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Kickstarter, Affiliate Marketing, Amazon FBA & more.

In this episode, I interview Alex Scoffield. Alex is an E-commerce and online marketing guru. He dropped out of university after recognising that he would get a better return on investment focusing his time on his various online ventures. These included running Kickstarter campaigns for clients and utilising Amazon for Amazon FBA. In one year Alex made $250,000 using Amazon FBA and is now focusing on growing his Youtube channel where he puts out loads of free and valuable content.


Caffeinate your career with Kyle Elliot

In this episode of Incrementum, you will learn the value of building relationships and connecting with people both online and offline. Kyle is an experienced career coach and his thoughts will dramatically change the way you consider your future job hunts. If you want to understand how to get an inside picture as to what it is really like working at a company before you apply, so that there are no surprises, you need to listen to this interview.


Learn to Speed Read with Jordan Harry

Jordan Harry is a 20 year old entrepreneur, athlete and speed reader. Jordan set up StudyFast to teach people how to read faster and learn more efficiently. StudyFast is a unique speed reading course as Jordan teaches memory techniques as well as the art of reading quickly. In his online course, you will learn about reducing subvocalisation, increasing peripheral vision and much more.


When youth subsides, may wisdom prove enough.

Will Norris joins the show for this episode of Incrementum. Will is the Co-founder of a small events company in Bath, UK. He is also chairman of bath entrepreneurs, a society that was set up to inspire and enable entrepreneurship. I see Will as a facilitator. Without Will and the efforts of him and the Bath Entrepreneurs team, many budding entrepreneurs would not have had the opportunity to hear insights from some of the leading entrepreneurs in this day and age. They have also set up...


High On Life - An interview with Parker Heuser

In this episode of Incrementum, I interview Parker Heuser from the content creation group High On Life. High On Life are a group of friends that have created a career for themselves by harnessing the power of social media and media outlets. They travel and create engaging content for a living that evokes an emotion in their audience. High On Life was created to spread the message of how grateful we should feel for our lives and that we should get out and experience all the world has to...


The Coldest Crossing - Charlie Smith

Charlie is an award-winning Industrial Designer who specialises in the outdoor industry. After 7 months spent in crutches following a Rugby injury, Charlie became the became the youngest Brit to cross Iceland from its most northerly point to its most southerly, unsupported. Since then he has taken part in and lead expeditions in a broad range of conditions and countries: including Malawi, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ethiopia, Austria, Iceland, France, and the UK. Most recently he was team...


Be Humble - An Interview with Henry Nathan

Henry Nathan - an exceptional photographer and cinematographer, founded the Instagram page @canon_photos which now has over 2 million followers. He created a place for other photographers and videographers to come and get inspired, to share their work and to build a community. @canon_photos propelled Henry's career as a content creator and since then he has Co-founded XPO Creatives. Henry and XPO Creatives now travel the world to produce content and have worked with some amazing clients...


Jorden Tually - Social Media Influencer & Budget Backpacker

In the 5th episode of Incrementum, I interview Jorden Tually. Jorden is a graphic designer by trade but after graduating he fell in love with travelling. Not just any travel but budget backpacking. He is on a mission to find out how he can maximise his time travelling whilst limiting the money he spends. Having spent only $15,000 and travelled for 3-years, Jorden certainly has a lot of tips. We also discuss how Jorden has used social media to create a personal brand and how it has...


Snapchat Geofilters, Hackathons & More

For the 4th episode of the Incrementum podcast, I interview Daniel Wyb. Daniel is the Co-founder of Pepper Filters. Pepper Filters is a Snapchat Geofilter making service. Daniel and the Pepper Filters Team recently hit the target of having 150 million people see their filters and they signed a deal with "The Knot" one of the largest wedding planning services in America. Daniel does not have all his eggs in one basket, however. He partakes in Hackathon events where the goal is to build a...


Back Yourself - An Interview With Rob Stevenson

Welcome to the very first episode of the Incrementum Podcast. Incrementum is a Latin word which roughly translates to "growth" in English. The scope of the podcast is to interview inspirational individuals that have succeeded in various fields (sport, business, social media) and find out what drives their success. In this episode, we interview Rob Stevenson. A Durham University graduate and professional rugby player. We find out what keeps him motivated, what he means by "Trusting The...


Matthew Voska - Silicon Valley Entrepreneur

In today's episode, I interview Matthew Voska. I met Matt during my time in San Francisco and quite quickly recognised this man would have a profound affect on my life. Matt has owned his own company Flytenow, is a private pilot, was accepted into the most renowned start up accelerator in the world and was invited onto Shark Tank, the American version of Dragon's Den. Tune in to find out the qualities Matt believes makes a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and how he stays productive, focused...


Arcaz Clothing Co - What does it take to start a new company?

Today we interview Joe Carolan, Co-founder of Arcaz Clothing Co. Arcaz Clothing is a new up and coming streetwear brand founded at the latter stages of 2017. I asked Joe to come on the show to talk through the various hurdles that he has experienced that go in conjunction with starting a new company. I also wanted to know as a university student and keen rugby player, how he manages to develop his business whilst spreading his time amongst these other activities. I hope you see value in...