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This podcast covers everything Instagram and gives insight as to how your business can benefit directly from the platform's unique features.

This podcast covers everything Instagram and gives insight as to how your business can benefit directly from the platform's unique features.
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This podcast covers everything Instagram and gives insight as to how your business can benefit directly from the platform's unique features.






How To Generate Leads On Instagram (Interview W/ @AlexaJHehl)

Have you been wondering how to get Instagram to work for your business? That doesn't mean growing followers, that means making money from Instagram. If you are struggling to gain leads, fork out prospects and build that email list then this episode is for you! About My Guest: My guest today is an Instagram expert, like myself, so in other words she is the perfect guest to have on this show! Alexa helps female entrepreneurs gain more leads on Instagram without having to be glued to their...


THE FAME-JACKING METHOD: A different way to brand yourself on Instagram (Interview w/ @yourmarketingmentor)

Hello my InstaDudes! Today's guest is Nate Fancher. You may know him from his Instagram page, @Yourmarketingmentor , with over 93,000 followers! I've had the privilege to hop on a few Instagram lives with him before we recorded today's episode and he has been at the top of the list for people to interview for a while now! Nate was able to grow his Instagram page from 0-20,000 followers in less than 100 days using a method he calls THE FAME-JACKING METHOD! We all know how important it is...


The Power of Video Marketing On Instagram (Interview with

Hello my Instadudes! You may have noticed that video is becoming quite popular across all social media platforms. As Instagram continues to push for longer form content, I think it is extremely important to see how to take advantage of video marketing! Today's guest is, the co-founder of the social video creation app, Maverick Eguia. is an app that I personally use to generate subtitles for the videos I create across all social media platforms! In today's episode we were...


Shaping Your Story On Instagram (Interview with @Brock11Johnson)

Hello my Instadudes! Today's guest is Brock Johnson. Brock is a storytelling coach who helps businesses craft their message to appeal to their audience. He excels at using Instagram stories to connect with his own audience and has over 32k followers on Instagram. As a co-host to the "Build Your Tribe Podcast", a keynote speaker, and being a student-athlete in college, Brock has been somebody I have been wanting to speak with for a while. His work ethic, time-management skills, and drive...


Understanding Instagram Ads (Interview With @Kgjones11)

Hello my InstaDudes! Today's guest is Kyle jones who is the founder/ceo of KJ Web Design, he is also starting up a new business Carinal Web Design which will include Social Media marketing as well as web design. My guest today had some extremely valuable information when running ads on Instagram and was able to break down how he structures and formats his ads to appeal to the audience he is targeting. You can follow Kyle's Instagram page (@kgjones11) here Description Notes PLEASE RATE,...


How to grow your Instagram profile... THE RIGHT WAY! (Interview with @valermedia)

Hello my Instadudes! Today's guest is Marco Stefano, he runs the Instagram Page @valermedia. In this episode, Marco breaks down how he was able to go from 0 - 10k followers in 90 days! We were able to touch on several important instagram topics including the most important factors that go into growing your instagram page. Marco's Instagram page @valermedia gives daily business, marketing, and social media tips through the use of infographics. You can follow Marco's Instagram page...


How to Grow an Instagram Niche Page (interview with @DC_Millionaire)

In this episode we discuss how you can grow on Instagram fast! My guest Devin Caherly, runs the Instagram page @DC_Millionaire. Currently (as of 8/7/2019) @Dc_Millionaire has over 156k followers. His page is centered business & entrepreneurship and continues to grow at a rapid pace! Devin breaks down in this episode how he was able to scale so fast and even more important what got him to 10,000 followers. We also went through various factors that play into rapid instagram growth and what...


How YOU Can Boost Your Podcast Using Instagram (interview with @RomRaviv)

In today's episode I had a chance to bring Rom Raviv onto the show! Rom is the host of the Spreading success podcast, which is a top 50 marketing podcast on Itunes! In this episode we broke down - his journey in starting a podcast - how he uses Instagram to bring more success to his podcast - how is able to bring on top influencers as guests You can listen to his podcast here! Follow him on instagram as well to stay up to date on the latest and greatest episodes of the Spreading...


