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1805: Pushing Against A Legacy Industry To Drive Innovation with Brian Benstock

Want to know what it’s like to push the boundaries of an industry? To do what others are afraid to do? And to see the payoff a willingness to change and innovate? Me too! That’s why I had Brian Benstock of Paragon Honda on Inside LaunchStreet. He’s in the auto sales field, which hasn’t changed in longer than I can remember. But his business has and customers are flocking to him and competitors are trying to catch up. This is a great lesson in what’s possible, even in legacy...


1804: The Power Of Grit with Angela Duckworth

Do you ever wonder why some people succeed and some don’t — especially when they seem to start out on an even playing field? Well, that’s exactly what our Inside LaunchStreet guest, Angela Duckworth, wondered and took the time to research. She studies everyone from CEOs to West Point cadets. Can you guess the factor that led to those that made it and those that didn’t? It’s not intelligence, resources or skill. It’s grit. Turns out it’s more important that we think. What a great way to kick...


1803: Innovation Lessons from the epic Crystal Pepsi Failure with Kyle Murray

Learning from failure is integral to innovation. And it’s best if it’s someone else’s. It’s a free lesson. And that’s exactly what Kyle Murray did with the epic failure back in the day of Crystal Pepsi. He dug deep to understand why it failed and how we can learn the most valuable lessons from their experience. We talked about how you should never assume customers understand the why behind your innovation, why out-innovating your customer is one the biggest traps you can fall into and what...


1802: Best Innovation Interviews of 2018 With Tamara Ghandour

In this episode, I pull out five clips from a range of incredible innovators that have stopped by and shared their brilliance on Inside LaunchStreet in 2018. They range from an Intrapreneur shaking up his large, bureaucratic company, a Silicon Valley pitch expert, a master investor, a pair of rocking entrepreneurs that have built an empire and someone that trained under the management guru, Peter Drucker. These clips highlight just some of the nuggets of gold shared in our interviews.


1801: What To Do To Stay Relevant In The Exploration Age With Greg Satell

We’ve entered a new era. One that requires us to solve challenges we’ve never seen and explore solutions we’ve never created. If you are like me, sometimes it’s hard to wrap your head around it. And that’s why I had Greg Satell on Inside LaunchStreet. He is the author of Mapping Innovation: A Playbook For Navigating A Disruptive Age, a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review and INC and a sought-after innovation thought leader. We talked a lot about how we are moving from the age of...


1800: The Empowered Workplace And Creativity With Shama Hyder

Let's face it — trying to be innovative in a workspace that feels boring and stiff is hard. Yet, that's what most of us face every day — a workplace that keeps you siloed and doesn't help you think differently. I find it super frustrating so I brought on Shama Hyder to talk about the Empowered Workplace and the new frontier in employee and customer experience. She’s an author, business owner and was called the “Millennial Master of the Universe” by Key Takeaways: [1:02]...


1799: Sometimes You Have To Think Small To Win Big With Heather Kluter

Have you ever wondered how to take your team or organization from no or low levels of innovation to high levels? How to get people to buy into the idea that innovative thinking and processes are important to success? Heather Kluter, innovation thought leader, did that at Hyundai and she’s here on LaunchStreet sharing her experience and how she helps companies continue to think big. We talk about how to break down silos, the “not-creating-here” mentality that kills innovation, and why doing...


1798: How To Make Innovation Culture A Real Thing with Yoram Solomon

Have you ever wondered what you need to build a real culture of innovation? I'm not talking about ping pong tables and trust falls. I’m talking at the base level or culture. The invisible glue that makes it happen. Well, thanks to our guest Yoram Solomon, it’s not so invisible to us anymore. In fact, it’s quite tangible. Yoram is the founder of the Innovation Culture Institute. He has published 8 books, 22 patents, more than 200 articles, and was one of the creators of Wi-Fi and USB 3.0. He...


1797: Breaking The Traditional Business Models To Create New Ones In Education With Alexander Lowry

Many of us struggle with the roadblocks of bureaucracy and legacy thinkers squelching innovation. Whether we work in corporations, for ourselves or as our guest does, in the behemoth that is higher education, we have to figure out how to navigate the system in order to drive innovation forward. Today’s Inside LaunchStreet guest, Alexader Lowry, has some experience in this so I asked him, “Hey, how do you pivot in an industry that wants to stay the course?” Last year he left J.P. Morgan in...


1796: Avoiding The One Big Mistake That’s Killing Team Innovation With Tamara Ghandour

As a leader, you’ve probably been given the mandate to build a culture of innovation with your team. So you go back, have a great pep talk, tell your team to be more innovative and even give them a process. But very quickly you realize that efforts are fizzling out or even failing. That’s probably because you are making the one big mistake leaders make that is killing innovation — you expect your entire team made of diverse people to innovate in the same way. If you want to encourage...


