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Here we talk marketing for small business owners and ways for us to engage more with potential clients. Plus, we’ll chat about the juggles and struggles to do all this while still having a life.

Here we talk marketing for small business owners and ways for us to engage more with potential clients. Plus, we’ll chat about the juggles and struggles to do all this while still having a life.


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Here we talk marketing for small business owners and ways for us to engage more with potential clients. Plus, we’ll chat about the juggles and struggles to do all this while still having a life.




53. Fastest, Easiest Way to Improved Sales and Marketing - Customer Interviews

Customer interviews. Most business owners overlook this gold mine, and it's right at their finger tips. Literally. This treasure trove is just a phone call away. It's amazing what we can learn about our business in a 10 minute phone chat with a loyal customer. This episode is about the why, the how and the questions to ask when you interview your best clients. In it, I include... my tip for scheduling the calls that will keep you from pulling out your hair. a template for your email...


52. 4 Keys to Using Upwork to Grow Your Business with Carly Cheton

Are you familiar with Upwork? If yes - awesome! If not, no worries! I learned of Upwork about 10 months. Since then, I've realized the power that little app has to grow my business...and, perhaps, yours too. In this episode, my friend and terrific guest, Carly Cheton, teaches us the 4 things we must have to be successful on Upwork. (FYI - She's gotten so good at Upwork that the jobs come to her now! Oh yeah!!) And although Upwork is typically for freelance service providers, Carly's advice...


51. Sales Is Not About Your Personality with Natasha Hemmingway

Many of us small business owners think of sales as a gift - you're either naturally good at selling or you're not. And, if you're not one of the lucky ones, well, poor you. That's not what Natasha Hemmingway thinks, though. She's a sales coach to small business owners. Natasha teaches what she learned in corporate sales (over a decade of experience!) to small business owners who are clamoring to feel more confident on sales calls and to have a system for getting leads. This episode runs the...


50. Where to Build a Community with Randy Lee

Hmmm...should I create a Facebook Group? What about a podcast? Or maybe a YouTube channel? The avenues to grow a loyal community are almost too many to count...which leads to overwhelm. Confusion. Indecision. In this episode, I interview Randy Lee, a self-professed serial entrepreneur. He began his first Facebook group in 2014 and recently started a YouTube channel. And, yes, he has a podcast that's growing like crazy. He knows how to build a community. And, more importantly, he's honest...


49. Hiring to Grow Your Business with Emily Perron

As business owners, we clutch our products and services tightly against our afraid to hire help or confused on where to even start hiring. The problem with clinging to our businesses so tightly - they'll never grow. This episode is with Emily Perron, a hiring consultant and recruiter for entrepreneurs. After leaving her corporate job, she started her own entrepreneurial journey and quickly burned out. Emily knew there had to be a better way to run a business! From that tough...


48. How to be More Productive with Dana Stone

We think we can do it all. But...can we really?! And, are we hurting our bodies and our productivity with the “sleep when I’m dead” mindset? In this episode with Dana Stone, we talk about sleep, batching tasks and bedtime routines, plus so much more. Like, for example, did you know that poor digestion and stomach troubles can be traced to exhaustion? Dana Stone is a life coach with a background in sleep coaching. She’s also a mama juggling motherhood and a business (and trying to rest some...


47. How to Position Your Service/Product with April Dunford

Ever had a great product or service but couldn't get people to purchase it? If your answer is "yes," that makes you normal. It's common in business, but not something we want to happen for long. This episode will help you look at your product/service differently. It's about positioning - putting your product or service in a context that your ideal customer understands and, better yet, wants and needs. April Dunford is my guest expert She's spent years in the tech world helping companies...


46. The Beauty of Being an Entrepreneur with Ericka Edwards

Question - Were you born an entrepreneur? (Honestly, I wasn't. It's something I've grown into.) Ericka Edwards was! But even with her natural abilities and mindset, 2020 wasn't easy. She's a lash specialist and permanent makeup artist. So, obviously, the 2020 pandemic made it tough for her business. This episode is about what she learned from 2020 and is using to thrive in 2021. She's inspiring, kind and humble - definitely a gal you want to call a friend and mentor. At the end of the...


45. Instagram in 2021 with Molly Marshall

Do you love Instagram? Perplexed by it? Can't stand it? There for All. Of. It?! No matter your feelings on The IG, most of us use it for business because we know our people are there. In this episode, Molly Marshall GETS REAL about Instagram. No promises of gaining a 1,000 followers a day or only selling in the DM's. (If you're looking for "hacks," this episode is not for you. Just real talk of using this platform on a consistent basis.) Towards the end of our chat, Molly talks about the...


44. Selling Like an Expert with Jamie Clauss

Do you struggle to talk about pricing? Do you offer your clients the cheapest option? Do you feel guilty to talk about your most expensive package? If so, this episode is for you, my dear. (Really, this one is for any small business owner because we all want to make more money.) My guest Jamie Clauss is a pro at sales. What she puts down, you're gonna wanna pick up! In this chat, she shares so many tidbits about your perspective on sales - ones that lead to big mindset shifts. Here's one -...


