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Ep.39 – Blockchain from a Nationwide perspective & lessons learnt

This week’s episode is slightly different from the norm – it was recorded off the fly and in the moment as a fireside style discussion. Walid had the opportunity to speak to Timothy Dwyer and Michael Fulton from Nationwide. During this podcast, we get an overview of Nationwide, discussed their perspective and lessons learnt on blockchain and its recent Proof of Insurance POC. First a little about our guests: Timothy Dwyer, Vice President & Assistant Treasurer to Nationwide, returns to our...


Ep.38 – ‘Mutualisation’ of insurance through blockchain – insights from VouchForMe

In this week’s episode we get an insight into how blockchain can enable ‘mutualisation’ and learn about social insurance from VouchForMe. Our guest is Matt Peterman, Founder, VouchForMe and InsurePal. Matt’s experience spans private equity and fraud detection in the insurance industry. It was roughly 3 years ago that Matt realized that ‘mutualisation’ in insurance was gone – this realization led to Matt co-founding InsurePal. Breaking down the jargon What is blockchain? “Blockchain is a...


Ep. 37 – Blockchain in the specialty insurance market – insights from Ed, a Lloyd’s broker

For this week’s episode, we spoke to Arun Narayanan, Head of Data and Analytics at Ed. This episode provides an excellent insight into the specialty insurance market at Lloyd’s and how blockchain based solutions can streamline processes, generate savings and promote product innovation. Ed Broking is a global wholesale insurance broker which is headquartered in London with offices in China, Dubai, Germany, and the USA. Ed Broking provides clients with broking facilities for a wide-range of...


Ep.36 – Blockchain in the Indian insurance market – insights from Policybazaar

For this week’s episode, we spoke to Ashish Gupta, CEO of and CTO of Policybazaar. This is our first time focusing on the Indian insurance ecosystem and Ashish provides an excellent insight into the $95 billion insurance market along with Policybazaar’s latest blockchain implementation. Indeed, an episode you cannot miss! Policybazaar is India’s leading insurance aggregator which provides a platform for retail customers to purchase health, life and motor insurance. Currently,...


Ep.35 – B3i:An insight into commercial insurance on the blockchain

For this week’s episode, we had the opportunity to speak to Antonio Di Marzo, Product Owner - Commercial Insurance at B3i, at the B3i headquarters in Zurich. Antonio provides an excellent insight into B3i’s upcoming project – commercial insurance on the blockchain which was announced in September this year at the ‘Rendez-Vous de Septembre’. If you haven’t listened to the earlier News Flash episode regarding this announcement, now is a good time to do so! Prior to his current role at B3i,...


Ep. 34 – Blockchain from Swiss Re’s perspective and the lessons learnt

In this week’s episode we get an insight into blockchain from the perspective of Swiss Re and hear about the lessons learnt from their projects. Our guest is Jags Rao, Blockchain Workstream Lead, Finance Reinsurance at Swiss Re. Having started out his career over 22 years ago as a software engineer working on a COBOL system, Jags has seen tremendous changes in technology – today he is a strong proponent of distributed computing and he is betting big on blockchain! What is blockchain?...


Ep. 33 – Healthcare and Insurance on the Blockchain – Digipharm

In this week’s episode we will investigate how blockchain is being deployed in the healthcare and the health insurance industry. Our guest is Ahmed Abdulla, CEO & Founder of Digipharm. Prior to founding Digipharm, Ahmed was a Global Health Economist at Rosche and Research Associate at the University of Liverpool. In addition to his present role as CEO, Ahmed is a Blockchain expert in healthcare for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Blockchain in two minutes According to...


Ep. 32 – IBM’s Blockchain in the Insurance Industry

For this week’s episode we had the pleasure to hear about the exciting blockchain work IBM does in the insurance industry and beyond. We very pleased to have Craig Bedell, Global Insurance Industry Executive, and Annap Derebail, Executive Architect Financial Services Sector from IBM, take us through IBM’s journey with Hyperledger Fabric and some interesting blockchain case studies. Blockchain in 2 minutes Annap Annap chose to explain what is blockchain from an insurance perspective. The...


Ep. 31 – Piprate launches a blockchain enabled Data Transfer POC with Renaissance Re

Welcome to another exciting episode of Insureblocks! Today we are joined by Stan Nazarenko and Karl Stanley who discuss how blockchain can enable seamless data transfer in the insurance industry. Stan Nazarenko is the CEO of Piprate which is an InsurTech data sharing platform. Piprate aims to provide companies in the insurance and reinsurance space with a way to share data that creates trust, accountability and transparency. Karl Stanley is an AVP at Technology Ventures for Renaissance Re....


Ep. 30 – Digital IDs on the Blockchain

In this week’s podcast we will be discussing digital IDs onto the blockchain. We had the pleasure of having 2 guests in this episode. Daniel Faria, CEO of Nodalblock and Timothy Dwyer, VP and Assistant Treasurer at Nationwide Insurance. Daniel has had a career in cyber security and entrepreneurship. Timothy has spent a majority of his career in treasury and navigated into blockchain about 3 years ago by looking at the disruption it could bring to banking. Blockchain in two minutes To...