1795: Building Trust To Overcome Disruption In Your Marketplace with Braden Kelley

Doesn’t it feel like change is the word of the year?! We talk so much about the accelerated rate of change; how technology, competition, launching new products and services are constantly changing. But what about the customer, where do they fit in? And this is why I had Braden Kelley on Inside LaunchStreet. He is an innovation thought leader, the genius behind the Innovation Excellence website and he has a range of innovative tools. He talked to me about how the biggest challenge we face...


1794: Using A Growth Hacking Mindset To Drive Innovation with Taylor Ryan

Have you ever noticed how we attach traditional milestones to innovation? As today’s guest points out, it’s like putting a fast fish on land and expecting it to still be fast. In this episode of Inside LaunchStreet, growth hacking and start-up junkie and CMO of, Taylor Ryan talks to us about how growth hacking is a way to innovate and why innovation advocates are important. We also delve into the mistakes we make around creating benchmarks and how to avoid them. Key...


1793: How Amazon Is Changing How You Shop And Do Your Job With Penny Sansevieri

We all talk about how Amazon has become this global force that is changing how we shop for everything from books to now food. I wanted to dig a little deeper into the Amazonification of the world so I brought in Penny Sansevieri, CEO and founder of Author Marketing Experts, Inc. (AME) and Adjunct Professor at NYU. She is a best-selling author and internationally recognized book marketing and media relations expert. She knows the industry. We talk about Amazon from an industry and personal...


1792: How Breaking Old Habits And Creating New Ones Is The Key To Harnessing Change with Gabe Shaoolian

You know what feels hard? Change. In this episode of Inside LaunchStreet, I interview Gabe Shaoolian, digital marketing, and business development expert who started an agency as a one-man show and grew it to a mid-size global digital agency with over 250 full-time employees. He works with clients big and small that are trying to manage change. We talk about how the hardest part of innovation and change is breaking old habits to create new ones. How it takes more than the change itself but...


1791: How Taking The Complexity Out Of Business Can Lead To Massive Success With Matt Scanlan

Have you ever wondered why some businesses are so complex? And if they even need to be? I mean, is that complexity even necessary? Me too. And so did Matt Scanlan, CEO, and co-founder of Naadam. They make cashmere sweaters and apparel. He took an amazing journey to Mongolia’s Gobi Desert and purchasing 40 tons of cashmere with $3 million cash packed in plastic bags. His company pulls out the complexity or as he’d say the unnecessary fat. He didn't create a disruptive product, he created a...


1790: Lessons On Launching Innovation From Wildly Successful Lenny and Larry’s Cookies CEO Apu Mody

Early adopters. They are the ones that are willing to try your new-to-the-world idea and if they like it, they spread it in their communities like wildfire. No one knows this better than Apu Mody, CEO of Lenny and Larry’s. Have you had one of their high-protein delicious cookies? On Inside LaunchStreet, Apu and I talk about early adopters, why success isn’t an overnight phenomenon and how you need to train your customer when you have a breakthrough product. He also shares something that I...


1789: Finding Innovation In Declining Categories with Kodiak Cakes Owners Joel Clark and Cameron Smith

Are you looking for innovation in the wrong place? Our guests on Inside LaunchStreet, Joel Clark and Cameron Smith, owners of the knocking it out of the park food brand Kodiak Cakes, think we might be. In fact, they grew Kodiak from a boutique to a $100 million business. The key? They look at categories in decline as an opportunity versus chasing high growth areas that we think we want to jump into. Definitely a mindshift and there’s proof to back it up. We talk about managing doubt from...


1788: Being In The Pursuit Of Greatness Every Day With Don Yeager

Ever wonder how “the greats” do it? Me too. That’s why I had motivational speaker, business coach, and 11-time New York Times Best-Selling author Don Yeager on Inside LaunchStreet. He began his career as a writer for The San Antonio Light, and the Dallas Morning News until he became an Associate Editor for Sports Illustrated in 1996, where he worked for over ten years. You’ll appreciate how he defines greatness in a way that actually includes everyday people like you and me. His story about...


1787: What To Do When The World Moves Faster Than Your Company’s Processes With Lewis Lin

So, what do you do when the world moves faster than your company’s processes? Aren’t a lot of us facing that? Innovators dealing with systems that feel like they are working against us? That’s why I had Lewis Lin, CEO of People Maven, on Inside LaunchStreet. He took an outdated, legacy process, in this case, HR, found the broken parts and fixed it. And with People Maven, he found a way to leverage our hyper-connected world to your benefit. We dig into their company values which are a big...


1786: How Culture Is Your Greatest Differentiator And Risk With Ryan McCarty

You can have the best product in the world but if the customer doesn’t feel connected to you, they don’t buy from you. And that’s why I interviewed this guy — Ryan McCarty — on Inside LaunchStreet. He is an author, speaker, and the co-founder of Culture of Good, Inc. Building upon the success of his award-winning program at TCC Verizon, Ryan and TCC Verizon CEO Scott Moorehead created Culture of Good to teach for-profit companies how to operate with the soul of a non-profit. We talk about...