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This is the podcast, that looks at what’s happening in the HR world, takes your questions and studies the research to help HR experts move forward. It’s prepared by HR experts, for HR experts.

This is the podcast, that looks at what’s happening in the HR world, takes your questions and studies the research to help HR experts move forward. It’s prepared by HR experts, for HR experts.




This is the podcast, that looks at what’s happening in the HR world, takes your questions and studies the research to help HR experts move forward. It’s prepared by HR experts, for HR experts.






(Ep 41) Create Breakthroughs with Others

Whether you lead or support others, YOU’RE the prime candidate to become a “Potentiator” - someone who creates breakthroughs by helping others play at their best. Dive in with best-selling author, keynote speaker and creator of the “Potentiator” concept Mike Lipkin as he shares his blueprint to creating breakthroughs for yourself and for the people around you. Featured Guest: Mike Lipkin. Best-selling author of “The Potentiator. How to create breakthroughs with others in a Post-Pandemic...


(Ep 40) How to Grow Your People to Grow Your Company

Growth in any organization begins with you. Dive in with personal disruption expert Whitney Johnson, as she details how you can best respond to your own deep longing to grow, and in turn grow your people and your organization. With a focus on the “S Curve of Learning” you’ll learn how growth happens and direct yourself and others in your company to create a culture that fosters it. Featured Guests: Whitney Johnson: best-selling author, keynote speaker, Podcast Host and frequent...


(Ep 39) Moving Your Business Forward with Benchmarking and Improved Payroll Processes

What’s the quickest way to close the payroll process and HR productivity gap? Find out as special guest, North America's only “Payroll Doctor”, Brent Weiss talks about payroll metrics, better analytics and the future of payroll and HRIS technology. “The Doctor is in” and he’s got your prescription for payroll process success. Featured Guest: Brent Weiss PhD; Senior Director, Product Management, People Analytics & Benchmarking, ADP Topics Discussed: Finding accurate payroll and HR data;...


(Ep 38) Attracting and retaining the RIGHT talent

As resignations continue, it appears like CHROs are falling all over themselves to secure any and all talent. But what happens when candidate priorities shift? Will they still be a fit in 6 months time? Dive in as special guest, North America's leading Talent Engagement expert, Eric Termuende, talks about attracting and retaining the RIGHT talent. Afterall, when it comes to HR - “Engagement” is a noun – it’s the result of what happens when you focus on the right things. Featured Guest:...


(Ep 37) Leading Corporate Change through DEI

How does the HR Professional keep Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) top-of-mind alongside other strategic operational and revenue driving activities? Dive in as this week’s special guest, Teri Dennis Davies, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer for MLSE discusses how her team made history, positioning DEI as an organization-wide priority, all the way from their Executive leadership team in the boardroom, to their players on the field. Featured Guest: Teri Dennis Davies, Chief...


(Ep 36)Growing Social Health in the Workplace

While we’ve been focusing on mental health in the workplace, have we overlooked our workforce’s social health? Find as North America’s leading social health expert, Pete Bombaci, Founder of the Genwell Project, discusses the importance of social health in the workplace, it’s benefits and the first steps HR professionals can take towards building a more productive, purposefully driven and connected workforce. Featured Guest: Pete Bombaci; Founder of The GenWell Project, the Human...


(Ep 35) Inspiring Creativity in the Workplace

Creativity and innovation generates success. Dive in as this week’s special guest, Ken Hughes, Europe’s leading Keynote speaker and disruption expert, shares his winning formula to fuel the innovation engine. From “Chaos Ninjas” to “Playologists”, you’ll learn how to recognize new opportunities to build today’s much needed creative corporate culture. Featured Guests: Ken Hughes; Keynote Conference Speaker, YouTube Sensation, Change Innovation & Disruption expert Topics Discussed:...


(Ep 34) Leadership Lessons from a Navy Seal

Does your team have what it takes to succeed in any situation? Dive in when this week’s special guests, former US Navy Seal Commander Rich Diviney, and Leaders2Inspire Chief Experience Officer Deb Lawson share their favourite leadership tips to help you understand your own attributes, build a high performing team and fast-track optimal performance inside and outside of your workplace. Featured Guests: Rich Diviney; best-selling author, speaker & US Navy Seal, retired. Deb Lawson; Chief...


(Ep 33) Improving Employee Experience

Does your company create a strong connection between a great employee and customer experience? Improve your bottom-line as North America’s leading employee experience expert(Ex) Greg Kihlström outlines his favourite tips to deliver an Ex strategy that results in happier, more productive and motivated employees. Featured Guest: Greg Kihlström; Two-time CEO, best-selling author, speaker, Principal and Chief Strategist at GK5A. He is also the host of The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström...


