alternative protein startup being the next step in his career. But upon realizing the magnitude of the current food crisis, he was compelled to take action. His fresh...


S4E7: Guest Martin Stübler, CEO of BioFluff

Managing Partner Mike Edelhart talks with Martin Stübler, CEO of BioFluff, developing the world’s first entirely plant-based fur. In this episode, Martin explains how a 12-week lockdown in a tiny town in Catalunya sparked the idea for his business, describes the fascinating technology behind Biofluff’s remarkable quality and versatility, and shares his long-term vision of becoming the go-to performance material company by replacing harmful petrol-based products with sustainable alternatives...


S4E6: Guest Sarah Adler, CEO and Founder of Wave

In this episode of our Inception podcast, Managing Partner Mike Edelhart talks with Sarah Adler, CEO of Wave, a mental health digital ecosystem designed for the digital native. Sarah shares how her past hedge fund analyst career and current psychiatry background empowered and inspired her to found Wave; the many challenges involved in serving a generation whose current system is entirely incapable of meeting their needs; and how her company is providing science-backed solutions through...


S4E5: Guest Christoph Jenny, Co-founder of Planted

Managing Partner Mike Edelhart talks with Christoph Jenny, co-founder of Planted, a company producing delicious plant-based meat with only natural ingredients and perfect bite. In this episode, Christoph talks about how their clear-cut core strategy, dedication to the perfect product, value-based philosophy, and unique geographical market advantages have gained $115M in total funding and landed them in almost a thousand restaurants and retail shops across Europe in a mere three years.


S4E4: Guest Nieves Martinez Marshall, CEO of Novel Farms

Managing Partner Mike Edelhart talks with Nieves Martinez Marshall, CEO of Novel Farms, a company growing muscle and fat cells to produce delicious, environmentally-friendly whole cuts of meat. In this episode, Nieves explains how their groundbreaking scaffolding technology sets them apart from other meat cultivation companies; their goal to restore conventional pork to the more flavorful, healthier version that's been lost through the commercial breeding process; how it feels to be at the...


S4E3: Guest Stella Smith, CEO of pirkx

Managing Partner Mike Edelhart talks with Stella Smith, CEO of pirkx, providing affordable health and wellbeing benefits to anyone – whether self-employed, part of a small business, or an individual and their family. In this episode, Stella shares the story of her fascinating transformation from a bright-but-naughty young kid, to London's version of a "Titan of Wallstreet," to her new role as the founder and CEO of a company that has the potential to radically improve the lives of millions...


S4E2: Guest Claire Cherry, Investment Partner

To kick off the podcast’s fourth season, Managing Partner Mike Edelhart talks with Claire Cherry, our talented new London-based Investment Partner. With starkly different backgrounds, but a deeply shared passion for the ever-evolving VC landscape, Mike and Claire discuss everything from the many surprising benefits of our diverse team’s unconventional culture to how always considering the global picture of overarching humanity advances our goal to reveal universal truths and embrace the...


S4E1: Guests Brian Tran and David Stevens, co-founders of Serif

Brian Tran and David Stevens are co-founders of Serif, a global members club for LGBTQ+ leaders and creators. In this episode, they talk about the widely diverse and distinguished user base Serif is attracting, how they’re completely revolutionizing the application of NFTs, and their vision of making the power of the thriving and influential queer community accessible to anyone, anywhere.


S3E18: 4th Anniversary: Guest Jun Deng, Investment Partner

To celebrate our fourth anniversary, Managing Partner Mike Edelhart talks with Jun Deng, an Investment Partner at our funds. In this episode, Jun talks about our unique and controversial thesis, the remarkable way in which our strategy, team, and company culture have evolved over the years, and the fascinating (and highly profitable) future we predict for investing in the emerging science of Health and Happiness.


S3E17: Guest Pim de Witte, CEO of

Pim de Witte is CEO of, where gamers go to create memories when they can't be in the same place physically. In this episode, Pim talks about the company's core mission of creation and connection, the intense velocity at which the company is growing due to the extraordinary response of its users, and his plans to exponentially empower as many people as possible to create memories in the digital world together.


