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031 Jeff Rose | Soldier to Financial Advisor

Jeff is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional and is also an Iraqi combat veteran having served in the Army National Guard for 9 years, including a 16 month deployment to Iraq in 2005. He is the founder of (a Top 10 money blog you should read according to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance) and author Soldier of Finance – his book that combines his military background with his financial planning knowledge. Jeff currently writes for Forbes, CNBC and Entrepreneur and has...


030 Shawn Johnson | Andrew East

This is our celebratory 30th episode! I am excited to bring back my wife Shawn who does her best to interview me... it was tons of fun. I am also excited to announce my partnership with Himalaya- the best podcasting app around. Download their app and give me a follow! Follow me on Himalaya!!! Connect with Shawn: Instagram @shawnjohnson Youtube Shawn Johnson Blog Twitter @ShawnJohnson Connect with...


029 Mallory Ervin | Beauty Pageants to Lifestyle Influencer

Mallory Ervin is the internets favorite personality. She is sure to make you laugh, learn, and sometimes cry with her authenticity, energy, and love for living fully. After having great success in the Miss America pageant as Miss Kentucky, Mallory found herself in a whirlwind of reality tv shows and other opportunities. She now focuses much of her energy into her online presence where she showcases her and her families lifestyle. Connect with...


028 Noah Ohlsen | 5x Crossfit Games Athlete

Noah Ohlsen is an impressive man. Having graduated from Miami with a Masters degree in Strength and Conditioning, Noah went on to compete in Crossfit. He has now qualified for the Crossfit Games 5 times and even ranked 1/500,000 in the Crossfit Open. Even with all this success, Noah still isn't content. In this interview, Noah opens up about how Connect with Noah: Instagram @nohlsen Youtube @NOhlsen21 Website Facebook @NoahOhlsen Connect with...


027 Earl Bennett | Poverty to Pro Football

Earl Bennett grew up in an impoverished, single family household in Alabama. He used his athletic abilities to gain admission into Vanderbilt University where he excelled. This led to him leaving before graduation to start his 7 year NFL career, most of which spent with the Chicago Bears. After finishing his football career, Earl returned to school to finish not only his undergraduate degree, but also a masters. He now hosts his own interview series called "Prostyle Podcast" where he talks...


026 Lisa Bilyeu | House Wife to Billion Dollar Business

A few years ago, Lisa Bilyeu was working diligently at home to make things easy for her husband. It was a sacrifice for her, and she knew she was made for more. That's when she started taking matters into her own hands and created nutrition bars, selling them as "Quest Nutrition." Now, its a billion dollar business. She realizes that physical well being is not the only factor of being healthy, which caused her to try to impact peoples minds. She has started Impact Theory and Women of Impact...


025 Brodie Smith | Organic Chemistry to Ultimate Frisbee

Brodie Smith is a man of many talents. After attending Florida with hopes of being a chemist, he later transitioned into teaching. While at school, Brodie was introduced to a sport he had never played before- ultimate frisbee. He joined the team and ended up winning a national championship with the Gators. In the process of trying to improve his game, Brodie noticed that all the tutorials that were online were sub par, so he started to make a post his own. This sparked what is now a social...


024 Danny Phillips | Bathroom Remodels to Family Vlogging

Danny Phillips and I met a few months ago and I was immediately struck by his excitement for his dream- to share his families mission with the world. In this conversation, he shares about his transition from the family business of bathroom remodels (specifically reglazing bathtubs) to daily vlogs and social media. He shares awesome insight into his vision for his family, the struggles of chasing a dream, and how AWESOME his online community known as FAMBAMMERS are. Connect with...


023 Steve Weatherford | Super Bowl Champ to Super Entrepreneur

Steve Weatherford is a legend in the football community. A 10 year veteran, Steve won a Super Bowl with the New York Giants. Known as "the jacked punter," Steve has always made fitness a priority and even made it on the cover of Muscle and Fitness Magazine. Steve has now launched several businesses all while raising his five children. Connect with Steve: Steve's Website : here Instagram @weatherford5 Twitter @weatherford5 Facebook @Official.Steve.Weatherford Connect with...


