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blockchain & smart contracts in insurance

blockchain & smart contracts in insurance


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blockchain & smart contracts in insurance








Ep. 150 – Bringing innovation into the Polish Financial Sector with the Blockchain Sandbox

Sandbox Blockchain is Poland's first business and technology platform designed to accelerate the development of innovative blockchain solutions within an isolated system that simulates real world production environment. To take us through this innovative solution we are joined by Dorota Dublanka, President of the Foundation Cyberium and Head of Human Resources at KIR along with Maciek Jędrzejczyk, Blockchain Technical Leader at IBM for Central and Eastern European Region and lead architect...


Ep. 149 – Innovation and blockchain in the insurance industry – insights from MSG

Bernhard Lang, Member of the Board at MSG System, joins us to discuss innovation and blockchain in the insurance industry. In this podcast we discuss the importance for the insurance industry to remain relevant in an ever changing market. How making innovation a corporate discipline and embracing a customer centric approach to remain engaged in customer ecosystems is critical to that objective of relevance. What is blockchain? From a non-technical point of view blockchain is a form of...


Ep. 148 – Challenges and opportunities of blockchain in the insurance industry – insights from IBM

Mark McLaughlin is IBM’s Global Insurance Director, leading IBM’s Global Insurance strategy, solutions, and partnerships. Mark’s teams analyse trends in the insurance business and in technology, predict strategies for insurers, and build IBM insurance solutions to meet insurer needs. In this podcast we discuss the challenges and opportunities of blockchain in the insurance industry with special insights from IBM. What is blockchain? For Mark blockchain is a trusted shared ledger. It enables...


Ep. 147 – Challenges of adopting blockchain from a governance and risk standpoint

Dr. Denise McCurdy, Blockchain Governance Advisor at Grove Gate Consulting along with Tom Fuhrman, Blockchain & Cybersecurity Consultant at Vector MV, join us in this podcast to discuss the challenges of adopting blockchain from a governance and risk standpoint. Denise is a blockchain governance advisor who has written a doctoral dissertation on blockchain with a special focus on supply chain and governance. She’s also the VP of blockchain governance for a supply chain and logistics startup....


Ep. 146 – Self-Sovereign Identity and IoT – insights from the Sovrin Foundation

Michael Shea is the Managing Director of the Dingle Group and the Chair of Sovrin Foundation’s SSI in IoT Working Group. In this podcast we discussed the white paper he authored on Self Sovereign Identity and IoT. To explain the opportunities SSI can provide to IoT, Michael introduces us to three profiles: Jamie (machine to person), Bob (machine to machine) and Bessie the cow (digital twin). What is blockchain? Blockchain is a decentralised database, which is cryptographically secured and...


Ep. 145 – Parametric insurance revisited – insights from Arbol

Siddhartha Jha is the Founder & CEO of Arbol, an insurtech platform for parametric products that uses blockchain, big data, machine learning and smart contracts to bring transparency and remove delays and disputes of traditional insurance policies. In this podcast we revisit parametric insurance to discuss why it is now poised for new growth potential thanks to increased availability of granular data, improved technologies and attraction of non-traditional capital. What is blockchain?...


Ep. 144 – A new approach to blockchain – Ping An’s Insights

Frank Lu is Head of Ping An Blockchain Technology at OneConnect Smart Technology, a subsidiary of Ping An. Previously to Ping An, Frank Lu was one of the original founders of Hyperledger Fabric. In this podcast we discuss the different approaches to blockchain and the advantages of creating encrypted data networks for data privacy, cross validation of data and ability to run business logic on encrypted data. About Ping An Ping An is a Chinese holding conglomerate with 30 subsidiaries that...


Ep. 143 – UN World Food Programme on the blockchain

Gustav Strömfelt is Project Manager at the World Food Programme & New Venture Consultant. In this exciting podcast we discuss some of the blockchain work the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has been conducting over the years including Building Blocks and collaborations with other UN agencies such as UN Women. Winning the Nobel Peace Prize Winning the Nobel Peace Prize represents for Gustav an important spotlight on the importance that food has towards global peace. Awarding the...


Ep. 142 – Smart COVID data on the blockchain – insights from

Susan Joseph is the CEO and co-founder of, a trusted third party delivering ongoing authoritative health data that's independently auditable and has legal weight. In this podcast we discuss the challenges the US Health Sector has regarding collection and distribution of health data and what role Smart COVID data on the blockchain can have to help fight the pandemic. Susan is both a consultant and attorney with startups and enterprises in a variety of settings, including...


Ep. 141 – How can blockchain and insurance be good bedfellows? – Insights from AXA

Laurent Benichou, is Head of Blockchain Europe & US, that sits within the Group Emerging Technologies and Data team at AXA. In this podcast we discuss the main takeaways from his experience with Fizzy and more importantly we discuss how can blockchain and insurance be good bedfellows. Laurent shares with us some of the main mistakes insurers make with blockchain but he also the main blockchain opportunities that exist in insurance. What is blockchain? In August 2018, Laurent defined on...