S3E12: Guest Michael Selden, CEO and co-founder of Finless Foods

Michael Selden is co-founder and CEO of Finless Foods, using ground-breaking plant and cell culture technology to create a future for seafood where the ocean thrives. In this episode, Michael talks with Managing Partner Mike Edelhart about the importance of starting out with a core team you can completely trust, how those experienced team players can be immensely helpful when working with the FDA and USDA on regulation, and the huge potential both Finless and cell-cultured proteins as an...


S3E16: Guest Quincy Lee, CEO of Electric Era

Quincy Lee is CEO of Electric Era, the world’s most advanced storage systems for electric vehicle fast-charging stations. In this episode, Quincy talks about why he left long-time employer SpaceX to “come back to earth” and start this new company; the many cultural and technological challenges the world faces in transitioning to EV fueling; and how Electric Era will revolutionize the industry using their groundbreaking technology, allowing EV fast-charging stations to be built with less...


S3E15: Guest Melanie Travis, CEO of Andie

Melanie Travis is CEO of Andie, a swimwear brand made by women, for women. In this episode, Melanie talks about what it took to land the B round of an entrepreneur’s dreams, the surprising pros of having zero swimwear expertise when she started, and her not-so-distant plans for making Andie the go-to brand for women across the nation.


S3E14: Guest Sunny Han, CEO of Fulcrum

Sunny Han is CEO of Fulcrum, building groundbreaking technology to support a new resurgence of manufacturing growth. In this episode, Sunny recounts how being the son of a civil engineer and a computer scientist equipped him for a career in tech at a very young age, how his experience of online socializing allowed for an elevated level of thoughtfulness and networking, and how his unorthodox leadership methods have enabled his company to triple the size of their team and their revenue in the...


S3E13: Guest Aaron Albert, CEO of Mine'd

Aaron Albert is CEO and co-founder of Mine’d, a platform that connects consumers with mental health experts and a supportive community. In this episode, Aaron describes how a heart-wrenching breakup inspired him to start the company, the surprising ways that entrepreneurship has challenged him to learn and grow, and his hopes of Mine’d becoming the unifier of the entire emotional wellness space, providing an immersive top-quality mental health solution to anyone, at any stage, at any...


S3E11: Guest Tigran Sloyan, CEO of CodeSignal

Tigran Sloyan is co-founder and CEO of CodeSignal, the most advanced technical assessment solution on the market. In this episode, Tigran and Managing Partner Mike Edelhart have a lively conversation about everything from the first investor pitch jitters, to the recent radical democratization of education, to the exhilarating yet challenging experience of staying true to your core culture principles as a CEO whose company has tripled in size in twelve months (and will triple again in the...


S3E10: Guest Nicolas Heymann, CEO of Heritage Type

Nicolas Heymann is CEO of Heritage Type and provides a next-generation web-based graphic tool that is launching soon. In this episode, Nicolas talks about the complex problem the company is striving to solve, how people that are intensely passionate about their work inspire and motivate him, and how the vibrant engagement from their ever-growing user community propels them forward and encourages them to continuously improve.


S3E9: Guest Maya Hardigan, CEO of Mae

Maya Hardigan is CEO of Mae, a company providing pregnancy and postpartum support tailored to the needs of Black women. In this episode, Maya talks about the deeply disparate maternal services Black women receive in the US, how Mae is tackling the important role of curating culturally specific tools and resources to remedy this disparity, and her vision of becoming the go-to value-based supplemental care approach to drive positive pregnancy outcomes for Black mothers across the nation.


S3E8: Guest Charles Rodenkirch, CEO of Sharper Sense

Charles Rodenkirch is CEO of Sharper Sense, a company that enhances brain function by delivering wearable, targeted neural stimulation. In this episode, Dr. Rodenkirch talks about the fascinating science underlying their first product, a non-invasive patch that optimizes brain state for clear perception of vision, hearing, and touch. Mike and Charles also discuss the huge potential they see in using neurotechnology to improve people’s lives and highlight Sharper Sense’s grand plans to impact...