Ep. 29 – Re-inventing the Insurance Value Chain with Blockchain

In this week’s episode we will look into how blockchain can reinvent the insurance value chain. Our guest is Risto Rossar, founder of Black Insurance. Risto has over 20 years experience in the insurance industry, having worked in insurance before launchingfive insurtech startups. Now he is focusing on Black, a blockchain-enabled, decentralised insurance marketplace. Blockchain in two minutes Risto focuses on blockchain’s value proposition, which he believes lies in replacing central...


Bonus episode – Hurricanes vs Blockchain

With the US battling Hurricane Florence and typhoons battering China and the Philippines, the insurance industry is preparing for potential record claims. Handling those claims and, more importantly, helping those affected rebuild their lives is a challenge facing people across the insurance industry. For today’s “Bonus Episode” we will be exploring how blockchain can provide insurance to hurricane afflicted areas. With us we have Renat Khasanshyn, co-founder of Etherisc. Renat is...


Ep. 28 – Challenges and opportunities in brokering crypto assets

For this week’s episode will be shifting our focus from blockchain itself to one of blockchain’s most popular applications, cryptocurrencies. Specifically, we will be discussing the challenges and opportunities of brokering crypto assets. To help us we have a panel of experts including Rachel Turk, Head of Directors and Officers insurance at Beazley, Rhys James, Head of Management Liability and Financial Institutions at Paragon Brokers and Ed Ventham, Client Executive at Paragon Brokers....


Ep.27 – Lloyd’s and Blockchain with Inga Beale – CEO of Lloyd’s

This week we bring you a very special episode, straight from the heart of London’s insurance industry. Our guest has provided leadership, inspiration, innovation and the embracing of all communities irrespective of gender, race or religious affiliation. We are proud to have with us Inga Beale, CEO of Lloyd’s of London. We will be discussing blockchain and the future of Lloyd’s. As Insureblocks is based on community, Inga will also be answering the questions you submitted over the past...


News Flash – The Institutes RiskBlock Alliance selects R3’s Corda Blockchain for Canopy 2.0

Welcome to the second episode of our News Flash series, where we share the latest developments in the blockchain space. For today’s episode we are excited to present returning speaker Christopher McDaniel, president of the RiskBlock Alliance. Chris will guide us through the release of Canopy 2.0, the new version of the RiskBlock Alliance’s blockchain framework, which will run on R3’s Corda Blockchain. RiskBlock Alliance The RiskBlock Alliance, which featured in one of our previous episodes...


News Flash – B3i’s announcement at Monte Carlo 2018

Welcome to another episode of our News Flash series, where share the latest developments in the blockchain space, straight off the press. For today’s episode we are excited to present Ken Marke, CMO at B3i, the blockchain insurance industry initiative. Ken is joining us to reveal some exciting news about B3i’s new product and plans for the future. B3i B3i, which we have introduced in a previous episode, began life in October 2016 when five insurers and reinsurers came together to see how...


Ep.26 – Insurance Regulatory Reporting using Blockchain – AAIS introduce openIDL

In today’s episode we focus on insurance regulatory reporting with the American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS). With us we have Joan Zerkovich, Senior Vice President of Operations at AAIS. Prior to the AAIS, Joan worked in information technology, with over twenty years as a CIO specialising in building large infrastructure systems. Joan will talk to us about openIDL (open Insurance Data Link), the blockchain-based solution aiming to improve data sharing between insurance carriers,...


Ep.25 – Unlocking the future of blockchain in emerging markets

Today with us we have Susan Holliday, Principal Insurance Specialist at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), all the way from Washington DC. Susan has over thirty years of experience in the insurance industry and specializes in insurance and insuretechs. We will be discussing how to unlock the future of blockchain and the opportunities for insurers in emerging markets. Blockchain in two minutes While there are different blockchains with slightly different features, blockchain is...


Ep. 24 – Britain poised to be global leader in blockchain

This week we focus on a recently published report claiming that the UK is poised to become a global leader in blockchain. To help us discuss this we are joined by Sean Kiernan– one of the reports key authors and CEO at DAG Global. Sean is a banker, with previous experience in both Switzerland and London, as CEO of Falcon Private Bank’s London office, who at the time were the first regulated crypto-bank. He has recently been involved in setting up DAG Global, a London-based company aiming to...


Ep. 23 – Blockchain from an Allianz perspective & lessons learnt

For today’s episode we are going to Munich with Bob Crozier, Head of Global Blockchain Centre of Competence at Allianz. Bob shares his views on blockchain’s effect on the insurance industry and sheds some light on the Allianz approach to blockchain. Blockchain in two minutes A blockchain is a shared ledger record of transactions. When everyone in a network agrees a piece of information is correct, it is added to the ledger and the blockchain’s technology links each successive transaction to...