How Instagram Stories Should Be Used To Connect With Your Followers

In this episode we cover the importance of Instagram Stories and how it can make such a huge impact when trying to connect with your followers! We go over: - How Instagram Stories Started - How You Should Use Instagram Stories - How Often You need To Be Uploading To Stories PLEASE RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE !!! I would love all the feedback I can get on what you thought of the episode! :) Follow Me on My Social Media Platforms to Stay Up To Date With The Latest Instagram News,...



Hello Everybody, This Is just a quick FYI that the podcast name has been changed and for now on I will be referring to this as "Instagram for Business". I am super excited to transition and am really working to get this podcast noticed as much as possible in order to educate business owners globally. If you are curious about who I am and how I plan to benefit you through my knowledge on Instagram. Visit my website ( You can also follow me on Instagram here -->...


How Video Can Be a Difference Maker in Your Content (Interview W/ @themillenialmoneymentor)

In this episode, I had a chance to interview Jose (@themillenialmoneymentor) and get a take on his approach to Instagram. Jose bases his instagram account around Life and Finance for millennials. We went into more detail about why he chooses finance and how he hits his target audience with his content. This was such a unique episode because we really got into why video content is such a key factor in helping people digest your content. Make sure to follow Jose on Instagram:...


Where the future of Instagram is going (Interview with @igmsecrets)

In this episode I had a chance to interview Derek V. from Instagram marketing Secrets., we had some awesome information about instagram marketing come out as well as where we think instagram will go in the future! If you want to know more about Instagram Marketing Secrets follow him @igmsecrets or you can also listen to his podcast "Instagram Marketing Secrets! Follow me on Instagram: @mr.instaguy , I try to give as much tips away as possible when it comes to what you can do on...


How To Create Stronger Engagement/Community Using Instagram's New Chat Feature

Instagram just rolled out a new feature to the app, the chat feature! In this episode we walk through how you can utilize it to your advantage! I think this new feature can be a huge way to create a strong community and a lot more engagement for your profile! Follow Me on Instagram @mr.instaguy Visit my website: Leave a rating! How did you like the episode? I love any feedback I can get! Hope You enjoy the episode!


My Story

This episode is all about how I began on my journey and focusing in on the details of what makes me, me. I am only 19 Years old, going to college and running a business. I am a firm believer in "If I can do it, You can do it". No person is perfect and no business is either but my story is about how everything has a beginning and a learning experience. I hope this episode is super relatable for all of you folks that listen to my podcast! Follow Me on Instagram: @mr.instaguy! Please leave...


Why Engagement on Instagram is SUPER IMPORTANT

This episode is all about how more engagement will boost you up in the algorithm! Hope You enjoy! Follow Me on Instagram: @mr.instaguy


All about IGTV

Follow me on Instagram - @mr.instaguy


The REAL reason why Instagram is taking away likes

This episode is based off my opinion but I haven't heard enough people take this perspective on Instagram's new idea. Let me know what you think I appreciate all the feedback that I can get, good or bad! Message/Follow Me: @mr.instaguy Thank You!


Growing Your Instagram Account (Interview with

In this episode I had a chance to interview Luke Hyde (aka He has had tremendous success on instagram over the past few months reaching 10k followers! He just graduated high school and is an ambitious 18 year old! His instagram page covers marketing tips and terminology and he reviews what he does to grow his following! This interview was so cool as it showed the journey of growing an instagram page and how you can also do it for yourself! If you are wanting to...


How You Should Use Instagram Stories

This episode covers what your instagram stories should cover and how you should be using it to create engagement! Follow me on IG: @mr.instaguy


What YOUR content NEEDS to include

In this episode I talk about how important your content is! I give you an example if you are a business owner and if you are trying to get your personal brand out there to more people. Your content is essential to stimulating growth so that is what this episode covers. Follow me on instagram @mr.instaguy Give me feedback and leave a review! I appreciate everybody who follows me and messages me any sort of criticism or praise. Thank You!