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ICR340: Russ Koesterich, Portfolio Construction for Today's Markets

For almost 50 years the simplest investment solution was often the best. A balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds provided most investors with a comfortable retirement. Unfortunately, this approach is now unlikely to work. Retirement is longer, private company pensions are a thing of the past and interest rates are at historic lows. Investors need a new plan and a new approach to organising their investments. My guest on the podcast today is Russ Koesterich, Managing Director and...


ICR339: How to order a hit on your financial adviser

In this episode I'm talking about resolving problems with your financial adviser or financial planner. My inspiration for this episode came from two places. Firstly, a Sky News article with the title Ex-GP hired hitman on dark web to kill financial adviser after losing £300k, court hears. Secondly, our annual regulatory fee invoice arrived this week. So I'm thinking a lot about not only the cost of financial services regulation, but also the different mechanisms for resolving problems...


ICR338: Barbara Vrancik, She Will Get The Money

Earlier this year, Melinda Gates wrote in an op-ed published in Quartz that she and her husband, Bill Gates, would be donating $170 million to empower women all around the world economically. Gates later wrote that the research indicated that economic power was “the most promising entry point for gender equality.” She and many others believe that when women have economic power, they can write their own rules and reshape how things operate. This goes from the household to the business...


ICR337: What went wrong in Port Talbot?

This week I've been in Port Talbot in South Wales, for the Great Pension Debate II. In this episode, I'm sharing the story of why this conference was held in this seaside town in South Wales and some of the key points coming out of the two days.


ICR336: Sarah Davidson, Saving & Borrowing with a Credit Union

In this episode, I chat to Sarah Davidson from Boom! about how credit unions work and the type of work they do, across both saving and borrowing, as well as their support for the local community. Boom! is a credit union for people who live or work in West Sussex, Surrey or Kingston. They give local people access to fair and affordable loans, savings accounts and prepaid cards. They exist to help make life better for people in West Sussex, Kingston and Surrey. A credit union is an...


ICR335: Coping with the crippling cost of living

In this episode, how can families cope with the crippling cost of living? I share some new research into rising living costs and then suggest some steps we can take to deal with them. My five tips for coping with cost of living increases: 1 - Learn to budget effectively 2 - Trim the fat from your household budget 3 - Bring in some extra income 4 - Shop around for cheaper deals - mortgage, insurances, utilities. 5 - Make some lifestyle changes - i.e. drive less, walk or cycle...


ICR334: Amanda Abella, Make Money Your Honey

How can millennials, especially entrepreneurs in this generation, forge a better relationship with work and money? My guest on the podcast today is Amanda Abella. Featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inc, and Business Insider, Amanda has created an online community where millennials can learn how to make money online and actually enjoy their financial journeys. Her ever growing community is currently made up of over 30,000 individuals across social media and email subscriber...


ICR333: Wake up when it comes to your retirement income

In this episode I'm talking about retirement income; the good, the bad and the ugly. I'll be talking about a new report from the Financial Conduct Authority, looking at how the retirement income sector is serving consumer more than three years after the introduction of pension freedoms. There's also a roundup of the latest personal finance news and the after show, where (after an extended break from these Friday episodes) I talk about what's been going on recently in my world and in the...


ICR332: Joanna Nylund, The Finnish Art of Courage

We all want to lead a life of greater purpose and happiness. Cultivating the Finnish quality of sisu might be the answer. My guest on the podcast today is Joanna Nylund. She was born and raised in Finland, where she started her writing career doing music reviews for a local magazine at age 15. After studying English literature at university and living in the UK for a few years, she has been working as a translator, journalist, copywriter and photographer. She now lives in Helsinki with...


ICR331: Andy Bird, The Inspired Leader

My guest today is Andy Bird, an independent leadership consultant, coach and author. Andy began his career over 30 years ago working for Unilever in the UK, South East Asia and India. He set up and led their pioneering Marketing Academy before moving on to become a Co-Founder of Brand Learning. Widely recognised for its distinctive client work and company culture, Brand Learning has since grown into a global capability consultancy and recently became part of Accenture. Today on the...