(Ep 32) Effective Campus Recruiting

With the great realization here, and social distancing now commonplace, HR professionals have had to come up with creative ways to reach new candidates, to grow their talent pools. From developing a campus recruitment strategy to creating instant rapport with the student body, campus engagement experts Maurice Fernandes and Mark Whitten lay out the tactics required to reach today’s university and college students. Featured Guests: Maurice Fernandes, Career Education Specialist/Faculty of...


(Ep 31) Labor Law Trends to Watch: 2022

As we close the books on 2021, this year’s first episode explores which labor law trends today’s HR Professional needs to be on the lookout for in 2022. From vaccination policy and accommodation to protecting an employee’s medical information - employment lawyer and founder of SpringLaw, Lisa Stam provides her expert insight into your most pressing HR legal questions. Featured Guest: Lisa Stam BA, LLB; Founder of SpringLaw Topics Discussed: Vaccination in the workplace, what...


(Ep 30) Employee Background Screening Services

Do you really know who you’re hiring? Is a background check necessary? Find out as this week’s guest, Marty Britton, President of Britton Management Profiles takes you through the components of a background check and why this process is so important to protecting your brand, your employees and delivering a positive candidate hiring and onboarding experience. Featured Guest: Marty Britton, President of Britton Management Profiles Topics Discussed: Resume red flags, To outsource or not?...


(Ep 29) Exceptional Employee Onboarding

When your company is vying to win that new employee’s heart and soul, the old saying “you only get one chance to make a great first impression,” is now more important than ever. Set your new employee up for success, right from the start, with the tactics shared by this episode’s special guest, employee onboarding expert Donna Koop. Featured Guest: Donna Koop, Executive HR Relationship Manager; ADP Canada Topics Discussed: Orientation vs. Onboarding, Entrance interviews, Leveraging employee...


(Ep 28) The Future of Work

We often associate who we are with what we do and “work” as somewhere we go, not something we do. Dive in as author and key-note speaker, Lisa Taylor discusses career ownership and the future of work. Based upon Lisa’s expert observations and insights, listeners will take away the first step to start re-shaping their company’s future of work today. Featured Guest: Lisa Taylor, author, key-note speaker, labor market expert, President: The Challenge Factory Topics Discussed: Career...


(Ep 27) Reframing Your Inner Narrative

How you see yourself. What you tell yourself - might be what’s holding you back. Dive in as leadership expert, Tammy Heerman provides her insights and real-life tactics into reframing your inner narrative. Transform other’s people’s perceptions of you, from tactical to strategic. It’s time to step into the new story that you’re willing to create. Featured Guest: Tammy Heerman, author, keynote speaker, leadership development expert Featured Co-host: Shawna Gee, keynote speaker, award...


(Ep 26) Preventing Employee Burnout

Battling employee burnout extends far beyond yoga and meditation apps - it starts with the organization and your HR team. Stop this chronic cycle and dive in as special guest, HBR author and burnout expert Jennifer Moss, provides the actionable advice you can take to your leadership team today. Featured Guest: Jennifer Moss, award-winning journalist, author, syndicated radio columnist and public speaker. Topics Discussed: The root causes of burnout; Recognizing the signs of burnout;...


(Ep 25) HR’s Guide to Retaining & Engaging your Leadership Team

Are your leaders at risk of leaving? HR is all about keeping those high performers and making sure they’re engaged with the culture, your organization’s purpose and their work. Dive in as special guest, and HR leadership expert Vanessa Judelman discusses not only how to keep strong leaders but ensure there’s a connection between them and their team. Featured Guest: Vanessa Judelman, Mosaic People Development Topics Discussed: Components of an HR leadership program, The “4 C’s of...


(Ep 24) Virtual Healthcare - the right prescription for your workforce?

Virtual medicine isn’t new but given what we’ve experienced over the past 18 months, it’s more relevant than ever. Dive in as special guest, Christy Prada discusses how virtual care has grown from a “nice-to-have” to an indispensable EAP offering and its important role in an organization’s employee engagement strategy. Featured Guest: Christy Prada, Vice President, Maple Topics Discussed: Virtual care privacy, security and technology; the business model; the ROI of virtual care;...


(Ep 23) Building Resiliency: Overcoming and coming back from setbacks

With the world’s workplaces finally turning a corner we’re nearing what some may call the “new normal”. Because of this, recognizing the resiliency in colleagues and ensuring they continue on with a confident mindset is now more important than ever. Dive in as special guest, world record holder and Gold Medal Paralympian Andrew Haley, shares how he applies his formula for success from the Olympic arena to the North American workplace. Featured Guest: Andrew Haley, World Record Holder,...


(Ep 22) Remote Employee Feedback and Online Performance Reviews

It may be tempting to take the “easy way out” removing regular feedback from your manager’s to-do-list. Regrettably avoiding feedback for any length of time, is a direct path to making your job a lot harder. Listen in as special guest Ann Buckingham discusses performance management strategy, today’s technology and the techniques to deliver remote and empathetic employee feedback. Don’t let remote employees slip away and feel “out of sight, out of mind”. Featured Guest: Ann Buckingham,...