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#35 Voices From Harvard Business School on Life Long Learning

Welcome back to another episode of the Invest In You Podcast. In this episode, the serial entrepreneurs are recording live from Harvard Business School, Boston, USA. Whilst attending some executive training Fredrik and Charlie decide to hear from some of the voices from Harvard and get their opinion on what ‘Investing In You’ means to them. KEY TAKEAWAYS How did you end up at Harvard Business School? I've had my eye on Harvard business school for the last 10/15 years. I thought to myself...


#34 Cash Flow Fundamentals in Business and Privately

In this episode of Invest In You Podcast, Fredrik and Charlie discuss Cash Flow. You have to take note of your income and your expenses. Be it in business or in your personal lives. It is best that you know where your cash is going or where it is disappearing to. You can do this manually or easily? have a bank to monitor all the cash flows of your personal or business life. A lot of things are considered so you will have a smooth cash flow. It is best to earn money and save on the expenses....


#33 Cashflow Get Out of The Rat Race - Rich Dad Review by Team Invest in You

Welcome back to another episode of the Invest In You Podcast. In this episode, the serial entrepreneurs play the popular Rich Dad Poor Dad inspired investing game - Cashflow, How To Get Out Of The Rat Race. Discover the key learnings from the game and how it demonstrates managing cashflow, good vs bad investments, passive income and life’s responsibilities. Fredrik, Charlie and Ivan share with you the teachings, instructions and key points from the wealth building game and show you how you...


#32 How to raise money with Nigel Best and Ray McLennan

In this episode of the Invest In You Podcast, Fredrik interviews Nigel Best and Ray McLennan. Today, the serial entrepreneurs discuss raising finance and how both Ray and Nigel are investing in themselves. Discover how they decided to jump into business together and also what they get from working with each other and how they raise finance. Nigel is a property investor, business owner, dad, and husband. He does a lot of things and tries to get the most out of life. Ray helps people find...


#31 Location Location Location - Invest in the right location

In today’s episode of the Invest In You Podcast, Fredrik and Charlie show you why picking the right location is essential to success, in business, investing and life. Discover why you really need to think about where you place yourself so you can succeed in lots of areas of life and be flexible. Be careful to invest a stable amount in an unstable place. Our environment is changing so be aware of its relevance moving forward and invest in the right location. KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST...


#30 Marathon Episode! Fredrick travels from London to Sweden and takes you with him on a No Money Down Journey

In this episode of Invest In You Podcast, Fredrik is on a road trip from the UK to several different countries: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. While he is travelling, he talks about the Holy Grail of Investments, No Money Down. How can you invest money with none of your own money? People would really love to know this very trending topic. You will need to work with other people’s money. Fredrik talks about all the ideas that he has come up with about No Money...


#29 Alternative Learning, in & Out of School

In today’s episode of the Invest In You Podcast, Fredrik and Charlie discuss alternative methods of learning and how you too, can continue to learn in different shapes and sizes. Understand the value in learning from your mistakes and prioritising what it is you want to do so you can 10x your passion and be successful. Finally, Fredrik and Charlie show you not to be afraid to invest in your education, your learning doesn't stop when you leave school, it's just getting started. Look forward...


#28 Founder and Managing Director of Sapphire Lending Ltd Sheila Holt

In this episode of Invest In You Podcast, Fredrik, Charlie and Ivan Sandvall chat with Sheila Holt, the Founder and Managing Director of Sapphire Lending Ltd. Sheila shares her experiences and expertise in growing a business – from creating a business model to setting-up a routine. Sheila also gives an update in her upcoming book, "Trust is the New Currency", which she co-wrote with our very own Fredrick Sandvall. Discover how fundamental is communication in all aspects of the business and...


#27 How to Start Your Own Podcast With Charlie & Fredrik Sandvall

Ever wanted to start your own podcast? In today’s episode, Fredrik and Charlie discuss podcasting and how you too, can begin your own podcast, no matter what niche or industry you’re in. Podcasting gives everyone a great opportunity to learn, meet new people, grow your network and connect with like-minded individuals. Tune in today to discover how to start, grow and scale your very own podcast. KEY TAKEAWAYS Podcasting has a variety of great benefits: BEST MOMENTS “Stay relevant and...


#26 Interview With Nicki Perfect, Former Hostage Negotiator & Communications Coach

In today’s episode, Fredrik, Ivan and Charlie interview a Hostage and Crisis Negotiator, turned communications coach and businesswoman, Nicki Perfect. Yes, she is Ms Perfect. She has a wide amount of knowledge to share on how to deal with life and with the people around you. Learn about the 4 different types of Listening. Nicki shares her business tips for the younger generation, especially when they are still starting out. She also gives some important advice you can use and instantly...


