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1788: Being In The Pursuit Of Greatness Every Day With Don Yeager

Ever wonder how “the greats” do it? Me too. That’s why I had motivational speaker, business coach, and 11-time New York Times Best-Selling author Don Yeager on Inside LaunchStreet. He began his career as a writer for The San Antonio Light, and the Dallas Morning News until he became an Associate Editor for Sports Illustrated in 1996, where he worked for over ten years. You’ll appreciate how he defines greatness in a way that actually includes everyday people like you and me. His story...


1787: What To Do When The World Moves Faster Than Your Company’s Processes With Lewis Lin

So, what do you do when the world moves faster than your company’s processes? Aren’t a lot of us facing that? Innovators dealing with systems that feel like they are working against us? That’s why I had Lewis Lin, CEO of People Maven, on Inside LaunchStreet. He took an outdated, legacy process, in this case, HR, found the broken parts and fixed it. And with People Maven, he found a way to leverage our hyper-connected world to your benefit. We dig into their company values which are a big...


1786: How Culture Is Your Greatest Differentiator And Risk With Ryan McCarty

You can have the best product in the world but if the customer doesn’t feel connected to you, they don’t buy from you. And that’s why I interviewed this guy — Ryan McCarty — on Inside LaunchStreet. He is an author, speaker, and the co-founder of Culture of Good, Inc. Building upon the success of his award-winning program at TCC Verizon, Ryan and TCC Verizon CEO Scott Moorehead created Culture of Good to teach for-profit companies how to operate with the soul of a non-profit. We talk about...


1785: Taking the Leap as an Entrepreneur With David Gee

I’ve had a lot of conversations with you all about taking the leap into entrepreneurship — so I thought I’d bring on David Gee, the author of The Corporate Refugee Startup Guide and an entrepreneur himself. He wrote the book because of his experience of taking the big leap into that vast unknown. So whether you are looking to actually take that leap or just to be more entrepreneurial inside your organization, you’re going to get a lot out of this conversation — especially when we talk...


1784: How Harnessing Change Begins With Knowing How You Innovate With Anthony Lambatos

This is the third part of the three-part series with Anthony Lambatos of Footer’s Catering and the IQE partner. In this conversation, we take a slightly different approach. Because Anthony is so well-respected in the events and hospitality world, he often gets asked to speak at conferences and consult other companies on how to achieve the growth that he has. Every time he does that, he speaks about the importance of innovation and power of the IQE assessment to help you make innovation...


1783: How To Pitch Anything To Anyone With Oren Klaff

You’ve heard me say it before. Having an innovative idea is only half the battle. The other half is getting buy-in for your ideas. Many brilliant innovations come to a dead stop at the presentation phase. It got me thinking, “What are we doing so wrong?” So I asked Oren Klaff, author of Pitch Anything and Director of Capital Markets at investment bank Intersection Capital, onto Inside LaunchStreet. His book breaks down how he gets people to sign over multi-millions of dollars on his idea...


1782: Getting Rid Of Head Trash And Making Space For Creativity With Matthew Ferry

Head trash! It's what keeps most of us down in the status quo dumps. In fact, have you ever noticed that the louder your mind is, the worse the head trash? And it's always negative and that negativity squelches creativity. With that in mind, I asked Matthew Ferry, coach to thousands of top performers to achieve Enlightened Prosperity and author of 7 Steps to Happiness and Success, to be on Inside LaunchStreet to talk about how to have a quiet mind and an epic life. We dug into how being...


1781: The Power Of Story With Marc Gutman

Story matters. In fact, research has shown that as humans we are more likely to believe, buy in and take action when there is story involved. it’s powerful for relationships and for business. Whether you sell a business service or a consumer product, you need story. That’s why I had Marc Gutman, founder of WildStory (Story Editor for Oliver Stone’s Illusion Entertainment) on Inside LaunchStreet. He applies his Hollywood story experience to business. We talk about how to craft a compelling...


1780: How Knowing How You Innovate Is The Difference Between Incremental and Transformative Results With Anthony Lambatos

It’s time to dig into how to give people the knowledge and room to innovate so you can gain the edge and win. This is part two of three with Anthony Lambatos, president of Footer's Catering and IQE partner. On Inside LaunchStreet, we talk about how expecting all of us to innovate the same way sets us all up for failure, how it's not one person's job to contribute to innovation and why understanding his own power triggers (Tweaker — Collaborative) has helped him build his business. He...


1779: How To Shake Up A Legacy Industry By Removing The Unnecessary Complexity With Rob Levin

In innovation, we often talk about launching an idea but we don’t spend nearly enough time talking about sustaining and growing our ideas, or businesses. In fact, that's where the failure happens. For this episode of Inside LaunchStreet, I wanted to bring to you insights not just on launching but on sustaining, growing and scaling your brilliant ideas, both inside organizations and as entrepreneurs. With that, I talked to Rob Levin of PrintFly. You may know them as or...