Ep. 140 – How Shell is using blockchain in the Energy Industry?

Sabine Brink, Global Lead of Blockchain at Shell, shares with us how Shell is using blockchain technology within the energy industry. She walks us through a number of interesting blockchain initiatives they’ve worked on, such as decentralised digital passports, the Energy Web Foundation, LO3 Energy and VAKT. We conclude this podcast with her views on how decentralised technologies can support the fight against climate change. What is blockchain? Sabine recognises that there are many...


Ep. 139 – Smart Contracts & Oracles – insights from Chainlink

Sergey Nazarov is the co-founder of Chainlink, a decentralised oracle network that provides reliable, tamper-proof inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain. In this podcast we discuss the fundamental opportunity blockchains along with smart contracts, connected to real world data via oracles, can provide in creating a level of hyper reliability for transactions to occur that hasn’t been possible up to now. We also discussed how blockchain, smart contracts and oracles...


Ep. 138 – Regulators fostering innovation in insurance – Insights from the Bermuda Monetary Authority

George Alayon – Assistant Director in Insurance Supervision at the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA). George leads a small team whose responsibility is for pushing the insurance agenda of the authority. They oversee the insurance regulatory sandbox and Innovation Hub as well as the supervision of innovative insurers here in Bermuda. In this podcast we discuss the influential role the BMA plays in fostering innovation in the insurance industry. What is blockchain? Blockchain is a digital...


Ep. 137 – Confidential Computing – introduction to R3’s Conclave

Richard Brown is the Chief Technology Officer at R3. He leads the team that has invented, designed and brought to market the Corda blockchain platform. He now also leads the team that’s building out their second major product line, called Conclave a platform to securely share and analyse data using confidential computing. What is blockchain? Previously Richard gave Insureblocks a definition of blockchain from an enterprise perspective. A blockchain like Corda is all about allowing multiple...


Ep. 136 – Convergence of Blockchain, 5G, AI, and IoT – Insights from Vodafone

David Palmer is the Blockchain Lead and IoT at Vodafone Business, In this podcast we discuss the convergence of blockchain, 5G, AI and IoT (Internet of Things). In addition, we discussed the evolution of internet of things to internet of value and some of the exciting work Vodafone is doing in this space from Smart Cities, to supply chain and to the Energy Web Foundation. David has been working in the telco sector for the last 20 years. He has worked on broadband, ADSL rollout, satellite...


Ep. 135 – Blockchain and Digital Asset Risk Transfer Insurance Solutions – Insights from Marsh

Sarah Downy is the Managing Director of FINPRO and co-leads the DART, Digital Asset Risk Transfer, team. In this podcast Sarah shares her insights of the crypto insurance market for 2019 and 2020 along for the need for more education of insurers on the opportunity to serve the need of companies who build blockchain technology and of companies who hold or interact with digital assets. What is blockchain? As an insurance person, Sarah defines blockchain technology as a technology that stores...


Ep. 134 – Reducing Friction in International Trade – Insights from Chainvine

Oliver Oram – CEO & co-founder of Chainvine & Dr. Rajiv Mathur – CTO and co-founder of Chainvine walk us through a use case they worked on with HMRC and a number of other participants to reducing friction in international trade. We also discussed in some detail the key challenges around consortiums, IP and openness. A must listen for blockchain initiatives debating through those various points. What is blockchain? Oliver answers this question by explaining why from a business perspective...


Ep. 133 – Farmer Connect – Coffee on the Blockchain

David Behrends, Founder & President at Farmer Connect and Managing Partner and Head of Trade at the coffee trading company named Sucafina, joins us along with Diana Kaliff, Business Development Manager at Farmer Connect to discuss coffee on the blockchain. In this podcast we get to learn about how Farmer Connect is helping to not only to digitise their industry but also in bringing transparency and traceability to all players within the coffee supply chain industry from farmers to the end...


Ep. 132 – FedEx’s insights on blockchain

Dale Chrystie is a Business Fellow and Blockchain Strategist at FedEx who has been in the transportation industry for over 30 years. He also serves as chairman of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) Standards Council, and is a member of the Blockchain Research Institute. In this podcast Dale walks us through the work FedEx is doing in the blockchain space and his view on why he believes the future of blockchain is an open source one instead of a consortium one. What is blockchain?...


Ep. 131 – How can blockchain projects expand internationally – Special focus on China

Ran Zhao is Founder of Blockchain Business Bridge and Innovation Officer at Innovation Centre Denmark, a public organization under Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Higher Education and Science of Denmark. In this podcast Ran walks us through the opportunities blockchain projects have to expand in the Chinese market by sharing her experience of such a project for Danish companies. The innovation Centre Denmark helps Danish companies to build up their innovation and technology...