022 Making A Dream A Reality.

After being on the verge of quitting football, I finally achieved my goal of playing in the NFL. This is a story of Gods timing. Connect with Andrew: Instagram @andrewdeast Twitter @andrewdeast Youtube @AndrewEast Facebook @AndrewDEast


021 What is Your Identity?

Identity is such an important topic to talk about but one that isn't easy to navigate. In this episode I share with you why I have been thinking about this, why identity is important, and provide some tangible take aways for you to find what your identity and purpose is. Can't wait to hear your feedback! Connect with Andrew: Instagram @andrewdeast Twitter @andrewdeast Youtube @AndrewEast Facebook @AndrewDEast


020 Nastia Liukin | Olympic Gymnastics to Tech Co-Founder

I have been fortunate enough to get to know Olympic and World Champion Nastia Liukin. In this interview she shares exclusive insights into her career and personal life. Although this interview is longer than normal, I am positive it is worth the listen. Be sure to subscribe and rate! Grander Sports Website : here Connect with Nastia: Instagram @nastialiukin Twitter @nastialiukin Blog: Facebook @NastiaLiukin Connect with...


019 Guy East | Professional Cycling to Global Missions

Guy East is many things... a professional cyclist, a founder of his own charity, a networker, and he is also my brother. Today we talk about his cycling career and why he has a love/hate relationship with the sport, what caused him to walk away from athletics at the peak of his career, and how he changes peoples lives all over the world. Today is giving Tuesday, so if you are able, please find out more about his organization and donate down below! Hope Sports Donate Page: here Madison Race...


018 Dr David Touhill | Chiropractor to Digital Marketer

Dave Touhill experienced a massive pivot in his career when he transitioned from being a chiropractor to an online digital marketing expert. Through matching his passion with his talents and network, Dave now no longer works long hours in the office. Instead, he assists brands in need of strategy for productization and monetization. His insight on work ethic, growth, and work-life balance will be sure to spark your interest. Connect with Dave: Instagram @drdavidmtouhill Facebook Page Dr...


017 Tim Shaw | NFL to _ _ _

Tim Shaw has a miraculous story. After being a record holding high school athlete, Tim predictably went on to have a fantastic football career at Penn State. Tim's success continued during his 7 year NFL career until one day he was blindsided by a career ending diagnosis. Tim's story has deeply impacted my life and I am very excited to share it with you all. Connect with Tim: Instagram @tshawstruth Facebook Page Tim Shaw Twitter TShawsTruth Connect with...


016 Jacob Luttrell | Ministry to Grammy

Jacob Luttrell started off as a youth pastor, leading worship at a church. He now has been nominated for 5 Grammys, and won 2. Although being a wildly acclaimed musician, in this conversation we discuss what success truly is, beyond money and fame. Jacob has some excellent insights on everything from religion, to music, to love. Connect with Jacob: Instagram @officialjacobluttrell Facebook Page Jacob Luttrell My Favorite Song Something Better Connect with...


015 Justin Fountain | Average to Adventure

Justin Fountain has never been normal. He's never wanted normal. From an early age he felt the call for adventure, and he listened to that call. Here, he tells his story of growing up in middle class America, attending school in Colorado for one year, then deciding that there were bigger plans for his life. He now affects people globally through his music, film, and travel. Connect with Justin: Instagram @stoked.ember Youtube @StokedEmber Band Page A Brothers Fountain Connect with...


014 Sam Bashor | Music Therapy to Comic Genius

Sam Bashor is the hero we all need. He is a guru on all things superhero, comic, and "nerd." He originally thought he was going to be a musical therapist but after taking a few risks to follow his dreams, he now hosts an amazingly successful show called Only Stupid Answers. I am sure you guys will pick up on his passion for what he does. Connect with Sam: Instagram @sambashor Youtube @SamBashor Podcast Only Stupid Answers Twitter @SamBashor Connect with...


013 Samantha Peszek | Gymnastics to Broadcasting

Sam Peszek achieved the highest level of success in her sport at a tremendously young age. The transition out of gymnastics wasn't easy, but she has made it well. Olympian, NCAA champion, and now entrepreneur/broadcaster, Sam has some insightful words to say about how she's been able to pivot so well. Take the Enneagram Test here. Connect with Sam: Instagram @samanthapeszek Youtube @TheGympire Website Twitter @SamanthaPeszek Connect with...


012 Jimmy Benrud | Pre-Med to Production

Jimmy Benrud joins us to tell his story of going from pre-medical studies to helping his wife reach wild success in her music career. He works as a tour manager, production manager, cinematographer, and much more. I hope you enjoy hearing what he has to say as much I did. Connect with Kurt: Instagram @JimboSliceofLife Youtube @Mimbo Twitter @JimboSliceofLif Connect with Andrew: Instagram @andrewdeast Twitter @andrewdeast Youtube @AndrewEast Facebook @AndrewDEast