1778: What Thousands Of Entrepreneurs Teach Us About Success With JJ Ramberg

You know, being entrepreneurial and growing a business is tough work. It got me thinking, what are those either big mistakes or smart decisions entrepreneurs make time and time again? I mean, we aren't reinventing the wheel every time right? With that question, I brought JJ Ramberg onto Inside LaunchStreet. You probably already know who she is... host of MSNBC’s “Your Business,” which focuses on business and entrepreneurship and she is the founder of She is also author of the...


1777: Making Innovation Tangible And Results Driven With Anthony Lambatos

Part one of my conversation with Anthony Lambatos, President of Footers and IQE Partner. We do things a little differently for this episode. Anthony and I go deep into how to make innovation tangible. He shares how the rewards programs, voluntary committees, and the IQE assessment help him make innovation something that happens every day. We also talk about how setting expectations around the J-curve of innovation helps ensure the naysayers don't win and recognizing the power in the 80%...


1776: How To Launch An Innovative Product In A Traditional Industry With Jonah Lupton

There are many factors that make or break the success of a new idea, especially an innovative one that bumps up against a traditional industry. There are two big factors I wanted to address with our guest today, Johan Lupton, creator of SoundGuard, soundproof paint. First, how to solve a big enough problem that you create a massive market for your product, and second how to actually leverage instead of fighting the traditional players in the industry. We dig into Jonah’s mistakes,...


1775: Using Structure To Foster Innovation, Not Hinder Innovation with Michael Arena

Structure and innovation — can they work hand in hand? Can a big company teach us more entrepreneurial spirits about innovation? Michael Arena, Chief Talent Officer at General Motors talks about just that. He shared how he thinks differently about his work and what GM does to stay innovative, as well as his mantra "positively disrupt or be disrupted." We also talk about the importance of scaling and why that matters no matter your size. Whether you feel like you are a cog in a big wheel or...


1774: How To Be a Power Player In The New Economy with Magdalena Yesil

Yesterday someone asked me, “Tamara what are the rules of the new economy?” I get that question a lot. How do you get ahead? How do you become seen as a power player in your work? With that question in mind, I had Magdalena Yeşil on Inside LaunchStreet. She is a seasoned Silicon Valley Investor (one of the first in SalesForce), founder of several organizations and the author of Power Up! How Smart Women Win in the New Economy. We chat about everything from taking criticism and using it to...


1773: How To Build A Culture Of Experimentation

Do feel like you spend all your time preparing presentations? And even with all that time spent, it feels like none of the ideas you spent all that time of move forward? You aren’t alone. It’s the presentation loop and it's got to stop. Tatiana from KFC asked me how she could get out of the presentation loop and into what I call the “culture of experimentation.” This is where ideas get to breathe life, where you test out the real viability of your thinking. It’s where you stop presenting and...


1772: Strong Leadership Speaks To The Heart, Not The Head With Art Coombs

Have you ever wondered why some people are strong managers but some are strong leaders? What’s the difference? And why does having strong leaders foster a culture of innovation and having a strong manager leads to a culture of micro-managers? Fortunately for us, Art Coombs, CEO of KomBea Corporation, speaker and author of Human Connection: How the “L” do we do that? has some great experience and insights for us around this. He stopped by Inside LaunchStreet to talk about the importance of...


1771: How Authenticity Drives Work Engagement with Cathy Brown

Do you know what’s funny? We talk about employee engagement yet no one ever says, “I feel so engaged today!” That disconnect between what we focus on and how we talk about work got me wondering how do you really engage your team? With that question in mind, I asked Cathy Brown, director of Engage For Success, to join me to talk about her perspective that engagement is a social movement, not a definition and why fitting in is killing your leadership and innovation efforts and why bringing...


1770: Unlock The SuperPowers That Are Already Inside Of You With Mark Henson From SparkSpace

Do you ever think to yourself, “I wish I had a super cool super talent” like an athlete or a celebrity? I know I've thought that too. Envy sets in and I start to feel inadequate. And that’s why I had Mark Henson, author of Ordinary Superpowers, lifelong entrepreneur and the founder of Sparkspace — a unique and exceptional business retreat center in Columbus, Ohio — onto Inside LaunchStreet. He broke down the “only special people” have superpowers myth. In fact, he’ll help you understand how...


1769: Top 4 Innovation Myths That Are Sabotaging Your Efforts

When trying to be innovative, do you ever feel like you are just running in place, expending all this energy and not getting anywhere? It could be because you have bought into some of the prevailing innovation myths that are actually sabotaging your efforts. In today’s Q&A session on Inside LaunchStreet, we delve into the top four myths and how to avoid them. Listen in and I bet you'll find that you are probably engaging in one or several of them. No worries, after this podcast you'll get...