ICR330: Jude Thorne, Loyalty Rewards for Good

My guest today is Jude Thorne, founder and CEO of a loyalty rewards programme with a difference. Jude has 24 years’ experience in customer relationship management, customer loyalty, marketing and branding. She joined AirMiles in 1994 after senior roles within the advertising industry. In her roles as Marketing Director and then as Managing Director, Jude focused on deepening customer relationships, creating centralised accounts and focusing on customer and client communications and...


ICR329: Warren Shute, The Money Plan

What if money was easy? If you’ve ever wondered why some people make money easily, enjoy great holidays, have nice things and retire rich, while others always seem to struggle, it’s not because they are more intelligent or just lucky. It’s simply because they have better beliefs about money and a system that works. And that's the subject of the book my guest today has written. Warren Shute is passionate about financial planning and you will understand this if you ever meet him, watch his...


ICR327: Herman Brodie, The Trust Mandate

My guest on the podcast today is co-author of a new book called The Trust Mandate. Herman Brodie spent over a decade in investment banking roles in London, Paris and in Frankfurt. In 2000 he co-founded his first company, Cognitrend, a consultancy to advise financial institutions on the utilisation of behavioural finance research. He has pursued this goal since 2013 as Managing Director of Prospecta Limited. Herman is a co-author and lecturer of 'A Practical History of Financial Markets',...


ICR326: Marc Lichtenfeld, You Don’t Have to Drive an Uber in Retirement

My guest today has written an excellent new book called You Don't Have to Drive an Uber in Retirement: How to Maintain Your Lifestyle without Getting a Job or Cutting Corners. Marc Lichtenfeld is the Chief Income Strategist of The Oxford Club. He is the Senior Editor of The Oxford Income Letter, which is based on his proprietary 10-11-12 System. He is also the Editor of Tactical Trader Alert, Lightning Trend Trader and Chairman's Circle Breakout Alert. In his new book. Marc shares little...


ICR325: Olivia Bowen, Thoughtful Investing

The way in which we choose to invest our money can have a much bigger impact than we might realise. Money can be a force for good, encouraging positive change in the world, as well as being a force for evil; funding distasteful or outright damaging activities. My guest on the podcast today is Olivia Bowen, a Partner in Financial Advice at Castlefield. Olivia is a graduate of Manchester University, joining Castlefield in 1999. As a Partner in their financial advice arm, she's helped...


ICR324: Niels Jensen, The End of Indexing

What's worked before won't always work in the future. In the world of investing, we often hear the risk warning that past performance is not necessarily a guide to future returns. My guest on the show today has written an excellent new book which takes a look into the future for investors, predicting six structural mega-trends that threaten passive investing. Niels Jensen has over 30 years of investment banking and investment management experience. He started his career in Copenhagen in...


ICR323: Danielle Town, How Warren Buffett Taught Me to Master My Money

Growing up, the words finance, savings, and portfolio made my guest's eyes glaze over, and the thought of stocks and financial statements shut down her brain. The daughter of a successful investor and bestselling financial author, she spent most of her adult life avoiding investing - until she realized that her time-consuming career as lawyer was making her feel anything but in control of her life or her money. Determined to regain her freedom, vote for her values with her money, and...


ICR322: Cait Flanders, Year of Less

In her late twenties, my guest today found herself stuck in the consumerism cycle that grips so many of us: earn more, buy more, want more, rinse, repeat. Even after she worked her way out of nearly $30,000 of consumer debt, her old habits took hold again. When she realised that nothing she was doing or buying was making her happy, she decided to set herself a challenge: she would not shop for an entire year. My guest today is Cait Flanders, author of a new book called The Year of Less:...


ICR321: Damion Lupo, Freedom from Money Bondage

One million people financially free. That's the mission of my guest on the podcast today, who joins me to share his tips on freedom from money bondage. Damion Lupo is a best selling personal finance author and host of the Transformation Nation podcast. He's owned more than 30 companies and even founded his own martial art. Damion outrightly rejects regret and speaks to it as the ultimate life failure. He's got a unique approach to living a fulfilled life by breaking rule and making more...


ICR320: Hayley Tink, Behavioural Money Patterns

My guest today is Hayley Tink. Hayley is the first Chartered Financial Planner in the UK to also be a Certified Money Coach. She's able to bring this new dimension to her financial advice work, as well as providing stand-alone money coaching sessions for those who wish to understand the psychological dimension of their own relationship to money. The concept of Money Coaching is still relatively new in Financial Planning circles and it was great to speak to Hayley for this episode to...