43. One Word for the New Year with April Coleman

Truthfully, the New Year can be overwhelming. The possibilities are wonderful...but also stifling. Newness is terrific...but wears off quickly. The pressure to tackle the new year full force leaves some of us exhausted and sad. This episode is about choosing one word for the new year because, well, it seems doable. Not overwhelming. Not crushing. For this episode, I invited my dear friend April Coleman to share her one word for 2021. She was my first friend to talk about the one word...


42. Ending 2020 and Planning for 2021 with Sarah Mae Dickinson

Whew! 2020, you've done a number on us! But, we've survived! This episode is about analyzing how your business did in 2020 and then prepping for 2021. Do you enjoy reflecting? Planning? Personally, I don't. Analyzing numbers from the past year makes me antsy and frustrated. So for this episode, I invited back my friend and sales coach Sarah Mae Dickinson. She pushes me - and you, by virtue of listening - to ask ourselves the tough questions. By taking time to answer these questions, to...


41. Being Thankful as a Business Owner in 2020

It's the month of Thanksgiving! But 2020 sure has thrown us all for a loop, to put it mildly. This episode is with my sweet friends Amy Boyle and Deanna Mason. Both are business owners, and both have made big changes in their businesses this year. We talk about how they adapted their businesses in this crazy time, what things they're most thankful for and what triumphs they've seen others have. It's an episode about choosing to be thankful in these wild, sometimes devastating times....


40. Writing Good Subject Lines - Tips and Tricks to Up Your Email Game

Oh, the subject line. It's the gateway to your email. How do you write it so someone wants to click on your email...when there are 40 others sitting in the inbox wanting to be opened too? In this episode, I look at 4 common emails (and their subject lines!) that small business owners write - sales/urgency, deliverables, newsletter and nuture/onboarding. I share tips for writing great subject lines and also give examples of subject lines for the most common kinds of emails. It's an episode...


39. Writing Great Product Pages with Guest Experts from Cake Commerce

Product pages - We all have questions about them. How many words should they have? Is SEO important? What about keywords? What's a good load time? Should I do alt text for images? Plus more! On this episode, I've called in the experts to help. Michela, Ren and Tim are from Cake Commerce, a marketing agency based in Madison, Connecticut that specializes in e-commerce businesses. Boy, do they have a lot of expertise to share (and graciously do in our chat)! I challenge you to take one of their...


38. Conquering the Fear of Telling Your Story (to Market Your Business)

In this Halloween edition, I tackle a scary topic...telling stories from your own life to market your business better. Truthfully, there's not much "Halloween" in this episode. But, I do hear often from my clients that they are afraid - spooked - to write about their own lives. They wonder, "Who wants to really hear this?" Or, my clients say, "People will laugh or think I'm dumb." It's because of these fears that I decided to create this episode. In it, I define the two kinds of stories we...


37. 3 Mistakes We Make When Writing for Our Businesses + How to Improve

What holds you back when writing for your business? Poor punctuation? The dread of writing? Not knowing what to say? Writing but getting no response? Ugh! So many business owners let things like these keep them from communicating with customers (and potential ones). But, let's charge ahead. Let's not keep our ideal clients waiting. Let's help them buy from us, and your writing can do just that! In this episode, I delve into 3 mistakes we often make when writing for our businesses. BUT MORE...


36. Building a Strong E-Commerce Business with Erin Hooley

Okay, this episode has it all! From when Erin almost lost her business due to Etsy issues to her 3-lever system for revenue growth, we cover a lot of topics. You don't want to miss this conversation with Erin Hooley, the founder of Bailey's Blossoms. She started her infant and toddler clothing line in her garage and now has a 25, 000 square-foot warehouse. (Yes, I know you're jealous of the storage!) To say she's grown the business is an understatement. In this episode, we talk about how she...


35. The Holiday Rush - Getting Your Brick and Mortar Ready with Stacy Hamner

Are you ready for holiday shoppers? With the uncertainty of 2020, it's best to go into this season prepared. Control what you can control (and planning is one of those things). In this episode, Stacy Hamner and I talk about what's on her to-do list to prep her brick and mortar store for the holiday rush. Stacy's the owner of Reclaimed Spirit, a lifestyle boutique, in Florence, AL. It's a great episode full of practical advice and one you don't want to miss! To learn more about Stacy Hamner:...


34. Social Media Is Not the Only Way to Grow a Business - Networking with Vicki Morris

Vicki Morris has spent much of her entrepreneurial journey making sure networking opportunities are available for every entrepreneur. In this episode, she talks about the power of networking and how to do it. If you've shied away from social media, this episode is for you. It's a reminder that, while social media is important, it's not the only way to grow a business. If you've shied away from networking because you're timid or feel uncomfortable or think it's cheesy, well, this episode is...