#25 Interview With Lorraine Gannon

In today’s episode, Fredrik, Ivan and Charlie interview accountant, property investor and multiple business owner Lorraine Gannon. If you’re looking to monitise your knowledge and create cash flowing and recurring income generating assets, this episode is for you! Tune in today, and hear the guys discuss the value of systems and automation and how you too, can investing yourself to create a life where you live and do not work. Learn the 3 things that you need to create an online information...


#24 Branding With Stacey Kehoe

Fredrik and Charlie interview owner of Digital Marketing Agency, Brandlective Communications and creator of The Content Waterfall process & The Gamechanger Method, Stacey Kehoe. In today’s episode, discover how to dominate your brand, grow your social media and avoid the common mistakes businesses make when attempting to grow their digital marketing. With the experience of helping over 500 businesses, Stacey answers some killer marketing questions that will help you to build a brand, gain...


#23 Time is everything - Invest in You

Fredrik, Ivan and Charlie dive into the subject of time, how you’re investing it, what you can do with it and why it’s important. Understand the value of time and discover how you too can start to get more done in less time and priorities the important things in life. Learn how to treat your time as currency and invest it in worthwhile things that can increase your wealth, improve your health or simply give you more freedom. It’s difficult to manage your own time and often things can seem...


#022 - Good & Bad Debt

Welcome to another episode of the Invest In You Podcast. In today’s episode, Fredrik and Charlie respond to popular demand to discuss the topic of good debt and bad debt and how you too can be the bank, set the rules and avoid the money trap. Discover Fredrik’s top tips to avoiding bad debt and learn how to turn bad debt into good debt with educated investments in cashflowing assets. Improve your financial IQ in this episode of the Invest In You Podcast and understand how good debt is good...


#021 - Invest in Health

The Sandvall family sure is very particular when it comes to taking care of their health. Fredrik has cycled, Charlie has Tae Kwon Do, and Ivan has training workouts. When you add all of these good physical exertions to their healthy eating lifestyle and very positive attitude, there’s no need for you to look the other way around for tips and strategies on how to invest in your health! You, yourself, are responsible for your health. Time to listen to Fredrik, Charlie and Ivan share the...


#020 - Secrets of a Millionaire Mind

An unscripted interview between Frederick Sandvall and son Charlie reflecting on the lessons taught within T. Harv Eker's Book, Secrets of a Millionaire Mind - Think to Get Rich and how to practise them in every day life. KEY TAKEAWAYS Your income can grow only to the extent that you do. To me that means the more you do, the more you get better. If you have a hammer lying there and you don't do anything with it, nothing's going to happen. If you have a pile of money, nothing's going to...


#019 - Crowdfunding Foundations

Welcome to another episode of the Invest In You Podcast. Fredrik, Charlie and Ivan discuss the basics of crowdfunding and how it can help you. There are many way you can invest money and crowdfunding is a growing area. With interest rates close to zero crowdfunding can be a great investment opportunity. Fredrik talks about the need to be smart about the investments you choose and why you should consider the track record of the people involved, as you are heavily reliant on their success....


#018 - Super Productive Habits With Rob Wilkinson

DESCRIPTION Welcome to the Invest In You Podcast. In this episode Fredrik, Charlie and Ivan interview Rob Wilkinson Co-founder of Crowd with Us, an FCA approved Property Crowd Funding platform. This is a gritty episode where the hosts lead the guest with a series of both formal and informal questions in a relaxed and friendly chat host style. The listener will learn from the interview how life at the top of the game can have a lot of rewards and what values in life count. KEY...


#017 - Top Tips on Independent & Personal Growth with Jay Dhillon

Fredrik, Charlie and Ivan Sandvall interview Jay Dhillon, serial entrepreneur and business owner with over 18 years experience who works with The Prince’s Trust and helps younger people get into business. Jay started in recruitment, taking a fledgling company from 0-500 staff, doing around £35,000,000 in sales before being selling to an investment firm. Now he invests in property and has an online recruitment business called which helps people advertise jobs...


#016 He Who Holds The Gold Has Control With Grant Cardone

DESCRIPTION Charlie, Ivan and Frederick interview Grant Cardone, author of the 10X Concept and billionaire entrepreneur. An inside look at the history behind Grant, the power of investing in yourself, the importance of selling, having the right mentors and getting connected! KEY TAKEAWAYS How can I increase my business by 10% or 50%? Don’t think like that, think in terms of 10X. Have you ever used mentors, Grant? Yes, I’ve always used mentors to guide me along the way. I’ve made a lot...